Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sex with my student's father, continued

UPDATE:   I heard from Mr. Handsome after all.  His message is at the end of this post.

After all the angst about what to do about my hookup with Mr. Handsome, the father of a former student, I decided to meet with him face-to-face to say that we shouldn't hook up again. 

My biggest concern was not the actual hookup itself (which would be extremely hot!) but being spotted by other students or parents going into his house which is near my school.  My car is well known to the student body and in fact, has a school bumper sticker on it.  While I might not be breaking any rules technically, the entire school would be awash in gossip which would be embarrassing to me and more importantly, to my son.

I decided it would be best to text Mr. Handsome and searched my phone contact list for his first name, Trevor.   Apart my own family members listed as contacts, most of the other names were the men I'd hooked up with:

Jerry, Travis, Jason, Trevor, Will, Ron, Trevor, Gary, Troy. Mark

I thought, "OMFG!!"  for two reasons:
(1)  There were so many guys listed, and in reality, only a fraction of the guys I hook up with want to communicate using their actual phone numbers.  What a slut I am!  Some of them, I barely remember!
(2)  I couldn't tell which Trevor's phone number was Mr. Handsome and which belonged to Whimpering Hottie.  *

*  Whimpering Hottie was the sweet, strapping, ginger-haired 22 year old who whimpered like a little girl as I pleasured him.  I badly want to be with him again just to hear him whimper ... it's so hot to think that I have that effect on a man. 

Whimpering Hottie has texted me a couple of times for round two but my son was with me so I  couldn't host .... and he lives with his parents.  But I know I'll see Whimpering Hottie again ... he forgot his $200 watch on my bedside table but told me he wants to retrieve it in person!

Yesterday, instead of texting Mr. Handsome, I messaged  him on squirt.org telling him that I hoped to see him again.   He hasn't yet responded and now I suspect that he won't.  But that's all right if he decides to cut it off ... at least he won't think that I dumped him because he's disabled.

It's possible that I was dumped because I wasn't fit or handsome enough or that my love-making was somehow lacking.  But to sound really arrogant, I know it isn't any of those things.

I suspect Mr. Handsome wanted to avoid gossip as much as I did.  I asked him why he chose to remain in the closet three years after his divorce.   He said that he didn't want his wife to have any more grounds to try to "destroy him."   After the divorce, he ended up with the rather grand family home, spousal support payments from his specialist-doctor wife , his own disability pension and has his son with him half of the time. 

But he had to spend $60,000 on lawyers to achieve that after his wife decided to "do battle" with her disabled husband.   From what he told me, she sounded pretty fucked-up and was pretty ruthless in trying to prevent him from getting what was due to him, using their son as a pawn in the process.

In fact, his wife phoned at the very end of our hookup (interrupting our love-making) to say she was coming over with his spousal support cheques.  I had to leap into my pants, gather up my sex supplies and scurry out the door to avoid an unfortunate confrontation with the ex.   Too funny!  LOL!!

UPDATE:    A few hours after I posted this, Mr. Handsome responsed to  my "I'd like to see you again" message.  He said:  "absolutely ... i guess yur place is busy all week ... same here ...best way to get me is on my cell ___-____ call when yur coming to town .... ya never know .... cheers"

I'm so undecided!  Despite the risk of generating gossip about myself at school, I want to have sex with him again,  badly!  I can't describe how hot he was and how hot it was for me when he nearly went into spasms when I was pleasuring him.  I'm rock hard just thinking about it.  LOL


  1. I wonder what kind of code-name your tricks have for you. "Stud Man", "The Body", "Captain Fucker"?

    Maybe you should have a blog contest to come up with the best code-name for you. You'd have to provide a good prize for the winner, like your dirty jockstrap.

  2. Too funny! I burst out laughing upon reading this ... causing my kids to ask what was so funny? There's no code-name which could be better than Cubby Cockslobber; that one wins, hands down.

    But I'll think about the contest. My dirty jockstrap would be an enticing prize indeed.... I can just imagine the fierce competetion for it involving at least one of my blog-reading fans.

  3. Sometimes being super secretive about a guy makes the sex hotter.

  4. Trust your second round with Mr Handsome is even better than the first! Enjoy it while you can!

  5. RG: you're exactly correct on this! Although I have mixed feelings about being a "home-wrecker", my hottest encounters (mainly blowjobs) have been with married, closeted men. INTENSE! And they really seem to appreciate my efforts.

    Lord Patrick: Thank you; yes, I'm sure it will be!

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, isn't he handsome? John, this is your first comment here... thanks! Too exciting!! I have to tell you that I LOVE reading your blog. One of my favourites!

    2. Thank you for that matey....yes my first comment even though I have been reading for a while now

  7. If your car was seen at his house, couldn't you easily explain it away be telling people, you are friends and were hanging out. Or better yet, to mind their own fucking business?

    1. Yes, of course you are correct. I'm probably over-thinking this.

  8. It's funny how different small-town British Columbia is from downtown Toronto - where no one knows who comes and goes from a persons house. Ah well... you know what's best.
    But try to get in another roll in the hay.
    When are you coming back to Toronto? (where you can do as you please and no one cares ;)

  9. PS I think my favourite photo is the dirt bike :)

  10. Oh Jeffrey! That is the one photo which makes me cringe the most.... that pasty-white "full moon." LOL. I'm in Toronto for four days next month .... I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

  11. Any top would appreciate that photo quite a bit. Trust me. A full moon is exactly what we dig :)

  12. I really hope you can find a way to get together with this man again. He sounds like a very nice guy and there is obviously a spark between you. I haven't seen any talk in the comments of a possible safe place, a motel somewhere on the outskirts of town, or perhaps somewhere totally away from town, where you could get together away from scrutiny. Would this be possible? In truth, however, I agree with Mind of Mine that you could just say you two are friends -- albeit of an especially delightful kind! :-)

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