Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

It's the afternoon of New Year's Eve and I have no plans at all .... all my kids have departed for their own friends' sleepover parties so I'll be home alone with my little dog.

I could go to some club's New Year's Eve party (noisy!), arrange a hookup on squirt.org (with some stranger...meh!) or go to listen to my friend at a gig, performing with his band.  But I actually don't feel doing any of those things.  Part of the problem is that is is bitterly cold here.... -40 C (which is also -40 F) and all I want to do is stay in bed under a pile of quilts.

It's at moments like these where I could see the benefit having a special guy in my life; a sweet homebody with whom I could have a cuddly, romantic movie night.  

Tomorrow, however, I will have a gentleman caller.... or we might decide to go to his hotel room.  We connected on pof.com and we've been texting and exchanging pictures for a few weeks.  He's 44 years-old, 6'-1" and fairly average-looking but he's very experienced with men and loves to kiss.

He works in a deep shaft mine some 300 km away but is coming to our "big city" for a few days.  Woo-hoo!  I love blue-collared dudes.... they're always very masculine, nicely muscled, less uptight and more likely to be a bad boy.

As a bonus, he's Aboriginal (ie: native) .... I've always had great experiences Aboriginal men!  Details to follow.

But for now, I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year's Eve.  xoxoxoxo

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hot locker room men (Part I)

This is the commonest sight in my locker room!
It's been a pretty good Christmas, but typical of a divorced family, I've had the kids with me only for half of the time.  This makes me sad.  But then I remember how stressful and miserable our family Christmases were in the later years of our marriage due to my wife's bossy, nasty behaviour.

The present drama with her continues to worsen, frankly, but I don't want to talk about it.  But it has strengthened my resolve to completely cut off all contact with her as soon as possible.

But all three of my kids will be with me starting today for several days.  We having Christmas dinner tomorrow with my parents and I splashed out on a full beef tenderloin, which I'll cover in puff pastry in various versions, stuffed with crab, shrimp and mushroom.

The accompaniments will most likely be roasted potatoes, roasted carrots and a salad of some sort.  And I'm very excited by the planned dessert:  Martha Steward's pumpkin souffle with cinnamon creme anglais

This is an update on my previous post about all the locker room hotties at our local athletic complex.  Since I'm on my Christmas break, I've had the time to swim every day in the past week.  I'm feeling all the new muscles in my shoulders and arms, and I'm really starting to enjoy the swimming;  I love just powering through the water!

I typically swim for 30 - 45 minutes and spend another 30+ minutes in the hot tub, sauna, communal shower and locker room.  There are naked men everywhere and I find the vast majority attractive!  Cocks galore!!  Here is a summary of the types of men which I regularly lust over see.  I'll do Part II of this post later this week.

There are always many daddies swimming with their kids. Most have lovely chest hair and facial scruff; many are quite beefy.   Quite a few have full beards.  Woof!

MY BEST SIGHTING EVER!!!   A fit, late 20s dude was fully naked when I arrived at my locker.   I caught a quick glimpse his peen (nice!) but then, in a show of modesty, he turned his back to me as he continued dressing.   I almost fainted when he bent over to put on his socks.   This is the EXACT view that I was treated to. OMFG!!!!  It took my breath away.
The majority the 20-ish and 30-ish men wear Under Armour compression shorts under their workout gear, usually in black but sometimes (praise the Lord!) in white.  I just love how these shorts accentuate the curves around their asses and beefy thighs. It's even more arousing than seeing them fully naked, I think.

Perv alert!  Often the diving club is practicing while I'm swimming.  I try very hard NOT to look at one Speedo boy, probably 15 years old, who has an even more flawless body than Tom Daley at that age.  A perfect "V!" 

And given his choices in Speedos, a black one with pink stripes one day and a white / lime green one on the next (both with "micro" one inch sides), I'd guarantee that he was gay.

Friday, December 27, 2013

TMI QUESTIONS: Happy New Year 2014!

These TMI QUESTIONS are a regular, fun feature from Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.   Happy New Year 2014! No resolutions! Just your best hopes and wishes for 2014!

1. Entertainment... I pray that Justin Bieber's and Miley Cyrus's fifteen+ minutes of fame will end.  Or failing that, could someone just give them a smack in the head and smarten them up?  They both make me nauseous.

