Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful bearded young men

In my last post, I described my dating situation which had been going on for the past three months.  And yes, we actually had been "dating" and most unusually for a couple of gay guys, we didn't hook up until our third or fourth meeting.

The next morning, Dating Guy texted to see how I was doing.  I gave him a detailed account of the goings-on in the teachers' staffroom describing all the lovely male student teachers at the photocopier.   

It's interesting to note that most of the young men have facial hair .... neatly-trimmed beards rather than just scruff.  It makes their lips look even more delicious than usual.  Sluurrp!!!   I also texted about one of the young men who has the most amazing, voluptuous ass I've ever seen in real life.  Mesmerizing!   Looking at it actually makes me salivate in some odd Pavlovian response.

I also texted Dating Guy about my student teacher Hottite Wrestler,  mainly about the pants he was wearing that morning and how he looked in them.  I still have this (wishful) thought that he is gay.  But it's possible that Hottie Wrestler just being flirtatious in response to some unconscious signal being sent by me.  Here is part of our texted conversation:

Buddy Bear:   Oh no!"  Hottie Wrestler is being chatted up by my EA*.   She's a BEAUTIFUL young Italian girl, so sweet.   *Educational Assistant
Dating Guy:  THAT BITCH!!  Go over there and slap her!  Tell her the wrestler dude is yours!!"
Buddy Bear:  LOL.  He seems interested, they're both smiling.  But I still think he's gay!
Dating Guy:   Is his bulge getting bigger?
Buddy Bear:  Not that I can tell.  Wait, they're done talking.  She's walking away!
Dating Guy:   Are his eyes following her as she walks away?  That's what straight boys do!!

Dating Guy can be wickedly funny.

In response to the comments on my last post about Dating Guy: 
  1. I plan to be in an LTR with some special guy eventually, but after 21 years of marriage, it may be many years before I'm ready to get tangled up with someone else's emotions. 
  2. I told Dating Guy that I'm not ready for dating, either.  It would be a huge mistake to rebound into a new relationship when I am just enjoying myself as a single gay man. ..... Sowing my gay wild oats, as it were.  
  3. I will admit that being with a guy who is ambitious and financially well-off has its appeal.  But money will in no way make up for someone who doesn't value me just as I am. 
  4. Dating Guy's ex living in his basement is a pretty fucked-up situation.  I don't completely believe it when he tells me that their relationship is over.  I didn't mention that he's keeping our dating a secret from his ex.
  5. I really would like to remain friends with Dating Guy:  he's charming, wickedly funny, intelligent and would be a great gay mentor.  But he wants much more than that.
  6. Dating Guy and I have not generated much "chemistry" and I don't think our kissing is going to improve.  :-(
  7. His micro-observation of detail is not going to change .... and I can't be comfortable with someone who always offers "helpful" suggestions about my appearance no matter how well-intentioned.  I shouldn't have to change who I am and how I feel, and nor should he.
  8. I very much agree with "Anonymous who said:  " You might be wise to find a man with more maternal qualities, someone who has had kids and understands sacrifice and the value of family."
So .... I will continue to see Dating Guy but on a very casual basis (if he still wants to see me) but will also hook up with other guys as I choose.  I hope that if I effectively communicate how I feel (points #1 to 8), we might just be able to remain good friends.   I still wonder if this is possible.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dating complication

Last January, I mentioned that I was dating a special guy but wasn't prepared to share any details of a budding relationship.  Last night, this new friendship took a very unexpected turn.

Dating Guy is 47 years old, my height, handsome, very well groomed, in reasonable shape, intelligent, ambitious, responsible, close to his family and is extremely secure financially.  He is sole owner of an extremely profitable business, owns six or more houses which he rents out and continues to work at his former health care job on a casual basis.  The thought did cross my mind that if I married him, my financial worries would be over.

We'd had countless sweet chats on since last April.  Dating Guy seemed like a real "catch" but I resisted meeting him because: (1)  I wasn't ready to date and (2) he had just broken up with his fiance (a man) after seven years together.  But his ex was still living in the basement of Dating Guy's house while he completed job training.  It seemed an odd situation so I decided to steer clear of it.

But in January, we finally did meet and really hit it off.  He's an experienced gay guy, wickedly funny, romantic and was actively seeking a LTR.   We had an intense couple of weeks, meeting every single day in restaurants, coffee shops and at each other's homes including in our bedrooms.  I'd rank him as a 9.5 as "perfect LTR material."  I was really starting to like him, a lot.

