Friday, June 29, 2012

Naked men in the shower

Here are some hot pics from my new favourite tumblr site, .

It's been busy with my three kids here, my daughter's grad party and the demands of work, so I haven't had time to prepare a thoughtful about my Special Guy and me.   Next post, I promise!

Hottie Cub and I had a "date" for last night but I rescheduled for Saturday.  I was so-o-o-o-o  tired and my three kids wanted us to walk to the beach for a swim with the three dogs.  It just seemed wrong to cancel out on my kids to suck the cock of a 20-something hottie in a parking lot, as sweet as that would have been.  Priorities!

Next Saturday, I hope that Hottie Cub and I can do the nasty in an actual bed this time;  making out in a car isn't as exciting as it sounds.

After Hottie Cub and I had our parking lot encounter last Sunday, I received this POF message from him:

Hi There Cutie How are You.? Im really happy after meeting you lastnight.. :) Um Did you tell _ _ _ (Note:  he's referring to my Special Guy) that We Met?? Its No Big deal if you did...Anyways Im Just wondering because he texted me een shortly after i seen you... Asked Me How my Day Was and What I Did. I Told him i Just got Dun Meeting A Friend..But Didn't Mention Ur Name...Well he Texted Me Back And Said Ohhhhh was It 1 Of His Friends...Sounding Like He Knew Something...I Had To Tell him ya...Im sorry He Kinda set Me Up...He Said Hes Not Mad...Just Letting Yo Know...

Two comments:
  1. Special Guy had hooked up with Hottie Cub several times in his daughter's apartment while she was at work; something I had refused to do.  It's his business that he's being unfaithful to his wife but it was just wrong (and reckless) to involve his children in this whole sorry affair.
  2. This was a bit of an "Aha!" moment.  I recognized the same sort of "controlling" behaviour which Special Guy tried on me in the early months after I met him.  More on this later.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blowjob in a car

I never initiate contact with boys men in their 20s on the online hookup sites but if one of these lovely young men contacts me, then I do my best to reel him in!  I love
"The Hunt."   In the past week, I've had over six such contacts and several of them were very persistent.

I don't understand this sudden flurry of activity but I think has something to do with the slightly warm(ish) weather we finally are getting.  These poor young men are clearly getting horny at the sight of all the beautiful men in flip flops, shorts and tank tops.  I know that I am!

I'd been chatting for several days with a sweet 29 year old.  I told Hottie Cub he looked very handsome in his online pics.  His style of writing was cute:

aww ur too sweet baby thx i love what ic mmmmmm your so incrediably yummy would luv to have a night with you hum .... i just emailed you my pics luv hope you don't hate them......and if your wondering im single btw...
jason xoxo

We met in a coffee shop surrounded by old people.  He was even sweeter than he seemed online with the most incredible green eyes.  "My grandmother says they're my best feature."  When we got to my car, he told me I was so handsome that he got hard at the sight of me!  He was worried the old ladies had seen his hard-on tenting the front of his nylon shorts.  I said, "Don't worry, I'm sure it made their day."

In the crowded parking lot, we chatted (he was a baker, parents divorced, lived with three roommates, parents divorced, his ex moved to Alberta for work....)  Emboldened by his hard cock , my wandering hand quickly travelled from his knee, up his inner thigh to his stiff cock, first outside his nylon shorts, then inside.

He was uncut... score!!  I continued quizzing him about his family and upbringing as though I wasn't pumping his cock up and down and playing with his delicious foreskin.  Finally he gasped, "Let's go to the park!"

It was a beautiful Sunday, 7:00 pm, broad daylight and the parking lot was mainly empty.  We made out in the front seats of my small Japanese import, kissing, licking and stroking.  Fantastic... but very awkward!  Sore back!!  It was a huge distraction constantly having to keep an eye out for passers-by and in fact, several cars drove by.

After about half an hour, his shirt was unbuttoned, his shorts down around his ankles.  He moaned, "This is what I love about older men... you know what you're doing!!"  I said, "I'm very inexperienced!"  He said, "Oh, you know what you're doing all right!!"

