Thursday, November 14, 2013

TMI: Have you been caught?

Too Much Information is a regular feature of Sean of Just a Jeep Guy which I look forward to each week.    As an aside, it's been nearly two weeks since I've had a cock in my mouth like this and it's driving my insane!   Soon!!

TMI: Have you been caught?

Throughout my entire growing-up period and into my adulthood, I was very much a goody-goody type of a person. I never did anything bad. 

But all my good behaviour was never acknowledged by my parents and I grew up with a great deal of parental disapproval and criticism.  Despite this, I never had anything resembling a teenage rebellion and I still regard myself as a really good person.

Lying?   I don't tell outright lies, but my close colleagues have accused me (with some justification) of embellishing the truth, mainly when I'm  telling them amusing stories about my gay love life.   

I often "lied by omission" to my wife during our marriage because she was so angry and micromanaging.   Rather than getting into an argument, it was so much simpler if something needed to be done, I just would do it without telling her and deal with the consequences later.

I don't think I am a very good liar anyway;  I just can't do it.   The truth is always written all over my face.

Stealing? I don't steal things of any value and I never have. I'd be afraid of getting in trouble!   However, I do take items from lost-and-found boxes fairly regularly but usually after the item has been abandoned for an extended period of time.

Cheating? I was a very strong student and saw no reason to cheat on examinations. Anyway, I would have been too worried about being caught. Once in grade 9, I wrote some crib notes on my eraser for at test. I never did look at the cheat notes because the simple act of writing fixed the information into my memory. But I felt horribly guilty about it anyway.

I was never unfaithful during my marriage, meaning, I was never intimate with another person.  But my wife regarded me looking at online pictures of naked men as "being unfaithful."  
I could never be unfaithful to my future partner, either.  I could never live with the guilt  and besides, I would sure to be found out.

Hiding? Not since playing hide-and-seek as a child.

Looking? Every time I go out in public, I check out every man who is reasonably attractive, which is a very wide range.  In the grocery store or Homo Depot, my focus is always the men rather than the shopping itself.   

I sometimes lock eyes with them and invariably the men notice me looking.   They'll glance at me and then I look away.  I might get in trouble doing this one day, I suppose, but so far no one has called me out on this.  

Peeking?  I peek all the time;  at the beautiful, flopping young cocks in the communal shower room at our local swimming pool / fitness facility and at the mouth-watering bulges in jeans, track pants or suit pants everywhere else.   To my knowledge, I've never been caught.

Eating?  No, although I very often break our school's strict "no food in classroom" rule and eat in class which the students aren't allowed to do.   (The gay boys in the class always want to know what I'm having for lunch!)  I am so busy that I sometimes don't have time to each during our lunch period.

Singing? I often whistle or hum while I am working around the house. I'm sure my kids have heard but they rarely comment on it.

On camera?   Not that I'm aware of.   But when I ran my first full marathon at 40, I finished the last 10 miles shirtless and wearing only nylon shorts.  Numerous spectators snapped pictures of me as I ran passed and I wondered "Why?  What are they going to do with a picture of me?"

Between a rock and a hard place?  Like most people, I've been in very difficult, seemingly-hopeless situations such as during my cancer treatment, my coming-out / divorce and even some of my marathons.  

My philosophy is to persevere and push my way through every adversity.   Sometimes that just means putting one foot in front or the other or just getting out of bed in the morning.

BONUS: In the act?  In the days of giving blowjobs in the back seat of car  (ie:  last year), it was a miracle that I wasn't caught but I came close a few times which I posted about. 

During the sexless part of our marriage, 12 years or more, I jerked off daily in some private location and / or when my wife wasn't home.   I thought she didn't know but during her screaming phase of our separation, she told me that she knew what I had been doing.   Crusty cum rags left under the bed?

It was rather embarrassing, but did she really think that a man 'in his prime' could go 12 years without releasing his load?


  1. Good answers! Enjoyed it! And grabbed to do my own. Thanks for a fun read.

    Peace <3

  2. 12 years?! No wonder you are making up for lost time.


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