Wednesday, October 30, 2013

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !

My Runner's Bouncing Cocks post from two days ago proved yet again that a provocative title and a sexy GIF will bring in the page views.... over 3,000 per day, over double the usual traffic to this blog.

I had intended to follow up with Part II, the story of how my running career started 12 years ago in an effort to avoid being around my wife. I'm too tired tell that story right now, but looking back, it seems unbelievable how I lived for so long under constant attack and criticism from my wife.  It took all of my energy to deal with her anger and erratic behaviour but the stress soon took it's toll on my health.

Yesterday was one of the busiest days ever:

1.  I taught my morning classes as usual, periods 1 and 2.  My grade 10 class is full of fantastic students;  friendly, engaged and eager to participate in important class discussions.  The boys in this class are quite gawky but it's easy to see that some of them will grow into fine physical specimens.  The grade 10 girls are completely lacking in the 'attitude' that so many have at that age.... and not a cheerleader among them!

During my grade 11 class, we watched a presentation by the most self-confident, charismatic, gayest and most 'out' student I've ever met.  To the delight of the class, Sam ended his presentation with an interpretive dance of a nuclear fission reaction (ie: when an atomic bomb explodes), complete with pirouettes, leaps and ending with jazz hands, which he had to explain to the class. 

The crowd went wild!  It was one of the most memorable few minutes of my teaching career and I told Sam in front of the class:  "That was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!"   I don't know if the class understood the reference; that it was something only a gay man would say.

2.  I then supervised the cafeteria for the entire lunch period.  Few of our 'cool' high school students eat there so it's mainly used by the grade 7 / 8s from the middle school attached to our building.  The kids' behaviour was okay but they are just so immature.... I'd sooner set my hair on fire than teach that age group.

3.  I then spent most of period 4 preparing a supply teacher lesson.  This took an extra long time because a non-qualified supply teacher was coming in to teach my grade 12s.   Everything had to be spelled out explicitly.

4.  I spent period 5 at the dentist, dealing with a rather unpleasant procedure to repair a cracked tooth.   My dentist is not my type at all:  slim, boyish, clean-cut, in his late 30s and dressed entirely in beige. 

During the procedure, he had to open his thighs wide with his pants straining against his bulge and press in close to me;  a pleasant distraction.  And when the drilling became too intense, I thought of the bouncing cock gif from the previous post and imagined taking the "big, fleshy, sumptuous cock" (Will's comment) in my mouth;  this appealing thought got me through the procedure.

5.  After the dentist, I drove some 30 minutes to our local slaughterhouse to pick up a lamb's digestive system, heart and lungs for the next day's dissection activity with my grade 10 class.

6.  I returned from the slaughterhouse to attend a going away party at a local hotel for our vice-principal who is leaving town.  I have so little contact with our admin that I could scarcely remember her name, but the high-fat food served was fantastic for a school event!  Wings, quesadillas, calamari, perogies, nachos and meatballs!  Yum!

What a day!   By the time I got home and went for a long walk with my son's dog, I felt like a horse that's been rode hard and put away wet.  Whew!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Runner`s bouncing cocks, part I

And no, the runner's in my raced didn't look like this.
Until my coming-out drama four years ago, I was a dedicated runner and had competed in several full marathons. I loved running!

I would love to run again but it might not be the best activity for my spinal arthritis and degraded vertebrae which I posted about here.  I'm still thinking about it.

I hadn't realized, until writing this post, how closely my running career was tied to my miserable marriage and my unrecognized gayness in my late 30s and early 40s.  But this post became too long so I'll save the other half for Wednesday.

Every gay runner will know that the major benefit to completing in races is being in close contact with lean, fit, sexy men with beautiful legs and amazing asses.  Recently I volunteered at a major running race as a traffic warden, manning a road barrier downtown.  The event was certified as a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon;  quite a big deal which attracted elite athletes from all over North America. 

Of course, the only reason I volunteered to get a close-up view of the many hundreds and hundreds of beautiful athletic men, front and back.  When I ran marathons, the view of the muscular ass in front of me was fantastic! .... but there is no substitute for the front view of cocks bouncing and jiggling in spandex or onionskin shorts.

