Saturday, March 29, 2014

True Colours

It's been a while since I've done a Too Much Information set of questions by Sean of Just a Jeep guy.  I always enjoy them.  Thanks, Sean!

This is another timed Saturday morning post because I'm on an overnight winter camping trip the pristine wilderness with 25, grade eleven students.  No rest for the wicked!

But, thank goodness, there are cabins for us to sleep in.  And it's around the freezing point and not -25 degrees.

Here are some lovely men in colourful Speedos to drool over.

1. What is your favorite color?  I like many colours but prefer ones which are strong and rich, like my future husband. lol   I usually choose on reds and blues. For clothing,  I invariably wear black shirts (or less often, white) at school or when I go out in the evening . It's an easy choice. 

2. What color are your eyes?
My eyes are hazel, sort of a non-colour which is the hardest eye colour to define:  a muddy mixture of brown, green and blue which varies depending on what I'm wearing.

3. What color is your hair?  I started out with red hair which became very blonde as a child and white-blonde in the summer.  My hair is now quite a dark blonde touched with grey at the temples but it really lightens up in the summer with lots of sun streaks.  They look FABULOUS!

4. What color is your bedroom?  My bedroom has two log walls which were left the natural, dark wood colour.  The two other walls are a deep, rich, medium blue.  I like the colour of natural wood.

5. Which color do you look best in?  I'm a "spring" so I do look good in clear, bright pastels.  But I generally don't wear those colours in favour of black, white, red or blue.

6. Is there a color you never wear?  I never wear yellow which gives me a jaundiced look and rarely pink, except when it is the anti-bullying International Day of Pink at school, which this year is April 9, 2014.  

7. How did you pick the color of your car?  I never pick the colour of my car.  I only buy used cars so I get stuck with whatever colour it comes in, usually a boring silver or beige.  But if I had a choice, I'd pick a red car every time.

8. Are your eyes ever green with envy?  I'd like to say "no";  I never envy other people's cars, houses or material possessions.  But I'll admit, I wish I looked like the fat-cocked, lean-torsoed men I see in the shower every day at my Athletic Complex.  Not a love handle or pot belly to be seen!

9. Do you have a signature color?  I love red best of all and select it every time I have it as a choice:  in towels, kitchen ware and once, I even owned a red car. 

10. How much do you love Cyndi Lauper! 
I have loved her songs, her vibrant personality and her early music videos right from the her beginnings in the early 80s with songs such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Time after Time.

But with her open support as "a friend and family of" LGBTQ folk during her True Colors tour, I love her even more.

Gray hair is sexy as a goatee, and on temples touched with grey but never as grey pubes.  Ewww!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My first Brazilian

And I'm not talking about a bikini wax, by the way.  :-)

Our winter seems to be dragging on and on.   It was -25 C this morning and now there's a heavy snowfall warning in effect, some 20 cm expected.  Blah!

As a result, I'm sleeping in town tonight at my parent's house to avoid a treacherous drive in to school.  I'm internet-less, so I'm posting using my Smartphone which I find a hassle.  This will just be a "teaser" post.

It's been a busy week of men, men, men!

1.  On Monday night, I broke my own rule and hooked up with a boy man younger than my oldest child.  Lucas is a Brazilian university student in town for 18 months to improve his English.  He looked exactly as the hot boys pictured here.    Sweet, baby-faced, lean-torsoed, horny as hell with the most beautiful, fat, uncut, responsive cock ever.

We spent five hours together and over four of those in bed where I discovered that Brazilian men are the sexiest in the world and surely the best kissers. (sorry, Will!)   He was also ridiculously romantic, as when he whispered with his heavy accent: "You have the most beautiful eyes!"  I willed myself NOT to say: "Yea, sure, once you look past the skin tags, droopy eyelids and the under-eye bags," but simply said: "Thank you!"

2.   On the next night, I was taken out to dinner by a handsome, charming Italian guy.  He is a successful local businessman, who looked far younger than his 51 years (our birthday's are two weeks apart!) and who is actively seeking an LTR.  

The date went really well and our conversation flowed, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it, let alone what he thought. I will post more about him later, but I may be approaching my greatest concern: meeting Mr. Right before I'm ready to take on someone else into my life.

3.   On Wednesday, I had a sleep-over date with Big Red who I've posted about many times before.  Big Red is ginger-haired, larger, sweet, very laid back, somewhat inexperienced but the sweetest kisser as well.

