Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot young husbands

Here are some more hot guys and cute dogs for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.  All pics are from

After listing my house privately for nearly five months, I accepted a decent offer several weeks ago.  By listing privately, we were able to save over $20,000 in realtor commissions... bonus!   The sale is now rapidly approaching closing as both the buyer and seller are highly motivated.   Finally, I can move on with my exciting new life!

The sale took a very long time in our booming local real estate market.  Listing with a realtor would have reached a wider market of potential buyers, for sure.  Ours was a semi-rural, "higher-end" home.  At nearly twice the price of an average home in town, it was too expensive for most potential buyers and many don't want to live out in the country.

Since we put the house up for sale quite abruptly, there was no time or money to "freshen it up", to paint and make basic repairs. The house was looking a little worn out, having raised three teenagers and many dogs here.  It 's also harder to sell a house when the yard is buried in snow.

Although selling the house privately was a huge hassle, there were compensations.  While showing the house to many dozens of couples in their 20s and 30s, I was able to obsess over admire at close range all the hottie husbands. 

Every one of the sweet young husbands was attractive in some way and many were just smokin' hot, just exuding masculinity.   It was their age which was the most appealing to me, I think.  While showing some lumpy little wife the joys of the kitchen cabinetry, I'd be constantly distracted by her sexy husband who invariably filled out his jeans so deliciously, front and rear.   It didn't matter whether they were slim, scruffy, bearish or muscular... I'd do any one of them in a second.

Now that I am having regular sex, I had this idea my obsession with men would somehow diminish.  Not true!  In fact, I'm more obsessed than ever.  Now, I look at every reasonable-looking guy and imagine what I would do to him in bed. During the viewings, I spent much time imagining what it would be like to have the husband's cock in my mouth and his reaction as I gave him the best blowjob of his life (I assumed.)    With each blow job, I become more firmly convinced that a woman can never give as good a blow job as a gay guy.

More often than not, I observed marital tension between the husband and wife.  Buying a house can be highly stressful!   I wondered how many of these marriages would last.   Once the honeymoon period is over and  children are born, every study has shown that wives' interest in sex plummets.   That certainly was my experience!    I felt sorry for these young men, in the prime of their sexuality, who (I had no doubt) weren't getting the amount of sex that their bodies demanded.

I think one advantage that gay men in relationships have is that there isn't such a wide  disparity in their sex drives.... or at least, at least I hope that's the case!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Electric Kisses

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My special guy is the most fantastic kisser!  We kiss for hours each time we're together;  the best I've ever experienced in my life, but it's hard to explain why that he is the best.  He's also said many times that I'm the best kisser as well .... and my kisses are like electricity that go from my lips to his lips and then straight to his cock. 

I tell him that it takes two people with  an emotional connection to achieve great kissing and.  I love the responsiveness, the mutual interplay,  as we go back and forth, basic kissing, sucking each other's lips, tongue action, taking his tongue into my mouth ....... 

Scott of Straight Jock Talking 2 , posted recently about his first M2M kiss and said, "It’s NOTHING like kissing a chick."   I agree!

I described my first M2M kiss with Hottie Nurse here.  Fantastic!   Aggressive!!  I agree with Scott, it's nothing like kissing a woman.  I love the stubble or facial hair for one thing.  But it think it's the strength, the muscles, the testosterone behind a man's kiss which makes it special for me.  ..... the aggressive way a man uses his lips and tongue which women just do not do.

In my hookup experiences, I was surprised to discover that the guy's kissing skills are of primary importance to me.  I would not hook up with a guy who said in advance that he would not kiss;  sex just becomes mechanical without it.   One exception:  I'd suck the cock of a hot young guy, any time, any where, no kissing needed.

Here's a rundown of some not-so-great man kisses which I've experienced.

Trey:   was an aggressive  kisser (cigarette-scented)  but extremely slobbery, like a Labrador puppy.  The excess saliva was a bit unpleasant but when I consider the source;  what the hell, I had a muscular,, sexy, aggressive, big-cocked 22 year old in my bed... Slobber away, Trey!! 