I chatted all day long with countless hot men from my volunteer's position; runners heading to the start line, hottie spectators cheering on their girlfriends and sweaty runners who had finished the race and were returning to their cars.  Other runners had dropped off personal items with me during the race and came back to retrieve them.  This gave me an opportunity to shake their hands, chat and admire their physiques at close range.

One athletic, 40ish guy glanced sharply at me as he walked by with his grim-faced wife and then instantly snapped his head back forward.  OMFG!  I sucked his cock in the back seat of my car last year!!

And the runners didn't disappoint! Hot men in spandex or flimsy running shorts everywhere.... beautiful, lean bodies, muscular thighs, amazing asses, jiggling cocks of all sizes. 

Did you know that the longer the pendulum, the slower it moves back and forth?  There were many little cocks jiggling back and forth wildly while the long, pendulous ones had a much slower frequency, BOING....BOING...BOING.... 

As it was a chilly morning so many men were in running tights showing their beautiful curved thighs, and asses, with cocks and balls outlined.  Some of them did such a fantastic job in filling out the front of their tights.... Beautiful!   

At the height of the race, I literally became dizzy as I snapped my head back and forth, attempting to look at the front sides and backsides of the hundreds of men running past.  It was impossible to check all of them out and I know I missed some beautiful sights.  Darn!

It was a fantastic day!  I spent the entire seven hours consumed with lust, in a state of continuous horniness.   I that know that I sound like some sex-crazed teenager, but I make no apologies for that;  that's why I volunteered!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

DILFs at Parents' Night

Friday night was very stormy here with rain, hail, fierce winds and the sound of the surf pounding on the rocks.  I was alone because the kids were in town and slept at friends' houses. 

I'm sure the day will come when I'm lonely but so far, I not alone often enough for that to happen. Seven months into my divorce, I'm still savouring my alone-ness and enjoying not being in a relationship.

I cuddled with our three dogs who are hogged the couch and watched my favourite Two Fat Ladies DVDs for the umpteenth time. Later, we slept in the same bed with my daughter`s little dog under the covers between my legs while my son`s dog slept with her wet nose pressed against my cheek. 

Even if I had a busy social life and a sexy man to share it with (I have neither of these), I could not have imagined going out after such an exhausting week.  Some random thoughts:

1.  Thursday was Parents' Night at my school and I was booked solid with appointments all evening.  The majority of the fathers at my interviews were hottie DILFs, aged 35 to 50.  I spent the evening consumed with thoughts of lust, trying not to glance down at their lovely packages as they sat in an open-crotched pose in front of me.  

I spoke to their lumpy little wives too, of course, but in the end, I spent way too much time locking eyes with the DILFs who resembled the men pictured here, except they all wore clothing.  I'm fairly sure that the Dads figured out that I was paying far too much attention to them.

To a man, they were handsome and sexy, and wearing suits, dress pants or stylish crotch-hugging jeans.  Some had piercing blue eyes, some had tattoos and many had touches of silver in their facial scruff.  Woof! 

I've been attending Parents Night for twenty years but this was the only one where I would have wanted to have sex with all the Dads I met.   This is probably due to my horniness, my sexual self-confidence as a gay man, a growing appreciation of mature men and the fact that I`m now older than most of them. 

2.  Also this week, my ex-wife and I submitted our 11-page response to the stressful  Revenue Canada audit of our 2011 tax return.   We're fairly optimistic that the matter has been resolved and I am rather pleased that, in the end, we were able to deal with it so cooperatively and politely.

I wondered yet again how adversarial couples could get through a problem like this without generating thousands of dollars of lawyer's fees. 

3.  My son is still living with me full-time, although I see very little of him because he's either at school, at his job or with his friends.  But he seems to show no desire to spend any time with his mother, either. 

On Thursday, my ex-wife told me that she planned to take our son to his favourite prime rib restaurant in town which features locally-grown beef.  I thought, "Hmmm.....  I doubt that will happen!" and sure enough, he refused to go with her.  But at least she's trying to mend fences with him.

I felt sad for her because she always takes rejection badly, but she needs to acknowledge my son is justified in avoiding her.   Although things have calmed down considerably, my son won't easily forget or forgive her past anger and erratic behaviour.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Too Much Information is a regular, fun feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.  

  1. How big is your TV screen?  My TV is a 23" Magnavox purchased in 1990; practically a museum piece.

But very soon, I plan to get much bigger flat screen TVs for the Love Nest and for my newly-renovated living room when those projects are finished.