2. Politically ..... I look forward to conservative Prime Minster Stephen Harper losing the election in October 2014. But the thought of getting Liberal leader Justin "pretty boy" Trudeau as our next Prime Minster is almost as scary.

"Charisma without substance."  Trudeau is so vacuous, sometimes I just want to tell him: "Shut the fuck up!" during his rambling and stupid statements to the media.
3. Globally... I'd like the world to make significant progress on global warming but I fear it might be an unsolvable problem.

4. Personally... I need to push ahead with my exciting new post-divorce life.  Lately, it's been mired down in quicksand as my ex-wife's bitterness seems to have worsened, complete with much oppositional behaviour and abusive texting.  I haven't blogged much about this but we are heading for a big blow-out in the next few weeks and I hope, an end to most communications between us.

5. Friends... I'll continue to make more of an effort with the friends that I do have.... and to try my hardest to widen my circle of friends, in particular with gay men my age. That may be a challenge;  I've been told many times, "This is a hard town to be gay in."

6. Family... I will continue to be there for my three kids and to be enormously proud of their achievements as they all work towards independent careers.

7. Your Suggestion... Although I can't really afford it, I plan / hope to do some traveling this year on my own; details to follow.  I need an adventure!

Bonus:  Sexually... As soon as I'm not spending ALL my time working on renovations and my house is no longer a construction zone, I plan to resume hooking up with hot men and soon, I hope!!  But I would also like to get a regular, compatible Fuck Buddy or two for a bit of sexual continuity.

In 2014, I need to improve my anal skills, both as a top and in particular, as a bottom. As well, I hope to have a "proper" threesome or more-some and expand my sexual repertoire in other ways as well.

PS:  these pictures of naked dudes in the snow are giving me some self-pic ideas.....

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Nekkid Merry Christmas (Part II)

To all the readers of this blog; to those who just stop by for the nekkid pics and to my dear blogger friends who have been supporting me throughout my incredible journey:  my coming-out, divorce, my sexual exploration and now, the rebuilding of my life.  Thank you!

It would have been a sad, lonely and frightening journey without you.  I love you all!

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas full of warmth, friendship, great food, excellent health and hope for the future.

Note:  these pics were taken a few hours ago.   Please check out my nekkid-wrapped-in-Christmas-lights pics from December 2011.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hunks in towels

First, check out these beautiful pics of hot men in towels.

My previous post on locker room hotties sure generated a lot of interest!   The American commenters mentioned the lack of nudity in their locker rooms and the contortions which young men undergo while changing under a towel.  There was much speculation that this prudishness was due to the Mormon or Puritan influence in the USA or just a constipated attitude towards sexuality.

I like to think (or hope) that Canadians are slightly more relaxed about locker room nudity and sexuality in general than the Americans, although not to the extent that Europeans are. 

But as Will pointed out, "Womens' breasts and asses can be and are exploited freely in this country but when it comes to men, the U.S. is what I call very peniphobic."

There might be other reasons for these efforts keep one's cock hidden from view.  When I was young and changing in crowded locker rooms with men of all ages, I had literally no awareness that gay men even existed.

As a slim, lightly muscled, blond and (some said) cute young teen, I must have been ogled by gay men and boys in the communal showers all the time.  Had I known I was been looked at as a sexual object, I would not have been so casual about my nudity. 

Is it possible that young men in the USA just can't handle the fact that gay men will be looking at them in the locker room?  And let's admit it, we all do.

As well, our society seems so focused on cock size, something which I don't remember ever mentioned in my youth.  (again, this may just be due to my cluelessness back then.)  Maybe the bashful young men in the American locker rooms are just worried that they don't 'measure up.' 

While I can't speak for every locker room in Canada, in my locker and shower rooms, there is full nudity everywhere you look.  Men of all ages strip fully naked while changing without exception;  no hiding under towels!

Some young men will use a degree of modesty by turning their back and offering a view of their beautiful backsides, but many side views are available too.  I regard this as the best of both worlds .... being able to (surreptitiously) check out all the merchandise in one glance, front and rear.

But I discovered that the timing of a locker room visit is of primary importance.  I went for a swim on Saturday evening after supper.  Huge mistake!  All the hunky 20-somethings and young Daddies were clearly somewhere else. 

The locker room men were mainly elderly with big bellies.  Yes, I know I will be there soon enough but I don't want to be reminded of that fact.

My main problem with the old men is that they generally parade around the locker room fully naked..... I just don't need their saggy scrotums and hairy asses in my face.  Ewww!