He was kind, thoughtful and attentive and seemed to be developing an infatuation with me.  But I started to feel jittery in his presence becaue he was extremely focused on details and on appearance.  He made numerous seemingly-innocuous but negative comments about my hair (dishevelled.... I hadn't had a haircut in two months), my blazer (too large ... okay, okay, it was a hand-me-down from a dead relative) and the condition of my house.  (disaster area: I am still unpacking and we're in the middle of never-ending renovations.)  

I will admit that I am hyper-sensitive to criticism especially that which is presented as a "joke."  I was raised under a cloud of relentless criticism and disapproval from my parents, a pattern which repeated itself during our marriage except it came from my wife.

Another fly in the ointment: his ex was still living in his basement and was scheduled to move out "any time now."  In fact, his ex had also had been messaging me on, as though they were in competition.

The worst part was that our kissing was quite awkward with little "chemistry" and normally, I`m darn good at kissing!  ALL my men tell me so!  Our kissing became even more awkward when Dating Guy corrected my technique and didn't allow any tongue action at all. 

Abruptly, our restaurant meals, pof chats, phone calls and texts dried up completely and without any explanation.  I was a little sad because I really liked Dating Guy as a friend but this cooling off gave me some needed perspective.  How did I really feel about him? 

Then last night he texted after a six weeks of silence: "Do you ever think of me?" and "Can we meet?  I have something important that I need to tell you but it has to be in person."

I drove the 30 km to his house.  (At midnight!  On a school night!!)  We greeted each other warmly and had a fantastic, funny conversation.  I really like him.  But he seemed unable to get to the point for my visit.  I finally offered:  "The main thing I learned during our two weeks of dating is that I am in no way ready for dating.  After nearly 22 years of marriage, I need more time."

He said:  "I'm sorry for cutting off contact without any explanation.  I started to like you more and more every time we met.  I mean, I REALLY, REALLY started to like you.  I got scared at how I was feeling and tried to run away from it." 

He launched into a month-long slut phase, hooking up with many, many guys but in the end, realized that he wanted me in his life.  And.... here's the final kick in the shorts .... his ex is still living in his basement, scheduled to move out in June.

I didn't comment about being his boyfriend but I told him how I felt about his criticism.  He apologized retroactively.   But, as I pointed out, how can you apologize for just being yourself?  I can't deny how I felt, how I feel, in his presence.

We chatted some more, kissed and fondled.   He wanted to move things into his bedroom but I declined.  It was 1:30 am!  And I wasn't feeling it.  So I just went home.

I think that just the act of putting this sad story writing has helped me decide what I need to do.  But I'd appreciate your comments .....


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That scared the shit out of me!

My last post ended with me musing about which man (or men) I would invite over on Monday, my only "home alone" night all month. My son was in town with at my wife's and my daughter was coming out the next day.

I invited the ginger-haired Whimpering Hottie to share my bed and he wasted no time in driving the 30 km to my house after his work. He was VERY excited to see me and we had a fantastic time!

And then between 10 pm and midnight, I had some sexytime in the same bed with a sweet 39 year old Italian dude.  But more on him later.

But today, here's another installment on TMI Thursday from Sean, Just a Jeep guy.

1. Do you scare easily?  I like to think I have nerves of steel.  This is a useful trait for any parent, especially if you have boys.  Also, I've been trained in first aid for my workplace and occasionally have been called upon to adminster Epi-pens and other forms of first aid. 

But I think my cancer experience at 19, when I had a near-terminal malignant melanoma (which had metasized and spread widely) has given me a lot of courage to face all sorts of challenges in life.

2. Do believe in ghosts, spirits, etc?    No.

3. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?   I hate all horror movies and will never watch another one.   The last one I saw was Misery with Cathy Bates;  the hobbling scene still haunts me after 23 years.

4. Are you scared of things lurking under the bed?   Under my bed are lots of dust bunnies, dirty socks and once, a used condom. Ewww!! But nothing to be scared of.

5. Do you look in the backseat before you get into your car?  No, but I should. Late one night, I left my car window open and a very large raccoon was eating some forgotten groceries in the back seat. When I got into the car, I inadvertently trapped it in the car with me.  The raccoon lunged at me, hissing, with bared teeth.   SCARED.THE.SHIT.OUT.OF.ME.  Seriously.

