Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Boyfriend ... soulmate ... twin flame

After nearly 700 posts and five years' of blogging, I've completely dropped off the blogging bandwagon.  I haven't posted for months; indeed, I've even stopped reading and commenting on any of my online friends' blogs. What happened?

Explorer Jack figured it out when he e-mailed me in August:

"I've missed your blog, and your updates, but I know exactly how you feel.  I guess the lack of blogging indicates that you now officially have a boyfriend?

That does take the interest out of public sharing for sure."

During the horror and excitement of my coming out, separation, divorce and my early exploration of gay sex, blogging was of primary importance to me. I relied on my blog for the world-wide network of support it provided me, along with an eager audience for my stories and an inexhaustible supply of experienced advice.

But at this moment, there is virtually nothing I am willing to share about my life right now.   The kids all continue to do well and things are calm with my ex-wife.  Her texts to me are now few and far between (once every 3 - 4 months) and are usually positive.

Jack was correct!  I now have a "boyfriend" but that word could not possibly describe the connection we have.   Others we know have described us as "twin flames" and my daughter described us as her "model couple."

It's as though we've been waiting for each other all our lives.  We first met nearly a year ago but things got really, really intense over the summer.

My sweetie is smart, funny, romantic, worldly, successful, intelligent and has a wide and devoted circle of family and friends.   He also 39, some 13.5 years younger than me, handsome, sexy, skilled and as horny as hell.  And we're completely smitten with each other. :-O

He will be reading this entire blog soon and together, we will decide what I should do with it.  But for the moment, all I can say is that I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. 

But for old time's sake, here are some blurry cell phone pics of me taken within the past two weeks.


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