Friday, November 29, 2013

Hunks in Long Johns

It's a "brisk" -20 C (4 F) here in the  Great White North.... cold and dark!  It will get much colder here, of course, but November seems to be much more miserable than any other time of the year.   I think it's our dampness, darkness and the fact that we're still not used to winter.

Most unusually, I've taken to wearing long johns all day and all night, even at school because my classroom is pretty chilly.   My days at school are brightened by all the student teacher eye candy;  so much delicious, early 20-something manflesh everywhere I turn!

I've been getting regular, flirtatious texts from the Boot Fetish Student Teacher who I haven't really blogged about, but I'm doing nothing to encourage him.  Yesterday, he was in the staffroom when I was at the photocopier and he texted me later that I had a "voluptuous ass." lol

Another student teacher in another department (late 20s) introduced himself and asked for my name. Interesting!  His face is pretty unattractive, actually, but he is very good to his tight(ish) jeans with swoon-inducing curves around his inner thighs, ass and bulge.  As I explained to to great amusement of my straight colleagues, you might see ugliest man in the world but you can never tell what magnificent treasure he's carrying around in his pants.

But otherwise, I am dreading an upcoming showdown with my ex-wife but I'll seek advice about that in an upcoming post.  It's a situation regarding money (of course!) which the kids tipped me off too last summer but it's just been building ever since so now I have to take a stand.

My problem is that she's out of my life, but not far enough out. With my ex's aggressive personality, there is no way to be just a little bit friends with her;   she will just bulldoze her way in and take over. I'm pretty much at a point where I want NO contact at all with her;  no texts, e-mails or phone calls, even on parenting matters.

But for now, bring on the hunky men in long johns and union suits. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

TMI: Happy Thanksgiving

Too Much Information is a weekly feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy which I enjoy doing. 

 1.  Do you travel or stay local?  Family or friends?  Host or guest?  Thanksgiving has always involved a family dinner at my parents’ house, cooked by my sweet mother.  We never travel at this time of year.  For last month's Canadian Thanksgiving, my kids and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner and my parents came to my house because of my mother’s knee surgery …. a nice change!

But I quite like the “Orphan’s Thanksgiving” hosted by Sean of Idle Eyes and a Dormy.”  When my kids have all left the nest, I’d love to host such a dinner myself.

2.  Parade:  Love it?  Leave it?  Never let it go?   I’ve never watched the big televised American Thanksgiving Parades.  But I always enjoyed our small-town Christmas parade, especially during my kids’ growing-up years.

It is fun looking for friends and colleagues riding the floats which are all decorated by the individuals involved.
One year, my brother (a fireman) got to drive the firetruck in the parade.  Such small town excitement!

3.   Favourite Food?   Listed in order of my favourites (but NOT necessarily the order in which I eat them):   turkey stuffing,  gravy, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, mashed potatoes with butter and gravy, and roasted root vegetables.

4.        Favourite holiday movie or do you watch football?    I’ve never watched a Thanksgiving movie but I do enjoy “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the modern version of “Miracle on 34th  Street" with hottie Dylan McDermott.

I’ve never watched a football game on TV in my life;  I have zero interest in it.  But now that I’m a horny gay guy, I certainly would enjoy the views of all the hunky football players bending over, especially if they’re wearing white football pants which show off their bulges and jockstrap lines so beautifully.

5.        If you do holiday decorations, for which holiday and when?  I have several trees growing in my yard loaded with Christmas lights.  Since there are no city lights or street lighting, they look spectacular in the inky blackness!

I have the lights on a timer which I keep operational for our dark winter nights …. from early November to late February.

Early in December, I put up a real Christmas tree indoors which is loaded with an eclectic mix of ornaments;  a few purchased and many home-made by the kids when they were young. 

I also like to hang a large quantity of candies and cookies on the tree which we all eat as the season progresses.

6.    Black Friday.  Thoughts?  Feelings?    Insanity!  I rarely go shopping at conventional stores anyway* and it would be unthinkable for me to shop with all those frenzied crowds.   *  I prefer wearing hand-me-downs, thrift shop treasures and items stolen from lost-and-found boxes. lol.

8.        BONUS:   What are you thankful for?
A:      I am thankful for my children who have turned out to be thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, self-sufficient and responsible young adults.  And I’m deeply grateful for their support.  When I came out to them, it was a non-event;  business as usual in their quiet manner.  But I never truly had any doubts about that!