 6. What's the scariest actual/real event you've experienced? Two years ago, our student nearly died of anaphylactic shock after eating a peanut over the mid-Atlantic on a flight from London. I was one of four teacher-chaperones looking after 30 students on a trip to Europe.

The student was non-responsive, near cardiac and respiratory arrest, and the flight crew was talking about diverting the plane to Iceland.  But a doctor on board administered some drugs which stablized him until we landed in Toronto.   

7. Do you have nightmares?   No, I sleep like a log and never remember any of my dreams, if I have them.

8. Do you have any phobias such as heights, bugs, dogs or cats, flying, etc?  No. But I am sensible;  I don't pick up snakes and am cautious when I am in high places.

BONUS: What was your scariest sexual experience?    I blogged in October about giving a back-seat blowjob to a responsive, fat-cocked hottie when we interrupted by an irate and aggressive homeowner.  I escaped but then worried all week that the homeowner had noted down my license plate / school bumper sticker and that the police would show up at my school.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Too many men ....

It is Sunday evening and I will be home alone for two nights, maybe three;  a rarity, for me.  Both my son and daughter will be at their mother's house for a few days.  I'm too tired for any hanky-panky tonight so I spent the evening planning future hookups. 

I've been on the hookup sites for just over a year now and I keep expecting the "Fresh Meat Syndrome" to wear off. Anyone newly-registered on a site will get a great many offers.  But after a while, he starts to look like a piece of browning fruit that's been sitting on the grocery store shelf too long;  the one that no one wants. 

That hasn't been really my experience.  I'm still getting plenty of offers from guys who are unfamiliar to me but now I have many "repeats," men who want to hook up with me again. 

It's becoming a real problem:  too many men who want to be with me, not enough time.  I don't want them to think that I am blowing them off;  that I don't find them desirable.

I spent the evening considering the pros and cons of my top dozen potential candidates.  Here are a few: 

1.  Even with his Parkinson's, Mr. Handsome does drive a car but I'd be concerned about him finding his way out here, 30 km in the country.  Our encounters are super-hot but we were just together three days ago ....too soon!

2.  Although I've made it clear to my Fuck Buddyy from the start that I'm not ready for a LTR, I'm concerned that he sees me as a potential boyfriend but the feeling is not mutual.  Since our fuck-less evening together, he's proposed a walk in the park and a dinner in a restaurant but I don't want to invite him to my home.

3.  Doug (my coffee friend who is HIV+) is very hot, fit and extremely experienced.  I know he'd share my bed in a flash and has made that offer many times.  But he's so lonely and so wanting an LTR that I'd worry that he might start to become clingy.   

4.  The 6'-7" university student from Trinidad, with beautiful dark skin, smooth as honey, has texted me a few times.  He has his own car and would love to visit me again.  When / if he does come, we've already discussed that I plan to offer my bottom to him.

5.  I've been messaged (separately) by a couple of sweet 22 year olds over the past several months who really, really want to get together with me.  Although I've been hooking up more with guys my age recently, I still have a craving for young cock every now and then.  But since neither of them has a car and I'd have to make two round trips into town to get them, 30 minutes each way.

6,  Blowjob Hottie is a man I really, really, really want to be with again.  It was, by far, the best experience I've ever had giving a blowjob:  handsome dude, fantastic kisser, perfect body, amazing fat cock and the most responsive, vocal and deeply appreciative blowjob recipient ever.  I want to see what he can do in pleasuring me...

7.  Whimpering Hottie is the ginger-haired, inexperienced 23 year old college student who was sweet, intelligent, fantastic kisser and very receptive to my love-making.   As I sucked his cock, he whimpered like a little kitten.  I'd love to hear that again!

My decision:  I invited Whimpering Hottie to my house after school on Monday.  (he eagerly accepted!!)  The reasons:  he's 23, hot, sexually-responsive  and intelligent.  But the main reason was that he forgot his expensive watch at my house after our last hookup and I've been feeling guilty about it!   After Whimpering Hottie leaves, I'll considering inviting Blowjob Hottie who is mainly available later at night. 

I want to make the most of my free evening!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Role playing with Mr. Handsome

At 7:00 pm last night, Mr. Handsome , the father of a former student, asked if I wanted to come over.  His sister (living with him temporarily) had just left and would be out until 9:30. 

"That's not much notice!!"  I said, considering it was a 30 minute drive into town. He apologized but said he didn't know that she was leaving until a minute before.  I really did want to see him:  "I'll be there in an hour."

