Friday, December 27, 2013

TMI QUESTIONS: Happy New Year 2014!

These TMI QUESTIONS are a regular, fun feature from Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.   Happy New Year 2014! No resolutions! Just your best hopes and wishes for 2014!

1. Entertainment... I pray that Justin Bieber's and Miley Cyrus's fifteen+ minutes of fame will end.  Or failing that, could someone just give them a smack in the head and smarten them up?  They both make me nauseous.

2. Politically ..... I look forward to conservative Prime Minster Stephen Harper losing the election in October 2014. But the thought of getting Liberal leader Justin "pretty boy" Trudeau as our next Prime Minster is almost as scary.

"Charisma without substance."  Trudeau is so vacuous, sometimes I just want to tell him: "Shut the fuck up!" during his rambling and stupid statements to the media.
3. Globally... I'd like the world to make significant progress on global warming but I fear it might be an unsolvable problem.

4. Personally... I need to push ahead with my exciting new post-divorce life.  Lately, it's been mired down in quicksand as my ex-wife's bitterness seems to have worsened, complete with much oppositional behaviour and abusive texting.  I haven't blogged much about this but we are heading for a big blow-out in the next few weeks and I hope, an end to most communications between us.

5. Friends... I'll continue to make more of an effort with the friends that I do have.... and to try my hardest to widen my circle of friends, in particular with gay men my age. That may be a challenge;  I've been told many times, "This is a hard town to be gay in."

6. Family... I will continue to be there for my three kids and to be enormously proud of their achievements as they all work towards independent careers.

7. Your Suggestion... Although I can't really afford it, I plan / hope to do some traveling this year on my own; details to follow.  I need an adventure!

Bonus:  Sexually... As soon as I'm not spending ALL my time working on renovations and my house is no longer a construction zone, I plan to resume hooking up with hot men and soon, I hope!!  But I would also like to get a regular, compatible Fuck Buddy or two for a bit of sexual continuity.

In 2014, I need to improve my anal skills, both as a top and in particular, as a bottom. As well, I hope to have a "proper" threesome or more-some and expand my sexual repertoire in other ways as well.

PS:  these pictures of naked dudes in the snow are giving me some self-pic ideas.....


  1. I'm shocked! You know who Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are!

    Do I remember you saying that your wife suffers from, in addition to everything else, Seasonal Affective Disorder? Maybe that's what causing this big up swing. That and how well your life is progressing and how independent and grownup your children are becoming.

    That last guy posed in a position that makes his body look so perfect. I'd love to see more of it.

    1. You're a funny guy! While it's true that I could NOT identify a single song of theirs, no one could avoid seeing those two douchbags* on every magazine cover and countless websites.

      * a perfect word for them, borrowed from anne marie's comment!

      Yes, my wife's behaviour has always been at her worst and craziest during December but I always assumed it was due the insane pressure she put on herself in the Christmas rush. It happened every year of the 19 that we were together, even we were happily married.... she sucked the fun out of Christmas every year.

      And yes, I LOVED that last pic. Fantastic body, great pose ... and the winter landscape reminds me of my area.

  2. Yeah, I feel like my life suffers from a wrecking ball too. Makes me turn off the radio, PRONTO.
    Take care mate and I hope it all turns out for you, and you will realise who your real friends are.

    1. Thanks, Justin, for your kind words. Although my ex claims that she "wants us to be friends", I have figured out that she is not my friend and probably never will be.

      All my real friends have been awesome throughout my coming-out and divorce.

  3. I heard that Bieber was "retiring" from music! WOOHOO!!!

    As to those men in the they NUTS? HAHAHAHA

    Come on down south on your adventure! Love to host you here!

    Peace <3

    1. Thanks, Jay. No, those hot men in the shown are hardy Northerners not troubled by a few moments of chilliness, not wimpy types from the South.. lol Anyway, I'm sure they're only in the snow for a few moments, just long enough to snap the picture.

  4. this is a lovely meme and I enjoyed reading your responses. I hope 2014 is a groovy year for you. Meeting you in 2013 was one of its highlights for me.

    1. Thanks, Dr. Spo, for your kind words. Meeting me was a highlight? WOW!!! Surely you are overstating the case, but thanks again!

      It was greatest pleasure meeting you and Someone but that was over-shadowed by the fact that we live so far apart and won't meet as often as I'd like. If we lived in the same town, I know we'd be good friends, not just online ones.

  5. hmmmmmmmm, buddybear in the snow...(smacks lips in anticipation)

    perhaps miss justine and miss miley should be put in a cage and be forced to fight to the death of BOTH of them. douchebags both ways!

    1. The idea of a "Buddy Bear in the snow" pic was just me thinking out loud. Now I'll really have to do it!

  6. You didn't mention a relationship in 2014. The fact is that married men such as myself expect everyone else in the world to be married too. Have a great 2014 and hope you make it down to my neck of the woods.

    1. I'm certain that I will get married one day to some sweet, sexy, compatible and kind man who loves me deeply and treats me well .... and I of course would reciprocate all of that with him.

      But I could NOT imagine getting seriously involved with another person at this point. I'm still "in recovery" from my marriage and divorce; the wounds are still very raw and in fact, my ex-wife's oppositional, hating behaviour has been picking up recently.

      I still need to disentangle myself from her completely and spend a period of time (years?) savouring my single-hood.

      Having said all that, I might just meet Mr. Perfect sooner than I expect, if only due to the fact that I am NOT looking for him. And I would be open to that possibility as well.

  7. And that bottom thing is a great goal. There are never enough :)

    1. Well, I do bottom but I'm pretty wimpy about it and I have a definite cock size limit which I will definitely not cross. I'd like to become a "Power Bottom", whatever that is!

      In my town, there seems to a critical shortage of tops. It seems everyone is looking for one; I've been pressed into service in that role many times even though I've got a long to learn in that department as well.

      PS: I am scheduled to be in Toronto during the week of April 6 - 12. I hope you'll be in town then!


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