Friday, May 30, 2014

Horny men of summer

I've had a sudden ... er ... upswing in offers from many hot men from various sites:, and grindr.   We've been having beautiful sunny weather and I think it's the hotter temperatures which have gotten those man-juices flowing again.

Don't get me wrong:  my Sweet Brazilian Boy still remains on top of my list.  But he and his Brazilian roommates have gone camping for an extended weekend so I am free to explore other options.  Here are some of the men presented in order of desirability.

Curious construction worker has been messaging me most days for a few weeks and we have firm plans to get together early next week. He is a gay virgin who's desperate to try some man-on-man action.

Curious Construction Worker is 23 years old, 5'-6", 160 pounds and with athletic build.  He seems smart, funny and very curious.  Just this morning, he got really brave and send me his face picture:  a very good-looking, fair-haired boy. 

He seems in desperate need of a gay mentor and asks the most ridiculous questions about what it's like to be gay: "Where do gay guys go on a date?"   D'oh... the same sorts of places as straight people, I guess! 

Brazilian Boy #2 also messages me daily on Grindr and has has sent me many pictures of his beautiful body in the past month:   hard cock, furry chest and the lovely legs of a soccer player.   He describes himself as "so shy" but has some M2M experience.

We've made many attempts to get together but our problem is that he's mainly available and rarin' to go after 11:00 pm;  a time which I'm sound asleep.  As well, my busy work and after-school schedule has been interfering greatly with my hookup life.  :-(

Military Dude:  is 44,  masculine, muscular and ridiculously handsome with piercing blue eyes and a cleft in his chin.  He's now retired from the military after 25 years of active service overseas.  We got together last summer and it was very hot although he labelled himself as "straight" and refused to kiss.  He had testosterone coming out of his ears!  Aggressive!

But because he wouldn't kiss, I refused to see him again but now he's changed his label to "bi" and has agreed to kiss. Typical of hypermasculine men, he is desperate to be topped and want to be "taken", something I might like to do.   I can't wait to see him again but it might not happen until the summer.

Thong Dude has messaged me several times over the past couple of months but I've ignored him;  I was just too busy!  From his pictures, his body is perfect, listing his stats as 28 years old, 5'-10", 170, athletic build and says he likes to kiss, cuddle and bottom.

Recently, I've started responding to his messages;  he likes to wear women's silky panties / thongs in bed which at first I found a bit off-putting.  But now, I think that it would be extremely hot to see a hard cock straining the front of a pair of silky panties.  So, I've put him on my "B" list but wouldn't turn down an opportunity to be with him.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No rest for the wicked

Here's a quick post on one of my busiest weeks in a long time. Insane!  It's 'crunch time' at school as we're at the final three weeks of classes:  exams to be written, marking to be done, social events and pushing ahead with the teaching in all of my classes.  We lost so much time due to snow days this winter that we're all behind in our curriculum coverage.

In addition to teaching all day, every day, this is what else I did this week:

Monday night:  Worked out and swam at our Athletic Complex and saw many, many hot guys in the locker room and communal shower.  Sluurp!

In addition, I've been messaged for many days by a 23 year old "athletic / muscular build" construction labourer, 5' - 6" who is determined to lose his gay virginity.  He sounds smart and a lot of fun.... as well as being hot.  We've made a tentative plan to get together later this weekend. 

Tuesday night:  
1 attended an exciting Pride planning meeting... the event will be happening soon!  ... the home stretch!!  Our Pride week magazine was unveiled which will be distributed widely in town and used as an insert in the local paper.  And there was my name right on page two, listed amongst the organizers!  Another big step out!

Wednesday night:
My school's Gay Straight Alliance will host all the other GSA students and teachers in town at my school in the Family Studies room.

We're having a cooking party (instead of a pot luck) where everyone brings the raw ingredients and we'll cook our own supper.  The GSA kids are so much fun!