Thirty minutes later, as I was speeding down the highway, Handsome texted me several times. Annoying! I had to find a safe spot to pull over on the snowy highway. 

He first asked me to go through the side gate in the backyard fence and use the back door directly into the sub-basement where his love nest was.  A discreet way to sneak in! 

He texted again:

Handsome:  "Role-play, come in through the back door and into my bedroom without knocking.  Lights off.  I'll be asleep and you're an intruder who will wake me up.

And then later: "Don't be gentle."

I had two reactions which I kept to myself: 
(1)  Oh come on!  I'm SO not into role-playing.  That is so dumb!!
(2)  Gosh, what if I go into the wrong house?   I'd only been there once before under the cover of darkness and had forgotten the number.

I entered the house as directed and tiptoed into his bedroom.  There he was, naked on the bed, "sleeping" and looking as handsome as ever, his rock-hard cock pointing at the ceiling.  Irresistible!

Some men like cuddling and sweet, slow kissing.  Not him!  The more aggressive I was with Mr. Handsome, the more aroused he became.  But he gave back as good as he got.  OMFG!!  Aggressive love-making from both of us ... so hot!

I assume because of his Parkinson's Disease, his nervous system became overloaded with sensory inputs so his legs started thrashing about and his head slammed from one side to the other.  To kiss him, I held his head still using both my hands and I applied a leg lock on him, using all the strength in my thighs.   I thought:  "Holy fuck!  He really is disabled.  I can't believe I'm having sex with a disabled person!"

All the while, I had one eye on the clock as our time was running short.  Very off-putting!  He asked me to top him, and be rough about it.  In my very limited topping experience, I always worry about hurting the bottom but this was, apparently, what he wanted.  So I slowly put myself into him and pounded his ass for a minute or so until he just couldn't take any more.  (For the record:  I used a condom, cockring and lots of lube)

I was nowhere near cumming but we both came later by hand.  I suspect that I won't ever cum while topping as long as I'm wearing a condom.

Our time was up.  I collected my supplies and jumped into my clothes.

Mr. Handsome:   Do you ever see my son at school?
Buddy Bear:  Every day.  He's in the class beside mine for period 5. 
Mr. Handsome:  He's a good kid ... and a top student.
Buddy Bear:  Yes, he is.  I have to tell you that I looked up your son's name to see if I knew him.   Rememer when I told you that I didn't have any grade 11 students with his name?   When I said that, I didn't know that your son actually had been my student last year.  He took my grade 11 class but when he was in grade 10.
Mr. Handsome:  (shrugs) That's okay.

He walked me to the door for one last kiss.  He said:  "Until my sister moves out, we'll have to do it this way, have these clandestine meetings when we can."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A fuck-less evening with my fuck buddy

Student Teacher:
After nearly a week working with my hunky, charming and intelligent student teacher, I am more smitten than ever.   I can now look into his incredibly blue eyes without looking away but, in my nervousness, I tend to run off at the mouth.  I say to myself: "Just shut the fuck up!!"  I resolve to be calmer in his presence tomorrow.  

Just to give you an idea of what I'm facing, Hunky Student Teacher's ass is even finer than all the ones pictured here.  It somehow looks even more delicious molded into in dress pants.

Fuck Buddy:
Several days ago after doing the nasty with my new  fuck buddy *, he asked me if I would help him pick out some furniture for his new apartment.  I said, surprised:   "Er ..... okay"  although I HATE shopping of all kinds unless it's at the Homo Depot, a second-hand thrift shop or a grocery store.

* I really have to think of a new nickname for him; this one is too disrespectful.

As we walked around The Brick in the after-glow of gay sex, I wondered if everyone thought that we were a gay couple in an LTR, picking out items for our love nest.   But it was a very pleasant outing;  the eager young man who served up was a bit chunky but wore a nice pair of dress pants that just accentuated his curves in his tight(ish) dress pants.  Fuck Buddy does have the most beautiful smile and he looked so cute when he tried out all the La-Z-Boy recliners.

Then last night, I was all set to visit FB at his new apartment as we had previously arranged, cleaned up and with my sex bag at the ready.  Such was my rapid evolution as a bottom that my asshole was craving to have his cock up it all day long.  I mean, physically yearning for it, sort of an ache.  Sorry for being vulgar, but that's how I felt.  It was all I could think about. (other than Hunky Student Teacher, of course.)