I appreciate the skill and eagerness of the 50ish IT nerd to 'educate' me in gay sex.  He was fantastic in many aspects of gay sex but his kissing was so unpleasant that I'm not planning to meet him again.....  grey 70s stash, prickly as a wire brush, thin lips, major pucker action, no aggression or electricity generated here!

Although I had a great time with Mitch, he was the worst kisser ever.   The WORST!!!  All he did was lay back passively on the pillow, tongue sticking out full length as I tried to work around it as best I could.  No aggressive tongue or lip action at all, it was me doing it all.    Mitch is actively planning our next hookup but somehow, I will have to talk to him about his kissing technique if  'round two' is to happen. 

What makes a great kisser?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cold & Wet

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Three fellow chaperones and I just returned from our annual winter camping trip with a group of twenty-eight 16 and 17 year olds.  I had just started my blog when I mentioned last year`s trip.

Wow!  What a year it`s been!  Things are looking infinitely better in terms of my happiness, finances and my gay growth, sexual and otherwise.  

The main difference this year is that the "winter" was completely absent from our winter camping trip.   Most of the snow was gone;  we've experienced the mildest winter since weather records have been kept. 

Gone were all the usual activities such as cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and hiking on the frozen lake.   These were replaced with fog, drizzle and cold, cold rain.   

The teenagers were fantastic!   They really seemed to have a great time despite the crappy weather.  The boys in particular got into the spirit of thing and cooked (and ate) vast meals over the campfire;  pots of chili, hamburgers, steak-and-eggs for breakfast .....


My ideal man is the rugged, outdoorsy type, preferably furry and masculine..... a man who gets his (natural) muscles from chopping firewood rather than working out in the gym.   Here in the north woods, there are a great many men who fit this description.

My cold and wet camping experience would have been much improved if I'd have shared a sleeping bag with one of these hotties.  Sadly, none were to be seen.

Friday, March 23, 2012


.All pics from

My hookup last night was the most unusual ever but not for the reasons I'd anticipated.

Mitch was my age and lives in an isolated community in the far northern part of our province. We'd exchanged only a couple of messages last month on when he proposed that I spend the night at his hotel when he had a stop-over on March 21st.

He seemed nice enough, good grammar and spelling, French-Canadian (passionate!) and his profile pic showed a stocky, handsome guy.

He was married, of course. He said his wife discovered that he liked guys about 10 years ago and they hadn't had sex since then (his choice).  He said  they will "never get a divorce" and his wife doesn't know that he cheats on her with guys.... an odd arrangement,I think.

He asked if I could meet him at the our airport's arrivals gate. (at midnight!!)   I should look for a guy with a black leather jacket and ponytail.

I said: "You have a buzz cut in your profile pic. When was the picture taken?"

Mitch: "Oh, the pic is about 10 years old."

Me: "Why do you use a 10 year old picture?"

Mitch: "I didn't have another pic I liked." Hmmm.... (Red flag alert!!)

Instead of the old troll I was expecting to see, Mitch was a professional-looking guy, fairly handsome, well-dressed, looking slimmer and ten years younger than his actual age.  A pleasant surprise!   He had the most amazing longer-than shoulder length hair in a pony tail.

At his hotel, he invited me into the shower with him. It was extremely unsexy at first, but it got hotter as we lathered each other up. As I was grinding up against him, face-to-face, I thought it was odd that I didn't feel his hard cock pressing against me.

In bed, I saw why. "Oh, my God!!!" Fully erect, his penis was less than two inches long. By comparison, my average one looked like a monster, about four times longer. Unreal! Awkward! ... specially when he started going on about how big and beautiful mine cock was.  No wonder he wasn't a top! 

On the positive side, his cock was as hard as steel, harder than any I've ever encountered.  Also I had no trouble at all getting it into my mouth.  My "hand-job" on him was more  like holding it between my thumb and forefinger.