We'll also discuss the students' involvement in Pride Week as volunteers;  as well, they're planning to be in the Pride Parade.  As we'll be attending many Pride events with them as well.

Thursday Night:  The teachers at my school are having one of several end-of-school year parties:  bowling!  Woo-hoo!

Friday - Saturday:   My department is hosting a major, regional environmental event in a wilderness area near our town, with students coming from a radius of 200 miles around.

I have little involvement in it, actually, but I was asked to attend due to my First Aid qualifications.  The event would not go ahead without a First Aider present.

I'm rather be cuddling at home with my sweet, Brazilian boy, frankly.

Monday, May 26, 2014

King of the Beach

Yes, all the pictures today are of me.  :-)

I had the most relaxing weekend ever!  I did no marking, home renovations, yardwork nor house cleaning.  I stayed home all weekend and only took one quick run into town for groceries.

Sunday was the hottest day so far this year, 30 C  (86 F) in town with blinding sunshine; plenty warm enough to bring out all the hunky summer men in shorts and tank tops.  It was an enormous treat to see all those muscular calves, furry legs, big biceps and bare shoulders after our long, hard winter!

At my house beside the frigid water, the temperature only reached 20 C but I still took my pasty-white body out for some sun in my front yard.  I have enough privacy to be fully naked although I put on some undies for these pictures. 

Next month, I will be visiting Hanlan's Point clothing optional beach on Toronto Island so I want to get some colour on my nether regions, in particular on my gleaming white ass.   

I didn't even log onto, or grindr all weekend.  My Sweet Brazilian Boy and I made an arrangement for later in the week because I was not available this weekend.  As usual, he was very sweet about it.

My daughter was scheduled to be at my ex-wife's this weekend but changed her plans to stay with me because I will be busy every night this week.  As usual, we spent the time lazing around, cooking, eating and watching DVDs.  We only saw my son a few times when he came in search of food.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Too Much Information: Memorial Day Weekend

I always enjoy these Too Much Information questions by Sean.  His answers are here.

1. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance but it also signifies the "Official" start of summer. What are your plans this weekend?  Last weekend was our Victoria Day weekend.  I worked around the house, spent four hours of sexytime with my Sweet Brazilian Boy, and cooked a special supper with my kids and parents on one day and some teacher friends on another.

  2. What is your most and least favorite thing about summer?  I LOVE summer and deeply appreciate the warmer temperatures after our long, harsh winters.  My only problem with our summers is that they are too short:  sometimes, we only get one month of really nice weather.

3. What do you think of when I say "Bar-B-Que?" I love everything cooked on a barbeque, but especially a butterflied whole chicken cooked with interesting seasonings / herbs / sauces.  I also love grilled vegetables:  carrots, onions, garlic, peppers and sweet potatoes, especially.

4. What is your favourite summer food?  I love all the barbequed foods mentioned above, along with ice cream and fresh summer berries. 

5. Are you in swim suit shape yet?  BY whose standards?  I will be 52 in July so I will NEVER be in swim suit shape according to the Gay Handbook.

However, I am maintaining the status quo regarding my ever-expanding waistline so I look okay in a swimsuit .... for a middle-aged man.

I will be Toronto for a few days this summer and LOVE being naked at Hanlan's Point clothing-optional beach.   That does take a bit of self-confident to get naked in front of all those (mainly) hot gay men.

6. Given the choice, which do you prefer: ocean, lake or pool? I grew up swimming in spectacular fresh water lakes and still prefer them for swimming. But if I lived by the ocean, I'm sure I would grow to love it, too, but the saltiness will take getting used to.  I dislike chlorinated pools but swim in them often.

7. Which summer blockbuster movie are you most looking forward to seeing? None.  I have no interest in any of the movies coming out, unless some guy invites me to the movies on a gay date.

8. Summer reading: What? Recommendations?  I haven't had the time or the focus to read a book in years, truth be told.  But now that my drama is winding down, I should make an effort to read a book this summer:  I like the British "cozy" murder-mysteries, forensic science novels or even romances, preferably gay ones.