But I've started to suspect that some of the hot young men like to parade around the locker room themselves.  But they do it while wearing towels slung around their waists as low as humanly possible. Several hotties' towels were only help up by the base of their cock at the front and the curve of their asses in the rear.  The start of their ass cleavage was clearly visible in the rear and their pubes would have been visible as well ... if they had any pubes, that is.

Imagine him squatting on front of you with that towel slit!
One such low-slung, towel-wearing frat boy squatted down facing me in the very hot sauna to be in the cooler air near the floor while I sat on the top bench.  His thighs were spread wide, causing a large side-slit in his towel to open and revealing his lightly-muscled thigh, his cock covered only by inches of towel.  The sight took my breath away.

Exhibitionist tendencies?  Perhaps not;  it's probably just my over-active imagination at work. 
Master of the low-slung towel.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Locker room hotties

This week, I treated myself to a membership at our city-owned athletic complex.  I'm pretty excited!!  Over the past thirty years, I've been there countless times for my kids' swimming lessons and birthday parties but I've never used the facilities much myself.  I was just never willing to spend money on myself.

 With my spinal arthritis, I've been advised by everyone on my medical team that regular swimming will improve the quality of my life well into old age.   No stress on my spine!

It's a large facility which is the envy of many larger Canadian cities, complete with an Olympic-sized pool, saunas, hot tubs, indoor running tracks,  workout equipment, and fitness classes of all descriptions, including many free 'drop-in' ones for members.  It's also host to various clubs such as the Masters' Swim Club although sadly, there are no gay groups.  :-(

And it's very convenient, equidistant between my home and school and only a mile from my parents' home.  I fully expect to swim every second day at least by either leaving for school and hour earlier than usual or going there afterwards.

I also expect to go there (after skiing, for example) just to shower, sit in the hot tub and to enjoy the scenery.  Also, I can go there with my troubled  friend, Dave* who is a real gym-bunny and has a membership.  I've hated working out on machines in the past, but maybe with some company and some proper instruction, I might grow to like it.

*Dave is depressed, HIV+ and is the survivor of sexual abuse by his high school guidance counselor.

A few other bonuses:  
 A:  The facility is less than a kilometer from both our local university and community (technical) college.  There are fit, university-age hotties everywhere you look.  I feel like such an old perv!

B:  The shower room is a large communal affair with shower heads all around the perimeter.  The teenaged boys never take their dork shorts off while showering, but they're too young for me to be ogling anyway.

But most of the 20-something dudes have no shyness in showering naked.  It's like real-life gay porn, looking at lean, wet bodies with soap dripping of flopping cocks and (my favourite) running down between the cleft of tight ass-cheeks.

In the locker room, there is no "changing-under-your-towel" nonsense.  All the men, even the young 'uns, strip fully naked with their cocks, balls and asses hanging out unashamedly for all the world to see. 

And I'm not just ogling the young 'uns. There are also many older hot men including lots of 30ish Daddies with beautiful furry torsos, swimming with their little kiddies as I used to do.  I think these are my favourite category of men, actually.... in their sexual prime!

There are also large numbers of very fit men in the 50 - 70 range who look very hot and are absolutely inspirational to me.  

I consider myself very lucky that I find such a wide range of men attractive.  Of my three visits there so far, I saw men ranging in age from 18 to 65 who caused a stirring in my nether regions.  The vast majority of them were very attractive.  Woof! 


Friday, December 20, 2013

TMI: Call me

Every week, I enjoy answering Sean's Too Much Information questions which he creates for his blog, Just a Jeep Guy.

1. Do you still have a land line?  Yes.  At one time, it was essential for safety reasons because I couldn't  make or receive a cell phone call or even text inside the house.  We needed a reliable phone because my son often went by boat to visit friends on an offshore island.

If some high winds blew up (which often happened), he needed to reliably contact us if he was forced to stay overnight.  But the rural cell network has been upgraded so the signal is much improved. I am seriously considering cancelling my land line.

Presently, I pay over $200 per month for phone and internet services and I can't afford it!  This is the total of my land line ($30), internet ($40), my son's cell ($50 + tax), my cell ($50 + tax) and half of my daughter's cell ($25.)   When I set up my first home in 1985, I had one phone bill:  $10:00 per month!

