Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hunky student teacher

Wrestler Paul Donahoe does gay porn
Next week, twenty or more student teachers will start their placement at my school. Based on past experience, over half of them will be young men; some chubby and others nerdy but the majority will be just irresistible. No matter what they look like, I love having them around because ... well... they're young men. That's the only qualification they need!

I've worked with young male student teachers for my entire career without giving them a second thought. But now, they all remind me of the delicious young men I've been hooking up with.  It's all I think about.

 My student teacher and I had not been able to schedule an office meeting discuss his placement. Most unusually, our first encounter happened in class with twenty-five students watching us closely.

He was a gorgeous young man with a strong resemblance to the wrestling hunk pictured to the left, except considerably more muscular, his dress pants stretched over a voluptuous ass.  Beefy thighs!  OMFG!

 He reached out to shake my hand and my vision blurred briefly and then corrected itself. Thunka- thunka- thunka went my heart.  I started to salivate at the thought of having his cock in my mouth.

He had short blondish hair, square jaw, beautiful smile and his eyes were such a piercing blue, I had difficulty meeting his gaze. I thought: "Where'd he get those muscles?"

I soon found out ... while introducing himself to the class, he said he was a wrestler on the provincial team.  In fact, I found out later that he was a top ranked collegiate wrestler in our province.   A real life wrestler hunk!  Wow!!

Buddy Bear: "... .so ... you like wrestling? ...."
Hunky Student Teacher: "Love it! ... my brother wrestles as well. We're twins!"
Olympic wresters Bill and Jim Scherr
Buddy Bear: My brain flooded with impure thoughts: "....Wow! Twins!!.... so, you're fraternal twins?"  
Hunky Student Teacher: "No, identical."

OMFG!  I felt light-headed at the thought of two identical hotties, bulging in spandex singlets. I had the wild thought of asking for a picture of him and his brother in singlets. ..

The class was watching us closely.  Thank God they couldn't read my mind, or so I hoped.

Buddy Bear:  ".... so... er.... do you and your brother ...er .....**long pause** ...  ever wrestle each other?"
 Hunky Student Teacher: "Yes of course!  We're  very competitive."

I struggled to banish thoughts swirling in my head of gay porn featuring big-bulged twins in wrestling singlets.  

When he left, I set the class to work on some little task and immediately, feeling like some old perv, googled his name on my classroom computer. Bingo! The search revealed numerous wrestling photos of Hunky Student Teacher.

I cannot share the pics with you but rest assured, he is good to his wrestling singlet. I also watched numerous YouTube clips of Hunky in action, grappling with some other delicious singlet-clad opponent.

I promise, I will behave myself in the presence of Hunky.  But I think I'll be in a permanent state of arousal for the next five weeks.   :-)


  1. I'm very impressed that you didn't sprout a big boner and have to run to the men's room to relieve it! **I** sure would've! LOL.

  2. Wow, talk about temptation.

    The only thing I could think that would make the situation more difficult is if you found out he was gay. Assuming you'd have to keep your sexuality to yourself, that would be absolute torture!

  3. Do you have a ban on having sex with fellow teachers?

  4. Whkattk: I must admit, I have a pleasant ache in my bulbous groin region all day long ... my Hunky Student Teacher really is the most beautiful man I`ve ever seen. I can keep my erections at bay by NOT imagining myself sucking his cock. I`m 50 so spontaneous erections aren`t quite as much of a problem as they used to be.

    TwoLives: I know it`s wishful thinking but I constantly think: "What if he`s gay?" It's just really pleasant looking at his magnificant ass all day long.

    Skier: Hunky and I will never hook up. It would be inappropriate and highly professional to do so. He is technically a student; my student. I will complete a couple of performance appraisals on him and will be recommending him (or not) for his teaching certificate.

  5. those singlets leave nothing to the imagination, do they?

  6. if I put myself back in a student's mind..... I would (and many others) have noticed how aroused you were by your student teacher!!

    1. At our first meeting, I felt a little dizzy by his handsomeness .... I was trying hard to control my wandering eyes and other reactions. And you're right, students scrutizine every detail of they're teachers (at least mine do) and notice every detail.

  7. Wow I can't believe how much that first pic looks like you. Or how I imagine you looked 25 years ago :-) (I mean that only in the best possible sense)

    What a hottie!!

    1. Thank you, Cubby. I fear you will be giving everyone a false impression of what I look like, a bit worn-out looking.

      I'll admit, there is a slight resemblance to what I looked like many years ago. But at the time, I felt gawky, awkward and far too skinny.

  8. Some of those athletes' clothes leave nothing to the imagination!

    1. Yes, the guy in the lower right is amazing! I love seeing the veins on his cock. Amazing! And is he wearing a cock ring?

  9. And all you have to do is sit in the back of the classroom and watch him prance around all day... And you get paid to do it! I'll bet you're enjoying your morning showers a little more these days! lol

  10. My husband has a huge thing for twins. That said, I don't think he ever managed to hook up with any. It would be interesting to hear about your reaction should you ever find yourself in the same place as the twin wrestlers at the same time -- try not to hyperventilate TOO much! :-)

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