9. Vacation Plans? If you can't, what would you do if you could? I am extremely lucky to have the entire summmer off, nearly 70 days.  Woo-hoo! Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the private sector for eight years where I got a two week vacation, so I deeply appreciate my teacher's holiday.

I'd love to travel to Europe or Asia one day but I don't have any money right now. I expect that this will be the last summer with all three of my kids at home so I plan to stay home, get work done around the house, relax, savour the time with my kids and enjoy the hot gay men in my town.  

10. Did you ever have to go to summer school?  I've gone to summer school in Toronto to upgrade my teachers' qualifications, twice.  I LOVED the big-city summer experience but this was many years before I figured out I was gay.  I'd have much more fun now!  

BONUS   Sex on the beach?  Never, but I'd LOVE to!  It's on my gay bucket list.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tattooed, pierced and bearded men

Now that our harsh winter is over, I've been going to my Athletic Complex twice most days.  Before school, I go there for my morning shower and sauna;  after school, I do my therapeutic lane swimming, unwind in the sauna and whirlpool and enjoy the naked-man scenery.

Every day without fail, I am treated to numerous sightings of stunning men of all types and ages.

Far too often, I will take an unnecessary detour through the communal shower room and upon spotting a naked hottie with soapy water dripping off his cock, I will suddenly decide to shower a second time or third time that day.  Shameless!

Yesterday morning in the sauna, I encountered one of the most spectacular men I've ever seen in real life.   I'm not overly fond of tattoos, mainly because I see so many ugly ones, and I'm also not a fan of piercings:  lip, eyebrow, nose piercings and the like.  But on Tattooed Muscled Dude, they looked just fine!

He was EXACTLY like the guy pictured at the upper left and in fact, resembled all the guys pictured here.

He was in his early 30s, very lean but with bulging, natural muscles, beefy thighs, tattooed, piercings galore, lightly furry and with a full beard.

And best of all, Tattoed Muscled Dude wore a tight pair of green, shiny boxer briefs made of some stretchy material which gripped his beefy thighs and molded around his cock and balls beautifully. 

He took my breath away .... but I wish I had the courage to chat with him:  What was his name?  Where was he from?  What did he do for a living?  How did he get that fantastic body?  What was the story behind all those tattoos?

But I keep hoping to run into him again.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My daughter meets Sweet Brazilian Boy


It had been a few weeks since Sweet Brazilian boy and I had gotten together.  First, he away for Spring Break and then I was away at the LGBTQ conference.   As well, his new Spring Term schedule of evening classes made our after-school meetings difficult.

Although my middle daughter had been living with me this week, I invited Brazilian Boy over very early on Sunday morning.  We would have a sweet reunion in the privacy of the Love Nest before my daughter even got out of bed.

The night before, I told my her not to expect me back before 1:00 pm because I was going to be with a friend.  Daughter:  "Oooh!   Breakfast with a special gentleman friend?"  Buddy:  "I don't need to tell you the details."

I picked up Brazilian boy and, as is our usual habit, we held hands as we're driving along.  Sometimes,  I rub his bulge until it gets hard as we're zooming down the highway.  He wears extremely tight jeans which accentuate his thick cock beautifully. (rather like the picture above left)

We pulled into the yard hours before my daughter's normal weekend wake-up time and were greeted by our barking dogs followed by my daughter!  They had woken her up early for their morning pee break so I was forced to introduce her to Lucas.

Our of earshot, she whispered:  "Who's that?"   I replied:  "He's my gentlemen friend!  See you later!" and Lucas and I disappeared into the Love Nest but not before I caught my daughter's delighted smirk: "HE's your friend?"

After over four hours of sweetness with Lucas, I returned from dropping him off in town.  My daughter was waiting.

NOTE:  my daughter and I had our first talk about my gay man friends two years ago, when I accidentally sent her a text intended for my man-friend at that time.