2. Which cell phone do you use and why?  My Samsung Galaxy III was my first SmartPhone and I love it!  But I only use a fraction of its technical wizardry so an upgrade to the latest version would be wasted on me.

3. Which provider do you use? Is there really a difference?  In Canada, there are only a couple of cell phone providers in the country and they both seem the same with regard to service and price.  This monopoly means that cell service here is the most expensive in the world. :-(

4. If you call someone and they don't pick up, do you leave a message?  Yes, always! In particular, my elderly parents really get in a dither if they receive a "hang-up" on their answering machine.  They always assume something bad has happened.

5. When you have a missed call (with no message), do you call the person back?
  No, unless it one of my children or my parents.

6. Do you text willingly or reluctantly? How are your skills?  I learned to text for the first time when arranging the hookup with a 28 year-old hottie when I lost my gay virginity.  It was well worth it!

Texting is the main way that parents now communicate with their teenagers and I'm good at it!

But I hate receiving texts from my ex-wife.  Sometimes she's polite but mainly, she's angry, bitter, oppositional, complaining or trying to micro-manage the kids.  Her texts always add stress to my life. At times, I won't receive a single text in a whole month and then, I'll get forty texts in a single day;  erratic!

My son has been urging me to block my wife from calling or texting me and I'm seriously considering it.  The implications of this would be huge and it warrants a post on its own.

7. Has your cell replaced your camera? No, but I will take the odd phone pic because it's convenient, especially if I need to get a quick record of something like a license plate number.  But if I want a quality picture to keep, I will always use my camera.

8. Selfies.... are something which I avoid taking; the extreme close-up does no favours for my haggard, worn-out face and I need to have more control of the lighting.

9. How many apps do you have? Which is your favorite and why?  I have little interest in adding apps to my phone. I rarely even use the ones the phone came with.  But I do have a weather app as well as apps for Grindr, Scruff, POF and Squirt.  The gay essentials!

10. What would life be like with no cell/smart phone for one month?  I'd hate it!  Throughout history, technology is always moving forward, never backwards.  In fact, it is impossible to go back once we've experienced the benefits of a new technology. 

How much has your cell phone become a part of your sex life? Sexting, hookup apps, selfies, video, GPS, more?

My cell phone is of primary importance in my gay sex life because all of my hookups are now arranged on my SmartPhone, using the gay hookup sites: squirt.org, pof.com and grindr.   It would be extremely difficult to arrange a hookup in my rural / small town area without my cell phone.

I take selfies with my cell phone mainly to send the hookup guy my face pic;  young dudes in particular often ask for one.  I never / rarely take cock shots.  As well, I never allow a video to be taken of me during sex despite occasional requests.  .

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nudist Erections IV

Dr. Spo recently posted about male body image issues which afflect gay men much more severely than straights.  He wrote: 

"I read several blogs which regularly post photos of stunning men, in various stages of dress (or undress). Blogs get a lot more ‘traffic’ for such posting such eye candy. They get a lot of comments too, adoring these types of men."

To that I say, "Guilty!" I love posting pictures of hot men and prefer moderately-hairy, lightly muscled men with averaged-sized cocks.  As I move forward in my blogging life, I am posting more and more pictures of hot men, most with their beautiful cocks showing or with lovely spandex bulges.

But I post these pictures for my own enjoyment, not for the blog views they generate.  But my previous blog posts with "Nudist Erections" in the title have generated more pageviews than an other, over 100,000 views in all.

As to my own body imagine, I'm generally happy with the way I look although I'm not fond of my ever-expanding waistline.  I often feel that I'm "hot," especially when I'm well-groomed and well-dressed, but I now regret not appreciating the body I had in my 20s..... and in particular, not acting on the attention I got from gay men which I scarely noticed.   

I had masses of blonde, sun-bleached hair and was very lean, with a flat, flat belly (concave, even) and  was very slightly muscled.  An experienced gay guy told me recently: "You must have been very striking 25 years ago!"  He meant it kindly.
In other exciting news, I spent the last two evenings baking some 20 dozen cookies in seven different varieties, some of which were used for a gift basket pictured at right. 

Our teaching staff raises a few thousand dollars for students in need by raffling off dozens of items every Christmas .... and the cookie basket was my contribution this year.    

As to my frozen water system, after two days of work, my water system is now unfrozen.  Woo-hoo!!  The frost line locally (for building code purposes) is 5.5 feet deep and most water systems are buried +8 feet to avoid freezing.  My water line is on shallow bedrock covered by two feet of soil which is an extremely challenging situation.

