Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fuck Buddy

Although I find them annoying, I will have to start using the word verification option for comments.  I'm now getting 50 or more spam messages a day which are very time-consuming to delete. 

I hope you will keep on commenting!  At times, I find the distorted text in the  CAPTCHA* box very difficult to interpret. 

* Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart

It's been a month or more since I've hooked up with a 22 year old .... and I do miss them!   It's not for a lack of online offers from the sweet young men.  My son has been living with me full-time recently and the young 'uns can never host, living as they do with roommates or parents. 

My three most recent men have been my age and quite experienced with gay sex.   This is something I needed to advance my experience in the gay sex department.  I was in a self-imposed rut always hooking up with inexperienced young men (but what a delightful rut it was!!!)  It was a rut because I usually ended up taking the lead and avoided doing sexual things which I wasn't comfortable with or didn't know about.

My first gay dating experience (which I will blog about soon) lasted an intense two weeks but is now finished!  No regrets because in some ways, it was a fucked-up situation.  I still can't figure out who dumped whom or whether we dumped each other simultaneously.

But I want very much remain friends because he is a very special person and a great deal of fun.  I guess I should just tell him how I feel.  As The Gay Groom pointed out:

"Many gay men's best friends are people they once slept with. Very common. We seem to handle it alright and so will you."

While my little angst with Mr. Handsome was going on (who I intend to see again),  I was also seeing another guy who messaged me on  He is a recent arrival in town, having accepted a senior management position with his company, one of the largest corporations in Canada. 

He's exactly my age, reasonably good-looking, intelligent, perceptive, quite a bit shorter than me at 5'-6" with honey-coloured skin like the men pictured here.  (he's from South America)   Most importantly, he's an aggressive and passionate lover of men.

Yes, I've been fucked up the ass three times in the past week by skilled and experienced top.  Most importantly, he wasn't just out to get his own pleasure but was devoted to giving pleasure to his bottom.

Although I've bottomed several times before for a couple of inexperienced guys, this was a huge milestone for me which deserves it's own post.  Although I haven't yet orgasmed with while being bottomed,  I did experience a pleasureable heat and tingle which travelled from the my toes all the way to the roots of my hair. 
From our very first chat on squirt, I made it clear to him that I was not interested in getting a boyfriend and that I was years away from wanting an LTR.   He acknowledged what I was saying but I don't think he's given up his hopes in that department.  He also asked if I would consider having regular hookups with him.   I agreed to this.

 But I don't see him as boyfriend material even if I was looking for one....   


  1. Rather than doing word verification, maybe you should look into comment moderation, this allows you to pick the comments you want to appear.

  2. CAPTCHA's a pain for us, but Comment Moderation means you still have to weed through the crap.

    Sounds like life is good! Keep it up! You're my hero!!!

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks! ***blush**** You can be your own hero. Just summon up some courage and do it!!

  3. Not every guy experiences orgasm from bottoming, at least not from being penetrated alone. And yes, having an experienced and attentive top can make all the difference in the world.

    1. Thanks, that's good to know! I am APPROACHING orgasm when I am bottomed but maybe more practice is neede.

      But after being bottomed, I am in such a highly-charged, eroticized state that I can make myself cum (by hand)in about five seconds. :-)

  4. I would love to have a regular fuck-buddy, but in the true sense of it - no real relationship, just a guy to hang out with and enjoy one another's cocks once in a while...

  5. My very first gay hook-up - feels like centuries ago now - was only me sucking him and then him fucking me till he came. Only later did I find the pleasure of being sucked and fucking someone else!!

  6. Fuck buddies are the best! I've had several and they've always been the most fun, no-pressure relationships (yes, relationships--there is caring but not love in the conventional sense, you're both free but together by choice when you want to be, friends with the best benefits!). I think you're running your life very well right now,

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