I've often said that if Big Red was 20 years older, I'd never let him go.

Our sleepover date was very special.  There is no substitute for sleeping all night with a sexy man, spooning, touching him whenever you want and waking him up with a blowjob. Bliss!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My A-list Date

Thanks for all the great dating advice on my last post!  My date night was very pleasant:  it was very good for me to get dressed and to go out rather than spending the evening alone, doing house renovations or cuddling with my little dog.

As to my wardrobe, I wore my newest pair of slim, boot-cut, dark jeans with my favourite biker boots, a black Tee with a dark blue-grey blazer from a thrift shop.  I looked fabulous, if I do say so myself!  I'll post a pic later when I have the time and if I remember.

A -list dude looked great!  Tightish black dress pants, an open-collared dress shirt with a nice black v-necked sweater. I was consumed with the irresistible urge to run my hands up his inner thigh and to cup his bulge the whole time we sat in the theatre.

It was an unusual experience for me:  to sit beside a gay man and NOT end up unzipping his pants and going for the big prize.  I really had to restrain myself.

The date went very well!   My A-list date looked as dapper and handsome as ever and the conversation flowed.  I did offer to pay for my theatre ticket which he firmly declined.

I found the theatrical production a big difficult to follow, story-line wise, but what the heck, any live theatrical production is better than nothing.  The lead actor was a cute, slim, 20-something otter and we were treated to a shirtless scene to boot.  The lead actor had a lovely treasure trail snaking down his pasty-white, winter torso. Bonus!

Afterwards, we went out for coffee to some hipster place filled with much eye-candy.  The place was packed with handsome, hunky young men but unfortunately, most had their skanky, bare-midriffed girlfriends hanging off of them.. The coffee part of our date was very nice as well.  In the end, we parted company and went to our respective homes and I followed up the next day with a 'thank you, I had a great time' text.

At this stage in my gay journey and in my life generally, I am very confident and 'hold my own' in any situation and any conversation;  whether it is with a special needs student, a street person or someone who is wealthy and powerful. 

I never worry about those awkward moments of silence on a date, wondering what the other person might be thinking.  In the end, we all put our pants on one leg at a time.

As to whether or not he is "Mr. Right", at this stage, I would say definitely not.  A-list Dude is very different from me in his interests.  He is not an adventurous sort and hates to travel; even a simple trip to Vancouver for work is a huge ordeal for him.

A-list Dude said that he dislikes discomfort of any kind and only is interested in sleeping in his own bed.  He hates our cold weather and rarely leaves the house all winter long.

But I'd like to see him again, if only as a companion to go the theatre, movies or other local artsy events.  How do I convey that information to him?  I'd like him as a friend to occasionally do "stuff" with but not as a potential LTR?   Tricky!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dating an "A-list" Gay

Today's post is decorated with pics of some lovely Greek men. In Greece, I found the vast majority of them extremely hot!

I must apologize for not acknowledging the comments on the past several posts.  Blogging on my Smart Phone was a hassle and I had better things to do!   I'll write about some of my Greek adventures but I much prefer blogging "in the moment" rather than from past memories.

As well, free internet access overseas was sketchy at best.  Most of our hotels had a wireless modem similar in size to the one I have at home ... very slow with hundreds of guests trying to check their e-mail all at once!

So... for those who are interested, I've added my comments to the following posts:
 Hot european men 
My big fat Greek school trip
A non-post
  Sneaky airport pics
Rude awakening

Exhaustion:   I arrived home around 1:30 a.m . on Wednesday and the following three days were some of the most exhausting I'd ever experienced.  In addition to my usual teaching workload, demanding enough by itself, I did the following:
  • an early-morning shift cooking for our Breakfast Club
  • an after-school bus supervision
  • a very busy Parents' night speaking to many hot Daddies ... and their wives
  • hosted an outside speaker for our Gay Straight Alliance in-school meeting
  • brought our Gay Straight Alliance students to a half-day city-wide event
  • went to a staff bowling / drinking / eating party until late on Friday night

Gay Straight Alliance:  On Friday, my school division hosted a half-day brainstorming session for every GSA student and facilitator in the city.  Normally these events are held in a regular classroom or at our Board Office (for free) but most unusually, this meeting was held a fancy hotel complete with catered food.