Our encounter was very pleasant and extremely passionate, although his "ant-eater tongue" kissing technique was a bit off-putting.  He was very easy to please and extremely grateful for everything I did to him.  I asked him, "Do you look up with guys often?"  He, said, "No, about once a year at the most!  It's impossible to have discrete hookups when you live in a remote town of 3,000 people."

Since we finished doing the nasty at 2:00 am (we both came), I spent the night in his hotel room.  It was quite special but I had a sense of unreality about it; here I am spending the night cuddled up with a naked stranger.   Methinks I've come a long way in my journey!

As I left for work at 8:00 am the next morning after another amazing roll between the sheets, he thanked me.  He said, "I was right about my first impression of you at the airport.  

You're just oozing sex  .... "

Wow! What a great compliment!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sold my house!

Please help out a fellow blogger, or his son, actually.   ARichNY (of A Work in Progress) writes:
My son Joe Gabriel's video is up against two other short videos on the PBS Channel 13 in New York City this week.  The winning video will be aired this Saturday night.  Right now his video is neck and neck with one other.  
If you are so inclined, please click on the link below to vote for his video and  share it with friends and family!  Joe's is the video on the right.  Just two quick clicks and no registration required! Voting ends today   (Wednesday)  Thank you in advance!     

I had another special evening with my guy and we discovered another area of synchronicity.  I love to cook, we both love to eat and he loves to clean up the kitchen afterwards.  Sweet!

There has been a fantastic development in my journey over the past three days.  I'm two tired to blog about it now, but it relates to this previous post.

Yes, we`ve sold our marital home and I have now mainly moved out to my new home on the waterfront.   The coastline is spectacular!  We were offered a pretty decent price so I won`t end up at the homeless shelter after all. Details to follow.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Reckless Behaviour Part II

I missed the boat on a St. Patrick's day post, but I hope these guys in green will make up for it.

Here's one more story to complete Saturday's "Reckless Behaviour" post. 

Last month, I was messaged on and later chatted with a nice married guy about my age.  His profile listed "a few extra pounds."  I asked him, "How many extra pounds?"   "Oh, about 100 pounds ... I hope that isn't a problem?"

That was a a problem, in fact.  I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this, but I stopped responding to his messages and chat requests.  I have so many attractive guys of all ages wanting to hook up with me that I'm becoming more and more selective.   I don't need to hook up with someone I find extremely unattractive. 

He became very persistent, even needy, and sent numerous messages in the weeks that followed, all of which I ignored.  At this point, I hadn't revealed any personal details to him such as as name, job, photos or number of children;  I was a complete stranger to him.

Finally, in desperation (I think),  he sent me six full-body naked pics of himself, his face clearly visible.   Doggie-style with ass cheeks spread, open-crotch shots.... the works.  OMFG!!!   Forget the 100 extra pounds, he had to weigh 400 pounds at least.... morbidly obese.     The pics are so gross, I wouldn't sully my blog by posting one..... that image would be burned onto your retina forever. 

A few other things to mention:
  1. I know him professionally as he chaired a committee of which I was a member for about a year.  He thought he was sending his nekkid pics to a total stranger.  Wrong!
  2. He is married and has two older teenage kids.
  3. He has been elected for public office for several terms in our small community.  No, he's not the mayor, but his job is a fairly high profile one.
  4. He serves on a number of "do-gooder" charity boards.
What the f*ck he thinking?  Nekkid pictures that shouldn't even exist for someone in his position, let alone be e-mailed all over the internet.

    Saturday, March 17, 2012

    Reckless behaviour

    Here are a few pics for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.  Hot guys, cute dogs... how can you go wrong?

    Of the +900 local men on, there are over 450 who claim to be "bi."   I think that's statistically impossible, don't you?   The majority of these "require discretion."   Read: they're married or have a girlfriend.

    In my two months of being on gay hookup sites, I've been consistently shocked at the reckless behaviour of many of these closeted, married men.

