Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pride at TD Canada Trust

I forgot to add:  TD Bank is the #1 Sponsor of World Pride Toronto 2014.  CLICK HERE for their announcement.

This is a timed post because I am in Toronto in the middle of my big, fat, gay World Pride weekend. Woo-hoo!

Today's Pride parade will be one of the biggest ever and I decided to participate as a spectator rather than than accept the invitation to walk with my professional organization.

 Much criticism has been directed at corporations jumping on the LGBTQ bandwagon in the commercialization of Pride festivities.

But the reality is, corporations MUST become involved.  It is the final step in the movement for LGBTQ folks to becone normalized in the ccorporate world, not just with social jjustice issues such as same sex marriage.

I really liked this week's comments of the CEO of one of Canada's leading banks:  TD Bank's Diversity A Point Of Literal Pride For CEO

From a CBC article 
An enlightened approach to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is good for the bottom line, but it’s also the right thing to do, says TD Bank CEO Ed Clark.
(Note:  TD refers to "Toronto Dominion").  

One executive told him the bank was losing customers to rivals because it was so openly supportive of gay issues. He said he told him to go work for a competitor if that's what he felt.

In 1994 Clark offered same sex benefits to his employees but was shocked when only 55 signed up in an institution with 55,000 employees.  Clark realized that people were afraid to reveal their sexuality to colleagues and began a personal initiative to change the culture inside the bank.  He learned that in order to change the culture internally, the bank had to also present a public face in support of LGBT issues. 

People would mark it against us and say ‘Do you really want to bank with someone who supports Pride Parade?’” Clark said.   And we said ‘if that customer doesn’t want to bank with us because we support Pride Parade, we’ll show them a bank that they’ll feel more comfortable with.’

I doubt many people get emotional over their relationship with their bank, but reading Mr. Clark's words fills me with pride and admiration.  I've always had an extremely positive relationship with TD since I opened my first account as a 12-year-old.  

But I will be forever grateful to the many TD employees in my home town who provided advice and support, both financial and personal, throughout my harrowing coming-out and divorce journey.

They saw me through the division of our assets, RRSPs and chequing accounts, selling and buying houses, arranging appraisals, lines of credit and provided me with strategies to counter the unreasonable demands of my ex.

They were (and continue to be) among my biggest and most important supporters on my gay journey.  All were highly professional, compassionate and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you, TD Canada Trust!  Happy Pride!

Friday, June 27, 2014

World Pride, here I come!

It's been an insanely busy week!  A highlight was my hookup with a hunky, tattooed ginger dude with beautiful, beefy thighs and sweet. voluptuous ass.  He resembles the guys pictured here.

  1. I've been cleaning up my classroom after 15 years but I'm finally done.  Much culling was needed!  I will only return to my school briefly this afternoon for the "saying goodbye to department employees" gathering.
  2. This morning, I will be starting my first day at my new high school:  a beautiful new, state-of-the-art school close to my home.  Woo-hoo!  Very exciting
  3. On the down side, my teaching assignment for next year is relatively crappy:  a full timetable of classes filled with special needs and troubled youth.  I've never taught any of the classes although I am paper-qualified for them. 
  4. But what they hell, I'll deal with it;  my primary goal was to transfer to that school. Those kids need my help more than any other kids in the system.
  5. Two nights ago, I had a sweet hookup with hunky, muscled, scruffy-faced 35 year old ginger dude with the most beautiful, thick cock ever.  He was completely inexperienced and extremely nervous at first but who is shaping up to be a real alpha male.  He was so into everything!  Hungry for man-sex!
  6. When I asked Muscled Ginger Dude:  "Do you like to kiss guys?"  He replied:  "I"d never done it but I'd like to try!"   He was so into kissing: aggressive!  Testosterone oozing from every pore!  I was very proud of him.
  7. After supper today, I'll be flying to Toronto for five days of World Pride.  Woo-hoo!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No rest for the wicked.

My Sweet Brazilian Boy closely resembles this sad hottie.

Check out "Torn Jeans" Rick's shout out to me.  Too funny!

It's crunch time at my school;  we're in the thick of final exams, report-card writing and semester-end duties.  And I am doubly busy because I'm cleaning out my classroom after 15 years;  Lots of "stuff" to throw out!

As well, I've been trying to plan for my exciting World Pride trip in three days.