B:   I am thankful to be a part of the world’s LGBTQ community.  I enjoy the empathy, instinctual understanding, support and cameraderie of being in a such a fabulous minority group.  I’ve reached a point in my gay journey that I now sometimes feel sorry for straight guys.

C:   Cocks:  whether small or big, pendulous, fleshy,  fat or skinny and preferably with an ample foreskin and rock hard, sucking cock (or daydreaming about sucking cock) is one of the greatest joys in my life. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Blogger MEME

This great MEME was created by the Blogger King, Dr. Spo, who I had the pleasure of meeting last August with his handsome husband who also writes a blog.

What you like most about being a blogger?    My life has been enriched by my blogger friends, both online and the ones who I've had the pleasure of meeting in person. 

As well, I've received fantastic, experienced and essential advice on all matters gay:  all I had to do was ask!   I will always be deeply greatful in particular to Will and Sean who helped me so much in my journey.  My coming-out would have been desperately lonely without my blog to reach out to a world full of support.

I like the fact that my blog has served as an online diary of my terrifying coming-out and divorce journey.  It is a record of the most incredible story (if only to me) which married, closeted men from around the world have responded to in private e-mails.

How many bloggers have you met?   I've had the enormous pleasure to have met nine bloggers so far .... two Canadians and the rest in the USA.  Fine people, all!  I deeply regret that we all don't live closer so that we could become friends in real life as well.

Do you ever go back and read your old entries? No.... but one day I will.   Right now, it would be too painful to read the posts written at the peak of my harrowing coming-out and divorce.  Doing so would force me to relive the fear, uncertainty, suicidal thoughts and my despair that things would never get better.  My emotions were so raw and at that time that many of these posts were written.,

Do you share your job skills here?    I blogged for a couple years without ever revealing that I was a teacher. I was worried that revealing my job would provide more clues to those readers who were actively trying to guess my real identity.

Also, I was concerned that I would come across as unprofessional and as someone not to be trusted with young people, because of my blogging of my sexual exploits.  But eventually, I started to blog about my teaching life because it is so important to my story.

Have you changed your views about anything thanks to blogging?   When I first started, I thought that I was the only married man in the world in my situation.   I have since learned that there are more guys like me across the world that I could possibiliy have imagined. 
I also have learned that there are an infinite number of ways to be gay.   Feminine / masculine, with / without fetishes, transgendered, open / monogomous, tops / bottoms.... the list is endless.   The LGBTQ community is incredibly diverse and that everyone deserves our support.

Do your coworkers know about your blog?    NO!!!! And they must never learn about it. If my blog became known in my town, it would cause enormous problems professionally due to it's sexual content. My online activities probably would be brought to the attention of my employer and the professional body regulating teachers in my province.

What advice would you give for successful blogging?
A. Blog from the heart. If you're not blogging with total honesty about your feelings, what's the point?

B. I always try to blog in "real time." This means that I blog about events / drama which are occuring at that moment or perhaps happened a day or two earlier. I find that blog posts written about past events lack the raw emotion of those written in the heat of the moment.

C:  Post lots of pictures of hot, naked men and get yourself listed on as many blogrolls as possible including

What is your opinion of aardvarks?   My immediate thought that this was a sexual innuendo.   I'd like to spend some sexytime with the dude pictured at right with the magnificent, aardvark-like appendange.

Do you publish everything you write?   Yes. I write the posts and click "publish" before I start second guessing or censoring myself.

If you could make ‘three rules’ for blogging, what would they be?  
#1:  Don't be afraid to reveal your emotions:  your fears, joys, insecurities and angst.
#2:  Keep your posts brief!  I write a post and then edit, edit, edit, often cutting a post in half and saving the rest for another day.
#3:  Cherish the comments which you receive, respond and try to reciprocate on the commenters' blogs if possible.

Do people help you write your blog?   No. Although I sometimes get ideas from other bloggers which I expand or use to relate my own experiences.

Who are your blogger super-heroes?    How could I choose from so many favourites? I have many "must-read" blogs which I look at every day. 

But John Gray of Going Gently is a 50 year old Welshmen who lives in a small village in Wales with his university professor husband and a large menagerie of animals.  He's hysterically funny in his understated British way and attracts a huge following of devoted readers.
Final question (if you dare!) :Have you slept with any of your fellow bloggers? NO.... but that might be on my blogger bucket list, some of them, anyway.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sucking cock in a Corolla

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I've been extremely busy and have been having computer troubles.  But here are a few random thoughts.

1.     I'm spending all of my evenings working hard on my house renovation and it's starting to look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!   But I am some months away from picking out paint colours and the like.