I finished him off with a handjob / blow job combo.  Intense!    (I kept my pants and shirt on BTW... if we were spotted by a policeman, it would have been extremely embarrassing and might have caused problems for me professionally.)

He was the most amazing kisser especially for a young man!  Aggressive with much tongue action, sucking of lips etc.  I thought, "He kisses just like _ _ _."   ( my Special Guy.)

Then he said,  "You're the best kisser ever!  You kiss just like this married guy I was with last week. This guy is 54 and has four kids!!"

I said, REALLY? " Three girls and a boy, goatee, blue eyes, a bit heavy, 6'-0"?)

Hottie cub said, "YES!  His name is _ _ _!  Do you know him?"

Yes, kids, Hottie Cub had been hooking up with my Special Guy ....OMFG!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dogably Pawfect.... Sunday

On my little bit of shoreline drinking my morning coffee.
I'm a day late with this post for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday, but yesterday was very busy.   I had all three kids here with our three dogs and then my parents and their dog came for supper.

The place is still a shambles as we are still only half unpacked and there are many renovation / repair projects on the go.    However, I was pleased that my daughter asked if she could have a grad party here in a couple of days.  Much to do!!

Amongst her peer group, she's the only one lucky enough to have a home on the water, so the focus of the party will be swimming, going in the sauna and eating outdoors.  All the food will be provided by others, thank goodness!  

We're expecting 25 - 35 nerdy high school students (mainly band geeks) and several adults to assist with the supervision.  This is strictly an afternoon event ending at 6:00 pm, so it should be a pretty tame affair.

These sweet pics are from a cool site,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Furry Friday

The title is an unabashed rip-off from that sweet and handsome blogger, BosGuy  Any excuse to post pics of lovely, hairy men.   Hairy legs, chests, treasure trails;  I love them all!... that is, everything except back hair.  These pics are from

So far, my slut phase shows no signs of slowing down.  This week, I had another first-time experience .....   having sex with my hair stylist, standing up in the salon's storage room amongst the mops and cleaning supplies.   But surely my blog readers are getting tired about hearing about my escapades.... no one wants to hear about that!  For a change of pace, how about a few random personal developments?

  1. Today, we signed the papers giving me full title to my waterfront home, in five days!   Woo-hoo!   This after many, many months of stress, blackmail, roadblocks and oppositional behaviour... I seriously doubted that this day would ever come.
  2. My wife retires in seven days after a 35-year career.  Her friends and I are hoping that by leaving her highly stressful job, she will begin to regain some measure of emotional and mental stability.
  3. Although we haven't yet filed for divorce (soon!), I will  begin spousal support payments of $1,000 per month in July for a seven year period.  This is in addition to my new mortgage, acquired to buy my wife out of her share in this house and also helping my daughters out a little bit with their university tuition.   I'll have to watch my 'cash flow' very carefully!
  4. Recently, our best friend (to both my wife and I) fancifully described my wife's present feelings towards me as a "deep core of buried anger surrounded by a thick mantle of love, with a thin veneer of irrational hatred."  Wow!  How can you tell she's an English teacher?
  5. My 15.5 year old son continues to live with me full-time and still has no contact with his mother.   Their feelings about each other have become more entrenched, if anything.   To retrieve items from his old bedroom, he goes to her house during his school lunch breaks to avoid face-to-face contact.   It breaks my heart to receive sweet phone calls from my wife, asking, "So how is _____ doing?"
  6. The relationship between my son and I seems to be getter stronger and stronger with an underlying respect and fondness.  But him living with me has wreaked havoc on my ability to host all the hot men who want to do the nasty with me.  This includes my Special Guy who I haven't been with in four weeks.  Oh well... something will work out!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hottie Student

Last week, I posted about my unusual blind folded encounter with a Hottie Student, part 1 and part 2.  He was a 25 year old who had lots of experience with women but wanted to see what it was like being with a guy for the first time.

