Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hot men cooking

This post is decorated with some sexy pics from Hot Men and Food.
Boot Fetish Student Teacher has taken to texting me many times each day, sometimes to ask for teaching advice and often, just to flirt.  We've said "hello" a few times at school;  he's very sweet and quite awkward but is getting more brave is seeking out contact with me, however fleeting.

Early Friday morning, he unexpectedly showed up to volunteer at our school Breakfast Club.  I was the teacher in charge and I had mentioned earlier in the week (in a text) that I would be there.  When he walked in, I smiled and thought, "Oh, my!"

My inner-city school has a large population of students who come from difficult situations;  broken homes, criminal activity, poverty, substance abuse, physical abuse and neglect are commonplace.

We also have numerous young students from isolet communities (no road access) in the far North who leave their families behind to live in poorly-supervised boarding houses.  Some of our students come to school without having eaten breakfast and go all day without access to food.

The teachers and support staff have operate a breakfast programme to help these kids .  We get minimal funding which is supplemented by school fundraising, volunteer labour and by teachers contributing their own food to the cause.

Every weekday, a teacher (or two) and many student volunteers show up 1.5 hours early to prepare a hundred or more small servings of one different offering each day;  muffins, scrambled egg wraps, yogurt-and-fruit parfaits and even pizza.

Due to the stigma of poverty, even the hungriest of teenagers would never come to a specific room for a "free breakfast."

To overcome this, all the food is loaded onto several carts and precisely at 9:15 a.m, student volunteers circulate around the school hallways and students freely help themselves.  The food just disappears!!!

As I mentioned in my Kiss the Cook post, I love to cook, so I really enjoy the challenges of cooking for our Breakfast Club. The offerings must be:
  • extremely cheap
  • peanut allergen-free
  • in compliance with the "Healthy Food in Schools" legislation
  • easily prepared by unskilled teenaged cooks in very little time
  • mainly items which can be eaten from a paper napkin 
  • and of course, absolutely delicious.... something will delight our teenaged eaters
Each weekday is covered by a different teacher (or pair of teachers) and we compete in coming up with inventive, affordable workable food ideas and offer each other constant support and encouragement.  It's so much fun!

After Friday's Breakfast Club, I received a text from the Boot Fetish Student Teacher:

maybe I'll help out next time you're cooking haha ;-)  i sucked at wrapping those burritos this morning.  fail!

I think he wants me.  :-)


  1. Yes, of course he wants you!!!! If you were not same sex, would it be a problem for a hookup? I'm guessing it would because he is a student teacher. Another question that just occurred to me. I know full fledged teachers may date. Have there been any same sex datings between teachers that you have heard of? Any would you consider it if a suitable candidate were to present themselves?

  2. There are no barriers to us hooking up once his placement is over. He's not my student teacher and never will be (different subject areas) so I'll never do his evaluation.

    I know of many teacher-couples who met on the job. It is irrelevant whether they are same sex versus opposite sex teacher hookups. No one cares!

    I know of one lesbian teacher-couple who initially hooked up after meeting at school.

    All the out gay male teachers I know are already partned (with men).

    There is a active but closeted teacher at my school. For various reasons, I wouldn't date him if he were the last gay man on the planet. But I know that he'd like to "do" me. :-)

  3. That is so cool. Wouldn't happen here yet of course. I know 2 educators from church. One who is recently partnered. Lives quite distance away so I don't get to talk to him much. I know last year he was still closeted. He has moved so I don't know if he is still in education. I would love to have the time to talk with him again. He did seem so happy last time I saw him with new guy. The other fellow I don't know very well, but he is an 8th grade teacher somewhere and he and his partner have to adorable adopted boys. I would have to assume that it is a private school and knows about his situation. So progress is being made. And then last night while helping my friend at the bar across the street, I met this fellow who I really think wanted to talk about being gay. Shy and said something about not knowing it was a gay bar etc. I was working so I didn't get the chance, but he may be back on Wed.

    1. I hope you see him again. It's great that you're becoming a gay mentor to other men who are just beginning their journey.

    2. I hope so as well. I have kind of mentored some married gays as well. Discussing the concept of coming out for example. I haven't met one yet that doesn't at least consider the idea. As I have said, I hope that it is coming to an end to have to even live in a closet. Most cannot see themselves as coming out of course but I think a few very well might if just a few things in their lives change. For example, one friend said he couldn't tell his family (mom) or work (very redneck). Well, his sister outted him to his mom. And his job is shutting down so now he is thinking about it when he changes jobs. BTW, his mom was fine with it. Thankfully

  4. what does want to use to wrap your "burrito"? (tee hee)

    1. Oh anne marie! Your mine is there all the time!

  5. Love your hot males in the kitchen photos -- sausage and buns seem to head the menu!!

    What you and your fellow teachers do for needy students is admirable. There would probably be impediments to our teachers doing something similar here -- union restrictions or health rules about non food-certified personnel giving out food, etc., etc.
    It sounds like you give them really good breakfasts -- bless you all.

  6. Thanks, Will! You're very kind. I must confess that I'm a johnny-come-lately to the Breakfast Club. It was only when my son got his own truck that I could arrive that early to school.

    Yes, I am enormously proud of my colleagues; dedicated and caring professionals, all. Their concern for students extends far beyond this example. Some will bring double lunches to school: "I'm too full to have this sandwich... do you want it?"

    Other programs exist for teachers and others to donate clothing, shoes and in particular, winter hats and mitts to students to arrive at school with their ears half frozen off.

  7. That's really awesome that you all do that. Hunger is a huge factor in student achievement - if they're hungry, they don't. Here, we have federally funded school breakfasts, especially in elementary schools, though our middle and high schools serve breakfast, too. And since everyone pays with cards loaded up on the web, no one knows who is getting free or reduced prices!

    I'm really surprised you are allowed to have student cooks in a school kitchen! That would squash any attempt to duplicate what you are doing here! OMG! The horror! The possibility of liability!

    It's wonderful you're helping the students in such a fine way. And maybe when Flirty boy gets done student teaching, you can teach him a few things!

    Peace <3

    1. It's interesting to hear about all of the funding for school breakfasts. That doesn't exist here, as far as I know.

      The students cook in the Foods Classroom which is the teachers' domain. Anyway, it has four fully-equipped kitchens so it is the ideal space for the students to cook.

      Canada is an infinitely less litigious society than the USA. The thought of being sued would have never crossed our minds.

  8. such remarkable backsides these fellows have.

    1. Oh, Dr. Spo! Get your mind out of the gutter!! (lol... just kidding)

      Except for the first guy, my ass is as juicy (shapely... voluptuous) as the rest of the men except my waistline is no longer as slim.

  9. LOL I got distracted by all the hot pics in this post. Had to read it three times!!


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