    1.  Some claim that they're having occasional sex with their wives but the majority are having frequent sex with many random guys.   Clearly, they're putting their wives' health at serious risk.  Imagine that conversation:  "Hey honey, I'm home!  Guess what?  I gave you gonorrhea!".... or syphilis or HIV or whatever.

    2.  Numerous times when I've been chatting with some guy, he will type that "we" are doing this or that, such as watching some TV show.  "We" always turns out to be his wife and / or kids.  Really?  He's telling me what he wants to do with my cock or asshole while his wife and kiddies are sitting a few feet away.  Really??

    3.   For one recent hookup *, I was told to arrive at his home precisely between 9:15 and 9:30 am.  He said that his wife leaves at 9:00 am to drop their son off at school for 9:15 and then on to her nearby workplace for 9:30.   He had to be at work for 11:00 am and wanted us to hook up for an hour or so.  What if his family had to retrieve a forgotten item or had to return suddenly due to illness? 

    To make matters worse, I had to walk up to the front door of his house in plain view of all the elderly neighbours in an intimate, older neighbourhood.  We walked through the length of the main floor, went downstairs and walked back the full length of the basement to his "love nest."   There would be no chance at all of a discrete escape should the wife and kid come home unexpectedly.

    * He was 42, had a 10 year old son and had been doing M2M hookups for 12 years.    He was the nicest possible guy, very handsome, bear-ish in a slim way.  We had the most fantastic, passionate, aggressive sex ever.  Woof!!

    4.   I have one more really shocking story of reckless behaviour of a married man on the 'down low.'  This man is a publicly elected official in our town.  It will have to wait for another day as I've run out of time and this post is already long enough!

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Wrestler Bulges

    This is timed post because I'm having another sleepover date, this one lasting 24 hours.... our longest one ever!   I sleep so much better with him than when I'm alone in my bed, probably because I am ... er... worn out and completely exhausted by the time I do fall asleep.   Spooning with my guy, naked with limbs entwined, gives me the most incredible feeling of warmth and comfort.

    In the meantime, here are some pics of wrestler guys with lovely bulges.

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    On the hunt for a 20ish guy

    Not into twinks, but love his VPL.

    All pics from

    I woke up to find three messages, all from 20-something guys.  To be honest, I am quite sure than nothing will come of any of them, but I enjoy "the hunt" .... trying to reel in a horny young man.

    I'm not responding to messages from guys in their 50s at all.  Either they're no challenge at all or, for the married, closeted ones, scheduling a hookup time is impossible.  Anyway,  I'm getting all the sex I want from my special guy who's in that age group.

    1.     A  20 year old high school dropout wrote:  "hey r u free.  canu pick me up like a whore and fuck my face. rape my ass"  Charming!  I think I'll give him a pass.  For the record, my special guy got the identical message from this guy.  Needy... and a bit disturbing!

    2.     A 26 year old commented yesterday on my bare-assed profile picture:  "Hot!"   I responded:  "Thank you!  So, are you available sometime?"   His response this morning:  "Yep."

    It's hard to arrange a hookup with a guy who only uses one-word responses.  On the plus side, his profile says "some college" and he used capital letters and punctuation in  his message, a rarity!  He is a bit shorter than me and while height is not a big factor, I've come to prefer a shorter guy in bed.  I like to reach down and fondle his cock, balls and ass while kissing.   As I get more comfortable with gay sex, I'm discovering that I am on the "dominant" end of the scale.

    3.    An "athletic" 24 year old also commented on my profile pic:  "now this is the type of message that gets my attention!"   Didn't use caps, but had good spelling and sentence structure.  (I feel like some old school m'arm, grading English lit papers)   I responded, "I'm glad. So... what do you want to do about it?"

    Last week, I was thrilled to get a message from Trey, the sweet 22 year old I hooked up with last month.   