The next day, I send Hottie Student a little message on where I expressed admiration for his courage and suggested that  I would be available for further exploration if he wanted.   He did not log into his account for nearly a week but yesterday, he deleted his POF account entirely.   I guess that means, "No!"

I wonder if this means that Hottie Student is going to try to continue with his "straight" life.   Given his sexual response during our encounter,  I have no doubt at all that he was attracted to men, at least to some degree.  I only hope that he doesn't get married to some nice girl and ruin her life, 15 years later, by figuring out that yes, he really was gay all along.

I must say that I'm a little lot disappointed that I won't see Hottie Student again but at least I got have that sweet cock in my mouth once.   This episode reinforced my belief that if a horny 20-something guy wants to have sex with me right NOW, right at that moment!!! ... just do it.  They will most likely change their mind in a few hours, let alone a few days.

These twinky boys (from acollectiveofhotguys.tumblr) are what I imagine my Hottie Student might look like, since I didn't actually get to see him.  And yes, when I ran my hands all over his body, this is what I felt that he looked like!  Now, I'll never get to see him!  Grrrr.....!  


Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

I often think that I'm the luckiest gay guy in the world to have such fantastic children.  Many gay men do not have this opportunity.  Michael-in-Norfolk discussed this in his post, "The Gift of Being Gay and a Dad ."

The greatest fear of many closeted, married men (other than being financially ruined) is that if they come out to their families, they will be shunned by their children.   I never worried about that with my children mainly because my wife was something of an 'absentee' parent.   I did the bulk of the child-rearing and the running of the household throughout their lives.

Although my wife strongly disputes this claim, this is also the view of everyone who knows us;  my wife's mother in particular, my family, close friends and neighbours.   As a result, my children and I are (I think) very close. 

As I did throughout our marriage, my kids are now dealing with my wife's anger and bossiness.  Due to her crushing lack of self-esteem, she has to be right all the time.   I believe that people like her, those who need to get their own way all the time will end up being alone.   The kids complain about this behaviour constantly and are highly unsympathetic to her plight.  I've given up trying to act as a referee, trying to make excuses for her.  I can't save her from herself!

I spent this Father's Day with my three children, our three dogs and my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law who are all staying with me.*   A bit hectic but in a good way!  The younger two kids cooked me a special breakfast on Sunday and my oldest will cook my favourite supper on Monday; we'll also invite my parents as well.  Their presents to me were, at my request, plants and culinary herbs for the garden.

*My son (15) lives with me full time and has had no contact at all with his mother in a month;  no texts, e-mails, phone calls or face-to-face encounters.  If anything, the animosity between them has worsened and I don't see that changing any time soon.

My two daughters now split their time evenly between the two households but my middle daughter will soon be living with me full time for the summer... my new house is on the water, after all!   My oldest daughter will live at my wife's house on her work days and spend her days off with me.  This is mainly because my house is some 45 minutes drive her workplace;  she's not going to commute!

These pictures of sexy Daddies come from Sean's new blog Men.   Beautiful!  Sean pointed out recently that he and I have the similar tastes in men and I think he's correct!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blindfolded sex, part II

I've received numerous comments and e-mails about my blindfolded encouter with  Hottie Student.  The  consensus:  too risky!  They wouldn't have done it! 

I am glad you felt comfortable going in and it wasn't some weirdo or people trying to beat up the fag. Another guy I know went to to a guy's house only to be greeted by three guys who wanted a piece of him...and not in a good way.   Stay safe my friend. I am truly glad it worked out well. Maybe even a wee jealous???? 

Another online friend said:
Well it is definitely one for the sex book! The experience is rather titillating but I am not sure I would be comfortable with the blindfold thing.  Not entirely sure I would do it with someone I did not know. Ya gots balls my friend!

 Perhaps naively, I had no safety concerns about our encounter.  None!  Online, Hottie Student seemed to be the sweetest, most polite young man ever.

As promised, the back door of the apartment complex was propped open (with a beer bottle!) and on his doorknob was a torn t-shirt blindfold, which I put on.  At my knock, he grabbed me by the hand and with his other hand around my waist, guided me to the couch.  This simple physical contact was so intensely erotic, giving up control to this nervous young man.   I instantly got hard as a rock.