Even with heat tracing and much insulation, the line froze at the metal fitting going into the well and indoors as well, where copper piping ran against a poorly-insulated basement wall.  I made significant modifications to the piping system  (I'm so butch!) with more to follow in the summer, so I don't expect this problem to happen again.

I will post about the obscene gay e-mail I received, probably from a student another day.   But I can say that I haven't made any progress in finding hard evidence to prove my suspicious, so the whole matter may just fizzle out.  Details to follow.



Sunday, December 15, 2013


This Sunday morning post will be a quick recap of the crappiest, most stressful weeks I've had in a very long time.  I've posted some pictures of hot Speedo guys frolicking in the warm sun to cheer me up.

There were three main stressors:

Drama #1:    Last Tuesday evening, I received what I thought was an example of homophobic cyberbullying, complete with naked pictures and sent to my school e-mail account.   I was more upset about it than I let on because it was so clearly sent by a student in one of my classes.

I alerted my teacher's union president, principal and department head, all of whom were shocked and supportive of me.  Countless e-mails were exchanged.  My principal offered two choices:  (1) ignore it or (2) investigate fully and I chose the latter.

This moved the whole affair to our Board Office where a superintendent became involved and the head of computer services launched an investigation.  After some days ... surprise!!.... they discovered that google would not provide information on the sender but did offer them the option of deleting the sender's gmail account which I declined, for now.

In the meantime, I googled the gmail address which lead me to various gay porn and self-pic sites.  The sender had used the same gmail address as his login!  Not very smart!!

Then, a light bulb went off:  "OMFG!   This wasn't sent by a questioning straight boy... the sender had to be an experienced and out gay guy."   A straight boy wouldn't know what "breeder" meant and wouldn't be logging into these hard-core gay sites.

Then it hit me!  It was sent by Sam, the student who did the interpretive dance in class which I blogged
about!  Further evidence:
  •  the e-mail address starts with "dan".... sort of a code with some letters shifted on the keyboard to "sam."
  • some of the letters in his last name appear in the e-mail address, but  with other vowels inserted between.
  • Sam just turned 18 last month;  the oldest student in the class, hence the "Of Age ;)" comment.
  • His body type exactly matches the naked pictures;  hispanic colouring, shorter than me and stout.
  • Sam sits front row centre in class and is clearly infatuated with me.
  • He thanked me last week for my comment on his mid-term report card:  "A pleasure to have in class."
NOTE:   I didn't mean:  "A pleasure to HAVE ..... in class" but clearly, he misinterpreted the comment.  lol

I had to discuss all of this gay stuff yet again with my new principal, a straight family man who I barely know.  Our plan:  I will try and find more evidence to support my suspicion and if I'm successful, the principal will have a serious talk with Sam early next week.  The drama unfolds.

Drama #2:   We had a run of cold weather this week, -34 C (-22 F) which was too much for the water line running to my well.  The line froze and we've been water-less since Friday morning. That sucks big time!

The dirty dishes and laundry are piling up, but we've been able to use the toilet by hauling up pails of water, two pails per flush!  That is getting old real quick.  I've been working non-stop thawing pipes and if I'm lucky, we may have water flowing today.

Drama #3:     In the background of all this is an approaching blow-out with my ex-wife regarding kids' expenses which I haven't blogged about; I've actually been losing sleep over it.

But there are only five more school days until my Christmas vacation.... two weeks off!  Woo-hoo!!

Friday, December 13, 2013


The explicit gay e-mail which I received on my school account has consumed most of my thoughts this week.  After much online detective work, I am 95% sure who sent the e-mail.  It was NOT a malicious homophobic taunt from a goofy straight boy.

Instead, it was a serious proposition for sex from a gay student in my grade 11 class who has a serious crush on me.

He recently celebrated his 18th birthday so he decided that he was legal enough to make his move!  Could you blame him?  How could the poor boy control himself?  lol

The naked, hard-cocked picture attached to the e-mail was of the student himself.   Awkward!  But I'll blog about this fully on Sunday. 


Here's another one of Sean's Too Much Information questions which I look forward to answering each week. Sean's blog is Just a Jeep Guy.

1. Which religion or faith do you belong to, if any?  I was baptised a Lutheran but didn't attend a single church service in the following three decades.  Not one!  My parents were not church-goers and were, at times, disgusted with the hypocrites who attended church regularly but cheated, stole and lied in their personal lives.