Daughter:  So.... tell me about your friend?  Does he have a name?  Or do I have to call him Scruffy-faced Tall Dude?

Buddy Bear:  His name is Lucas.  He's from Brazil.

Daughter:  Oooh!  A sexy Brazilian!  How old is he?

Buddy Bear:  He's turning 22 in December.

Daughter:  She laughed hysterically:  You're a COUGAR-DADDY?  Dad, NO!!!  He's younger than _ _ _ (my oldest daughter)  I would have guessed he was 30.

Buddy Bear:    Hey!  He pursued me!!!  I didn't message him;  he wanted to hook up!  He messaged me repeatedly for a long time before I finally caved.  We've been seeing each other regularly for a couple of months.

Daughter:  Cougar! Grrowr!  (more hysterical laughter)

Buddy Bear:  He's sweet!  He's on an 18 month English-language training course with 200 other students.

Daughter:  Grrowr!  (still more hysterical laughter)  It's hard enough to get used to the fact that my parents are dating, but this!  You cougar!!   By the way, Mom broke up with her elderly boyfriend. 

Buddy Bear:  It was doomed to failure eventually.  He found out what she's really like, no doubt.  She's way too angry and unstable for any relationship. 

Daughter:  So how many men have you seen, anyway?

Buddy Bear:  (evasively) Err ..... a few!  Quite a few.

Daughter: So you're a serial dater?

Buddy Bear:  Hmmmm  .... I suppose you could say that ....

Daughter:  Well, if you're both happy!  I was worried that you were going to be lonely when we all moved out but obviously not!

But I don't think Mom needs to find out about this .... and I'm not going to tell my friends, either.  "Hey, Vickie, guess what!   My Dad is dating a dude 30 years younger than he is!!   (more hysterical laughter)

Buddy Bear:  That sounds like a good plan.

Daughter: And have you been practicing Safe Sex?   I then had to endure a 10 minute safe sex lecture from my daughter before, finally, my ordeal was over.

Except that she called me "cougar-daddy" for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Treasure Trail

First, a shout-out to my fellow blogger at The Treasure Trail who wrote such generous remarks about my story-telling.  ***blush***.  You're too kind!

I love a good treasure trail as well and see some fine examples every day in the locker room at my athletic complex, especially on younger, leaner dudes.  As a "thank you", I've posted some treasure trail pics including one of my own, taken just moments ago.

I had a nice treasure trail in my 20s, a blonde, thin line tracking down my concave and otherwise hairless belly and I liked it even back then.

In my hairier middle-age, my treasure trail has widened considerably as has my waistline.  I don't think it qualifies as a treasure trail at all!

And a second shout-out goes to my tantric massage practitioner and now, real-life friend, Rick of Torn Jeans, who is so eagerly following my story about Brazilian Boys #1 and #2. Thanks, Rick!   I'm just telling my story as it unfolds so I don't know how it will end up.

Yesterday at school, I received numerous messages from both boys (so sweet!) and arranged to host Brazilian Boy #1 here on  Sunday morning and Brazilian Boy #2 on an evening early next week.  I'll keep you posted!

It is a chilly Victoria Day weekend here in the Great White North.   Daytime temperatures are still in the single digits (<10 C) with most nights just below freezing.  So it doesn't seem very springlike here just yet;  about half of our inland lakes are still ice-covered.

My middle daughter is here for the week and luckily, our work schedules have matched exactly.  We drive to and from work together each day and spend the evening cooking and hanging out, watching DVDs such as the Gilmore Girls and 30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray.  How nerdy is that!

My youngest son is here too but I rarely see him except when he comes to eat.  He spends much time in town with his friends.

My oldest daughter has a very busy work schedule so I rarely see her these days.  :-(.  Today, for example, she cooks at her regular restaurant job from 7:30 - 1:00 pm making breakfasts, soup and sandwich specials of the day and salads.  Then, she cooks at her paid internship at the top gourmet restaurant in town from 3:00 pm to 11:00 or later.