Just before I was to drive off, Fuck Buddy texted me  to ask:  "Would you be okay with just talking, no sex?"   His excuse was that he had just had his first cross-fit session with a personal trainer and was stiff and sore.  But really, he just wanted to talk.

This would have been our first time together without me offering up my ass to him.  I had to pause and think about it:  "Do I really want to see him without having sex?" 

I decided the answer was 'yes.'  At his mainly furniture-less apartment, we chatted about his new and past jobs, my gay journey and the gay "scene" in our little town (there isn't one) and at his workplace.   He seemed quite lonely;  I was the only person in town he's met so far other than his work colleagues .... and he doesn't intend to socialize with them.

We had a very pleasant two hours together and they were indeed sexless, despite my best efforts to be seductive and flirtatious.   But my concern is this;  I'm really not ready to be serious about anyone or to have some guy get serious about me.   I feel that my slut phase is just beginning. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hunky student teacher

Wrestler Paul Donahoe does gay porn
Next week, twenty or more student teachers will start their placement at my school. Based on past experience, over half of them will be young men; some chubby and others nerdy but the majority will be just irresistible. No matter what they look like, I love having them around because ... well... they're young men. That's the only qualification they need!

I've worked with young male student teachers for my entire career without giving them a second thought. But now, they all remind me of the delicious young men I've been hooking up with.  It's all I think about.

 My student teacher and I had not been able to schedule an office meeting discuss his placement. Most unusually, our first encounter happened in class with twenty-five students watching us closely.

He was a gorgeous young man with a strong resemblance to the wrestling hunk pictured to the left, except considerably more muscular, his dress pants stretched over a voluptuous ass.  Beefy thighs!  OMFG!

 He reached out to shake my hand and my vision blurred briefly and then corrected itself. Thunka- thunka- thunka went my heart.  I started to salivate at the thought of having his cock in my mouth.

He had short blondish hair, square jaw, beautiful smile and his eyes were such a piercing blue, I had difficulty meeting his gaze. I thought: "Where'd he get those muscles?"

I soon found out ... while introducing himself to the class, he said he was a wrestler on the provincial team.  In fact, I found out later that he was a top ranked collegiate wrestler in our province.   A real life wrestler hunk!  Wow!!

Buddy Bear: "... .so ... you like wrestling? ...."
Hunky Student Teacher: "Love it! ... my brother wrestles as well. We're twins!"
Olympic wresters Bill and Jim Scherr
Buddy Bear: My brain flooded with impure thoughts: "....Wow! Twins!!.... so, you're fraternal twins?"  
Hunky Student Teacher: "No, identical."

OMFG!  I felt light-headed at the thought of two identical hotties, bulging in spandex singlets. I had the wild thought of asking for a picture of him and his brother in singlets. ..

The class was watching us closely.  Thank God they couldn't read my mind, or so I hoped.

Buddy Bear:  ".... so... er.... do you and your brother .....**long pause** ...  ever wrestle each other?"
 Hunky Student Teacher: "Yes of course!  We're  very competitive."

I struggled to banish thoughts swirling in my head of gay porn featuring big-bulged twins in wrestling singlets.  

When he left, I set the class to work on some little task and immediately, feeling like some old perv, googled his name on my classroom computer. Bingo! The search revealed numerous wrestling photos of Hunky Student Teacher.

I cannot share the pics with you but rest assured, he is good to his wrestling singlet. I also watched numerous YouTube clips of Hunky in action, grappling with some other delicious singlet-clad opponent.

I promise, I will behave myself in the presence of Hunky.  But I think I'll be in a permanent state of arousal for the next five weeks.   :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sexy Irish Farmers

With the economic problems facing Europe and the USA, many would be surprised to learn that many thousands of Irish have moved to Canada in recent years to fill severe labour shortages in the skilled trades, particularly in the western provinces.  This number is expected to grow as Canadian companies continue to aggressively recruit Irish tradesman. 

In a recent radio interview, some of  the Irish newcomers weren't happy with the portrayal of Irish in typical Canadian St. Patrick's Day celebrations:  wearing green and getting disgustingly drunk is not reflective of true Irish culture.  One interviewee compared it to celebrating Black History Month by going around in blackface makeup.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a more authentic way and with an eye to the gayness of this blog, here are some pictures of some actual Irish farmers from a charity calendar.   Aside from being hunky and handsome men, these guys look like they'd be a lot of fun in bed as well as out of it.  I just love the look of a man with natural muscles and body hair.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Taking cock sucking to a higher level (NSFW)

Well, a new level for me, anyway.  Today's pics are from Guys Sucking Dicks

I hadn't contacted  Mr. Handsome, since our hookup last week but he beat me to the punch.  Most unusually, he phoned me yesterday evening. 