Our school division is highly supportive of all GSA initiatives.  To demonstrate this, the Director of Education herself popped in to say hello, offer words of encouragement and to ask for the support of the GSA groups to help the division push ahead with various LGBTQ initiatives.  I was very impressed!

The GSA students ranged in age from grade 7 to 12 were all sweet, attractive, open and so excited to be there.  Fresh faces!  Fresh ideas!

In addition to the serious LGBTQ work to be done at our schools, the GSA planned various evening social events were the students and facilitators could get together in a more relaxed environment.  Fun times!

A Serious Date:  On Thursday, I was texted by Lawyer Dude with whom I had a coffee date with last month.  He's a prominent local lawyer;  slim, fairly good-looking, single, well-dressed and funny.

He'd been texting me off-and-on for a month but this time, he asked me out on a date.  We're going to a theatrical production at our local regional playhouse.  Sitting in the staffroom, I exclaimed aloud:  "Oh God!  Not a date!"

My problem is that I am absolutely, utterly, completely NOT ready for a LTR or even for dating.  But I don't have any real reason to say "no" to him either.  He's a nice guy, definitely an "A-list" gay in our town and we had an enjoyable coffee date. 

Like many a divorced person, male or female, I haven't dated for a very long time.  He has paid for our tickets but do I offer to reimburse him?  I certainly would pay for coffee or drinks when we go out after the play.

And are we going to hook up afterwards?  It wouldn't be an ordeal but he lives 45 minutes from my house.... I'd probably be too tired by then.

Now, here is another problem: "What to wear?  What to wear?"   He seemed very elegantly dressed while my wardrobe strays more towards the white trash / thrift shop end of the spectrum.

I settled upon my newest, tightish "gay" jeans, my new black Santorini T-shirt, blazer and black Italian dress shoes.  The last two items are from a thrift shop but, what the heck, they look great.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rude awakening

An Athenian policeman:  young, tight-trousered and utterly gorgeous!

I still haven't had the opportunity for a proper post since returning from our glorious adventures in Turkey and Greece.  After some 25 hours of travel (including several lengthy stopovers), I artived home at 2:00 a.m.

On the first day back, I was at school at 8:30 a.m. for my Breakfast Club volunteer work, followed by a full day of teaching,  hosting an outside speaker for our lunch time GSA meeting and ending with my after-school supervision at the bus loading area.  Whew!

The latter was a challenge due to a dump of wet snow.... irresistible snowball throwing weather for all the goofy boys!

Today is another busy day as I'm heading to a 7:30 a.m. diversity breakfast hosted by a local LGBTQ organization.   Our school division purchased a table of tickets and as the Gay Poster Boy, I always get invited.

After breakfast, a full day of teaching will be followed by Parent's Night for which I am, to put it mildly, ill-prepared.  I barely know the names of some of my students especially from my huge grade 9 class with their shrieking little voices, let alone a solid mark.

But I am a veteran of over forty Parents' Nights so I am confident it will go well.  I'll focus on the students' behaviour, learning skills and attitude and put off the pushy, marks-obsessed  parents.

My professionalism, charm and charisma will win the day!   lol

I am also very much looking forward to meeting my youngest crop of Hot Daddies ever, some as young as their mid-thirties.

However, I constantly worry about this Parent's Night scenario:   a sexy Daddy shows up for an interview,  lumpy little wife in tow, and he turns out to be someone I hooked up with.  Awkward!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sneaky airport pics

We were up at 2:30 a.m. with 54 teenagers to make it to the Athens airport on time.  Woo-hoo!  But as one of them pointed out, it wasn't early morning,  it was just a really late night!!

We will be home in just over 24 hours from now.  But in the meantime,  I'm entertaining myself my sneaking a few pictures of some hunky men.

That's hard to do at the best of times:  harder still when there are 54 of your students milling about.  But I'll try add a few more when we're in Toronto.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A non-post

I'm sorry for the lack of posting, dudes and dudettes, but I've had virtually no affordable internet access (or time) for many days.   I'm presently cruising the Greek Islands having had a fantastic time visiting Turkey, Athens,  Delphi etc.   Adventures and hot men galore but only to look at.  :-(

OMFG!  Life-changing experience!
Hot and well-dressed sidewalk cafe dudes on Crete.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Big Fat Greek School Trip Post #2

Another Greek Grindr hottie
My late-night thoughts on my exciting Greek adventure: My observations are definitely made through a gay lens  but I make no apologies for that.