  2. How big is your hard drive? Laptop or desktop?  I have no idea how big the hard drive is on my 3-year-old Toshiba laptop but it seems to do the job.

  3. How big is your home? Is it too big or too small?  My home is around 1,600 square feet (I think) and there is a 600 square foot log building on the property as well, where my Love Nest located.

It is too big for one person but when my three kids and our three dogs are here (and perhaps, future grandchildren), we really do fill it up.   And I always have the option of renting out the main house and living in the log building.  I'd make a pile of money doing that!

  4. How big is your waistline? Is it too big or too small?  I'd say "too big."  I still carry the twenty pounds gained during my coming-out divorce drama and no longer fit the 32" waist pants which I wore for most of my adult life.  But I hate the idea of wearing 34" pants and they often seem a bit too big on me anyway.

  5. How big are your pets?  At this moment, there are three doggies cuddled with me:  my daughter's dog is a skittish, skinny little terrier (12 pounds). 

His brother (my little dog) sleeps by the food dish all day and growls at any dog who dares approach it.  He's quite overweight at 18 pounds.  My son's border collie cross is a very slim 35 pounds.

  6. How big is your car?   My small car (a Toyota Corolla) is perfect since I commute 30 km (18 miles) one way and must have good gas mileage.  At times, I borrow my father's or son's truck to haul bigger loads.

  7. How big are your biceps?  I describe myself as having "bird arms."  I don't give a hoot as to how skinny my arms look but sometimes wish they were stronger when I have to move the refrigerator.  I do admire moderately large biceps on other men.... but not too big.

  8. How big is your ego? To me, "Big ego" means someone who overconfident,  arrogant and with an inflated sense of one's importance.  I have none of those qualities.  Just to toot my own here, I am very balanced in the ego department;  confident but not over-bearing about it, modest and willing to do any task or be friendly and helpful to any person, no matter how humble.

  9. Who's currently the biggest ass? I can only think of American Republican or fundamentalist wingnuts for this category:  Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, anyone from the Westboro Baptist Church, ..... the list is endless.

10. Who's currently the biggest loser? I hope and pray that the current scandal involving Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will cause him to be biggest loser in the next election.

11. How big is your bank account? My bank account is the very definition of "cash flow."  My income is a healthy one but once I pay for spousal support, kids' university tuition, my mortgage, utilities and construction materials, there is very little left at the end of each month.
How big is your sexual organ?   

Oh my!  My hard cock is at least average-sized, 6.5 or even 7.0" when I'm really aroused, cut and quite thick. My uni-ball is not a low-hanger but is bigger than normal which is common for men who grew up from birth with one testicle.

Is it big enough?  Yes, my cock is plenty big enough for any sexual activity that I can think of.  In fact, I often think it's a bit too thick when asked to top a tight-assed, bottom virgin.

I am never embarassed to take my cock out in intimate company.  Usually, my cock is the same size (or bigger) than the other guy I'm with.  Sadly, mine is very much a "grower" and I would very much prefer that it was bigger in the flaccid state, if only to better fill out a Speedo or some sexy underwear.

How do you like your partner to be sized?   Can it be too big/small?  Yes, my partner's cock size does matter but only in the sense that I'd prefer my guy to be averaged-sized or even a bit smaller.  Manageable.

While a monster-sized cock is fun to look at online for the way it fills out a Speedo, I sometimes have difficulty deep throating one without gagging.  I'm a wimpy bottom and will never take a monster cock up my ass. 

But on the opposite end of the cock spectrum, I'd never be happy with someone like the Micropenis Guy who's cock was less than 1", erect.  What could anyone do with that?

Does size really matter?   I've met several big-cocked guys who were selfish, arrogant bastards who were only concerned about their own pleasure.  I've also been with several guys with decent-sized cocks which never got hard;  a disappointment. 

So in the final analysis, cock size doesn't really matter to me.  Give me a average or smaller-cocked, adventurous, attentive, kind, skilled, intelligent and appreciative lover every time!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Testicle Tuesday

This ball-sucking looks a little too rough.
I like the alliteration in this sexy title which, as a bonus, is sure to generate many pageviews from google searches.

This is a good thing because for first time in nearly three years of blogging, my life is so calm that I have no new gay news to blog about.