I love working with my hands but each pain-staking step seems to take far more time that I would like:  framing the walls, insulating, installing and sealing the vapour barrier, which is essential to guard against the howling, winds off the water. 

And then there's all the services .... installing wiring, computer network cable, and re-doing the heating ducts.  Whew!  But I am making progress.

2.     I'm also working very hard at school but I'm seriously falling behind in my marking.  Instead of marking or prepping during my lunch break, I often make a run to Homo Depot to buy supplies for my never-ending renovation.  

3.     Both of my student teachers will be starting to teach (in different classes) on Monday, so I will have a bit more time at school.

Antonio is slim, quiet and of Italian descent;  handsome, quite wet-behind-the-ears and a little nerdy, but I'd do him in a second.... if he weren't so straight.

Ishmael is Palestinian and, with his family, has lived through a couple of wars and refugee camps.  But most importantly, he's absolutely adorable, smiley, cute as a button, a quite flirtatious and I think, possibly gay.

4.  Two nights ago at midnight, I drove through howling winds and a driving rain / snow storm into town to pick up an "athletic build", 40 year old who wanted to have his first experience with a man.   He'd been messaging me for a few weeks on  He turned out to be exactly as his profile described, aboriginal, smart and with an "athletic build."

As it was too late to drive back to my house, I ended up sucking him off in my Toyota, parked in a dark parking lot near a busy street.  It was fantastic to get close to a man again, however briefly; to have some physical contact with a man. 

I had an insane craving to suck cock and despite the contortions, it was the best backseat blowjob I ever gave, even better than last year's episode when a fat-cocked guy and I almost got caught by a suspicious neighbour. 

He was perfect, with a beautiful pair of balls, slightly low-hanging so I could get easily get them into my mouth and ample foreskin for me to play with with my tongue and lips   His beautiful, uncut 7" cock was the perfect length for ramming into the back of my mouth without gagging.

And from his moaning and verbal prompting, he enjoyed it enormously as well and declared it his "best ever' blowjob, his first from a man, he claimed.  I thought: "Dude!   Of course I'm better than a woman!! 

He wanted to suck my cock, too, but as  a teacher, I'm not too keen on taking my pants off in public places;   a real career-ender if caught!  But he gave me my best-ever handjob with lots of silicone lube ... I didn't cum but I gave him "A" for effort. 

When I dropped him off, I said that if he wanted "round two" in an actual bed, he need just call me and we exchanged numbers.   And the next day, his pof profile was deleted! 

I'm fairly sure this means that he found his first M2M experience a bit overwhelming and will not be contacting me.  But I couldn't say for sure.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TMI: Ya gotta have friends!

TMI is a weekly feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.   I always enjoy answering the questions but some of them require much more soul-searching than others.
I have a clear idea of who a true friend is versus what I call "good-time acquaintances."   I have very few true friends (but hope to find some more) and quite a few good acquaintances.

TMI: You gotta have friends.
1. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?   No. In my early childhood, I had lots of real kids to play with; primarily, my brother, a cousin who lived nearby and the four kids who lived next door.

2. Are you still friends with your BFF or anyone from your youth? My best friend, RB, was born in the same week as me in 1962 we were neighbours for the first two decades of our lives. We've been endlessly-supportive friends ever since; through the deaths of both his parents before he left high school (one from cancer, one from a heart attack), my years as a cancer patient, our marriages and births of children (3 for me, 2 for him) and now, both of our divorces.

Due to our various life dramas and the fact that I spent most of my 20s living thousands of miles apart, at times we haven't seen enough of each other.  But this situation has improved recently.

3. Who is your best friend now? RB, my best friend mentioned above.

4. Do have same sex friends of the opposite orientation? Yes, my friend RB is straight. I have a number of "good -time acquaintances" who are all straight as well.

 5. Ex's as friends?  Presently, my ex-wife and I are not friends but she has mentioned several times that she hopes to be one day. That is dependent on her shedding her bitterness and anger towards me and dealing with her own emotional and mental health issues.
Frankly, I doubt that we will ever be friends. Given her history of erratic behaviour, I can't imagine ever trusting her.

I don't really have an "ex" who was a gay man, but I do have a few guys who I hooked up with who I do non-sexual things with, such as going on a hike.
6. Do you have any non-human BFFs?  I've been extremely close to two dogs (now deceased) whose lives revolved around me, especially towards the end. Studies show that dogs can experience real love towards a human but I'm not sure this actually qualifies as "friendship" according to my definition of the word.