But under my wife's influence, we were married in the Lutheran church and our three kids were baptised there.  But we haven't attended service for 17 years.  I got tired of being told, week after week, that we were a bunch of dirty sinners and that we would rot in hell.  The Lutherans are almost as bad as the Catholics!

2. What is your opinion of Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays?  Merry Christmas works for me! 

3. Holiday music on the radio? When and how much?  I don't mind hearing Christmas music throughout December in small doses. But Feliz Navidad as sung by Jose Feliciano makes me nauseous.

4. When do you start decorating? Do you?   I decorate the indoor tree in early December and keep the outdoor lights on the trees year-round, but only start to light them in early November, just to stave off the darkness.

5. White lights or multi colored? Multi-coloured all the way!  We need a dash of colour in this monochromatic winter landscape.

6. Gift cards, cash or actually shopped-for presents?   I take great care in purchasing very thoughtful presents for the special people in my life, especially for my future Mr. Right.  But the kids sometimes do appreciate cash go towards the purchase of some large item.   So, I'd say..... all of the above.

7. Christmas cards and or family update letters are... things I never send and rarely receive.  But I do send one Christmas card to my elderly, sweet ex-mother-in-law who is so supportive of her gay ex-son-in-law.

8. Snow is... fantastic!  I love snow.  When I lived in Vancouver for two years, the lack of snow was one of the biggest things I missed.  I love most winter sports involving snow as long as the temperatures aren't too frigid.

9. Have you been a good little boy or girl this year?  Yes, at heart, I'm a very good person. I just know it!  Even with the random guys I hook up with, I am highly respectful of them, physically, emotionally and with respect to their privacy.

     1. Food:  my mother's turkey stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes. I often eat only a tiny piece of the turkey itself.
     2. Desserts:  my mother's blueberry cheesecake, made with intensely-flavoured wild blueberries which we pick ourselves in the Canadian north woods.
     3. Drink:  home-made egg nog (a very rare treat) made with rum, Grand Marnier, raw eggs, whipping cream, nutmeg. orange rind and milk.
     4. Holiday movie:  Miracle on 34th Street;  the modern one with Dylan McDermott.
     5. Holiday music:  The Huron Carol has been my #1 favourite from my earliest memory.  It reminds me of the Canadian north woods in winter. Haunting! Click on the photo link above, to hear it.
6. Holiday tradition: Christmas dinner at my parents' with my kids.  This is so much more enjoyable now that my ex-wife is not there!  It was tense because she didn't get along with any of my family and I could never quite trust her to behave appropriately.

I imagine that everyone would have expected me to say instead: "Opening the presents on Christmas morning when the kids were young", but my wife's bossiness and anger ensured that it was a tense and stressful affair.  Now, the kids spend Christmas morning at my ex's house and Christmas dinner with me at my parents'.

BONUS:   Christmas sex: What have you done under the mistletoe? Have you caught daddy kissing Santa Clause? Have you done it a santa suit? Did you come down the chimney? Just how merry have you made Santa's helpers?

I've done NONE of these things! I'm so boring!  But given opportunity, there's very little which I would say "no" to.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dilemma: an obscene gay e-mail

Good news about my car which my daughter put into the ditch on Sunday!  Many pounds of frozen mud and ice were melted from the front end and it was discovered that there was no damage.  This means a $50 repair bill instead of $500.  Woo-hoo!!

Late last night, I received the following e-mail to my school account:

Subject:  period 4 math questions
Hello Mr. _ _ _ _ _ _ .....  please fuck me in the ass and cum in it. Breeding is fun.
Of Age ;)
Two pictures were attached of a full-frontal, naked fat guy, probably someone older than a teenager.  Clearly, the sender knew me fairly well;  my teaching schedule and my frequently-mispelled last name were correct.  I would also speculate that the sender is probably questioning his own sexuality.

Cyberbullying of teachers, especially on a gay theme, is not unusual.  Teachers have been victimized the world over with their pictures photoshopped and widely distributed and fake profiles set up on various gay sites.

I've had my face photoshopped countless times and a fake classroom website set up which pretended to be in my name, but these were done by students who were supportive and in fact, infatuated with me. And the photoshoppers proudly showed me the modified pictures of me;  all in good fun! 