I also received a surprise letter from Revenue Canada regarding my 2013 tax return which needs immediate attention.  I'm not being audited, exactly, but they need more information regarding my spousal support payments, which are a deduction for me and taxable for my ex-wife.  Yesterday, I had to request  that she sign a few documents and ask for some additional information.  **sigh**  Will I ever be done with her?

Thursday will be my last day at my old school.  I've said my goodbyes to my fantastic department (so sad!) but now I am extremely excited about going to my beautiful new school which is much closer to home.

I've heard from some neighbourhood kids that they've received next year's timetable with my name is listed as their teacher.  But I can't find out until Thursday exactly what classes or subjects which I'm teaching.  How fucked up is that?  lol

On the hookup front, I've been swamped (by my standards) with a sudden upsurge in offers, a dozen or more, mainly from men on   I find this really odd because Plenty of Fish has been rather stagnant in the past year.  I suspect the warm weather and the sight of hot men everywhere in shorts has gotten the testosterone flowing. 

All the men are younger and with little or no experience, mainly 22 - 25 years old with two guys in their mid-30s.   They all describe themselves as "fit" or with an "athletic build."  Sweet!  So I've been trying to accommodate them as best I can; usually a sweet, late night visit to the Love Nest every second night or so. 

I hadn't contacted my Sweet Brazilian Boy for a week or more (we're both too busy;  him with school work and watching the FIFA World Cup) but he sent me some sweet texts yesterday.  He misses our sweet kisses and cuddling and wants to get together again, but it will have to wait until I get back from World Pride.

I am already getting sad in anticipation of him returning to Brazil next year... and the fact that he's 21.  If he was 20 years older, I'd never let him go!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Obsessed with eating ass

It's been an extremely busy and successful Pride week in my town and now I am awaiting the "big 'un"... World Pride in Toronto in less than one week.  Woo-hoo!  So exciting!

World Pride has already started and it's shaping up to be a huge international event for Toronto, but I'm trying to NOT arrive with huge expectations or plans.  I'll just go with the flow and enjoy whatever unfolds. A free agent!  A lone wolf!  Awooooooooooooooooooooo!

I'll post about some of our small town Pride events eventually but I don't want to reveal too many specific details.  I still need my blog to be anonymous and there are some who are actively trying to figure out my exact location and identity.  :-0
I've undergone yet another transformation in my gay journey in the past few months: that of becoming an devoted ass eater.  Just three years ago, I thought that rimming an ass was the grossest thing ever.  Unthinkable!

But thanks to my Sweet Brazilian Boy and Hunky Tradesman with their voluptuous, lightly-furry asses, I've gained much rimming experience and am now obsessed with hot male ass, using my lips and tongue to lick, rub, probe, tap and trace that sweet rosebud while  they moan and squirm 

Nothing is hotter than a athletic 20-something dude on his hands and knees in front of you, his beautiful ass yearning towards the flick of your tongue and the rear view of his balls and cock hanging between his legs.   Sluurp!  But I'll let today's pictures to tell the tale.  I'll apologize in advance because this post is more explicit than most of mine.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Pride: would you rather....

My bank teller..... just kidding
I'm busy every night this week as an organizer, volunteer and attendee at our small-town Pride celebrations.  There are events going on every day and everything is going perfectly!

But in just nine (9!!) days, I will be at World Pride in Toronto for five exciting days and nights. It will be my very first "big city" Pride and I plan to savour every moment.   Gay overload!

But I have a momentous, life-altering decision to make regarding the World Pride Parade on Sunday, June 29.  I need your advice!

Would you rather? .....

A:  Watch the Parade as a spectator on the street and enjoy the sight of hundreds of semi-naked hotties walking by?


B:  March as a participant in the Pride Parade itself?*   I've had a direct invitation to join a contingent of Pride organizers from cities across Canada.  We'd either be riding their float or walking alongside, all wearing matching T-shirts.  * I could probably walk in Toronto Pride 2015 with this group as well.

Decisons, decisions....

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hunky rugby men

This will be an "all eye-candy" post and the topic was suggested by my favourite hot-man-pictures blogger, Justin of Edge of Reality:   rugby men with beautiful bulges, beefy thighs, and tiny shorts!

I'm soooo tired! It's been one of my busiest and gayest weeks ever (but with no hookups) but I will blog about some of it next week.

Right now, I'm busy getting ready (tidying up the house) for Father's Day;  my kids and parents are coming over for dinner, but they're doing all the cooking.

It's a bit bittersweet because it's been many months since all three of my kids have been here together, but I'll certainly enjoy having them here.