7. Are you friends with any relatives? For the first +30 years of our lives, my older brother was my best friend.... we were inseparable and are stilll highly compatible. But my ex-wife started a major conflict with my brother and his wife which made this extremely awkward. My brother and I talk a bit more now but his wife still seems to be hostile towards me so thus remains a gap in my life.

My father (79) is another best friend right now; we discuss every detail of our lives and look to each other for mutual support and advice. One exceception: although my father knows that I'm gay, I don't plan on discussing my hookups with him.

My father was extremely critical of me in my youth but he has mellowed hugely in old age, especially after I had cancer and after my coming-out and divorce drama.

8. Friends at work?    My closest confidant is a teacher colleague (a straight man) to whom I told every detail of my gay / coming-out / divorce journey. Mike gave me invaluable support regarding my wife's erratic behaviour and told me countless times: "Don't over-react. _ _ _ _'s a good person; she will change her mind in a couple of days."

I presently work with the most fantastic, funny, supportive, dedicated group of friends / teachers ever.  Some days, we leave school with our cheeks aching from laughing so much.   Please read the blog "Welcome to the Middle Ages" and Robert's excellent answer to #8 regarding the cameraderie which can exist between teachers.   He gets it!

9. What's your Facebook number? I'm not on Facebook, thank goodness!

10. What's the worst thing a friend has ever done to you? Are you still?  Maybe I am looking at the past through rose-coloured glasses, I can't think of a single example.  I think it's a hold-over from my days as a cancer survivior but my life motto is: "Don't sweat the small stuff."   And I always add..."Except for your health, it's ALL small stuff."

A true friend would never do anything like that to a friend. If anyone treated me badly, I would conclude that they weren't a true friend and take the advice of my grandmother who would have said: "Let shit go!"   I wouldn't have spent another moment worrying about it.

Friends with benefits?
I would welcome having a friend with benefits but so far, a suitable candidate has not yet emerged, in terms in availability, sexual compatibility and someone who I find sexually attractive / skilled. But I'm not sure if such a relationship would work if / when the parties became emotionally involved. 
I've had many, many married men (on want to establish a "friends with benefits" relationship with me. They're looking for a buddy to go golfing, fishing and hunting with, and having sex on the side. If that means I'd have to pretend I was straight in the presence of his wife and children, I say "No thanks!"

Monday, November 18, 2013

Boot fetish

Because of some doggie drama,  I am writing this post in our public library during my lunch break.  I haven't yet tried posting using my Smartphone.

What I find remarkable is that our library computers are "unfiltered" or totally uncensored.  This means that  I was looking online for pictures of naked men in a publicly-funded space.   Note:  a privacy screen was in place and no one was nearby.

The library adminstrators and our city council have held firm to the principle of non-censorship for our library and I understand this practice is standard for Canadian public libraries.  I've fairly sure that this degree of freedom would not exist in many countries in the world or even in parts of the USA.  

My son's dog (Toby), an energetic 2-year old border collie has become increasingly attached to me in recent months and has become somewhat jealous of our other dogs. 

Since my son has started his part-time job, I have the pleasure of taking her for long walks, early morning and after school.  I walk in the wilderness along an abandoned railway track for about 30 minutes while she runs free, wild with excitement.

Yesterday, she was sitting on the back of the couch while I was lying on the couch with my laptop on my chest.  I reached down to give my own little dog a boost as he wanted jump up to be petted.  Most unusually, Toby growled and lept onto my little dog, pushing him and my laptop off the couch.

I caught the laptop just before it hit the floor and separated the snarling dogs but in the meantime, the power cord became wrapped around Tobi's leg and became damaged.  A new cord is on order but for now, I will be laptop-less for at least a week.  :-(

I am wearing boots today at school just to tease the Boot Fetish Student teacher who I posted about yesterday.  I'll post a booted picture of me another day.

We run into each other in the staff room and at the photocopier but we haven't spoken or even acknowledged each other.  He gets all pink-cheeked and flustered when he sees me and I just have to smile at that.   Sweet!  And a lot of fun!

But, my lunch period is nearly over, so I must cut this short.  I'm sure that there will be other boot-fetish developments to report, eventually.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Work, work, work

I'm really enjoying these gay GIFs!

My school's achievement night was this week, where a few hundred students received academic awards.   My job was to tidy myself up (ie: bush my hair and put on a  suit and dress shoes) and greet the several hundred parents as they arrived.

To my surprise, we found out that my son was to be one of the attendees for honour roll and for being the top student in the technical department where he was described as a "superstar." This meant that my ex-wife would be attending and that we would have our first face-to-face encounter in over six months.