Before I started having sex with men, I never gave any thought to testicles other my own lonely ball.  But now, I've seen a great many up close, ranging from the Micropenis Guy's marble-sized balls to the beefy, beautiful ones swinging low between Hottie Construction Worker's thighs last week.

Two years ago, it would never have occurred to me to lick a guy's balls or to take them in my mouth.   But I've had many requests to do so and now love gently sucking the boys and running my tongue all around ..... and especially in between the skin separating them.  I also like applying gentle pressure to them in the palm of my hand when I'm sucking a cock or even kissing, and I've never had a guy tell me to stop.

Apart from his cock, man's balls are his most precious possession; the core of his masculinity.  Most men live in dread of having their balls kicked or otherwise manhandled.  Therefore, I constantly find it unbelievable that the men I'm having sex will allow a nameless, faceless stranger, to take their balls, their most vulnerable part, into his mouth.

I guess lust and horniness just take over and caution flies out the window.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Survivor of childhood sexual abuse

I'm hard at work insulating my living room because winter is fast approaching and parts of it are still open to the great outdoors.  Most days, our temperatures are around the freezing point with occasional snow flurries. 

But many distractions have prevented me from making much progress.  Parents' Night is coming up next week and I have four sets of tests which must be marked this weekend.  As well, my fridge failed yesterday and I had to clear it of dipping, thawed food.  

And last night, just as I was preparing for a 21 year old "athletic build" gay-virgin university student to come over for some sexytime (he wanted to call me "Daddy!"), my friend Dave phoned to chat.   He didn't sound well at all, so I cancelled my hookup with the horny virgin and drove into town.

I first met Dave nearly two years ago;  he had messaged me on and we had a coffee date which I blogged about here.  He is 48, part Aboriginal, not particularly handsome but extremely fit and he fills out his jeans beautifully.  Since then, we've developed a friendship which I've never blogged about. 

Dave has been HIV+ for the past 24 years and of the eighteen men he knew with HIV at that time, all the rest are now dead.  He has a Masters degree in health administration and had an exciting career in that field in Toronto and New York.  But Dave's relationship feel apart and he quit his career three years ago to move back to our hick town to look after his aging parents.  He's been here ever since, unemployed and living a friendless (except for me) and sexless existence.

About once a month or so, Dave's depression gets the better of him or he's had too much to drink and he phones me;  we get coffee and walk around our beautiful waterfront park.  Our conversations are far too explicit .... and too gay.... to be had in the coffee shop, surrounded by little old ladies and young families.

Dave is extremely experienced in all things gay and is keen to offer me advice, and to hear my hookup stories.  He's deeply depressed much of the time but can be wickedly funny and I enjoy our chats enormously.  

He's asked me for sex numerous times and I've always declined, although he has a very hot body and I know that he would be extremely skilled.   But Dave is the most damaged person I've ever met.   In his words, throughout his childhood he was "fat, gay, Indian and ugly" and now he's HIV+.

This low self-worth and neediness made him a prime target for sexual predators starting with a Catholic priest when he was an 8 year-old altar boy.   His second abuser was his school guidance counsellor when he was in Grade 10 and 11.  

"Mr. Morris" * would page Dave to come to Student Services two or three times a week at 2:15 pm and they would have sex on the couch in his office.   When Dave finally refused because it "just wasn't right", Mr. Morris threatened to tell his mother that Dave was gay.   Dave finally broke free of this abuse after a few years but never did report Mr. Morris to the authorities.

*  Mr. Morris worked at a local high school where I had my first teaching job but had retired before I joined the staff.

Last night, in great anguish, Dave told me his most shocking abuse story of all.  When he was around 12 to 14, his father would force Dave to give him a blowjob when his mother was at Bingo.  Every Saturday at 4:00 pm, Dave said, the TV would be playing "The Bugs Bunny - Road Runner Show" while he was sucked his father's cock.  "All I wanted to do was watch Bugs Bunny!"  he said plaintively.  Sad.

This abuse ended at 14, when Dave was old enough to get an after-school job.  He then spent all of his time either at school or at work and then at 18, escaped to attend university thousands of miles away.   But 30 years later, he returned to care for his father, his abuser.  Dave is now certain his father is bisexual but they've never discussed the sexual abuse.