The internship is around 40 hours per week but she needs to cook for three shifts a week to keep her regular job which is her only source of income during the school year.

Otherwise, everything is going well here!  I look forward to a long weekend of working on my renovations, hanging out with my daughter, walking my son's dog, going to the athletic complex to check out the hot, naked men swim and hanging the my parents and all my kids over to dinner on Monday.  Sweet!
This is me, sucking in my gut.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Two Brazilian boys

My sweet Brazilian boy and I have become sort-of regulars ... and as long as he keeps calling me, I will never say "no" to him.

A few times a week, I will pick him up after school or very early on a weekend morning and go back to my place for several hours of sweet sexytime.  Then, I drive him back home, a 70 km round trip.  I would never do this extra driving for just any hookup dude, but for Lucas, it's no problem.

Lucas gave me his cell phone number so I regularly receive sweet texts from him rather than messaging through Grindr.  But now, I'm hoping that he's not growing attached to me to some degree.   Ethan, 25 year old UK blogger a wrote in a recent post:  "I think I have made the common young men's mistake and grown a bit attached," referring to an older guy he had been seeing.

But a dilemma has arisen;  a second Brazilian boy has been messaging me persistently on Grindr, as many as five messages per day, and sending me pictures of his beautiful body.  He now wants to meet me.  Juan is 20 and describes himself as "so shy."   Both Brazilian boys are part of a contingent of 200 Brazilian college graduates who are in town on an 18 month immersion programme to learn English.

The Grindr GPS tells me that the boys live on opposite ends of town but chances are they have met; the Brazilian contingent attends events together at the college.   On the other hand, they are both closeted and are unlikely to discuss the tubby, middle-aged old fart which they are both hooking up with.  It's a tough call, but I think I'll accept Juan's offer. YOLO!

In other news, I did tell Obese Politican that I would be interested in meeting me for an occasional coffee.  Since then, he has messaged me persistently on various sites:  if I don't respond on, then the moment I log onto Grindr, ..... "ping" ....., I get a message alert from him.  I feel like I'm being stalked and it's just getting annoying.

My reality is, I don't have the time, energy nor the desire to deal with someone as needy or pushy as him.  I'll have to tell him to lay off, real soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thick cocks in the shower

Shower Daddy, pic 1
Shower Daddy, pic 2
I was going to post about last week's exciting LGBTQ student conference but, blog whore that I am, I decided to go for a title which would maximize my page views.  Anyway, I'm too busy for a thoughtful post and am still extremely exhausted and distracted from last week's work-related drama involving my administrators.

My teachers' union president spoke to them and the situation does seem to be easing somewhat, but I will remain in a constant state of stress until I leave the school forever at the end of next month.  Only 28 more school days left.  Woo-hoo!
I go to the athletic complex daily but lately, I haven't had time to swim every day.  Instead, I've been working very long hours at school, catching up on work and packing up my classroom after 15 years.

Instead of swimming, I relax in the scorching-hot sauna, sit in the whirlpool tub and have a leisurely shower in the open-concept shower room. 

Every day without fail, I'm treated to sights of thick, flopping, uncut cocks on fit dudes, aged 20 - 40+.  It has caused me to seriously reconsider what I consider an average-sized cock ... it must be something in the water.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a long shower beside an early 30s, handsome, scruffy-faced Shower Daddy, 6'-3" who was there with his two year old son.  He looked exactly like the dude pictured at the very top this post and the dude in the gif below, except with an even thicker cock, more tattoos and an even more voluptuous ass.

Shower Daddy was one of the finest physical specimens I'd ever seen.  Sluurp!  I was having palpitations, he was so hot!

Friday, May 9, 2014

TMI: Make mine a double!

I always enjoy answering Sean's Too Much Information questions.    And I don't want to blog about my week right now which was partly fabulous but mainly stressful. 