In the end, I chickened out and did a last-minute swap with another teacher.  I spent the evening organizing students in a back room. I couldn't bear to be looked at with the anger and bitterness that is still in her eyes.  Face-to-face encounters remain extremely difficult and our phone conversation are only slightly less so. 

In fact, things are going so smoothly that we rarely have the need or desire to even text or e-mail.  Since my son is officially living with me full time (for now), she has even stopped sending annoying texts which second-guess my parenting decisions such as: "Why is he out so late?  and "Why was he absent for period 5 three days ago?"


Otherwise, there is little else to report:  my focus these days is to keep up with my school work which is always a challenge, and to keep pushing ahead with my big renovation project.  All work and no play makes Buddy Bear a horny boy, craving skin-to-skin contact and sweet kisses with a man.
I have not logged onto for three months because I just don't have the time to spend cruising online or to hook up with anyone.  But I'll be able restart my hookup life soon! 

But I have been  receiving flirtatious texts from the "boot fetish" student teacher who is now doing his placement at my school. These sexy conversations happen in the evening and we take care not to flirt at school.  A most interesting development! 

I mentioned him briefly in the last paragraph of  this post..  I'm sure there will be much more to report about him later.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

TMI: Have you been caught?

Too Much Information is a regular feature of Sean of Just a Jeep Guy which I look forward to each week.    As an aside, it's been nearly two weeks since I've had a cock in my mouth like this and it's driving my insane!   Soon!!

TMI: Have you been caught?

Throughout my entire growing-up period and into my adulthood, I was very much a goody-goody type of a person. I never did anything bad. 

But all my good behaviour was never acknowledged by my parents and I grew up with a great deal of parental disapproval and criticism.  Despite this, I never had anything resembling a teenage rebellion and I still regard myself as a really good person.

Lying?   I don't tell outright lies, but my close colleagues have accused me (with some justification) of embellishing the truth, mainly when I'm  telling them amusing stories about my gay love life.   

I often "lied by omission" to my wife during our marriage because she was so angry and micromanaging.   Rather than getting into an argument, it was so much simpler if something needed to be done, I just would do it without telling her and deal with the consequences later.

I don't think I am a very good liar anyway;  I just can't do it.   The truth is always written all over my face.

Stealing? I don't steal things of any value and I never have. I'd be afraid of getting in trouble!   However, I do take items from lost-and-found boxes fairly regularly but usually after the item has been abandoned for an extended period of time.

Cheating? I was a very strong student and saw no reason to cheat on examinations. Anyway, I would have been too worried about being caught. Once in grade 9, I wrote some crib notes on my eraser for at test. I never did look at the cheat notes because the simple act of writing fixed the information into my memory. But I felt horribly guilty about it anyway.

I was never unfaithful during my marriage, meaning, I was never intimate with another person.  But my wife regarded me looking at online pictures of naked men as "being unfaithful."  
I could never be unfaithful to my future partner, either.  I could never live with the guilt  and besides, I would sure to be found out.

Hiding? Not since playing hide-and-seek as a child.

Looking? Every time I go out in public, I check out every man who is reasonably attractive, which is a very wide range.  In the grocery store or Homo Depot, my focus is always the men rather than the shopping itself.   

I sometimes lock eyes with them and invariably the men notice me looking.   They'll glance at me and then I look away.  I might get in trouble doing this one day, I suppose, but so far no one has called me out on this.  

Peeking?  I peek all the time;  at the beautiful, flopping young cocks in the communal shower room at our local swimming pool / fitness facility and at the mouth-watering bulges in jeans, track pants or suit pants everywhere else.   To my knowledge, I've never been caught.

Eating?  No, although I very often break our school's strict "no food in classroom" rule and eat in class which the students aren't allowed to do.   (The gay boys in the class always want to know what I'm having for lunch!)  I am so busy that I sometimes don't have time to each during our lunch period.

Singing? I often whistle or hum while I am working around the house. I'm sure my kids have heard but they rarely comment on it.

On camera?   Not that I'm aware of.   But when I ran my first full marathon at 40, I finished the last 10 miles shirtless and wearing only nylon shorts.  Numerous spectators snapped pictures of me as I ran passed and I wondered "Why?  What are they going to do with a picture of me?"

Between a rock and a hard place?  Like most people, I've been in very difficult, seemingly-hopeless situations such as during my cancer treatment, my coming-out / divorce and even some of my marathons.  

My philosophy is to persevere and push my way through every adversity.   Sometimes that just means putting one foot in front or the other or just getting out of bed in the morning.