Dave and I now have plans to do things other than have coffee, such as the occasional outing to the ski hill, gym or for a hike.  It's a bit of a conundrum:   I like him as a friend and not just because I feel sorry for him.   But he's so messed up, I want to keep a certain distance as well.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dirty men

There's very little going on right now with me, so I'll compensate by posting pics of some sexy, dirty men.  I'd love to take them into my sauna and wash them off!  Here are the my details:

1.  Since I've posted my face pic on  my profile, I've enjoyed a sudden upsurge of guys messaging me. In the past week, I've had texted conversations with five different men who are "seeking a woman," all claiming to be gay virgins seeking a first-time experience with a man  Their ages are 19, 22, 25, 30 and 37.

I'm sure that some of them are just playing footsie, enjoying the excitement of exchanging sexy texts with another guy but lacking the courageto arrange an 'in-the-flesh'  meeting.  But I am confident that one or more of them will be meeting me soon. 

While I prefer being with a sexually-experienced guy, sometimes it's fun being in charge with a gay virgin, too.  Intense!

2.  My son turns 17 soon and is still mainly living with me full time.  He now drives to school in his own truck by himself and also works 30 hours per week at his fast-food job.   This means that I rarely see him, sometimes for only a few minutes per day.  As my nest empties out, this is probably my new reality.

3.   My former wife texted (politely) today to say that she has corrected our tax returns and is reasonably sure that we will have no difficulty with Revenue Canada.  This was a big change from her abusive texts from last week when we received notice that our 2011 returns were being audited.  

   This joint tax filing is the final hurdle of our divorce process.  I can't wait to file my 2013 tax return with no involvement from her, ever again.  Woo-hoo!

5.  We are heading into my least favourite time of the year.  November can be extremely dreary here;  dark, cold with never-ending rain / freezing rain / wet snow / overcast conditions.  Things won't really pick up until early December when we'll get some snow which stays.  Winter sports!  

6.   I was so exhausted after school yesterday that I cuddled with our two dogs all evening and watched three DVD movies in succession.  It's a rare to be so idle, since I have three sets of tests to mark and much to do in my renovation project.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random questions and hot guys

Bulging, muscled wrestlers in spandex
The title of this week's Too Much Information (by Sean of Just a Jeep guy is "Random" so I'm including random pics of different types of guys I find attractive.

I am still smiling at my sweet hookup on Sunday.   Construction Hottie was just so vocal and so deeply appreciative of my efforts.  But what made him unique amongst all the men I've been with was that he was even more interested in pleasuring me than receiving pleasure.

Although Jamie said that he had limited experience with men (and I believed him), I know that he has a total case of cock worship; a master cocksucker already!

1: Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?  I've never smoked and I never will. It's a nasty, expensive, unhealthy habit.

2: Are you single / taken / heartbroken / confused?  I am savouring my single-hood after 20 years of marriage;  about half of it was pretty miserable.

3: What if I told you that you were handsome/pretty?  I'd smile, get slightly embarrassed and say "Thank you,"  but I wouldn't truly believe you. Then, I would give you a compliment which was honest and sincere. 

Speedo hotties
In my twenties, I was constantly told that I was either handsome, hot or gorgeous.... and I never once believed it!  But in retrospect, my looks must have been pretty striking.  Now that I'm 51, compliments are few and far between.

4: Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”?  No. 

5: Are you interested in anyone right now?  Maybe.

6: What are you looking forward to in the next week? For the past month, I've been messaged by a sweet, "athletic-build, bi-curious" 22 year old student on  

He's extremely nervous but he's finally agreed upon a time and place to meet.  He has a small sexual shopping list involving blowjobs and rimming but I'm sure I'll be able to persuade him to do other things. 

I'm also looking forward to completing all the wall framing and insulation in my gutted living room, so I will no longer be freezing in my house. 

7: Do you want to be single/married/in a relationship?  I look forward to being in a relationship one day and certainly would consider marriage again. But I am just getting into the swing of being single. I'm feeling more confident than ever in my interactions with men.

Furry, mature men.

I would deeply regret it later if I became involved in a relationship too soon and had to abandon the sexual freedom that I'm presently enjoying

8: Have you pretended to like someone?  No.  Life's too short!

9: Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it?  No.  I never would do that;  I'm far too honest for that!  But I sometimes wonder, how does one know for certain that you are actually 'in love' rather than 'in lust.'