He was freshly showered and sweet-smelling.  With permission, I ran my hands all over his hair, face, torso, ass and package so I could "see" what he looked like.  Coarse hair sticking up, slim, toned, about one inch shorter than me, firm chin, nice nose, flat belly but no abs and an amazing bubble butt.  A flawless body and I so longed to see what he looked like!!   But I had agreed to the blindfold and that was that.

He said, "I just don't see myself kissing a guy, but you can kiss me everywhere else."

It was so weird, a hookup without kissing on the lips!   I kissed and licked my way down the sides of his neck, ears, shoulders, pits and nips.  He started to moan and catch his breath the farther south I went. I gradually peeled off his baggy t-shirt and saggy jeans worn with no underwear.  He peeled off my clothes and I reached down to feel his amazing bubble butt with deep hollows on the sides of the cheeks.   For the first time ever, I had an insane desire to bury my face between a man's butt cheeks but resisted.

He gasped when I took a firm grasp of his perfect hard cock.  How I wished I could see it for real!  His cock was slim but long, cut, and beautifully smooth with a nice mushroom head.   I licked my way up his inner thighs and he groaned out loud as I took his low hanging balls into my mouth, one at a time.   (a first for me!)   I took his cock in my mouth and slowly, slowly worked my way down it until the end of it jammed against the back of my mouth;  a perfect length!   The moaning continued.

I had an intense longing to kiss his lips but that wasn't possible.  I tried to drag our encounter out as long as possible, so slowly, slowly, I alternate between his nips, torso and taking his cock in my mouth and hand.  He gasped again when I applied silicone lube to his cock and balls and ran my hands all over his smooth body.  "That's going to make me come!!"  Twice, my hand ventured to his asscrack but he pulled it away.  He didn't want me touching him there.  Darn!!

At one point, he got very brave and gave me a brief hand job.  As soon as he grasped my cock, his cock went from hard to REALLY HARD.   That proved to me that yes, he really was attracted to men.  He asked timidly, "Did that feel all right?"

After about 25 minutes, he said, "I'm going to cum!!" and I took his entire cock firmly in my mouth as it throbbed and throbbed.  OMFG it seemed to go on forever!   I held his cock in my mouth for a long while after it finished throbbing and then I slowly withdrew, applying as much pressure with my lips as I could.   I spit out into a cum rag which I brought.

We cuddled briefly afterwards, with my head on his chest and my hand cupping his perfect cock and balls.  Since I could not look into his eyes, the emotional connection just wasn't there for me so I said that I should go.  He handed me my sexy underwear and my other clothes which were inside-out and scattered everywhere.  We laughed when I tried to put on his saggy-assed jeans.  It seemed so unreal.... this beautiful 25 year old helping me get dressed.  Too funny!  We chatted:

Buddy Bear:  "Have you ever had sex with a woman?" 
Hottie Student:  "Oh, lots!"  
BB:  "Do you fantasize about guys when you're having sex with a woman?"
Hottie Student:  "No, never."
BB:   After today, do you still think you're attracted to guys?"
Hottie Student:   "Maybe... I really don't know!  I will have to think about it but if I decide to try it again with a guy, I will definitely call you!

He lead me to the door where I requested one last hug.  We held each other hard and I ran my hands down his chest, abs and grasped his beautiful ass.   In the hallway, I hung the blindfold on his doorknob and smiled all the way home.

ps.    I send him a message on POF thanking him for our adventure and wishing him all the best in his journey.   He hasn't logged onto his profile for the past four days;  but I'm thinking hoping that I just might hear from him again.

Friday, June 15, 2012

TMI Thursdays - beach edition (NSFW)

Interesting comments and e-mails about my sex-with-blindfold post!  I was out very late last night and am rushing out the door this morning, so I'll provide all the details tomorrow.  I promise!

For today, now about a quick TMI Thursday post from Sean's Just a Jeep Guy DC?  It will be an excuse to post pics of hot guys on the beach from / .