BONUS: In the act?  In the days of giving blowjobs in the back seat of car  (ie:  last year), it was a miracle that I wasn't caught but I came close a few times which I posted about. 

During the sexless part of our marriage, 12 years or more, I jerked off daily in some private location and / or when my wife wasn't home.   I thought she didn't know but during her screaming phase of our separation, she told me that she knew what I had been doing.   Crusty cum rags left under the bed?

It was rather embarrassing, but did she really think that a man 'in his prime' could go 12 years without releasing his load?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Threesome with two rugby players

But sadly, it wasn't with me. **sniff**

I came across a months-old report of a "scandal" involving two Irish Rugby players in a  threesome with a woman.  My first reactions were:  "So....?"  followed by:  "I wish it was me!"

I should add that it seems that no sexual assault or forcible confinement was involved.  Just a sensible woman enjoying the pleasures of two muscled, testosterone-filled, masculine young guys.

I can't imagine what everyone has their panties in a bunch about.

We don't have a tradition of rugby in Canada but they are my favourite sportsmen for online perving along with water polo players.  It's their beefy thighs, masculinity and short tight shorts which do it for me.  My sexual goal is to hook up with the Canadian equivalent, a hockey player.  All testosterone, muscles and aggression!

Student teacher update:   My school has around 1,000 students and  +70 teachers.... and as of yesterday, we've added 20 student teachers who will be with us for the next five weeks.  About half of them are young men, all of whom I find attractive in some way.   But I'll be posting more about them later.

I've been enjoying working closely with my sweet, cute student teacher who I'm sure is gay .... or maybe it's just my wishful thinking.  Standing in a row with the other teachers during our Remembrance Day service at school, he stood pressed beside me (shoulders, torsos and outer thighs) and I got a semi hard-on.  Impure thoughts were racing through my mind the whole time.

In other student teacher news, two months ago, I had been contacted on by a 23 year old university student with a boot fetish, who wanted to hook up.  Later we switched to texting but we never did met;  I was just too busy! 

He knew what I looked like because my pof profile had various face pictures of me and I also told him which school I worked at.  He also send me his own face pic.

Last night at home, I was surprised to receive a text from him, the first one in months:  "Hi!  I saw you at ________ school today at the student teacher meeting?  Nice coat you were wearing!"   (I wore a black blazer for the Remembrance Day service.)

Hmmm..... interesting development!   He's now a student teacher at my school in a different department and he's still interested in me.  We won't be hooking up during his placement but flirting over the photocopier might be in order.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Random Sunday

It's mid-morning and I've haven't yet hauled my sorry arse out of  bed.  It's just so incredibly cozy ...... all three doggies have been here with me all night.   Both my son and daughter went to town last night and then slept over at friends' houses; a fairly usual routine. 

I would rather the kids not drive home late at night on the highway especially on a weekend night;  darkness, icy roads, drunk drivers and deer jumping in front of your car are not a safe combination. 

The dogs can be quite grouchy and growly with each other but each staked out his or her own territory on my bed and the night passed smoothly.  I try to sleep on my back which is better for my spinal arthritis.  My daughter's little terrier slept under the covers between my legs while his brother (my dog) slept across the top of my pillow towards my right but I make him face away from me because of his bad breath. 

My son's border collie cuddled up on my left side and at times, used my neck as a pillow.  Her unique scent wafted over me all night;  a sweet doggie smell combined with skunk with undertones of floral shampoo and Axe body spray.   We had a bit of late-night drama on Thursday night because she was sprayed by a skunk but after multiple-washes in the sauna (to avoid bringing the stink into the house), she came out relatively clean.

Yesterday, my parents joined us for my son's 17th birthday dinner which was very nice.  My parents are really starting to show their age (late 70s) so the kids and I try to see as much of them as possible each week.  This whole aging business really saddens me and I dread the day when their health really starts to fail..... as well as my own.

We ate Chinese take-out food (the birthday boy's request) and Martha Stewart's lemon meringue cake.   It was insanely delicious except we topped it sweetened, whipped cream flavoured with grated lemon rind because my son doesn't like meringue.   But every time I walk by the kitchen, I have a piece of leftover cake which won't do my ever-expanding waistline any favours.

I have several topics that I wanted to blog about but those can wait for another day.  I really need to get to work.

I'm making slow but steady progress on my house renovation.    Today, I'll be completing the electrical wiring for about 1/2 of the living room and installing a new triple-glazed window, custom-ordered to fit the existing rough opening. Very exciting!