BONUS:   Are you better at giving oral sex or receiving oral sex?   I am far, far better at giving oral sex, in particular to men.  But I also loved giving oral sex to my wife and  I was darned good at it!  I sometimes think that I'd still like going down on a woman; a shocking admission for a gay man! 

It is a goal of mine to get more proficient at receiving oral sex and I am improving in this regard.

Furry nudists with erections

Trashy, tattooed boys.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Giving thanks..... for construction workers

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and yesterday, I had most of my family over (and our five dogs) for our Thanksgiving feast on Sunday.  

Our family would object to anything else but a traditional menu:  roast turkey, gravy, bread fresh from the oven, roasted root vegetables from the garden (carrots, beets, parsnips) and two types of stuffing; the first made with wild rice, brown rice and pork sausage meat and the second made with bread cubes, onions and fresh herbs. 

We normally cook the dinner together but this year, I did all of it myself. 

My mother had knee surgery on Thursday so for the first time in her life, she did not spend the day slaving over a hot stove.  My daughter is a full-time student at a culinary school and also cooks three days per week at a local 'fresh food' restaurant.   She spent the day cooking Thanksgiving dinner for hordes of restaurant patrons.  My son is a full-time grade 12 student and also works some 30 hours per week at KFC, so he was not available to help either.

I prepared everything the day before (Saturday) and only had to pop everything into the oven on Sunday afternoon at the appropriate times.

But on Sunday morning, I received a text from Jamie, 37 year old construction worker from Newfoundland, 5'-9", athletic build, bi, who "really likes oral."   We had been messaging me off and on for the past six months but had never met. 

We'd attempted to get together many times but it just didn't happen.  Curses!  He works 7 days a week, 14 hours a day most of the time on a very large construction project in town. 

Jamie:  do u want to get together today
Buddy Bear:  Yes, but it has to be right now because my family's coming over for dinner later.  What do you like to do with guys?
Jamie:  i really enjoy oral i want us to relax and i can suck you off
BB:  I'd only agree to that if I got to suck you off too.
Jamie:  you can suck me as long as you want  i wanna try lickin ur ass too i want to bottum only tried it twice but i really liked it
BB:   Sweet!  I'm in!
Jamie:  i really got to be dicreet  ive only been with a coupl guys and have a gf  i havent been with many guys
BB:   I'm 100% discreet, guaranteed!  But it really has to happen immediately because my entire family is coming over later this afternoon.   Can you be here in an hour?
Jamie:  ok i am jumping in to the shower now

Jamie arrived early, looking just like a sweet, nervous boy from small-town Newfoundland .... but he was just oozing sensuality, testosterone and horniess.  He was an amalgamation of all the pictures on this post, especially the pissing skin-head dude from Flip Flop Returns: Trashy Tuesday. (the lower-left picture)
  • piercings on one eyebrow, both nipples, multiples in both ears
  • tattoos galore
  • super lean, well- muscled torso with a slightly furry chest
  • scruffy, goateed face with a faux-hawk haircut
  • beautiful muscular thighs
  • the fattest, most beautiful, most responsive uncut cock I've ever met
  • the biggest balls ever
What followed was, I think, my hottest hookup ever;  for the first time, I met a guy who loved sucking cock as much as I did.  Jamie finally left the Love Nest at 1:30 pm, just enough time for me to pop the turkey into the oven!

But sorry to leave everyone hanging, but I don't have the time or the inclination to blog about the explicit details right now.  I'll think about doing that on my next post. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


During the past eighteen months,  I've had at least a couple of hookups per week and often more than that, including a few days where I've hooked up with two guys in the same day.

But most unusually, I have not hooked up with a guy in the two months since I've returned from the DC Bloggerpalooza and it would be hard to explain why.  Here are several reasons:

1.   Lack of  time:   I've been working non-stop on both my teaching job and on my house renovation.  Winter is fast approaching and it will be very chilly here indeed if I don't get the job done.  And, I'm exhausted!

2.   Although I've met many fantastic men on,  I became tired of being constantly messaged by some pretty fucked-up guys including the many who want to cheat on their wives or girlfriends.   As well, I was being badgered by a couple of worrisome 60ish dudes who wouldn't take no for answer.  I haven' t logged onto squirt for two months.

