Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Father-daughter dump day

I'm heading off today to the LGBTQ student conference today in a small town some 400 km away.with ten gay, lesbian and trans students and my lesbian co-chaperone.  It should be fun!

But in the meantime, here are some random comments:

I live in a rural area about 15 km outside of a smallish city, so most of the men I see in the neighbourhood and at the garbage dump are blue-jeans and T-shirts, hunting and fishing kind of guys.  

They all look like the guys pictured here, except with bigger bellies on the older ones.  I like the naturalness of these masculine guys.  I only wish that:  (1) they would wear tighter jeans and (2) that I could suck the cocks of more guys like them. 

1.  My oldest daughter (in culinary school) got a four month paid internship in the top gourmet restaurant in town;  one that's listed on the "Top ____ Places to eat in Canada."  She had to work in their kitchen for a full shift as part of the interview process and we're very proud that she 'held her own' in that professional environment. But she's been cooking since she was two and knows her way around any kitchen.

2.  My son passed the bariatric medical assesment required for his commercial diving program which was his final hurdle.  So it looks like he'll be in the program in September;  I still have very mixed feelings about this hazardous choice of occupation.  Also, I'll miss him a lot.

3.  My son and middle daughter were with me for the past eight days.  We spent much of the weekend hauling six trailer-loads of debris from our construction project to the dump.  It was a real bonding moment, especially with my daughter who's been away for eight months;  she's just fun to be around.  That's her pictured above.

4.  Middle daughter started her summer pharmacy job today with a ten-hour shift.

5.  I submitted my tax return late last night, hours before the deadline.  Woo-hoo!  I was shocked to learn that my three kids earned over a total of  $26,000 with their part-time and summer jobs in 2013.  It's fantastic having your kids earning their own money.  Woo-hoo!

6.  Part of the lateness of my tax submission was that I didn't get any of the required numbers from my ex until a couple of days ago, although she had them months ago.  I think she was just being disorganized rather than oppositional. 

7.  Because our status changed to "divorced" in March 2013, I still had to list my ex's information on my return.   :-(   She refused to divulge her net income to me despite repeated requests (anything to be difficult!), so I had to enter in an estimate number.  I'll need to phone Revenue Canada today to get them to put an explanatory note on my file. 

8.  I talked to my school union reps about my "situation" at school and together, we spoke to our district president.  We haven't had our meeting with my admin but it's great to know that I won't be alone.


  1. Clearly, you are as blessed in your children as I in my two daughters (adopted from Korea) who were the joy of my life while raising them and remain so today, along with my terrific sons in law.

    I think the guy standing with his shovel and the one lounging behind the wheel would make two components of a great three-way!

    1. Thanks, Will! Yes, my kids are fantastic!

  2. your kids are great role models for young people; wish there were more of your kids than the trash in this world.

    1. Thanks, anne marie! My ex and I are very proud of them!

  3. Awesome kids time! I know hauling crap to the dump was always a father-son bonding moment with my dad!

    And it sure sounds like they have their collective acts together. Working, interning, ready to go to DIVING SCHOOL! That's all GREAT!

    Peace <3

    1. Yes, our kids are hard-working, focused and very independent. Thanks, Jay!

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