Friday, November 29, 2013

Hunks in Long Johns

It's a "brisk" -20 C (4 F) here in the  Great White North.... cold and dark!  It will get much colder here, of course, but November seems to be much more miserable than any other time of the year.   I think it's our dampness, darkness and the fact that we're still not used to winter.

Most unusually, I've taken to wearing long johns all day and all night, even at school because my classroom is pretty chilly.   My days at school are brightened by all the student teacher eye candy;  so much delicious, early 20-something manflesh everywhere I turn!

I've been getting regular, flirtatious texts from the Boot Fetish Student Teacher who I haven't really blogged about, but I'm doing nothing to encourage him.  Yesterday, he was in the staffroom when I was at the photocopier and he texted me later that I had a "voluptuous ass." lol

Another student teacher in another department (late 20s) introduced himself and asked for my name. Interesting!  His face is pretty unattractive, actually, but he is very good to his tight(ish) jeans with swoon-inducing curves around his inner thighs, ass and bulge.  As I explained to to great amusement of my straight colleagues, you might see ugliest man in the world but you can never tell what magnificent treasure he's carrying around in his pants.

But otherwise, I am dreading an upcoming showdown with my ex-wife but I'll seek advice about that in an upcoming post.  It's a situation regarding money (of course!) which the kids tipped me off too last summer but it's just been building ever since so now I have to take a stand.

My problem is that she's out of my life, but not far enough out. With my ex's aggressive personality, there is no way to be just a little bit friends with her;   she will just bulldoze her way in and take over. I'm pretty much at a point where I want NO contact at all with her;  no texts, e-mails or phone calls, even on parenting matters.

But for now, bring on the hunky men in long johns and union suits. 


  1. oh my; they leave nothing to the imagination!

    currently 30F at 7:30a here. positively tropical, eh? ;-)

    1. You're sounding like a real Canadian, eh?

    2. you rub off on me (but not in THAT way); PS - go check out my dance party post, it's CANADIAN!

  2. I've only worn long underwear (separate top/btms) when skiing. I would imagine that they require extra room - I think I'd need bigger clothes.

    It's so interested that we find long john so sexy when you compare them to the latest underwear trends.

    As for you ex, the nothing option probably won't be until your kids are no longer either of your's financial responsibilities. Maybe it'll help to remember just how far you've come and that no so long ago, to be at this point, seemed an impossibility.

    1. My own clothes are pretty roomy so wearing long johns keeps my pants from sliding down.

      I rarely wear my union suits as they are so hard to ... er... do your business in. They're used if I'm spending a day out in the cold, skidooing or ice fishing.

    2. And Sean, thanks for putting everything in perspective regarding my ex. I'll blog more about this later.

  3. OK, you DO realize that when another man contacts you with the message "you have a voluptuous ass" he's sending unmistakable signals, yes?

  4. Yes, Will! I made it clear in my texted response that I would never say "no" to hIm if he wanted to hook up.

    I have mixed feelings about it. He's flirtatious while texting but in person is pretty shy and awkward.

  5. Part of his attraction to you may be that you're accomplished, confident, and outgoing. He may feel a bit intimidated, while simultaneously wanting very much to be around you. The shelter of electronic media probably allows him to say things to you on line that he cannot (yet) quite manage in person. I spent a number of years in the same situation but once I came out, the very men around whom I had felt most intimidated were exactly the ones I went after and frequently got.

    1. Yes, sexy flirting is infinitely easier to do by means of texting rather than in person. I ran into Boot Fetish Student Teacher in the staffroom on Friday afternoon.

      On Friday, we said finally "hello" (in front of a large group of teachers in the staffroom) and I actually felt sorry for him. He was sooooo awkward! lol

      Everything about him spoke to his lack of confidence around men: his hunched-over posture, his cheeks turning pink downcast eyes etc. I'm confident that a roll (or two) between the sheets will improve his confidence and launch him on his exciting gay journey.

    2. Oh, you really got to me with the hunched shoulders and posture -- I WAS that boy in an earlier, deeply unhappy life (there were also deep family problems that contributed, but repressed homosexuality was the greater part of it). I take it that as long as he's a student teacher you won't be in a position -- missionary or otherwise :-) -- to roll him, if not in the hay at least in the love nest.

      But what about when he ceases to be a student-teacher? We know that you are a skilled and caring sexual mentor -- will you be able to connect with him then or does he go off somewhere else for the next phase of his career?

  6. I wore long johns to the football game Friday! It was pretty nice in the sunny stadium, but boy, get into a shadow and things chilled down very quickly.

    I second second Sean's thoughts - a true break for good will not happen until the kids aren't your "legal" financial responsibility any more. At least you were tipped off, and not blind-sided. And again, look how far you've come, and how much LESS contact you've HAD to have with her since the final paperwork was signed. I think your son has one more year of high school? And he'll be 18...I know you are looking forward to that day! (And truth be known, the kids probably are, too.)
    Peace <3

    1. Yes, my son graduates in June and will also turn 18 next year. My wife and I do have very little contact but what I really need is NO contact from her at all for a period of time. None! That will come eventually.

      I just need time to recover from the last 10 - 15 years of being afraid of her, from tiptoeing around her erratic behaviour.

      I'm still hoping that in 10 years or so, we'll be friendly enough that we can participate together in family events such the marriages of our children, the births of our future grandchildren without tension and animosity.

  7. Holy smokes! That's too cold for this kid! You should post a photo of you in long johns. :)
    City folk don't see me much!

    1. Yep.. it was chilly but right now it's a balmy 0 C.

      It was an unseasonable cold snap all across western and central Canada. It was -32 C in Saskatchewan at that time, just before the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup game.

      In the city like Toronto, long john's would never be required unless you're working outdoors all day like a construction worker. There is never any need to be outdoors for any length of time.

      I will take some pics in me in long johns soon; my older, fatter self.

      But you must check out pics of me in long johns from 2.5 years ago, HERE and also HERE

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