Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pride at TD Canada Trust

I forgot to add:  TD Bank is the #1 Sponsor of World Pride Toronto 2014.  CLICK HERE for their announcement.

This is a timed post because I am in Toronto in the middle of my big, fat, gay World Pride weekend. Woo-hoo!

Today's Pride parade will be one of the biggest ever and I decided to participate as a spectator rather than than accept the invitation to walk with my professional organization.

 Much criticism has been directed at corporations jumping on the LGBTQ bandwagon in the commercialization of Pride festivities.

But the reality is, corporations MUST become involved.  It is the final step in the movement for LGBTQ folks to becone normalized in the ccorporate world, not just with social jjustice issues such as same sex marriage.

I really liked this week's comments of the CEO of one of Canada's leading banks:  TD Bank's Diversity A Point Of Literal Pride For CEO

From a CBC article 
An enlightened approach to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is good for the bottom line, but it’s also the right thing to do, says TD Bank CEO Ed Clark.
(Note:  TD refers to "Toronto Dominion").  

One executive told him the bank was losing customers to rivals because it was so openly supportive of gay issues. He said he told him to go work for a competitor if that's what he felt.

In 1994 Clark offered same sex benefits to his employees but was shocked when only 55 signed up in an institution with 55,000 employees.  Clark realized that people were afraid to reveal their sexuality to colleagues and began a personal initiative to change the culture inside the bank.  He learned that in order to change the culture internally, the bank had to also present a public face in support of LGBT issues. 

People would mark it against us and say ‘Do you really want to bank with someone who supports Pride Parade?’” Clark said.   And we said ‘if that customer doesn’t want to bank with us because we support Pride Parade, we’ll show them a bank that they’ll feel more comfortable with.’

I doubt many people get emotional over their relationship with their bank, but reading Mr. Clark's words fills me with pride and admiration.  I've always had an extremely positive relationship with TD since I opened my first account as a 12-year-old.  

But I will be forever grateful to the many TD employees in my home town who provided advice and support, both financial and personal, throughout my harrowing coming-out and divorce journey.

They saw me through the division of our assets, RRSPs and chequing accounts, selling and buying houses, arranging appraisals, lines of credit and provided me with strategies to counter the unreasonable demands of my ex.

They were (and continue to be) among my biggest and most important supporters on my gay journey.  All were highly professional, compassionate and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you, TD Canada Trust!  Happy Pride!


  1. hope you are having a GREAT time! want to see/hear about what you saw/did/felt when you get back!

    1. Thanks, sweetie! I'm just heading off to one of world's biggest Pride Parades ever... and my first. Woo-hoo!

      I'm having a FABULOUS time and have much to blog about.

  2. I had no idea that TD was a Canadian bank or that it was so LGBTQ positive. They've only been in my area for a few years but are everywhere already. Hope you're having a great time.

  3. TD has successfully concealed its Canadian-ness during its huge expansion into the USA. Americans just would not accept the idea of putting their money into a Canadian bank.

    TD is in the top 4 of Canadian LGBTQ-friendly companiesn As well, international experts all rank Canada's banking system as the soundest in the world with 6 Canadian banks in the top 20.

  4. Yes I remember they were the first bank to be out there on pride. I took videos of this so maybe I should share this in my blog. Hot men in tight speedos! I've been calling this pride ..... world wide wild weekend Pride! But I like yours! My bit fat world pride! LOL! So damn good to connect with you, buddy! Nice to walk and talk with you on the streets. Here is my big fat pride hug!!

  5. Thanks Rick! It was enormous fun going around Pride yesterday with you, your partner and your out of town friend! You're charming, funny, handsome, smart and an expert on all things "men."

    1. I forgot to add that TD Bank is the #1 World Pride Toronto sponsor! CLICK here for their announcement.

      Rick, see you at Hanlan's Point tomorrow at the TNT Naked Men's beach party!

    2. Here in Boston we have the TD Boston Garden, home to the Celtics, Bruins and lots of events.
      Yeah, we knew they were Canadian, but they are our neighbors :-)

    3. Sorry, I shouldn't have generalized Americans in that way. I really have no idea what they would think of a Canadian bank!

  6. I'm in a prime viewing spot on Yonge for the Pride Parade. .. sitting down, in the shade and at the barricade!

    I'm sitting with some nice ladies from Northern Ontario offering me coolers full of pop and shots of whiskey! :-)

  7. I'm loving all your boys in green, but the one on the ladder most of all! So happy to hear that you're having a really great time.

    1. Yes, the bearded dude in pic. #1 was my favourite, too! Will, as usual, we share the same taste in men!

      He does a great job in filling out those shiny shorts!

  8. Buddy Bear, do you ever read the blog Two Boys in Love, Matt and Brad. They have a friend who attended yesterday.

    1. No, I haven't read them. I've added them to my blogroll now. Thanks!


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