1. Is Sex on the Beach something you've had or just a refreshing beverage?
 Not familiar with the beverage but I like the fattening dessert of the same name.  Never actually had sex on a beach but I certainly plan / hope to one day.
2. Have you been skinny dipping? Would you?
I grew up skinny dipping in remote, wilderness lakes and do it as often as possible.  I love swimming with my legs not bound by fabric and the water swirling around my ass crack and manly parts.  We did it mainly at night but during daylight if there was enough privacy.
3. How do you look in a swim suit and what kind are you wearing?
I look pretty good.... adding the qualifier... for a guy who's almost 50.  A bit too thick around the middle so I usually wear a t-shirt over it.  I also wear the shirt because I need to avoid the sun as a skin cancer survivor.   In public places, I wear knee-length "dork shorts"  with a floral pattern which I like.   They ride really low on my hips.
I also have a square cut swim suit which I rather like and a few Speedos, such as in these pics here.  I'd definitely wear them if I was at some gay pool party or on a gay cruise but not just anywhere.  
I wore a Speedo occasionally up to my mid 30s and (looking at old pics of me) I looked darned good in them.  Very slim ... and whatever happened to that concave belly?
4. When i say, "bath house," what image comes to mind? Favorite experience?
"Steamworks" in Toronto's gay village.  I've never been but I'm thinking of going one day.  I imagine it is full of lots of older, bearish men.  Might be hot!
5. Do you prefer the beach or a pool?
I grew up swimming in pristine, remote northern Canadian lakes and that's still my preference.   I rarely swim in chlorinated pools and dislike them but I will do so if they're my only choice.
Do you have a favorite beach?
Long Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Pacific Rim National Park.  Spectacular in every way!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sex with a Blindfold

But I was wearing the blindfold, giving a Hottie Student a BJ.
Nearly a year ago, a commenter suggested that I was making up the story of my encounter with Hottie Nurse  That account was 100% factual but last night I had an encounter which was even more unbelievable.

A 25 year old university student messaged me, "What are you looking for?"   He told me that he'd been with lots of woman but wondered what it would be like with a guy.  He'd been thinking a lot about it recently and needed to experience it.  He said that he wouldn't kiss a guy right now or give a bj.

I told him what I was looking for, what I looked like and what I could offer him sexually.   He liked what I had to say, clearly and said he wanted to meet....  immediately!  No waiting!! 

Hottie Student:  "well, i can host, but i have just moved in so theres not much in my apt yet, couch, otoman, no cable but a few movies, i live by ________, in _________ place, would you be able to travel there?? "   (The apartment was in a very nice area of town, within sight of the local university.)

Buddy Bear:  "I can be there in 25 minutes.  Do you think I care what your furniture looks like?  For an old fart like me to hook up with a handsome young man half my age... it's the hottest thing ever!!"

Hottie Student:   LOL.   what do you feel about a blindfold

Buddy Bear:   What did you mean by that?  Do you want me to come into your apartment wearing a blindfold?   Why?

Hottie Student:  I dont want anyone know that I was trying out being with a guy.  I dont want you to see what I look like.  but im a handsome guy.  LOL you can look at anyone my body type and think it could have been me....
Buddy Bear...... I might agree to that.  Will there be anyone else there?  (I was wondering if it was some sort of an ambush or there would be someone there secretly filming)

He LOL'd again and said that no one would be there, he wants NO ONE to know about his  experimenting with guys.

Buddy Bear:   Hot!  I'm in!!!   So, how will we do this?

Hottie Student:  so when you come up to the building drive around back and park in the first visitor parking, the steel door will be propped open, go to the third floor, apt 316, the blindfold will be on the door, give it as knock and ill let you in....... cant wait to feel it! bring condom if you feel safer, but i am very clean

To be continued on Friday's post... and yes, it was the sweetest, most unusual encounter ever!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Spousal Support (NSFW)

These pics of lovely, hairy guys come from 

I continue to spend too much time talking to lawyers and bankers, utility and insurance companies.  Minor glitches arose regarding the sales and purchases of our homes as well as the on-going divorce.   It's a very complicated business, even with our high level of cooperation!   I can't imagine how couples survive a highly adversarial divorce!!