By the way, the LGBTQ student conference I attended was fantastic, during which I unexpectedly ended up on stage, microphone in hand, telling my coming-out story to a gathering of 100 students, teachers, superintendents and directors of education!  Details to follow in my Sunday post.


1. Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink? I'm not much of a drinker although I do enjoy one or two drinks. Any more than that and I just feel sick; I think it's a hold-over from the nausea I experienced during my cancer treatments.

I haven't gotten seriously drunk in many years. It takes me days to recover; I just don't think that it's worth the buzz.

I never keep alcohol in the house but do buy beer and red wine for my guests. I do occasionally enjoy sneaking a drink out of my father's liquor cabinet.  Rye whiskey (also called Canadian whiskey) is my my first choice and Bacardi rum a close second.

2. What kind of wine do you prefer? I only buy red wine and invariably select a moderately-priced Canadian; there are some fantastic wines made in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.

3. Do you have a favorite beer? When in a bar, I always order a glass of a local beer on tap, the darker and stronger the better.

4. Can you taste the difference between vodkas? No. I always drink vodka with juice so I can pretend that it's a healthy choice. All that sweetness masks the vodka taste.

5. Are you a top shelf or rail kinda person? Definitely not top shelf!  But I do buy liquor from a reputable distiller.

One time, I bought an $8.00 bottle of rum while in Cuba and discovered what really terrible liquor was like. Every drink gave me a headache which resembled someone pounding a nail into my skull.

6. What was your most memorable (good, bad or embarrassing) drinking experience? When I was 26 and plenty old enough to know better, I had just quit my engineering job in Quebec and my colleagues took me out to get rip-roaring drunk. I insisted on walking the few miles home at 2:00 myself, along some railroad tracks.

Although I was barely able to stand, I climbed to the top of the telephone pole to steal a couple of antique green glass insulators, above.  I inched my way up, caterpillar fashion, by hugging the pole with my arms and thighs.  It was lucky that I wasn't killed!

BONUS Have you ever drunk dialed?  Nope. But I've drunk blogged in a minor sort of way.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Father-daughter dump day

I'm heading off today to the LGBTQ student conference today in a small town some 400 km away.with ten gay, lesbian and trans students and my lesbian co-chaperone.  It should be fun!

But in the meantime, here are some random comments:

I live in a rural area about 15 km outside of a smallish city, so most of the men I see in the neighbourhood and at the garbage dump are blue-jeans and T-shirts, hunting and fishing kind of guys.  

They all look like the guys pictured here, except with bigger bellies on the older ones.  I like the naturalness of these masculine guys.  I only wish that:  (1) they would wear tighter jeans and (2) that I could suck the cocks of more guys like them. 

1.  My oldest daughter (in culinary school) got a four month paid internship in the top gourmet restaurant in town;  one that's listed on the "Top ____ Places to eat in Canada."  She had to work in their kitchen for a full shift as part of the interview process and we're very proud that she 'held her own' in that professional environment. But she's been cooking since she was two and knows her way around any kitchen.

2.  My son passed the bariatric medical assesment required for his commercial diving program which was his final hurdle.  So it looks like he'll be in the program in September;  I still have very mixed feelings about this hazardous choice of occupation.  Also, I'll miss him a lot.

3.  My son and middle daughter were with me for the past eight days.  We spent much of the weekend hauling six trailer-loads of debris from our construction project to the dump.  It was a real bonding moment, especially with my daughter who's been away for eight months;  she's just fun to be around.  That's her pictured above.

4.  Middle daughter started her summer pharmacy job today with a ten-hour shift.

5.  I submitted my tax return late last night, hours before the deadline.  Woo-hoo!  I was shocked to learn that my three kids earned over a total of  $26,000 with their part-time and summer jobs in 2013.  It's fantastic having your kids earning their own money.  Woo-hoo!

