Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sweet Brazilian Boy #3

Today's pictures all resemble my Sweet Brazilian Boy #3 who I had some sweet sexytime this week.  He has a lovely, lean, lightly-furred torso, nice facial scruff and perfect pits.

 I'm still completely computer-less after the lightning strike a few weeks ago making blogging impossible. I haven't the time to research what sort of a computer I want to buy.

But here's a quick update from the public library.

1.  My son's dog has 100% recovered her personality and energy after her near-electrocution during the lightning storm.  The only lingering affect is an odd bluish-white discolouration of the iris of her normally brown eye which was zapped.   I think it's rather cool;  something she will wear as a badge of honour for the rest of her life.

2.  I've had a FABULOUS first week at my new school!   My three classes are fantastic!  I have three grade nine math clases;  two special needs, each with ten goofy, sweet boys as students and a quiet, advanced-level class of 32 who seem to be very hard working.

3.  My beautiful new school is a newly-built and equipped with state-of-the-art computer, AV and other electronic systems.  Adapting to these has been a challenge because my old workplace was 60 years old.  Goodbye, chalkboard!

My colleagues have been falling all over themselves in helping me get set up;  I think this is the most collegial school staff I've ever worked with.

4.   This is the first week that I've lived completely alone in the past 23 years, and so far, I don't mind it at all.  I've had had the time to visit my elderly parents most afternoons after school and am free to go out with colleagues whenever I want.  But I usually have to rush home to walk my two doggies as well.

5.  I have avoided logging onto, and the like for the past week.  Other than a sweet hookup with Sweet Brazilian Boy #3, I have not had the time or energy to even consider doing much hooking up. 

But I'm looking forward to entertaining gentlemen callers real soon, when things settle down..  


  1. good news all around; except for not having a computer, or course. how about asking your new mates what computer they have/likes/dislikes?

    1. Yes, they'll have lots of good advice!

  2. Sounds like things are going well with you! Good for you!
    It's time to buy an apple computer! They are the best.
    Question .... Did you have a surge protector for your computers? I do so I want to know if they work.

    1. The computer which fried was on a cheap power bar which provided no protection at all.

      But surely the expensive (+ $100) ones would provide protection? I don't know.

  3. Good to read you news. And I like the guy in the jeans!

  4. Yeah, the guy in the jeans is yummy, although the one in the lower left had my undivided attention for close to a minute and a half -- body hair like that is the lure that gets me every time.

    BB, delighted to hear that you and your new colleagues are so good together. This new school sounds like a really good change. And, let me recommend MacBookPro; the best computer I've ever had and perfect for all my research/writing needs.

    1. I love a little bit of fur myself! Thanks for the excellent computer advice!

  5. I am so glad the doggie is better! A hit like that can be devastating!

    Coolio on the hookup. My new boy friend is pretty furry, more than I thought might turn me on, but wow oh wow how wonderful it is!

    Our system opening has been mostly uneventful, thankfully! Busy for me, but not hectic like the summer was. Glad to hear things are great at your new place! That's wonderful!

    I have been alone almost as much as having a housemate now. I like the quiet of being alone. It's not the same as being lonely as you are finding out.

    I am sure once things even out at school, and the shock of an empty house wears off, pof and squirt will still be there! YAY for a great post!

    Peace <3


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