My wife signed off, giving me full title to my waterfront home.  But at the last moment, the bank wouldn't release my mortgage money (previously approved) without a spousal support agreement.  So my ownership of the waterfront home remains in limbo for now. .... a concern.

Although our salaries are identical, my wife is seven years older and retiring in three weeks.  This would have caused a serious income differential with my salary about 2.5x greater than her pension income.  

My lawyer said alimony payable by me should be in the range of $1,300 to $2,000 per month.   My wife and I knew full well that I would be forced to sell the waterfront home because I couldn't manage both the mortgage and this amount of alimony.  |

We both are highly committed to keeping our waterfront home in the family;  for the kids, it's not just a home but a way of life.  In fact, my wife offered me the property at some 20% below it's appraised value;  all I had to do is buy her out for 1/2 of the reduced amount.   It was very generous because the prices of these waterfront homes continue to skyrocket.

At our lawyer-mediator session, my wife and I agreed on $1,200 / month spousal support but payable only for seven years until I reach the age that she is now.  We felt this more than fair.

Yesterday, to my total shock, my wife offered to lower the amount to $1,000 / month, but with the option of returning to the $1,200 amount should a need arise.   Wow!!  Where did that come from?

A couple of my wife' s best friends (who are also my friends) felt that I was not being treated fairly in our financial arrangements.  Their view not correct, based on my discussions with my lawyer,  "She agreed to that?!" 

I strongly suspect they used their influence to get my wife to lower the alimony.   Our friends are highly supportive of me,  seeing how hard I've worked to keep our family unit somewhat intact and to get my wife settled in her new home.   One friend of my wife appreciated "how I haven't been behaving in a sleazy manner since coming out"..... little do they know the truth about my slut phase!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Curious" guys

Love the package!  Wish he didn't shave / wax his legs!
This week on, I've been messaged by six guys who've never been with a man but would like to try it, or so they say.  That's a deluge of messages because in some weeks, I don't get a single one.  I think they're attracted to my profile because of my relative inexperience with men.  I probably seem "safe" to them, a nice guy which in fact, I am.

I've chatted at length with with these three and all seemed like nice Canadian guys.... extremely appealing.  Bring on the fit blue-collared guys with great hands!
  • friendly male, 51, 6' 1" about 195 lbs, longish wavy brown hair, I'm a carpenter, rugged good looks
  • 31 year old construction worker, athletic body type, I like playing sports, going to the gym, camping and fishing
  • 25 year old heavy equipment mechanic, I am an easy going, fun, hard working guy.  (and also gorgeous... from his profile pics)  
The 51 year old (divorced) carpenter was "tingling with excitement" just chatting with a me, he said.  I'm feeling optimistic about this sexy carpenter!  He can host but lives some 30 miles away so the logistics pose a problem.

The 31 year old said he "picked me" for his first M2M experience, but after weeks of chatting, off and on, he keeps flaking out.  He's just not ready for the next step so I'm not holding my breath about this one.

The handsome 25 year old described me as his "last chance" to have a positive experience with a guy.   He has had several not-so-great experiences with guys and was ready to give up.  I disputed the " last chance" comment, saying that there were so many great guys out there, just waiting for him to find them.   He was actively planning our first hookup but last week, I just wasn't available.  I hope I didn't let this one  get away!

More often than not, these 'gay virgins' flake out in the end but I'm finding 'the hunt', the online flirting, a pleasant diversion.

Here's the back of my house which is actually facing the street.  What we call the front of the house faces the water.  It can best be described as "rambling"... this pic only shows a small part of it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Manly-men in jockstraps

My daughter's grade 12 graduation last night was to have been the first time my parents and my wife had a face-to-face encounter in over a year.  I was pretty tense because my wife told me before the event,  "Well! ..... when I see your parents I'm going to tell them off!!   Your parents think that I'm after their money!!!"    Hmmm .... Do you think maybe that's because you are after their money?