All the young men I hook up with communicate only by texting.  I had a few minutes of awkwardness when he said, "Hi, it's Trevor" and I wasn't sure which Trevor it was, Mr. Handsome or the Whimpering Hottie.  The highlights:
  • he wants to be with me again, very badly
  • he found it stressful when I was at his house due to the likelihood of someone walking in on us such as his son or sister (who lives elsewhere but has his key)
  • we agreed that parking my car on his street was asking for trouble.  Students are sure to spot it and start some speculative rumours.
Despite all these concerns, Mr. Handsome invited me over for a couple hours but with the greatest regret, I had to decline .... my Fuck Buddy had invited me over to his hotel room and I was waiting for him to text me. 

An hour later, Fuck Buddy texted to cancel:  he had a busy week, moving some 2000 miles across the country, settling into his new job and spending the evening setting up his new apartment. He was too tired!  I was so annoyed that I turned down Mr. Handsome! Grrrr!!

But Fuck Buddy asked me to help him christen his new apartment on Saturday evening.  I agreed to this but resolved that I won't turn down any more hookup opportunities based on a promse from another man.  It will be first come, first served for my attentions!

So here I was, horny as hell at 10:30 pm on a Friday night, freshly showered, teeth flossed and asshole squeaky clean, my sex supplies at the ready and I had no man to play with.  Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I logged onto and noticed a hottie had been viewing my profile.   45 years old, 5'-10", 170 pounds, beautiful, lightly furred torso with an amazing treasure trail and a hint of abs.  His pic also showed a magnificent cock and beautiful balls.   I started a chat: "Hi handsome!"

After much discussion about what we liked to do with men, I invited him over for a blowjob and he arrived at midnight.  My son was asleep in another building on the property so I had no concerns about being interrupted.

He was yet another handsome, desirable man:  brown hair and eyes, trimmed goatee, beautiful smile and sweet personality.   He worked in a fairly high-profile professional job in town and had split with his last ex-boyfriend some four years ago.

He was surprisingly nervous so I took charge and slowly undressed him to reveal his beautiful cock, beefy thighs. He'd wanted make our encounter last as long as possible and constantly reminded me to slow down my sucking and licking. 

What follows reads like a really bad Harlequin Romance, but I count this as my very best blowjob-giving (and love-making) experiences ever.

It took enormous self-discipline to pace myself as I licked my way up and down his inner thighs, took his balls in his mouth with exquisite slowness.  His cock was a thing of beauty, very thick and long with a slight upward curve which made deep-throating a challenge.  After some experimentation, I figured out that I had to approach it upside down, allowing it to curve deep down into my throat as in the picture, upper right.

 Handsome Goateed Guy was extremely vocal and the simplest of actions drove him wild:   the lightest flick of my tongue on his frenulum* made him moan with pleasure.  I could feel his entire body quiver when I flicked my tongue into the opening of his urethra.  It was my greatest education in blow jobs ever, savouring every inch of this magnificant cock with exquisite slowness, taking this beautiful, deeply appreciative man to another level of pleasure. 

*where the coronal ridge meets at the underside of this cock head.

He sniffed every now and then from his vial of poppers (after asking my permission) and seemed to having an out-of-body experience as he finally asked me to take him to orgasm;  his explosion of hot cum seemed to pump out forever as he cried aloud and the orgasm rocked his body.

He left at 2:30 am after an extended kissing and cuddling session when we also chatted about each other's life stories.  He was an amazing kisser and he said the same about me.

As he left, he ensured that we had each other's numbers stored on our phones.  He followed up the next morning with a nice 'thank you' text, expressing his gratitute with an invitation to meet me again.  I can't wait!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fuck Buddy

Although I find them annoying, I will have to start using the word verification option for comments.  I'm now getting 50 or more spam messages a day which are very time-consuming to delete. 

I hope you will keep on commenting!  At times, I find the distorted text in the  CAPTCHA* box very difficult to interpret. 

* Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart

It's been a month or more since I've hooked up with a 22 year old .... and I do miss them!   It's not for a lack of online offers from the sweet young men.  My son has been living with me full-time recently and the young 'uns can never host, living as they do with roommates or parents. 

My three most recent men have been my age and quite experienced with gay sex.   This is something I needed to advance my experience in the gay sex department.  I was in a self-imposed rut always hooking up with inexperienced young men (but what a delightful rut it was!!!)  It was a rut because I usually ended up taking the lead and avoided doing sexual things which I wasn't comfortable with or didn't know about.

My first gay dating experience (which I will blog about soon) lasted an intense two weeks but is now finished!  No regrets because in some ways, it was a fucked-up situation.  I still can't figure out who dumped whom or whether we dumped each other simultaneously.

But I want very much remain friends because he is a very special person and a great deal of fun.  I guess I should just tell him how I feel.  As The Gay Groom pointed out:

"Many gay men's best friends are people they once slept with. Very common. We seem to handle it alright and so will you."

While my little angst with Mr. Handsome was going on (who I intend to see again),  I was also seeing another guy who messaged me on  He is a recent arrival in town, having accepted a senior management position with his company, one of the largest corporations in Canada. 

He's exactly my age, reasonably good-looking, intelligent, perceptive, quite a bit shorter than me at 5'-6" with honey-coloured skin like the men pictured here.  (he's from South America)   Most importantly, he's an aggressive and passionate lover of men.

Yes, I've been fucked up the ass three times in the past week by skilled and experienced top.  Most importantly, he wasn't just out to get his own pleasure but was devoted to giving pleasure to his bottom.

Although I've bottomed several times before for a couple of inexperienced guys, this was a huge milestone for me which deserves it's own post.  Although I haven't yet orgasmed with while being bottomed,  I did experience a pleasureable heat and tingle which travelled from the my toes all the way to the roots of my hair. 
From our very first chat on squirt, I made it clear to him that I was not interested in getting a boyfriend and that I was years away from wanting an LTR.   He acknowledged what I was saying but I don't think he's given up his hopes in that department.  He also asked if I would consider having regular hookups with him.   I agreed to this.

 But I don't see him as boyfriend material even if I was looking for one....   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sex with my student's father, continued

UPDATE:   I heard from Mr. Handsome after all.  His message is at the end of this post.

After all the angst about what to do about my hookup with Mr. Handsome, the father of a former student, I decided to meet with him face-to-face to say that we shouldn't hook up again. 

My biggest concern was not the actual hookup itself (which would be extremely hot!) but being spotted by other students or parents going into his house which is near my school.  My car is well known to the student body and in fact, has a school bumper sticker on it.  While I might not be breaking any rules technically, the entire school would be awash in gossip which would be embarrassing to me and more importantly, to my son.

I decided it would be best to text Mr. Handsome and searched my phone contact list for his first name, Trevor.   Apart my own family members listed as contacts, most of the other names were the men I'd hooked up with:

Jerry, Travis, Jason, Trevor, Will, Ron, Trevor, Gary, Troy. Mark

I thought, "OMFG!!"  for two reasons:
(1)  There were so many guys listed, and in reality, only a fraction of the guys I hook up with want to communicate using their actual phone numbers.  What a slut I am!  Some of them, I barely remember!
(2)  I couldn't tell which Trevor's phone number was Mr. Handsome and which belonged to Whimpering Hottie.  *

*  Whimpering Hottie was the sweet, strapping, ginger-haired 22 year old who whimpered like a little girl as I pleasured him.  I badly want to be with him again just to hear him whimper ... it's so hot to think that I have that effect on a man. 

Whimpering Hottie has texted me a couple of times for round two but my son was with me so I  couldn't host .... and he lives with his parents.  But I know I'll see Whimpering Hottie again ... he forgot his $200 watch on my bedside table but told me he wants to retrieve it in person!

Yesterday, instead of texting Mr. Handsome, I messaged  him on telling him that I hoped to see him again.   He hasn't yet responded and now I suspect that he won't.  But that's all right if he decides to cut it off ... at least he won't think that I dumped him because he's disabled.

It's possible that I was dumped because I wasn't fit or handsome enough or that my love-making was somehow lacking.  But to sound really arrogant, I know it isn't any of those things.

I suspect Mr. Handsome wanted to avoid gossip as much as I did.  I asked him why he chose to remain in the closet three years after his divorce.   He said that he didn't want his wife to have any more grounds to try to "destroy him."   After the divorce, he ended up with the rather grand family home, spousal support payments from his specialist-doctor wife , his own disability pension and has his son with him half of the time. 