3.    I now have a very clear idea of the sort of man I want for an LTR:   funny, smart, close to my age, attentive, thoughtful, with good family values and most important of all, crazy about me.  And suddenly, there were just too many men wanting to hook up who didn't have any of these criteria.   All at once, I became less interested in the shallowness of these encounters.

But in the past two months, I've been texted regularly by three ginger men in their early 20s, each of whom I shared some sweet, sexytime with:    Big Red, Whimpering Hottie and a third young man who who I haven't yet blogged out. 

This third young man attended my kids' elementary school ) one year ahead of my oldest daughter (complication #1) and whose father was a past teaching colleague (complication #2.)  

I was very pleased that these sweet young men still want to spend more time with me, but I explained to each of them why I wasn't hooking up with anyone for the time being.


However, Mr. Perfect LTR is nowhere in sight, at least in my town, and despite the shallowness of casual hookups, I think that my craving for cock, sweet kisses and skin-to-skin contact with a warm, sexy man will win out.  

I recently set up a profile with a clear picture of my face and clothed torso, listing my age as 36.   (This is to get around POF's ridiculous rule forbidding any messaging with men outside of +/- 14 years of your age.)  How else could those poor, horny 22 year-old curious gay virgins contact me?

Having my face pic on this popular site was a very brave step out because it will certainly be seen by gay students (present and former), colleagues and others in the community.   This also meant that my profile could not be sexually explicit.  It simply said:  "I enjoy the company of men of all ages, types, sizes and levels of experience.  And, I am 50 not 36."

The face pic did the trick.  In the past several days, I've have many POF-chats with six different men, all of whom seem quite eager to meet me, ranging from an extremely persistent 19-year-old gay virgin, a "curious" young man (22) with a girlfriend and an "athletic-build" married man (42) whose wife allows him to have affairs as long as they're with men and not women. 

Despite some offers, I haven't yet made myself available to any of these guys but I probably will ..... details to follow.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TMI: Music

Too Much Information is a regular feature by Sean of Just Jeep Guy.


I grew up with  normal relationship to music, listening to the The Mamas the Papas , very early Sonny and Cher (60s), John Denver, classic 70s rock, disco, even Iggy Pop and early Madonna.

My brother, friends and I listened to the "Top Ten Hits" on the radio every day with eager anticipation.

But starting at the age of 23, I worked for seven years as an engineer in heavy industry and was exposed to ear-splitting noise all day long.   I needed absolute silence when I returned home so I got out of the habit of listening to music.  As a teacher for the past 20 years, I am exposed to noise and confusion all day long, chatter and bells ringing.  So again, I don't play music at home.

1. How often and where do you listen to music?
Pretty much never.  I only listen to CBC radio (news and documentaries) while driving and while working around the house.  But they do play the occasional song and if it's a repeat broadcast, I'll put on a classic rock station.

2. When was the last time you bought music in CD format?  I last bought CDs in 1992 or so:  Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakum, kd lang

3. Do you buy complete albums or just a song at a time?  Is this different now because of iTunes? 
I never buy music. 

4. From who do you purchase your digital music?  See above.

5. Do you listen to satellite or internet radio? How about Podcasts?  No.

6. What are your favorite kinds of music? The music of my youth:  classic rock (the Rolling Stones, Springsteen, J.C. Mellencamp), older country (Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, George Strait, Alan Jackson) and disco (Donna Summer, the Pointer Sisters, the Village People, Gloria Gaynor)

7. Today's music is something I rarely / never listen to.  Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus make me nauseous.

8. What music is your guilty pleasure?  I occasionally hum (and sing in my head) 70s TV sitcom theme songs from All in the Family, Gilligan's Island, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Maude and others.

9. Have you heard a song recently that reminds you of someone?  I recently heard "At Seventeen," which always reminds me of my students.  I mainly teach teenagers who are 16 and 17 years old and there are always many who resemble the girl in the song. 

This classic was released in 1975 when I was 13.  If you substituted "ugly duckling boys like me", she was singing the story of my life as I saw it at that time.  And I really was a gawky, shy and homely teenager. 
It resonated deeply with me and with, I have no doubt, almost every other teenager at that time and ever since.

Do you play music to set the mood? No, but I'd welcome it if my future man wanted to put some music on.

Once it's set, what do you play to keep the action moving?  Nope. I can keep the action going perfectly well on my own, thank you.


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