As well, I have quite a bit more work to do on my mid-term report cards which are due tomorrow morning!  My plan is to submit them electronically tonight to avoid any last-minute technological glitches.   I have the report cards all completed, actually, but I would like to mark a couple of class sets of tests (written on Friday) and use these marks for mid-term.  I may need to adjust some comments as well.

Tomorrow morning, I have to be at school one hour early because of an early-morning breakfast meeting with the principal, all our new student teachers and their associate (supervising) teachers.  This will be a lot of fun as I plan to sit with my own student teacher who is gay and as cute-as-a-button and scope out the other young male student teachers as well.   :-)

Friday, November 8, 2013

TMI: Lost and Found

Too Much Information is a fun, weekly feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.


1. Do you tend to loose things only to find them later?
Sometimes.  But I'm getting more and more organized in my new home, with "a place for everything and everything in it's place"  The kids are getting much better at putting things back after using them.

Lack of organization made my former (married) life extremely difficult and stressful.  My ex-wife was (and is) highly A.D.D. and was constantly losing things.  Then she would get angry, blame everyone else and would start yelling.  At one point, she had lost seven sets of keys for our car!

2. Have you ever gone "shopping" in the Lost and Found?  Sean, fess up!  Did you write this question with me in mind?  I blush to admit that I regularly sometimes help myself to clothing from lost-and-found boxes.  I put the items aside for a couple of years before wearing them, lest the original owner spots me wearing his shirt.

It's especially exciting to nab a pair of spandex shorts or nice undies because I can imagine the hot guy (and even hotter cock) who filled them out before me.

A grade 12 student once asked me in front of the whole class:  "Hey, Sir, where'd you get the cool shirt?"    (I was wearing a T-shirt which I'd stolen from the lost-and-found.  It had picture of  a skull wearing headphones with the caption:  "Bosch speakers will turn your brain to mosh")

I answered with a shrug:  "I don't know.   I think I stole it from a lost-and-found box."   The class thought I was joking and laughed heartily at this, but little did they know, I actually had stolen it!

3. Has a dog or other pet "followed" you home?  No, but I'd be a real softie for any dog in distress.

4. How are you at finding a bargain?  I'm excellent at getting the best value for my dollar. This is especially important now that I'm so cash poor after my divorce.  But my best money-saving strategy is to repair the old item, make it do or do without. 

5. How many times have you lost your wallet?  Never.  I haven't used a wallet in 20 years.

6. How do you find the time?  The biggest challenge in  my life right now is not having enough time to do everything I want or need to do.  I try very hard to not waste my time doing things which don't matter.

7. Have you found your soul mate? Do you think you ever will?   I`m not sure whether or not I`ve met my soul mate.  But I`m an eternal optimist, so I am certain that he will emerge one day.

8. Do you have a lost love? No.

9. When did you lose your innocence?  When I was nineteen (in 1982), I was diagnosed with a stage III malignant melanoma which had metastasized widely.  My doctor said it was a "massive involvement." 

Over the following six months, I had a couple of recurrences, several radical surgeries and months of radiation treatments. 

After my cancer treatments and surgery, I was weak, nauseous and in pain but tougher than ever.   I had no expectation that I would ever live to see 21. 

I learned that bad things can happen to good people and that you sometimes have very little control over what happens to you.  I also felt wise beyond my years and far more mature than many people much older than myself.  I realized that most people spent most of their time worrying about things which don't really matter.

So every day since then has been a blessing.

When did you lose your virginity? How many times have you helped someone lose their's?
Embarrassing fact:  I lost my heterosexual virginity with my ex-wife when I was 28, just before we got engaged.

Before that, I assumed that I had a low sex drive because I did not have a strong urge to have sex with women.  It never occurred to me that men could have sex with other men.

The reality was that I was highly-sexed but only found this out twenty years later when I discovered my true calling:  having sex with men!

I lost my gay virginity at the age of 48 with a sexy, sweet 28 year-old which I posted about:  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.   I will remain forever grateful that my first gay experience was so positive, so fantastic!  It was one of the life-changing moments of my life.

I`ve helped many young men with their gay virginity problem, at least six or more in their early 20s.  I have the fondest possible memories of these sweet young men.  I posted about some of these experiences:
-Hunky 22 year old:
-22 year old gay virgin Aboriginal dude
-Hookup with a student while blindfolded

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dick Slips

I took this upskirt pic of me for my TMI:  Halloween post but only realized later that my uni-ball was hanging out the leg of my boxers.  A total accident! 