 Right from the beginning of our marriage, my wife caused a series of conflicts with my parents and siblings which created a much tension at family gatherings;   I was constantly stuck in the middle.   As a result, we saw less and less of them.

It didn't help that she came across to them as being greedy, "That's a nice lamp .... can I have it?"  So when I told my parents last October that my wife, their daughter-in-law-from-hell, was demanding half of my future inheritance when they died (+10 years from now?), that was the last straw.   They were forced to take legal steps to protect their assets, basically by disinheriting me.

As my mother and I walked into the auditorium lobby, sure enough, my wife was sitting right in front of us with my mother-in-law.   She turned to face the other way to avoid contact with us.  My mother and I walked on by.  My father, following behind us (who is a very classy guy), greeted them warmly, gave my M-I-L a hug and shook my wife's hand before she could take evasive action.

After the ceremony, families gathered in the lobby for pictures with their graduating sons and daughters.   My daughter was hoping for one pic with both her parents but it wasn't to be.   When my wife spotted us, she ran away and  remained in hiding until we left the building.   She's always been a coward!

ps:    One unexpected bonus of my marriage breakdown has been a rebuilding of the relationship between my parents and me.  Now, we talk on the phone daily and see each other many times a week.  They feel free to pop over any time they want.... although I hope that this doesn't happen if / when I am "entertaining" a man friend.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cyclists' spandex bulges
One unexpected drive-home bonus is the many hot men in spandex bicycling the "cyclists paradise" country highway near where I live.

The cyclists are mainly mature men aged 30+ and all extremely fit with amazing asses and beautiful, muscular thighs pumping up and down.  To a man, they're all dressed in tight spandex cycling suits. 

The shinier suits in particular show off the flexing of thigh muscles, the hollows at the sides of their tight asses and little jiggles as the bike hits a crack in the road.  On lighter coloured suits, a trickle of sweat can sometimes be seen running down between those muscular ass cheeks.  Sluurp!

As I drive by, I can't resist looking back to check out the guy's face and bulge.   I love now the nose of the bicycle seat pushes up on the guy's cock and balls;  you know what they say, 'accentuate the positve!'

In my next life, I want to come back as the nose of a bicycle seat.   I'm getting hard just imagining being gripped those muscular, sweaty thighs, being pressed up against a guy's spandex-clad package.  Grrrr!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pride 2012

Kelly of Rambling along in Life has an annual Pride Challenge:  his pic of the Pride flag will be posted to right for the month of June.

Last year, my little town had it's first ever week-long Pride celebration including a small LGBTQ film festival, a 'drag queen' night and a day-long family Pride picnic at the local waterfront park.  It was a huge success and promises to be even better this year.  

Please check out my posts about last year's event, here and here.     I find some of my old posts quite embarrassing, but these ones hold up well.  Last year, I could only attend the picnic for about 30 minutes due to a very serious spinal condition which I was recovering from. 

At last year`s Pride, I was a newbie middle-aged gay guy.   I had been 'out' to my family (and myself) for just five months and was the ultimate in gay virgins.... had never kissed or hugged a guy, much less had a cock in my mouth.  Not only had I not done any of these things, I couldn't even imagine being with a guy.

Boy, what a difference a year makes!  I have a million times more confidence in my skills and desirability as a gay man. In the past nine months, I've have quite a bit of experience in kissing guys and sucking cock and know that I'm good at it.  Damn good, in fact!   And the more sex I have with men, I find myself craving it more and more.

I hope to attend ALL of this year`s Pride events.   I will know a number of people there but most likely I will attend by myself.  I have no problem at all doing this;  in fact, I find being solo frees me up to strike up conversations with any random person I feel like.

What I`d REALLY, REALLY like to do is to attend a major Pride event such as the one in Toronto.   Since my son is living with me full time, the arrangements may be a bit difficult, unless I get one of his sisters to `hold down the fort.`   There's also the money issue, as is "lack of..."  We`ll see.....


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