1.  I was overwhelmed by the beauty and  structural engineering and innovation which was required to build the Parthenon.  Now, we're in Delphi in a spectacular mountainous region north of Athens. The ancient ruins are just awe-inspring!
Me at the Parthenon

2.  We're touring alongside a high school group from Italy, filled with gorgeous, sexy Italian boys and their even hotter and stylish male teachers.  Woot!  Both of our groups are going to an alcohol-free dance club tonight which should provide much eye candy.

3.  The vast majority of Greek men I've seen, rural or urban, are very slim and  just inspirational to me!  It strengthens my resolve not to fall into the North American obesity trap.

4.  I'm crazed with lust most of the time....  Greek men of all ages are as sexy as hell.  My horniness problem also stems from the fact that I'm not getting any.  :-(

5.  Did the ancient Greeks have as bad a case of cock-worship as it seems?  I couldn't resist buying an erotic tourist calendar with big, erect cocks prominently featured.

6.  I loved the beefy thighs in white tights on the ceremonial guards, but must their outfits be so silly?   Too bad the tunics weren't shorter, to better show off their bulges and asses.

7.  I regretted logging onto Grindr while in Athens.  I received many messages from sweet, sexy and gorgeous men (20 to 30) when I had no chance to meet up with them.  They're part of the Greek "Lost Generation",  facing 60% unemployment and most likely living with family and unable to host.

They were so polite, sincere and horny as hell and each send me repeated messages to hook up but in the end, I turned them all down.  I hope they didn't think I was a cock tease!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hot European men

Here's an early-morning SmartPhone post on day 2 of our adventure just before we head out into Athens.  All of today's pics are of Athens men who messaged ne on Grindr.

1.  Athens is fucking freezing! (-10 C) but it will warm up later in the week.  It's feels even colder than back home because of the dampness.  Luckily I brought warm winter clothes.

2.  European men are absolutely gorgeous!  Generally, they're very much hotter than the ones I see back home even in Toronto or DC.  (This observation is based only the men in the Frankfurt airport and in Athens, men in the 18 - 55 age range. )

The reasons:  A.  Here; there is not the obesity problem of North America.  All the men look fit and are far slimmer than back home.  I've not seen a single chubby guy in his 20s.
B.  They all wear really TIGHT jeans, super stylish and all embellished with design elements; be it the distressed or bleached look,  metal accents, embroidered designs and the like.  C:   Every man wears fabulous European shoes.  'Nuff said.  It makes an eenormous difference so matter what else a man is wearing.
3.  Why didn't anyone tell me how stunning the German men are?  Steely blue eyes, chiseled features, with an air of authority, they all looked like dom tops to me.  The German men in uniform at Frankfurt airport security were so hot;  all our female students (and me) were all a-tingle.

The German hottie security men did random, EXTREMELY thorough body searches which some of our group found upsetting but sadly, I wasn't picked.  Damn!

4.  In Athens,  I switched on Grindr and instantly received many messages from Greek men;  all handsome, dark, slim and in their 20s, some very young and all very, very persistent.  In part, this flurry of interest of interest was because of "The Fresh Meat Syndrome."

There are some interesting differences when compared to similar exchanges back home.  Firstly,  they all sent face pics at a very early stage, unasked.  Such openness!

There was no sexual explicitness at all, no quizzing on cock size or  the inevitable "R U a top?" question.  Refreshing!   And they all wanted to meet for coffee, even the 20 year old dude.  So European!   Back home, 20-ish men NEVER meet me for coffee.

And they were all extremely persistent.  I told them "not available" several times and they kept pushing for a meeting.  Back home, if I tell a 20- something dude "no", he won't ask again.

In Athens,  very bad economic times mean that 20ish men live at home and can never host.  I suspect that their major sexual outlet involves trolling for sex with the countless men in hotels who come here as tourists.

Well, it's time to start banging on doors to make sure our 54 students are awake!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm leaving.... on a jet plane.

This is a timed post because at this very moment, Saturday morning, I'm in a plane winging my way to a destination some 6,000 miles (10,000 km) from home.  I'm so excited!

On the down side, I will be accompanied by 54 students and six other teacher-chaperones on an 11-day school trip for Spring Break. I will have no opportunity to sample the beautiful local cock.  None!  :-(

I should add, however, that I will be bringing my silicone lube and other sex supplies along .... just in case.  I will be sharing a room with a cute 34 year old teacher colleague. He's a very nice, funny guy who is deeply closeted and in denial about his attraction to men.  He reminds me very much of how I was at that age.

