Sunday, December 1, 2013

World AIDS Day

Click on this World AIDS Day link to get informed and find out how to be tested.  I've never been tested for HIV or any other STD /  STI and feel horribly guilty about my cowardice.

But in the meantime, here are some pics of hotties from the  Red Speedo Blog to mark the occasion.

I've had a stressful weekend involving the latest drama with my ex-wife.  I suddenly became angry, mainly at myself, for still being afraid of her and for still having to deal with this bullshit, four years after coming out to her.

So I blasted her via text messaging and she backed down.   There's much more to this on-going drama but right now, I don't feel like thinking about it, much less blogging the story.   So here are some random thoughts for Sunday morning.

1.  Our local AIDS organization had a breakfast on Friday to mark World AIDS Day.  I purchased a ticket and was looking forward to attending.  Major "gay" events are few and far between in my town and I intend to support all of them.

Also, I wanted to show my face publicly as one of the few out teachers in town.  Everyone of importance in town would be there;  the mayor, school officials and all the local politicians.

As well, I would meet LGBTQ people I know and possibility some new ones and perhaps seek out some volunteer opportunities.

But my son was having mechanical difficulties with his truck and by the time we got them sorted out, I missed the breakfast and was nearly late to my own class!  :-)    Next year!

2.  My oldest daughter is here for the week which I deeply appreciate.  She's very diligent in dividing her time between her parents' homes although I know in the off-season, she really would prefer to remain in town.  It's pretty bleak out here in the winter and it's a much shorter drive to all her friends' homes as well as her school and work.

I really admire her work ethic.  At 21, she's fully self-funding (although she lives rent-free with her parents), attending culinary school full-time AND cooking at local fresh-food restaurant for three six-hour shifts per week.  I'm very proud of all my kids! 

3.  I got to spend the night snuggled up with my own little dog, as usual, and my son's dog who likes to sleep with her wet nose pressed up against my cheek or neck.  Sweet!  But it would be so much sweeter to have a sexy man's lips pressed up against me all night.

My son works full 8 hour shifts at KFC most weekend days as well as the odd weekday shift.  Apparently, due to staff turn-over, he's one of the main cooks there... "the reliable one."  His sisters and I still cannot picture him standing over deep-fryer all day, handling raw chicken and cleaning out the grease traps.  Too funny!

Most weekend nights, my son sleeps over in town at friends' houses;  I usually send some food with him such as a pan of lasagna or some unbaked, homemade pizzas so he's not always being a freeloader.  He hasn't had friends over here for a long time, maybe because (1) the house is under construction and (2) all his friends attend my school and some are my students which would be a bit awkward.

I hope that the fact that I'm gay isn't the reason that he doesn't bring his friends over .... that's another bridge we might have to cross, but not right now.



  1. The guy on the swing pushes just about every button and pulls every chain I have. I could get into serious trouble with him!

    1. Yes, I much prefer men like him to the skinny twinky young 'uns... although I'd never kick one of the latter out of my bed, either.

      I really liked the muscled Daddy in the first pic. I've never been to bed with a man like him. One day!

  2. Rick, you should stop being a coward, be a hero and get yourself tested. You owe it to your partners and your family.

  3. I suspect your son is living via convenience. I doubt it's you being gay that keeps him from bringing friends home. Let's face it, 5 minutes to "Jack's" house versus 45 out to the sticks - heck that's 40 more minutes of PARTY! HAHAHAHA (Or Xbox or whatever).
    Peace <3

    1. Yes, you're probably right as always. Thanks, Jay!

      Another factor might be that his friends probably don't enjoy the freedom my son has. They might not be allowed to drive the family car out on the rural highways at all hours of the night like my son is.

  4. I get regularly tested every 3 months. The first time was a week after I moved out on my own. It was difficult to do at first, now it is akin to going to the dentist. At church today our pastor mentioned that he gets tested regularly even though in a monogamous relationship. I think more to provide a good example. I don't want to build on your guilt, but you really do need to get this done. And besides, it will make a good blog entry.

  5. we are one blog closer to: "getting to zero" where this disease is concerned :)

  6. You really should get tested. I understand how you feel, I used to be like that, afraid of knowing. But it really is important to know your status and if you are poz, get it under control. When I found out I was poz my viral load was quite high due to going several years without getting tested. Luckily I had a great doctor who really educated me and helped to get me undetectable within 6 months. Education and knowledge are very important.

  7. To all those who commented on my lack of HIV testing! Thanks for your concern and for your sensible advice.

    Yes, of course I will get tested, soon! Part of the reason for for me admitting online that I'd never been tested is that it provided a great motivator and a lot of positive support to do so.

    1. Thanks Buddy, I wasn't sure if I should have said anything.


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