Friday, June 13, 2014

Beefy Soccer Thighs

I have absolutely NO interest in soccer but I love the beefy thighs on soccer players.  I'd so love to be between them, sucking a soccer player's cock.  I also love the sight (but seen on youtube rather than in real life) of a soccer player's thick cock, bounding in those lose shorts.  Woof!

The World Cup of soccer has impacted my life in that my Sweet Brazilian Boy and the other 200 soccer-obsessed Brazilian international students are watching the daily action on a big screen at the college pub.   No sexy visits from Lucas until World Cup is over!  But I have many other choices of men for sexytime.

I hadn't heard from Hunky Tradesman all week and I wondered if he had second thoughts about seeing me again.  I needn't have worried.  He texted me last night:  "Sorry I didn't get back to you. I got called outta town from monday till today was a long week. Just have to put in a few hours tomorrow morning then am off to my parents' cottage! How are you, handsome??

I also have been texted by a "athletic build" and "toned" road construction labourer, 6'-0", 170 pounds, 23 years old, green eyes and blonde hair who wants me to "breed his hole."  I'll put him on my "B" list for now.

I mentioned before, the gay virgin, 23 years old, 5' 7" has sent me his picture (he's just adorable!) and has been chatting for a couple of weeks on  He seems sweet, funny and is very keen to get together and so am I.  It's just a matter of scheduling.

But for now, I have a "date" immediately after school today with an italian dude, 51, with The Most Beautiful Cock in the World.    He's intelligent, fit, handsome, funny, horny as hell and a fantastic kisser.

But so far, I've been afraid to take his magnificent cock up my ass so I've been topping him.  Also, he's a foot-fetish guy, so that is also very hot, watching him get off on my size 11 EE feet.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sexy Daddies

This is another great Too Much Information questionnaire by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy!  My status as a real-life father is undergoing a great transition at the moment and it saddens me.  But life marches on!

Only my middle daughter (20) is living with me full time at the moment but she'll be going back to university in September.  My oldest daughter (22) is setting up her own place (a basement apartment) with a girlfriend.

My son will be in a commercial diving programme over 2,000 miles away in September but for the moment, he spents all his time with friends and seems to be avoiding both me and my former wife.  But for Father's Day this year, middle daughter is arranging a dinner at my house and cooked by all the kids for me and my father. 

1. My dad's name is _____.  I don't want to say.  When his unique, ethnic name is googled, he is the only person in the entire world who seems to have that name.

2. He is _____ years old.  79.  He has now outlived his own father by three years.

3. He is as big as _____.  I am.  Rather, we're exactly the same height, 5'-10" but he's quite a bit heavier at around 250 pounds.

4. He has _____ hair and _____ eyes.  Silver-blonde hair and blue eyes.  He's very handsome!

5. His favorite food is _____.   Pork chops (cooked on the grill with no sauce, just salt), sauerkraut and buttermilk.

6. His favorite color is _____.  Blue and it looks fabulous on him.

7. He likes to go to _____.  His cottage on a beautiful, northern Canadian lake.

8. For fun he likes to _____.  Go dancing!  Despite his arthritis, he and my mother go dancing every week and he's very proud of his skills.  My brother and I call him "Twinkle Toes."  lol

9. My favorite thing to do with my dad is _____.  When he was younger, we worked together on vehicles, yard work and on carpentry projects, big (entire houses) and small (refinishing furniture.)  Now, we enjoy sitting around and talking.

10. I love my dad because _____.  He's always been there for me, always, all the time.

1. Who's your daddy?  In the sexual sense, I don't have a daddy.  I'm not really looking for one, actually, as I like to be in charge.  But in an ideal life, I wouldn't turn down a LTR with a rich dude who could help me out of my financial difficulties.  But he'd have to be a nice guy, worthy of me, reasonably fit and not controlling.
2. Are you into daddies?  No.  But the silver daddies pictured in this post are hot!
3. How do you define daddy?  An older gay man who is financially secure who takes care of a much younger gay man, both financially and sexually.
4. Are you a daddy?  Yes, I'm an actual daddy to my three kids:  22, 20 and 18 who are very independent and are rapidly leaving the nest.

But I continue to get messaged nearly every day by young men in the 20 - 28 year old age range who want to have sex with me.... and some of them call Daddy!  The majority of these sexy young men want me to take charge in bed ... to "take" them.  And I enjoy doing that as well, but with greatest respect for them;  their bodies, their emotions and their self-esteem.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sex with a Hunky Tradesman

Rick of Torn Jeans has commented several times recently that I "must have horseshoes up my ass."  lol  Maybe he's right!  Last night, I had a hookup with an extremely handsome, 27 year old tradesman with the most spectacular body I have ever been close to.  

