Monday, May 21, 2012


This pic-of-the-day-for-May was suggested by "Anonymous" in a comment on my last post.   Frankly, I thought my undies wedged into my flabby, dimpled ass was not a flattering look for me.  It took many attempts before I had an acceptable picture to post.   As a bonus, I've posted a front view shot as well.

It's been a blissful long weekend here at my new home on the water, with all three kids and three dogs with me.  Today is the Victoria Day holiday in much of Canada.  I don't see the kids all the time on weekends as they will often borrow my car for a run into town to shop or visit with friends. But is very sweet having them all here... I  think they regard this place as their true home and have a true sense of ownership in it. 

My wife has never figured out that her "brick wall" style of parenting is off-putting to the kids.   It's just getting worse as they approach adulthood.  "This is my home... I will do it the way I want..."   Someone who is has to be right all the time and has to have her own way all the time will end up alone.

As luck would have it, I've had a sudden upsurge in interesting messages on from about six different guys, ranging in age from 22 to 42.   Unfortunately, the logistics of arranging a hookup has become increasingly difficult.

Complications include having one or more of the kids here most of the time, being about 12 miles out of town and sometimes without a car.   Generally, the 20-something guys cannot host and I'm not interested in hooking up with the married, closeted guys .....but I will figure out a way to make it work!

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  1. BuddyBear,are you kidding me?Take this from this 22 year old guy,'You look so HOT!!' and I have to admit that sauna pics and the first pics in this post aroused and 'excited' me(blushing here).May is the month of exams and you are making me loving this month.Keep up the good work Buddy.

  2. Why are you wearing women's panties?

  3. James: Thank you for the graphic description of how my pics affected you! It gives me an incentive to take some more!

    RG: You're such a kidder! I am wearing 2xist No-show bikini briefs; they're pretty small but they have a nicely shaped pouch which holds my equipment perfectly.

  4. Dude,you should do the on the bike thing that I suggested last time.And yes,that underwear looks great on you.

    1. Hey B, I'm planning on a bare-assed photo shoot on my dirt bike with black biker boots and a white 'wife-beater' tank top. How does that sound? Except, that might have to wait a few days because of my work schedule.

    2. That sound so Hot dude!Dont forget to point that ass towards the camera,almost like shoving it towards camera.And show some attitude.

      I'm already prepared with the next suggestion and believe me it extremely hot.Dont worry it doesnt cross your comfort level.

      Send some of the previous pics to your partner dude.It will definitely spice up the sex life between you guys and make him always horny for you.

  5. No problem! I loved all those sexy comments.... but I only wish we lived near each other. Why don't you e-mail me? I'd like to know where you are from!


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