But he had to spend $60,000 on lawyers to achieve that after his wife decided to "do battle" with her disabled husband.   From what he told me, she sounded pretty fucked-up and was pretty ruthless in trying to prevent him from getting what was due to him, using their son as a pawn in the process.

In fact, his wife phoned at the very end of our hookup (interrupting our love-making) to say she was coming over with his spousal support cheques.  I had to leap into my pants, gather up my sex supplies and scurry out the door to avoid an unfortunate confrontation with the ex.   Too funny!  LOL!!

UPDATE:    A few hours after I posted this, Mr. Handsome responsed to  my "I'd like to see you again" message.  He said:  "absolutely ... i guess yur place is busy all week ... same here way to get me is on my cell ___-____ call when yur coming to town .... ya never know .... cheers"

I'm so undecided!  Despite the risk of generating gossip about myself at school, I want to have sex with him again,  badly!  I can't describe how hot he was and how hot it was for me when he nearly went into spasms when I was pleasuring him.  I'm rock hard just thinking about it.  LOL

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sex with the father of a (former) student....

I blogged last week about my interesting, passionate encounter with Mr. Handsome, the hottie with early-onset Parkinson's Disease.  Well, here's the rest of the story.

Before doing the nasty, Mr. Handsome and I had some lively, sexy chats on over a couple of days.  We both badly wanted to meet each other but I needed, as usual, to assure myself that he had no connection to my school.

There are just four high schools in our small, isolated city.... a small pond on Plenty of Fish!  I have been messaged on gay hookup sites by  students, past and present, fathers of colleagues, retired colleagues and even a closeted teaching colleague, without them knowing who I was.  But by careful questioning, I've usually managed to avoid hooking up with a guy with any connection to my school community.

I  needed to know where Mr. Handsome`s son went to school but he was reluctant (understandably) to divulge that information.  We played a guessing game to narrow it down.
Mr. Handsome:  Is your school on the north side of town?  (strike one!)
Buddy Bear:  Nope!   
Mr. Handsome: Are you with the Catholic Board?  (strike two!)
Buddy Bear:  No!  There are only two public high schools on the south side left to choose from.   
Mr. Handsome:   My son goes to _____________ .  (he was teasing me ...)

Buddy Bear: Your son goes to _______________?

Mr. Handsome:   My son goes to XXX High School!   (strike three!)
 Buddy Bear: Well,  I teach at XXX High School and my son attends grade 11 there.  They probably know each other.  Maybe they're friends!

Mr. Handsome:  Damn, damn, damn!  My son is in the 'enriched programme.'
Buddy Bear: I teach mainly students in that programme.  He's probably in my class!
Mr. Handsome:   FUCK!  Oh, what the hell!!   My son's name is John*   (not his real name)
Buddy Bear:  I don't have any students named John in grade 11.  And I didn't teach grade 10 last year.  So your son never was my student!  Maybe it's okay then.
Mr. Handsome:   I won't tell anyone if we hook up. Never. No one knows I like guys except my ex.
Buddy Bear:  Well, we`re not breaking any rules.  I can be at your house in 30 minutes...

On the school database the next day, I searched all the students named "John" in grade 11.  (Note:  we have access to all parent contact information and use it daily)  One of the Johns had the same address as Mr. Handsome.  Now in full online creeper mode, I did a Google image search of Mr. Handsome's first name with his son's last name.  Yes, it was him all right, pictured there with his son!

OMFG!   Mr. Handsome's son had been my student last year!    Unbenownst to me, John had been my grade 11 class last year but when he was in grade 10.  I must admit, I felt a bit awkward seeing him in the hallway later that day.  John doesn't know: (1) that is father is gay and (2) that I am gay and (3) that his father had sex with me, his last year's teacher.  Here`s the problem: 

  1. If I don`t see Mr. Handsome again, he will assume that he was dumped because of his disability.
  2. I don`t want to tell him this news by must be face-to-face.
  3. The only way I`ll see him face-to-face is for a second hookup.
  4. I want to hook up with Mr. Handsome again, very was so hot! 
Would it be terrible if I hooked up with Mr. Handsome and then afterwards, in the sweet afterglow of gay sex told him, `Hey,  your son was my student last year!`

What to do?  What to do?  A tricky situation!


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