Hunky Tradesman who wrestled and played senior football in high school, is 6'-0" with a "toned, athletic body."   The pics in this post, taken from my favourite hot men blog,  Edge of Reality, all resemble him in some way. 

His profile said:  "Am a total bottom guy interested in guys of any age."  He messaged me on a week ago and we chatted like best friends throughout the week.  

Hunky Tradesman seemed like a sweet, intelligent, horny young man  (note the perfect grammar and spelling!).  He is closeted but horny as hell and said:  "I have had only a few partners but older guys have made great lovers, I must say."

I can't repeat all of our conversation, but here are a few of his sweet comments to me:
  • I LOVE kissing!  Of course!  I love to have the guy take charge and do what he wants to do.
  • I sometimes like to have a drink or two just to loosen up.  A beer would be good.
  • Well can I sleep over for the whole night one time, after we get to know each other a bit?  If we become a regular thing, that is.
  • I'm looking forward to meeting you!  I am so excited!
He arrived at 11:00 pm;  in the Love Nest, we lay down on the bed fully clothed. He drank his beer while we chatted;  he was the sweetest guy but quite nervous. 

I caressed his jeans bulge and beefy thighs, and rubbed my hands on his furry belly, took off his socks and unzipped his fly.  His beautiful, long, cut cock was perfection and rock hard already, straining against his boxer briefs. 

In the next hour our so, we exchanged blowjobs, enjoyed naked, full body contact like am erotic wrestling match, ground our cocks into each others' and kissed all over, except on the lips because of my bad cold.  :-( 

I asked Hunky Tradesman to tell me what he liked the best of what I was doing to him.  He replied:  "Everything.  I like everything you're doing!"  I replied: "That not exactly narrowing it down, dude!"  lol

I gave him a full-body oil massage (with Canola oil), and spent what seemed like an hour rimming his sweet, voluptous, hairy ass while he quivered and moaned.  I moved on to a well-lubed prostate massage when he said:  "Fuck me!  I want you to fuck me now!"

My first attempt caused him much pain but it went better when he rode my cock with me on my back.  Then it went better still with me slamming his ass doggy style (so hot!) and at his request, in the missionary position.  I wish I was a better top ... but I hope that practice will improve my skills!

Afterwards, we had this conversation:

Buddy Buddy:  You must get lots of offers on POF.  Why did you message me?
Hunky Tradesman:   I like guys your age.  But you were the only one who had his full face picture on his profile.
Buddy Bear:  Well, that takes a bit of courage on my part.  I know lots of my students are on these sites as well.
Hunky Tradesman:  I get messaged constantly by straight married guys.
Buddy Bear:  "Straight?"   Hmmm
Hunky Tradesman:  Well, curious married guys.  But I end up blocking most of them.  They're way too aggressive.  All they want to do is fuck me.

But chatting with you was different.  You wanted to know what I liked in bed, what I felt about liking guys.  You took the time to find out what I was like and never propositioned me once!
Buddy Bear:  That's who I am!  Mr. Nice Guy!  lol

In the end, Hunky Tradesman didn't stay the night.  "It takes me awhile to get comfortable with another person"  but before he drove off at 2:00 a.m. he said:  "I want to see you again. Message me anytime you want!"

And when I woke up the  next morning, I found this POF message:  "Thank you too for meeting me I had a lot of fun. I hope we can do it again sometime soon."


Friday, June 6, 2014

Grindr'd at school

Right now, my life seems to be all gay, all the time.  I often wonder what I thought about when I was a "straight" married man with kids.

Everything I do seems to be Rainbow-coloured:  my Gay Straight Alliance activities at school, my Pride planning committee work, spending time cruising the hookup sites (and actually hooking up) and just ogling hot guys everywhere I look:  on the street, at school and at my Athletic Complex.

1.  I've developed the bad habit of checking out, grindr and during class when my students are writing a test or watching a video, for example.   This week, a new face on Grindr appeared "40 feet away";  that of  grade 10 boy from my semester I class.