I will try to post some pictures of our adventures on my usual every-second-day schedule, if I can figure out how to do so with my SmartPhone and if there is free wi-fi. I'll do my best!  But my focus will be to enjoy the special moments as they occur in the present time, not blogging.

The first reader who correctly identifies both of the two countries which we will be visiting will win a valuable prize!  The prize will be determined later and will depend upon who wins.  Hints:
  • Throughout history, the men of this country have been regarded as the most beautiful in the world.  All the pics in today's post feature men from the two countries.
  • In a strange dichotomy, the women are regarded as the most homely.  Think hairy women with moustaches.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's so hard!

OHHH!....IT'S SO HARD!    This is another great "Too Much Information" set of questions by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.  Today's pics came from the tumblr site: Dick 'n Shorts.

1. Which class was the hardest in high school?  I hated phys. ed. because I sucked at all team sports although I was and am very good at individual sports. I was always the last to be picked for every team.

But for some unknown reason, I took phys. ed when I didn't have to throughout all the years of high school.

2. Which is harder - house work or yard work?  I love yard work and never tire of being outdoors.  Other than cooking and cleaning the kitchen, I don't do much housework.  In fact, I haven't owned a working vacuum in the past two years!  This is not a thing to brag about, I know.

3. Which is the hardest household chore?  I find ironing tiresome.  In fact, I probably haven't ironed in about ten years and now only use my iron to wax my cross-country skis.  As a result, I look like a wrinkled, hot mess much of the time.

4. Which is harder, eating right or exercising?
  I get a great deal of daily exercise doing things which are fun;  it's effortless!  I love all types of food and sweets in particular, so eating right is difficult.

5. Which is harder, waking up early or staying up late?  I'm very much an early bird and am at my most productive in the early morning.  I rarely stay up past 11:00 pm. 

6. Do you have a hard time deciding what to wear? I usually give little thought to which of my thrift shop finds I put on;  again, this is nothing to brag about. I just jump into my clothes and discover at school, hours later, that I'm wearing my shirt inside out or forgot to put on underwear.

But as part of my gay evolution, I am trying to look less sloppy.  I try very hard to give some thought to how I put myself together and now wear things which are tighter, brighter and more hip.

7. Which is harder, your ass or your abs? Which would you rather?  My ass has proved to be my biggest attraction for gay guys, both online and in real life. I wouldn't change it in any way.  But my belly is becoming more and more flabby.  Hard abs are the most difficult thing for men to achieve, gay or otherwise.

8. It is harder to wade slowly into a body of water or to just jump in?   The water in front of my home is frigid all the time, at least when it's not covered with ice.  The only way to deal with it is to jump right in.

9. How hard is it for you to make decisions? 
Not hard at all!  I'm extremely decisive but I give a great deal of thought and research before any decision is made.

10. What's the hardest decision you ever had to make?  After eight years of working as an engineer, I quit my job to return to university to train as a teacher.  The teaching job market was extremely tight and I didn't even truly believe that I could do the job.  I felt that I was taking a huge risk in leaving my career behind.

I was newly married at the time and I was able to make this hard decision only with the support, both emotional and financial, of my new wife.  There, I said something very positive about my ex-wife!

Have you ever taken Viagra or similar drug when you didn't need it? 
I've never taken Viagra or Cialis but I am thinking about asking my doctor for a prescription the next time I see her.  Awkward!

At 51.5 years old and with my ambivalence towards topping, I sometimes feel that I could use a bit of "lift" but only when faced with a yearning bottom.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shy, closeted guy

Hunky Canadian Olympic bobsled team
A couple of years ago when I was hooking up with a lot of inexperienced young guys like Howdy Doody, I had a little contest going wtih myself.  The objective was to see how quickly I could get the pants off a 22 year old after our first meeting.

My record, by the way, was 15 seconds but that was no real challenge when dealing with a horny, frustrated gay virgin.  

On the opposite extreme, I've been trying to get into the pants of a 40 year old guy for over a year.

 I was contacted on by a Shy Guy who was divorced and had two sons (9 and 11) who mainly lived with him.  He had never done anything with a guy but wanted to so badly... but was too shy to actually do it.

