Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hunks in towels

First, check out these beautiful pics of hot men in towels.

My previous post on locker room hotties sure generated a lot of interest!   The American commenters mentioned the lack of nudity in their locker rooms and the contortions which young men undergo while changing under a towel.  There was much speculation that this prudishness was due to the Mormon or Puritan influence in the USA or just a constipated attitude towards sexuality.

I like to think (or hope) that Canadians are slightly more relaxed about locker room nudity and sexuality in general than the Americans, although not to the extent that Europeans are. 

But as Will pointed out, "Womens' breasts and asses can be and are exploited freely in this country but when it comes to men, the U.S. is what I call very peniphobic."

There might be other reasons for these efforts keep one's cock hidden from view.  When I was young and changing in crowded locker rooms with men of all ages, I had literally no awareness that gay men even existed.

As a slim, lightly muscled, blond and (some said) cute young teen, I must have been ogled by gay men and boys in the communal showers all the time.  Had I known I was been looked at as a sexual object, I would not have been so casual about my nudity. 

Is it possible that young men in the USA just can't handle the fact that gay men will be looking at them in the locker room?  And let's admit it, we all do.

As well, our society seems so focused on cock size, something which I don't remember ever mentioned in my youth.  (again, this may just be due to my cluelessness back then.)  Maybe the bashful young men in the American locker rooms are just worried that they don't 'measure up.' 

While I can't speak for every locker room in Canada, in my locker and shower rooms, there is full nudity everywhere you look.  Men of all ages strip fully naked while changing without exception;  no hiding under towels!

Some young men will use a degree of modesty by turning their back and offering a view of their beautiful backsides, but many side views are available too.  I regard this as the best of both worlds .... being able to (surreptitiously) check out all the merchandise in one glance, front and rear.

But I discovered that the timing of a locker room visit is of primary importance.  I went for a swim on Saturday evening after supper.  Huge mistake!  All the hunky 20-somethings and young Daddies were clearly somewhere else. 

The locker room men were mainly elderly with big bellies.  Yes, I know I will be there soon enough but I don't want to be reminded of that fact.

My main problem with the old men is that they generally parade around the locker room fully naked..... I just don't need their saggy scrotums and hairy asses in my face.  Ewww!

But I've started to suspect that some of the hot young men like to parade around the locker room themselves.  But they do it while wearing towels slung around their waists as low as humanly possible. Several hotties' towels were only help up by the base of their cock at the front and the curve of their asses in the rear.  The start of their ass cleavage was clearly visible in the rear and their pubes would have been visible as well ... if they had any pubes, that is.

Imagine him squatting on front of you with that towel slit!
One such low-slung, towel-wearing frat boy squatted down facing me in the very hot sauna to be in the cooler air near the floor while I sat on the top bench.  His thighs were spread wide, causing a large side-slit in his towel to open and revealing his lightly-muscled thigh, his cock covered only by inches of towel.  The sight took my breath away.

Exhibitionist tendencies?  Perhaps not;  it's probably just my over-active imagination at work. 
Master of the low-slung towel.


  1. The Master of the low-slung towel is one of my favorite pics - I luv his....smile. Ya, that's it. His smile.

    As for the frat boy, I'm sure he gets off on being a live-selfie. And what we do know for sure is that a certain Canadian blogger is a voyeur! ;)

    1. I wondered if he was doing it deliberately. Not sure as he made no eye contact at all.

      There were also two other men on the top bench, attractive, late 30s.

      What I know for sure that I was crazed with lust watching him. :-)

  2. It's pounded into young men's brains in the US that the cock and balls are 1. Private, 2. Dirty. School districts can no longer force showers on students after gym classes because "some one might see little Johnny's penis." Is it any wonder they go through contortions to stay covered in locker rooms? Actually, I find it all rather sad. Anyway...

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas. May it be a day of wonder and joy for you and yours!

    1. Sad is right! I hear (by eavesdropping in class) that my students (gr. 11 and 12 boys) get naked together in the communal showers in the boys' change room.

      This happens after team sports but less often after regular phys ed.classes. They seem very comfortable with their nakedness ... and the usual teenage boy pranks and hijinks happen.

  3. What memories your post brought back. As a young boy I was painfully shy about my body. I would never even dream about being shirtless except in front of my immediate family and even then I was shy about it.

    In Jr. High, 7th grade, we all were required to take PE class, and required to shower afterward. Coach Kingsbury would occasionally stand at the end of the lockers with his roll book in hand, enforcing the rule.

    I was shy and didn't want to do it. Prepubescent and small, it was so embarrassing, but no body else really cared. I'm sure most everyone was too self conscious to pay any attention to me.

    Three years of Jr. High PE class, and then two of High School Swim class, and changing with other guys became no big deal.

    Now I've become shameless, and drop my pants at the drop of a hat; at the doctors, changing around friends and family and of course my frequent hook ups.

    1. I'll bet you "drop your pants at the drop of a hat" No kidding! You slut! lol

  4. Hi buddy! Sorry to disagree, but from my experience in the gym and especially at the baths, lots of men are shy. The Americans are more open to nudity than Canadians. Sometimes it looks like we are not shy but I see lots of them. The guy with big smile and low hanging towel is a porn star, whatshisname! LOL Have a good Christmas!

  5. Well, you have way more experience than me so you must be right!

    I wonder, are these non-shy Americans ones you've observed in Toronto? People behave very differently when they're in a foreign country.

  6. Oh no, not all. I am sure you see some from Toronto who are not shy. Also I have seen guys like you, buddy, from other cities visiting and let it all hang out. Sometimes when I meet a big exhibitionist I try to ask where they are from. Most time it's from out of town.
    But here is an interesting observation ... When they are from Canada visiting, and they live in the middle of no where, they really want to get naked and be with men. Be so gay! I can understand that

    1. Yes, I can completely relate to that. Small town can be hard places to be gay. There are no gay opportunities for gay fun.

  7. I have never noticed young guys my age being shy in the locker room in high school or college. Perhaps it's a regional thing, or maybe age differences inspire shyness

    1. That's good to know! I would wonder what country or region you live in.

    2. I went to high school in the rural Midwest u.s. And college in a mid sized city. High school was in a pretty conservative area, college in a pretty liberal one

    3. Thanks! It's interesting that the young guys are less consitpated about nudity than their parents. Excellent!

      I hear that the boys at my school are equally casual about locker room nudity.

  8. ahahahaha Come in Italy :)
    I enjoyed the photos and the post. Certainly here in Italy is quite different, the boys are all naked and always in spoiatoio. Long walks between the lockers in front of the mirror or lens showers. Very similar to the photo you see here.
    It' a good a lookout for the eyes after the workout in gym and without peniphobic :))

    1. Thank you for commenting! An Italian reader: very exciting! Yes, I hope to visit Italy on my first European trip.... for the food and most importantly, for all the hot men. :-)

  9. I still remember walking down the hallway. My mother seeing me totally naked...And I was told it was towel time.....But it always bug me. That my Dad and sister could always run around totally naked..... Today I love running around naked.....No problems, in the towel dept.....PS..... Some one told me my mother didn't like looking at my circumcised penis....

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