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My hookup last night was the most unusual ever but not for the reasons I'd anticipated.

Mitch was my age and lives in an isolated community in the far northern part of our province. We'd exchanged only a couple of messages last month on when he proposed that I spend the night at his hotel when he had a stop-over on March 21st.

He seemed nice enough, good grammar and spelling, French-Canadian (passionate!) and his profile pic showed a stocky, handsome guy.

He was married, of course. He said his wife discovered that he liked guys about 10 years ago and they hadn't had sex since then (his choice).  He said  they will "never get a divorce" and his wife doesn't know that he cheats on her with guys.... an odd arrangement,I think.

He asked if I could meet him at the our airport's arrivals gate. (at midnight!!)   I should look for a guy with a black leather jacket and ponytail.

I said: "You have a buzz cut in your profile pic. When was the picture taken?"

Mitch: "Oh, the pic is about 10 years old."

Me: "Why do you use a 10 year old picture?"

Mitch: "I didn't have another pic I liked." Hmmm.... (Red flag alert!!)

Instead of the old troll I was expecting to see, Mitch was a professional-looking guy, fairly handsome, well-dressed, looking slimmer and ten years younger than his actual age.  A pleasant surprise!   He had the most amazing longer-than shoulder length hair in a pony tail.

At his hotel, he invited me into the shower with him. It was extremely unsexy at first, but it got hotter as we lathered each other up. As I was grinding up against him, face-to-face, I thought it was odd that I didn't feel his hard cock pressing against me.

In bed, I saw why. "Oh, my God!!!" Fully erect, his penis was less than two inches long. By comparison, my average one looked like a monster, about four times longer. Unreal! Awkward! ... specially when he started going on about how big and beautiful mine cock was.  No wonder he wasn't a top! 

On the positive side, his cock was as hard as steel, harder than any I've ever encountered.  Also I had no trouble at all getting it into my mouth.  My "hand-job" on him was more  like holding it between my thumb and forefinger.

Our encounter was very pleasant and extremely passionate, although his "ant-eater tongue" kissing technique was a bit off-putting.  He was very easy to please and extremely grateful for everything I did to him.  I asked him, "Do you look up with guys often?"  He, said, "No, about once a year at the most!  It's impossible to have discrete hookups when you live in a remote town of 3,000 people."

Since we finished doing the nasty at 2:00 am (we both came), I spent the night in his hotel room.  It was quite special but I had a sense of unreality about it; here I am spending the night cuddled up with a naked stranger.   Methinks I've come a long way in my journey!

As I left for work at 8:00 am the next morning after another amazing roll between the sheets, he thanked me.  He said, "I was right about my first impression of you at the airport.  

You're just oozing sex  .... "

Wow! What a great compliment!


  1. Oh WOW!! I would have been instantly horny again at that high praise!! Glad you had a wonderful time. Sometimes you'll find that the people who "fall short" in a physical area (male or female) are usually better lovers because they have learned to compensate with all of other stuff most people tend to over look. So as a whole it tends to be a better experience. One of the best lovers I ever had only had a 5 inch cock that was a little less than average girth. But boy-o-boy was he ever AMAZING. From the first kiss to the last cuddle and all between. Sigh... Good times ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Indeed; despite everyone's holler for size, it really gets back to the man attached to it and how he uses it.

  3. Your are hot, but remember, it is not the size of the boat...but the motion of the ocean! Your East Hampton Bud, via the jungles of Costa Rica

  4. oops, make that: You are hot! Jungle fever, I guess, Fuzz One

  5. Think of the good things about a micropenis: you don't have to worry about choking or even triggering your gag reflex, and the juice is just as sweet.

    1. Yes, there was no possibility of gagging! And there was LOTS of juice!

  6. That is one good thing about gay sex. I think. You don't HAVE to worry about hitting the right spots with your penis. There are other techniques that can be quite good. I remember a female friend of mine telling me that she really didn't like guys with big penis' because they thought that was they needed to bring to the party. Creativity can be so much better. Here is my question: Given the chance, would you do it again?

    1. Yes, I think I would be with him again! He was a very nice guy, quite feminine and a bit submissive. I didn't mind being the dominant one. He was the worst kisser in the world, however, so I'd have to gently tell him to ease back a bit on the tongue, however.

  7. It worked right? So, that's all that matters. I've been with men who had cocks that looked like a baby arm holding an apple and didn't have a clue what to do with it. I've had men with a cock much as you described who just WORKED me over goooooooooooooood. It's not the wand, but the magic in the wand!

  8. Good thing i'm a bottom... not that i have a micro but on borderline of average... lol


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