6.  Part of the lateness of my tax submission was that I didn't get any of the required numbers from my ex until a couple of days ago, although she had them months ago.  I think she was just being disorganized rather than oppositional. 

7.  Because our status changed to "divorced" in March 2013, I still had to list my ex's information on my return.   :-(   She refused to divulge her net income to me despite repeated requests (anything to be difficult!), so I had to enter in an estimate number.  I'll need to phone Revenue Canada today to get them to put an explanatory note on my file. 

8.  I talked to my school union reps about my "situation" at school and together, we spoke to our district president.  We haven't had our meeting with my admin but it's great to know that I won't be alone.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bulging men in spandex

It's been a week with some ups and downs, for sure, with all the negative stuff being work-related.  Today's pictures are from Skin Tight and have nothing to do with the contents of this blog.

1. Next week, I am looking forward to attending an exciting LGBTQ student workshop being held in an even smaller, more remote town with a lesbian colleague from another school and ten teenagers.

The students are an even mixture of lesbians and gays with one trans woman*, a grade 11 student.

*She was born biologically a man but now presents as a woman. By the way, she will be sharing a room with the other teen boys and they're all cool with that. The students all belong to the Gay Straight Alliance at each our two schools; budding social activists, all.

I tried to explain to a straight colleague why this diverse group is so much more special that just your average student club or team. They're all extremely courageous, self-confident and smart. But they're are a self-selecting group.

Any small-town LGBTQ young person grows up "out" and joins a high school GSA must have all those qualities. As permanent "outsiders", I love how the students celebrate each others differences and provide such positive support to each other.

Also, they are very funny and just FABULOUS!

2. I was "spoken to" at school this week by our vice-principal to used to be an elementary school principal. Typical of the breed, she talks to other adults as though they are six years old. Our admin was "concerned" about an anonymous complaint made by the mother of one my grade nine students about various relatively minor (in my mind) issues in my class.

It's all fucking bullshit. Whatever happened to due process? Teacher morale at our school is at an all-time low because our three administrators range from unspeakably bad to just "okay." Our newest VP who we call Jabba the Hut who regularly yells at teachers in the hallway (in front of students) for some minor infraction such as forgetting to remind a student about "The No-Hat Rule."

But the biggest problem is that we have a new principal who seems to encourage parents to complain directly to him rather than the preferred route which is:

A. Student speaks to the teacher about the concern, especially if he or she is a senior. As I constantly remind pushy, interfering "helicopter" parents:  "Our job as parents and teachers is to produce independent, self-sufficient adults."

This does NOT mean a Super Mom  who rushes in to do battle with the education system at every opportunity on behalf of her teenager who is old enough to deal with the situation himself.

B. If the problem isn't resolved, the parent speaks to the teacher.

C. As a final option, the parent speaks to the principal.

So.... I think whatever "problems" existed have been cleared up between me, the parent and the students but I have a meeting on Monday morning with the VP and the Principal.  I will have to use considerable self-restraint to NOT tell them all off.  Fun times!

As an aside, after 15 years at my school, I will be starting the complicated and slightly risky process of transferring to a new school for next September.  Risky because I am giving up a well-established timetable and my own room to end up with a teaching situation which is largely decided by others.

I had decided to transfer (to be closer to my new home) nearly three years ago but my son asked me to not change schools until he graduated from grade 12.  Otherwise, he would have had to switch schools.  At that time, he needed to drive with me to school which was out of zone for school busing purposes.

I was touched that my son was so okay with having me, his gay father, remain as a teacher at his school.  But he's graduating in June so now, I am free to transfer!

After the transfer, I will be guaranteed a job but the actual classes / subjects and school will be fully decided by the principal(s) involved who have the tricky task of dealing with a serious declining enrolment problem.

My hope is that I will be teaching in my area of qualification in a beautiful new high school closest to my home.  This will reduce my commute by some 30,000 km over the remainder of my career, seven years.  Details to follow.


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