    Trey looks a bit like this, except dark-skinned.
    Trey:  "hi there how r u again ;)"
    Me:  "I'm doing well.... I still have fond memories of the sweet time we spent together."
    Trey:  me 2 :D glad u had fun and i sure did.. so much so i wanna do it again ;) lol
    Me:  I would love to hook up with you again, but I have my kids with me most of this week.
    Trey:  let me know when ur available.. even lil sneak aways during the day would be fun too :P

    Trey and I have tried to get together a few times since, but either one of us is at work or I'm with my kids.   I am confident I will see him again and I want to, very badly.  He is the sweetest, shyest young man imaginable and has a beautiful smile.

    He has other positive attributes as well.  Trey is a handsome, dark-skinned * young Aboriginal man, horny as hell, aggressive in the sack, courageous, eager to learn, my height, has a fantastic body (construction worker!  Woof!) and has a beautiful uncut cock and magnificent set of low hangers.  Perfection!

    * Most unexpectedly, I seem to be developing an attraction to darker-skinned men such as Aboriginals, men from India, and those of Arabic or Hispanic descent....

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Dogably Pawfect Saturday

    These cute doggie / sexy men pictures for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday are from fuckyeahguyswithdogs.
    I'd like to thank everyone for the fantastic advice on my last post on being exclusive .  Yes, I will continue to seek hookups with other guys as time (and my desire) allows.

    Fortunately, unlike the young men in their 20s who want sex "right now",  guys my age often require much lead time before a hookup is possible.  It's like scheduling a dental appointment:

    Me:  "I'll pick you up at the airport at midnight and then we'll go to your hotel?"  Hotel sex!  Woo-hoo!!

    "So Wednesday morning between 9:15 - 9:30 am works for you?"  .... Yes, I actually faked a doctor's appointment on a work day to hook up with an insanely hot, married guy (42) in his home.  Animalistic sex!   Grrr!!

    I had been thinking of opening the "exclusive / not-exclusive" discussion with my special guy, so Cubby's advice is very much in line with my thoughts on the matter.

    "Tell him that you are being sexually active with others and that you need to do so because you need to build your experience and skills. Tell him you will not be exclusive, but neither will you rub it in his face."

    I need to make one big disclosure myself.  Not only did I break the cardinal rule of hookups, "Never become emotionally attached to a fuck buddy," I've placed myself at an even greater risk of a heartbreak.

    You see, my special guy is a married man with four adult children, three of whom are married and on their own.   I have no doubt that his feelings towards me have moved far beyond infatuation / lust and now run much deeper.  Although he assures me that he "has a plan", time will tell whether or not he has the courage to break up his marriage and risk losing everything in his present life to be with me.

    On the other hand, I am still very much married and nearly as unavailable as him.  When my divorce is a "done deal"  (Who knows when that will be?  A year from now?)  I think that would be the time for me to move on if there hasn't been any progress on his side of the equation.

    I never thought in a million years that I'd be giving my heart away to someone who is essentially not available... and in fact, may never be available.  But it's happened.

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Exclusive (or not)

    At an early stage in our relationship  (yes, we are using the "R" word, as in "building of...." , my regular guy and I would discuss our hookups with other guys (or potential hookups) each day, either by texting, phone or on a chat site. He often offered suggestions which would lead to good experiences for me: "Why don't you try hooking up with _________ or __________?"

    Very shortly thereafter, we were discussing my sweet hookup with the 22 year old gay virgin and the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head. He was feeling insecure and became a bit upset . We very quickly agreed that we would no longer discuss our other hookups with the other. However, I never said I would be exclusive to him.

    My regular guy says (and I believe him) that he is presently not seeking out any other hookups on or and is only having sex with me.    He is less than a year more experienced than me and says that he finds our time together completely fulfilling, emotionally, physically and sexually. 

    Since then, the topic of exclusivity has come up numerous times in a indirect way.  He teases me, "I'm sure all those 22 year olds are keeping you busy on our days off!" or says "I feel badly for you sometimes that we met so early in your gay experience.... I've taken you way from having hookups with all sort of hot guys."    To these comments, I don't respond.... I haven't had the courage to tell him that, no, I didn't say I would be exclusive and yes, I am still hooking up with other guys.