I thought:  'SHIIIIIIT!  FUUUUCK!"  I quickly shut off my phone but clearly, the young lad was logged onto Grindr in a classroom down the hall.  And because I have my full face picture on my profile, he had also seen me.  The Grindr GPS placed our profiles together.  lol

Terran was a sweet, swishy, gawky young man who I had suspected was gay.   He had his full face picture on his profile and was listed as 18 (Grindr's minimum age) although he actually is 16.  His profile statement was also very sweet:  "I want someone to hold hands with."  Too funny!

2.   Yesterday after work in the sauna at my Athletic Complex, I was joined by four hunky, gorgeous and buff young men in their mid-20s.  Some were in their boxer briefs and some wore low-slung towels barely held up by their cocks in the front and ass curve in back.

They had a lively conversation about work-out techniques, plans for their latest tattoos and their hookup plans and success (or mainly, lack of success) with getting girls in bed.  I thought:  "Boys, I know a hundred gay men who would love to suck your cocks."

One of the guys had been in the shower while wearing his red boxer briefs so they clung to his ass cheeks, cock and balls, all sharply outlined.  I could not tear my eyes off that beautiful sight.  I felt, simultaneously, (1) consumed with lust, (2) old and fat and (3) alone.   

3.  This week on, I've lengthy conversations with four different closeted young men ranging in age from 23 - 27.  All indicated "seeking a woman" on their profiles and told me they had little or no experienace with men.

Curiously, all are blue-collared men working in the trades or in construction and most described themselves as "toned" or having an "athletic build."  Of the four, I have tentative plans to host one young man on Monday after work and the horny 23 year old wanted to go camping with me (sexytime in a tent!).

The 26 year old deleted his pof profile without a word after days of sexy flirting.  I understand that in his coming-out journey, he just wasn't ready to move beyond sexy flirting to actually meet up with a man.
4.  In the middle of all this, my Sweet Brazilian Boy texted:    I want to see you soon as possible.  I miss your sweet kisses!  :-*.    I'm feeling under pressure here, but I arranged to pick him up at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday for several hours of sweet sexy time. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Too Much Information: Pride Month 2014

Sean's Too Much Information feature is something I always enjoy answer.  I am looking forward to attending Pride 2014 enormously, both in my home town where I am on the organizing committee and at World Pride 2014 later in June in Toronto.  Woo-hoo!

Please also check out Kelly Stern's Pride Challenge and show your support by posting his Pride flag picture on your blog.  

1. Tell me about your first Pride. I posted about my first Pride in 2011 here, here and here.   At that time, I was a gay virgin and was in the middle of my never-ending, harrowing coming-out / separation / divorce journey.

I was in severe pain and had difficulty walking due to a spinal arthritis problem resulting from four severely degraded vertebrae. 

2. What did that first Pride mean to you?  Despite my pain, I was determined to attend.  I was finally "out" at an enormous cost and the simple act of walking around our Pride picnic represented the next step in my gay journey.  I was determined that nothing would stop me.
3. How many different Prides have you been to?   Two, all in my small town but this month, I will be attending at least two more Pride celebrations.

4. Do you fly the Pride Flag and/or stick it to anything?   I wear Pride merchandise (wrist bands, T-shirts, buttons and the like) while attending Pride festivities but not at any other time.  But I'm thinking that I should wear my Pride T-shirts all the time, gay militant that I'm becoming.

But at my new school, I plan to wear my Pride T-shirt occasionally and will post an "Inclusive Schools" rainbow Pride sign on my new classroom door.

5. Do you still celebrate Pride? What does it mean to you now?   I've only been out for four years, so I still eagerly anticipate every Pride event.  But now, I approach Pride as an LGBTQ advocate and a teacher.

I think that the visibility that Pride brings to the LGBTQ community is more important to than ever before.  By being an out teacher and an active Pride participant / volunteer and organizer, I know that I serve as a important role model, especially to the students at my school, gay or straight.
6. Does Pride need improving? If so, what changes would you make? I'm a Pride newbie so it would be presumptuous of me to try to "fix" it.  But in our town, about 80% of our Pride organizers are women.  The gay guys don't get involved at all.

In fact, the vast majority of the gay guys who are my age I hook up with NEVER even attend our local Pride celebrations. It's time to get out of the closet, guys!  That's one change that I would make: to get the gay men more involved.

7. How do you give back?  I've invested much time and effort by being on our town's Pride organizing committee and I intend to continue and expand upon this role. 

What kind of trouble or embarrassing moment have you had during Pride?  My only regret is that I've done nothing to regret during Pride.  I'm sorry to say. I have no embarrassing stories to tell at all!  I must rectify that situation when I attend World Pride 2014 in Toronto later this month.


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