Monday, April 20, 2015

My hottie doctor's beautiful, thick cock.

My hunky doctor's torso looked EXACTLY like this!
Some of today's pics are from a calendar of Hunky Irish Doctors.

It's been such a long time since I've blogged!  I'm feeling pretty unmotivated about it these days as well as being completely swamped at work and other areas of my life.

As well, my recovery from my concussion took way longer that I thought.  It's been an extremely difficult few weeks and I'm starting to wonder if I'm a bit depressed.

Certainly I worry constantly about my tight financial situation, problems with my 2013 tax return and I'm a little tired of the time spent dealing with online flakes just to find a sweet, sexy man to hook up with.

But here's recap of recent events.

1.  Nearly three weeks ago, I slipped and gave myself a concussion on the ice in fairly remote wilderness area.  I had no memory at all of that entire day, of walking some 5 km off the ice and gradually, I've been piecing together events of the day like some horror show.

My own children confirmed that I had indeed driven my car some 8 km down the Trans-Canada highway in my concussed state with no memory of doing so.  I crazy-texted my kids throughout the day and my text history shows that my eldest daughter convinced me to stop driving and allow my parents to come and get me.  How fucked up is that?

My parents drove me to the Emergercy and within a few hours, I received many diagnostic tests including a CT brain scan and  was released to the care of my parents by my Hottie Doctor, blonde-haired, blue-eyed and with an athletic body to boot.

I took two days off school but should have stayed off longer;  at school, I had difficulty with concentrating during the my busy classes and had struggled which remembering students' names and doing simple tasks like taking attendance.

But after three weeks, I do feel 100% recovered.  But my kids extracted a promise from me that before I go on any more solo wilderness adventures, I will file a trip plan (via texting) with them;  where I am parked, where I'm going and when I will return.

2.  A week later, I was in the locker room of my Athletic Complex and who should walk by but shirtless Hottie Doctor!    His lean torso was ripped beyond belief and he nicely filled out his UnderArmor spandex shorts.

I lingered at my locker unnecessarily and was rewarded a view of his beautiful thick cock, a bit bigger than average, resting on a big, beautiful pair of low-hangers.  Woo-hoo!

After he got decently dressed, I went over to chat about my concussion:  he remembered me and was very sweet, but came across as very, very straight.

3.  I had one final sweet hookup with the sexy 19 year old university student and amateur drag queen.  I posted about his best-ever pickup line:  "Can I help you carry in your groceries?"   Sadly, he is leaving town to continue his final year of university in a far-away city.  I'll miss him!

I told him:  "You are the best kisser I've ever had! ... especially for a fairly inexperienced guy."  He replied:  "I learned how to kiss from your former student, Jordan _ _ _ _ _."    I thought, "Oh my!"  

The "Jordan" in question was my student for three years but I had no idea that he was gay and his sister was my eldest daughter's best friend for 8 years in elementary school.  This really is a very small town, in the gay sense.  lol.

4.  This week, I also hooked up with two other dudes.  The first was the father of a former student, a handsome guy sadly afflicted with early-onset Parkinson's Disease.   The second was a 11 hour hookup with a handsome, athletic-bodied "straight but questioning" former hockey player and worker from Alberta's oil patch;  one of my most unusual and special days I've ever spent with a man.

But.... this post is too long already.  I'll tell you about the last two guys in my next post!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

International Day of Pink

The first pic is (I think) of one the authors of the fabulous blog,

Yesterday was the International Day of Pink against bullying and homophobia in particular.  This initiative started with two high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is now marked by over 8 million pictures in countries around the globe.

There are several anti-bullying pink days recognized throughout the world because the various interest groups can't agree on one day to celebrate.  But in my school division, April 8th is "The Big One" and it is a big deal in all of our public elementary and high schools.

We were featured prominently in the local media which is always a thrill for the students involved.   My school had a decent percentage of students wearing pink,with some of them completely over-the-top with pink-dyed hair, pink face paint and wearing pink from head to toe.

Our GSA students and Students' Council held a pink T-shirt sale, Pink Bake Sale and raffled off some FABULOUS gift baskets with the most random collection of pink items you've ever seen.  So much fun! 