We chatted for many weeks when he finally asked to meet, as long as I agreed to keep my hands to myself. We met in a in a darkened parking lot after dark and he talked non-stop about his history of a growing attraction to men.

He was quite cute, had nice, beefy thighs which filled his pants really well and worked as a Wal-Mart associate.  Not real smart but just irresistible and horny as hell.

Since that initial meeting, we've moved on to texting fairly often followed by other parking lot meetings.  He's very conflicted by his gayness: "I'm never going to come out to my family, ever!" 

Although my goal is to get into his pants, I also enjoy talking to him and hope to help him out with his closeted gay problem. I think a lot of his problem has to do with Catholic guilt.

Last week, to my shock, he invited me to his house to "watch a movie"and sadly, that's exactly what we did. I picked out a movie from his vast collection of recent releases;  a real treat for me as I hadn't seen any of them.  We then we sat on his comfortable couch and watched it on his monstrous flat-screen TV.

It was extremely nice, actually, sort of a "bromance", male-bonding moment but I was getting increasingly horny as our thighs pressed together.

At one point, :I put my hand on his thigh and he nearly jumped out of his skin.  "HOLY!"  he exclaimed!  It was so funny!  I told him:  "At this rate, it will be ten years before I get into your pants!"  and he laughed.

He agreed to come to my house one evening and watch a movie with me in bed in the privacy of the Love Nest.  He's a tough nut to crack but I'm sure he will cave in to my seduction skills eventually!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A fat, heavy cock slapping my belly

This is exactly what I  saw when Italian Dude rode my cock.
The foot-fetish Italian dude who I posted about last summer (The Most Beautiful Cock in the World.") had been messaging me for some weeks but I kept putting him off.  On Friday after school, I finally agreed to meet him again.

 It turned out to be the sweetest, hottest encounter I've had in a long time, and yes, Will, Italian men are the best kissers!

What I expected to be a 30 minute encounter stretched out to three hours as we kissed, sucked, fucked, cuddled and he enjoyed my "beautiful feet."  And we talked and and talked.

He's a confirmed top who rarely bottoms, but he got so horny that he begged me to top him.

Buddy Bear:  "I don't want to.  I'm too tired .... I'm not much of a top!"
Big Italian Cock Dude: "Please! Please!  Let me just ride your cock!"  I agreed and in a flash, he got me rock hard, put on a condom and was lubricating my cock with spit.
Buddy Bear:  Are you serious!  You're using spit as lube?
Big Italian Cock Dude:   I don't have any!
Buddy Bear:  Look in my jacket pocket; I carry lube with me all the time.  I'm a total slut!  lol

With extreme difficulty and much grimacing, he got my fat(ish) cock into his tight ass with me lying on my back. I admired his determination.  Wow!  It looked pretty painful.

It was so-o-o-o hot, watching his O-face as he bounced up and down, his fat, heavy cock slapping my belly EXACTLY like the gif, above, except that his cock was fatter and I don't have a flat belly.  It was so hot, seeing his fat cock squirting hot man-juice onto my hairy chest.  OMFG!

I found out that Italian Cock Dude is very sweet and very funny.  Other than his fat cock, he's handsome and slim with nice scruff on his face and body.  He's just a year younger that me and but we had a dozen or more friends / acquaintances / colleagues in common.  Both of his parents are dead and as an only child, he's very financially secure but seems a bit lonely.

He mentioned the possibility of becoming regular fuck buddies and I said "maybe."   For that to be successful, I'd have to bottom for him.  It's something I have to work up to, that fat cock of his, but I've decided that I want to try it.  

In other news, I ran into the Middle-Eastern student teacher, Juicy Ass Dude, several times at school this week.   As I expected, he steadfastly refused to meet my eye.  I feel a bit sorry for him;  he's so deeply closeted!

Juicy Ass was chatting up my handsome, hunky, straight colleague (Mike) in the staff room.  Shortly afterwards, Mike talked to me about him:

Mike:    Hey, I was just talking with one of your boys in the staffroom!  He's the gayest guy in the world!  
Buddy Bear:  "WHAT!  He told you about our hookup!"
Mike:  No!  You hooked up with him!  (howls with laughter)  I just assume that you've had sex every gay young guy in town!  (...he was kidding)  But you should have seen the look on your face just now!

And so I was forced to tell Mike the whole sad story. Too funny!


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