    On the other hand, he suggested it would be okay if I hooked up during my Toronto trip. I said, "It's okay to hook up in Toronto, but not in our own town?   He said, "Well, I just don't want to hear about the ones in town."  Still later, he floated the idea of going on a trip together, such as a gay cruise.  I said I wondered how much fun it would be as a couple rather than as a single gay guy.  He said, "we
    We could always meet someone for a threesome.."   Mixed signals, for sure.
    As usual, Will provided some excellent advice on this topic in his comment to my post two days ago on Acquiring skills between the sheets.

    "My guess is that your regular boyfriend's compliments on your new skills, along with being cool enough not to ask "Hey, where did you learn THAT?", indicates that he's aware on some level that you may have other outlets and that he can handle it. .... there are a lot of experiences still to have that will add to your skills and ability to deal with disappointments as well as successes. And when a man comes out late, he generally needs a little "catch up" time. "

    So, my plan is this: I will continue to seek outside sexual experiences with other guys as time permits... and my time is extremely limited. When I've had enough of random hookups, I  will be the first to know.

    I find that I am getting more and more selective as I proceed and as my skills increase.  I continue to get more offers from guys that I can possibly accommodate. There are a lot of fantastic guys out there and I've yet to have an hookup experience which was not positive in some way.

    I am afraid that if I cut short my "gay slut phase" too soon, I think I would come to regret it later.  This is my time!

    Monday, March 5, 2012

    Testicle Tuesday (NSFW)

    All pics from

    I am heading off for a two-night sleepover date at my waterfront house:  Monday and Tuesday evenings and all night.  Sweet!  Since there is no internet access there, this "Testicle Tuesday" post is being uploaded on Monday.

    This idea for a blog post came from my new online friend, Jeffrey, who lives in Toronto and writes The Gay Groom.  Jeff is also a writer and his book, Shirts and Skins is to be published in May 2012.

    Jeff writes, "Testicle Tuesday is a great time to remind guys to check your testes (or a friend's) once a month while showering for abnormalities...

    This has been a public service announcement from The Gay Groom."

    I might add:   testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men aged 20–39 years, the peak period incidence. It never occurs in young men less than 15 years old.   If detected early (ie:  before it has metastasized), testicular cancer has a cure rate of virtually 100%.  Once it has spread, the survival rate is considerably less.

    So men, be sure to feel your balls for abnormalities regularly and the balls of your special guy.  This is not an unpleasant task!    Many testicular cancers are accidentally discovered by the man himself or by his sexual partner as a lump or an enlarged and swollen testicle.

    Check out this video clip of a rugby team receiving instruction on the TSE technique/  (Testicular Self Examinaton.)   As an added incentive to watch it, there are plenty of bubble butts and beefy thighs in the shower scene.  The guys are cute when they are fondling self-examining their balls.

    Saturday, March 3, 2012

    Acquiring skills between the sheets

    It's been a slow week on and   I've only had several messages, all from guys in their early 20s.   These young 'uns were very appealing but all wanted to hook up "right now."   Although I try to be flexible in my availability, family or work commitments often make these sorts of  quickie hookups impossible.   Darn!

    I think Jared (Closeted in College) summarized this situation best when he commented on a previous post: "I find older guys tend to want more set up, as opposed to younger guys, I can usually be in the car minutes after the first message.."

    Although I'm still 'newbie' in making love to a man   (or should I say, "having sex with...") I've gained in self-confidence and learned new tricks from every single sexual encounter, especially the ones with experienced men.  Recently, my regular guy complimented me on my new skills and my passion and /or aggression.  This was  a bit awkward since we haven't actually had the "exclusive" versus "not exclusive" discussion yet so I didn't tell him where these new tricks came from.

    The photos are for Dogably Pawfect Saturday, created by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy DC. I get more referrals from his blog than any other;   thanks Sean!


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