Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hairy hunks in Speedos

I regret that my blogging seems to have become a one-a-week  event, but I hope to get back to my regular thrice-weekly schedule in a month or so.

Looking back on nearly three years of blog entries, I've realized that my blog has become my own personal diary of my incredible journey:  of coming-out, separation, divorce and my gay sexual awakening.  I laid out the horror of those early days, my fears and uncertainties but without my blog record, I would already have forgotten how terrifying and exciting it really was.

My concerns are:  (1)  many events in the past two months of my gay journey are going unrecorded and (2)  I am missing the expert advice and support  from my online friends such as anne marie, Sean (Jeep Guy), Will, Jay and others.  I've come to rely on all of you enormously!

My blogging has been interrupted due to extremely limited computer access; my computer was fried by the lightning strike.  I do have a laptop computer provided by my employer, since most classroom teaching in my new school is done electronically.  But I dare not use it for anything other than educational purposes.   Viewing porn on school computers would be grounds for dismissal!

But I need to delay the purchase of a new computer because my ex-wife and I have faced huge expenses paying for my son's commercial diving programme and equipment.  The cost is around twice as much as a conventional university programme, with each of us paying around 1/3. 

My ex and I have collaborated closely and in a professional, supportive manner (via texting) to par our costs to the bare minimum in all areas, and I will soon be through my latest financial crisis.

 But I'm finding myself almost too busy for hookups.  I am very busy teaching at my exciting new school  (my classes are going fabulously!), working out at our Athletic Complex (the workouts are lackluster but the hunky-dude eye candy is spectacular), visiting my elderly parents most days and walking my energetic Australian shepherd for an hour each day.  

But here are few teasers on my gay scene:

  1. I had a sweet hookup with a 32 year old aboriginal dude who works for a social service agency some 300 km away.  He was 6'-4" with a beautiful, smooth torso and a thick, short-ish cock.  Aboriginal men are among my favourites:   fabulous kissers, relaxed and very much "in the moment."
  2. I have a new special friend, a slim, thick-cocked, handsome, computer-nerd, 35 years old.  He's looking for a regular fb and likes older guys.  I'm hoping we become regulars, too, because I'm spending too much time on and arranging hookups which don't ever happen.
  3. I was asked to an threesome yesterday night with a hunky, handsome 40 year old military dude (who I hooked up with last year.  Woof!)  but the other partner was his girlfriend!!!    
  4. Both were craving cock and the expectation was that I would have sex with her AND then stick my cock up his ass, while the other watched.   Although I would have loved to be with him again, regretfully, I had to decline.    I just can't imagine dealing with a va-jay-jay.  Been there, done that!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sweet Brazilian Boy #3

Today's pictures all resemble my Sweet Brazilian Boy #3 who I had some sweet sexytime this week.  He has a lovely, lean, lightly-furred torso, nice facial scruff and perfect pits.

 I'm still completely computer-less after the lightning strike a few weeks ago making blogging impossible. I haven't the time to research what sort of a computer I want to buy.

But here's a quick update from the public library.

1.  My son's dog has 100% recovered her personality and energy after her near-electrocution during the lightning storm.  The only lingering affect is an odd bluish-white discolouration of the iris of her normally brown eye which was zapped.   I think it's rather cool;  something she will wear as a badge of honour for the rest of her life.

2.  I've had a FABULOUS first week at my new school!   My three classes are fantastic!  I have three grade nine math clases;  two special needs, each with ten goofy, sweet boys as students and a quiet, advanced-level class of 32 who seem to be very hard working.

3.  My beautiful new school is a newly-built and equipped with state-of-the-art computer, AV and other electronic systems.  Adapting to these has been a challenge because my old workplace was 60 years old.  Goodbye, chalkboard!

My colleagues have been falling all over themselves in helping me get set up;  I think this is the most collegial school staff I've ever worked with.

4.   This is the first week that I've lived completely alone in the past 23 years, and so far, I don't mind it at all.  I've had had the time to visit my elderly parents most afternoons after school and am free to go out with colleagues whenever I want.  But I usually have to rush home to walk my two doggies as well.

5.  I have avoided logging onto, and the like for the past week.  Other than a sweet hookup with Sweet Brazilian Boy #3, I have not had the time or energy to even consider doing much hooking up. 

But I'm looking forward to entertaining gentlemen callers real soon, when things settle down..  

Monday, September 1, 2014


My region is famous for its fierce lightning storms.  Over a week ago at 3:00 a.m.,  there was a deafening CRACK!!! as a bolt of sheet lightning struck five houses all at once, mine being the last in the row.

My computer and internet modem were fried and everyone else lost electronic devices as well.  My closest neighbour's house had its metal fascia, eavestrough, downspouts and copper water pipes scorched and blasted apart.

My son, sleeping nearby in our metal-roofed bunk house was fine but his Australian Shepherd dog (beside him on the bed) suffered a bad electric shock.

Sammy was trembling and panting violently and had her fur scorched on the side of her face.  One eye was shut and she wasn't all there, mentally.

The next day, she was still confused and clingy and would flatten herself to the ground at every loud noise.  Poor little thing!

Now, over a week later, she has fully recovered her intelligence and personality and her eye seems fully functional   Oddly, the iris changed colour and now has a bluish-white stripe across it.

It seems a miracle that my son didn't receive a shock as well as she was snuggled up beside him on the bed.  I told him:  "Sammy took that shock for you!"

My son is now living 3,000 km away and will start his ccommercial diving programme next week, middle daughter us 1,500 km away at her university and eldest daughter is settled into her little loft apartment.

For the first time in 24 years,  I am living ccompletely on my own! ( except for my two dogs) A big change!

ps:  Brazilian Boy #3 asked to come over for some sexytime today.  Sweet!


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