I seized the opportunity to submit the pic to  the Dick Slips blog, and it was posted.   Woo-hoo!  I feel like I've hit the slutty big time! 

Back in the 70s and 80s when men wore much shorter shorts, sightings of balls or cocks hanging out the leg of some hottie's shorts were fairly commonplace. 

High school phys. ed. classes were a treasure trove of dick slips but they were all wasted on me.  As a "straight" teen and young man, I wasn't interested in such things!

Some random comments:

1.   I met my new student teacher today.  He's originally from India and he's as cute as a button!  Beautiful smile, dark skin the texture of satin, slim and a bit shorter than me.  And he's the sweetest, gayest young man I've met in a long time.  Although we'll never hook up (professional boundaries!), it will be a very pleasant five weeks indeed.

2.  In my previous post, I mentioned that I eventually planned to be open with my son about bring men home.   I would like to clarify a few points which generated a few comments and a few concerned, private e-mails:

-I am absolutely confident that my son will have no angst about his divorced dad dating again, even with men involved.  

My kids just want me to be happy after years of a miserable marriage ... my middle daughter in particular is hoping that I will meet someone nice.  But it's too soon for me!

-I won't be explicit with any of the kids about having sex with men; no discussions about putting Tab A into Slot B.   What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.  But they'll figure it out on their own.

-I expect to invite gay friends home for non-sexual reasons (such as for dinner. kayaking or to on a  hike) and there is no reason not to be open about this with the kids.  These friends would be gay guys who I am not hooking up with, such as my former fuck buddy or the guy I dated in the winter.

-I would never actually bring a 24 year old like Big Red home for a sleepover if my son was home that same night.  It would be extremely weird to share our morning routine with someone that was only a few years older than my kids.

-Also, I'd never consider getting into an LTR with such a young dude, or even (I think) a guy in his mid-30s.   I still hope to find someone closer to my age, again, when I'm ready.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hunky blue-collar men

This was to be another "nothing going on" post as I'm spending yet another weekend working at home;  not  completely alone because my son's here.  In fact, there's a great deal going on but none of it involves being in bed with a sexy man.

My hookups are pretty much on hold because they're just too time-consuming.  Most require that I spend hours trolling on to find a willing partner, perhaps driving into town and then having sexytime for another hour or two on top of that.

As a result of my temporary state of self-imposed celibacy, I am in a constant state of lust.  I'm craving cock real bad..... just obsessed! 

I spent much time at Homo Depot, buying supplies and ogling the hottest men in town, probably straight, lean and lightly muscled, scruffy -faced, wearing work boots and filling out their jeans beautiful, both front and back.

Random comments:

1.   I have 70+ mid-term report cards to finish by week's end complete with comments, but before I even begin those, I have stacks of marking to do including three class sets of tests.  Yikes!   Marking is the only part of teaching which I don't like.

2.   My living room gutting / renovation project is going very well but is proceeding about four times more slowly than had it been new construction.  

The demolition part of the project is a challenge because everything was put together with huge spikes.  Also, the existing rat's nest of electrical wiring was a bit frightening, actually, and I've spent much time re-wiring it and figuring out which wire goes where.

3.  My ex-wife politely texted to ask if she could have the headboard of our former marital bed.   I was happy to let her have it because I am no longer using it.  I feel that it's important for us to be cooperative whenever possible because it will generate good will which will carry forward to other, more difficult situations in the future .  

The headboard was a easy thing for me to give up because I don't like the welded metal curlicues on it.  Too ornate!  But what I didn't tell her was that I sometimes need to hang onto a sturdy headboard when I'm banging some guy and this one was too flimsy.  It just didn't serve the purpose for me!

4.   My son continues to live with me full-time and shows no signs of wanting to spend time with his mother.  I'm glad he feels comfortable here;  we get along perfectly and are now closer than ever but I feel strongly that he needs to have two parents in his life.

Various people tell me that my son and his mother are going through "a phase" and that things will improve.  I think that he'll always need to keep his distance from her;  it's the only way that my son can guard against her bossy, micromanaging ways, not to mention her flashes of anger.

5.   When I do start having men over again, I've decided that I will have to have a honest discussion with my son.  While it is fine to sneak the occasional closeted, married dude into the Love Nest under the cover of darkness, there are other hookup-up guys who I would like to be more open about with my son.

For example, both Big Red and I would like to have a sleep-over here one day;   he's a fine young man (24) making his way in the world, a quality person, and it would be highly disrespectful to him for me to sneak him in as though he was some dirty little secret.

But that's another bridge to cross!


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