I was one of the main organizers of Pink Day at my school and the day went off perfectly even though I wasn't even there.  On Sunday, I was walking on the ice to an offshore island up the coast when I slipped and hit my head on the ice.

I suffered a mild concussion and have no memory at all of the next 7 hours or more, although I do know my doggie and I walked some 5 km to the highway to phone my parents for help from a gas station.

Without knowing it, I crazy-texted my kids throughout the ordeal and as they now live all over the country, this caused them great alarm. They, in turn, phoned my parents who found me in my confused state.

My head still hurts and I've been off school now for several days, but I am very much on the mend.  But I will post full details of this adventure on the weekend.
For now, I'm using the Day of Pink as an excuse (not that need an excuse) to post pictures of hunky men in pink spandex with lovely cock bulges.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter sleepover in a swanky hotel

I'm feeling quite unmotivated about blogging these days although my gay adventures are never-ending.  My life seems "all gay, all the time" but I think I just have a heightened sense of queer awareness which did not exist for the first 40 years of my life.  I notice gay people and situations everywhere I go.

For the first time, I wondering if I might be little depressed:  our winter is dragging on seemingly forever, with night-time temperatures still dipping to as low as -20 C (-4 F).   As well, my parents are both starting to show their age and that saddens and concerns me.

But the concern is my difficult financial situation:   my ex and I are equally sharing expenses for my son's commercial diving programme (some $30,000 for the year) and he has now run out of cash.  The only saving grace is that these expenses will end in June and he's confident that he will be employed in his field soon.

These expenses are in addition to my usual ones:  my mortgage (having bought my ex out of our home),  spousal support, insurance, utilities, my property taxes, the kids' cell phones and on and on.   But this situation won't last forever but for the moment, I'm highly stressed out and bored with being frugal and having to worry about every $5.00 that I spend.   :-|

But here's my gay news or the week:

1.  I spent an evening and and entire day at a LGBTQ student workshop which attracted over 150 students, grades 7 to 11, mainly from small towns all over the region.  Some of the groups travelled 500 km to attend!

The students were all excited, fabulous and highly motivated in their queer activism, but their challenge will come when they try to bring change to their isolated communities.

2.   At school, the couple of GSA kids and I are feeling pressure from principal to stage a big "gay" event, the April 8 Day of Pink. 

The GSA kids have so many issues on their own so, in desperation, I had to seek help from the Students' Council kids who very quickly made plans for the day:  Pink T-shirt sales, Pink Day Posters, Pink Cup Cakes sales, announcements and the like.

3.  I have posted several times about my fuck buddy, an aboriginal dude who had bariatric surgery and who works in a gold mine in the northern part of our province was in town.  Aboriginal Fuck Buddy was in town for a "wild weekend" which included me!

In addition to having sex, what he really wanted from me was intimacy, conversation with a friend and cuddling in bed all night long..... meaning, he asked me to sleep over in his swanky hotel room!

 This made for a very, very long day for me:  up at 6:00 a.m. to walk the dogs, arrived at school early to finish my supply teacher preparations, dropped my doggies off at my parents' for doggy-sitting and then on to the LGBTQ student conference which ended for the teachers at 7:00 pm  (They fed us supper. Yum!)

sThen, I had to pick up my dogs, drive some 30 km home, get them settled for the night and THEN, drive 30 km to his hotel by 10:00 pm.  It was very special, not just the bedtime and morning sex, but especially everything in between;  sweet kissing, spooning and falling asleep with masculine guy in my arms. Very sweet!

4.   I find myself double booked for Monday:  the 19 year old university student / drag perfomer who I blogged about here and here is leaving town permanently in two weeks and he wants to spend "all day" with me, our last time for sweet intimacy.  I"ll miss him!

As well, I have a coffee date with a 67 year old formerly-married guy, extremely handsome and just coming out in a big way in town.  I've met him several times at the 5O+ LGBTQ social group in town and he wants to become involved in our Pride committee.  He's slim, extremely handsome with striking blue-green eyes and an amputee with one leg missing below the knee.

While I don't really want to hook up with someone that old, he's funny, charming, successful and intelligent. I think he's looking for a friend and also someone to cuddle with. We'll see what happens!


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