Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No rest for the wicked.

My Sweet Brazilian Boy closely resembles this sad hottie.

Check out "Torn Jeans" Rick's shout out to me.  Too funny!

It's crunch time at my school;  we're in the thick of final exams, report-card writing and semester-end duties.  And I am doubly busy because I'm cleaning out my classroom after 15 years;  Lots of "stuff" to throw out!

As well, I've been trying to plan for my exciting World Pride trip in three days.

I also received a surprise letter from Revenue Canada regarding my 2013 tax return which needs immediate attention.  I'm not being audited, exactly, but they need more information regarding my spousal support payments, which are a deduction for me and taxable for my ex-wife.  Yesterday, I had to request  that she sign a few documents and ask for some additional information.  **sigh**  Will I ever be done with her?

Thursday will be my last day at my old school.  I've said my goodbyes to my fantastic department (so sad!) but now I am extremely excited about going to my beautiful new school which is much closer to home.

I've heard from some neighbourhood kids that they've received next year's timetable with my name is listed as their teacher.  But I can't find out until Thursday exactly what classes or subjects which I'm teaching.  How fucked up is that?  lol

On the hookup front, I've been swamped (by my standards) with a sudden upsurge in offers, a dozen or more, mainly from men on pof.org.   I find this really odd because Plenty of Fish has been rather stagnant in the past year.  I suspect the warm weather and the sight of hot men everywhere in shorts has gotten the testosterone flowing. 

All the men are younger and with little or no experience, mainly 22 - 25 years old with two guys in their mid-30s.   They all describe themselves as "fit" or with an "athletic build."  Sweet!  So I've been trying to accommodate them as best I can; usually a sweet, late night visit to the Love Nest every second night or so. 

I hadn't contacted my Sweet Brazilian Boy for a week or more (we're both too busy;  him with school work and watching the FIFA World Cup) but he sent me some sweet texts yesterday.  He misses our sweet kisses and cuddling and wants to get together again, but it will have to wait until I get back from World Pride.

I am already getting sad in anticipation of him returning to Brazil next year... and the fact that he's 21.  If he was 20 years older, I'd never let him go!


  1. You are too much! -- actually, you are fine and doing everything just right, hosting your 20-somethings "every second night or so. "

    And thank you for that glowing ginger guy in picture #3 -- what a beauty!

  2. We have students/parents make course requests in the first part of the year, then schedules are NOT available until 4:30PM (after office hours) on the Friday before school starts on Tuesday. Otherwise, counseling staff and administrators are OVERWHELMED with "my kid belongs here", "we can't have THIS teacher" or "we HAVE TO HAVE this teacher", ad nauseum. Of course, we've got nearly 60,000 students.

    Glad your life is going so well! Enjoy World Pride!!!

    Peace <3

    1. Oh, and no schedule changes in the first two weeks! The ones that typically complain in the first two weeks settle in during that time and are fine. Then they're only left with the real issues.

    2. Those policies sound excellent! But here, we teachers find it a bit off-putting when we are not told our teaching assignment until (sometimes) two weeks before school starts.

      Most of the time, our students find out what we're teaching before we do because our names appear on their timetables which they get in advance. That seems to me to be a pretty f**cked up system.

  3. If Brazilian Boy was someone you would hang onto if he was 41 why give him up so easily at 21? If you two click and he wants to be with you then damn the age difference! Besides, seems like all the guys you are seeing are in their 20s or 30s. It is likely you will end up with someone much younger than you. And that is okay! I know it can work because I'm similar in age to you and my husband is 25 years younger. We have a great life. Age should be low on the list of reasons to give up someone.

    1. This deserves a post of its own. Yes, I do have great difficulty seeing myself in a LTR with someone decades younger than myself. That my problem, I know!

  4. They are already lined up waiting for you on Yonge Street like the Pride Parade. I said you will not be in the parade. Now there is chaos all over. LOL
    Get your lucky butt here soon!

    1. You're such a kidder, Rick! I'm fairly sure that I will be a good boy when I'm in Toronto... I am happiest hooking up in my own bed!

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