But this was my first obscene e-mail!   I was (and am) amused by it, just imagining how much fun the giggling, goofy boy(s) got out of sending it.  In my subject area, I teach mainly goofy boys.
But then my feelings became more conflicted as I considered the bigger picture. 
  1. I don't like the idea of naked imagines on my my school e-mail account.  If I had SENT such pictures from my school e-mail, I would face severe consequences from my employer and from the provincial body regulating teachers.
  2. I was concerned and annoyed that students would be so lacking in judgement as to send such an inappropriate e-mail to a professional in his work environment.  Did they really think that I wouldn't report it?  

  3. Recently, a student from my school tea-bagged a drunk student from a rival school at a party. Other students posted the picture of the drunk young man with balls hanging in his face.  Eventually, school authorities and the police found out and the consequences were severe!
  4. I wondered how "out" I really am at school.  Did the student who sent this really think that I am still in the closet?  I wouldn't want them to think that was afraid to report this for fear of outing myself.

    I came out to many close colleagues three years ago and from what I've heard since, I think every teacher in my school now knows as well as colleagues from other schools in our division.  
  5. I've never openly discussed my gayness with students but frankly, it should be obvious to all but the most clueless among them just from my voice alone.  I'm also very "gay-supportive" in my comments in class!  As well, many, many students saw me when I attended our Pride events last June. 
  6. I wouldn't want these obscene, gay e-mails to become a regular occurrence.
  7.  My last thought:  if they are sending such e-mails to someone in a position of relative power, they might also be sending similar ones to some little gay kids who who don't have the resources or confidence to combat cyberbullying.   Ignoring it just sends out the message that this behaviour is acceptable.
What to do, what to do?

To start, I forwarded the e-mail to our teachers' union president for advice;  a fantastic, dynamic younger man who is highly supportive of me and my gayness.

I'll hear from him in a few hours but I'm sure he will tell me to report it to my principal.   My principal is a .... how to put this tactfully.... a useless tit ....  a wet dishrag..... so I don't expect too much effective action. But at this stage, it would be extremely unwise for me to go over his head and report this to the Superintendent.

I would like our division network administrators to be informed so they could examine the e-mail more closely, although I doubt they can track its sender.  I assume that the police would have more resources to deal with this but one e-mail does not constitute cyberbullying, I think.


Monday, December 9, 2013

A beautiful fat cock

Hottie looked EXACTLY like him, except older.
I had such high hopes of getting much work done on Sunday!   I had so much to do such as:
  • marking several sets of unmarked tests 
  • writing a reference for a graduating student
  • writing a student teacher evaluation
  • framing, insulating, wiring, installing vapour barrier and sheet rock on the remaining living room wall
  • baking cookies for a gift basket to be raffled off in support of our school Breakfast Club
  • attempting to get the house in order for Christmas
Instead, I got none of these projects done. None!  Here's now my day went down:

Sunday morning was a "brisk" -25 C at 7:00 a.m. when my daughter's car wouldn't start or even boost.  Since she needed to get to her early morning cook's job, I loaned her mine.  Fifty feet down the road, here's what happened to my car!  Due to a combination of an icy unsanded road, no winter tires and driver inattention, my car ended up in a deep water-filled ditch, mired in mud and ice!  Grrrr.....

Most of them morning was spent pulling it out with my father's four wheel drive truck and just as the job was nearly done, I got a text from Hottie Construction Worker:  he had just three hours to play but it had to be at my house!  Woo-hoo!!

A quick shower later and I was driving down the highway, horny as hell, when I had to turn back because of a terrible vibration in my car's front end at any speed higher than 40 km/hr.  Fu-u-u-ck!   Shit! Shit!

My son was heading out for his KFC job, so with much effort, we boosted my daughter's car and off I went again.  Her car is an old rattle-trap with a barely-functioning, noisy transmission and by the time I got to town, I realized that (a) I was 1.5 hours late (b)  the gas tank was 100% empty and (c) I'd forgotten my credit cards and drivers' license. 

I texted to cancel Hottie Construction Worker;  there was no time for me to bring him back to my house and his "old lady"  (a girlfriend) had his car.   Most unusually, he invited me in to their apartment for our playtime.  "She won't be back until 4:00."

I'm never comfortable hooking up in a home where a wife / girlfriend actually lives, but what the heck, I deserved my tasty cock treat after all the difficulties I'd overcome in getting there.

It was the sweetest possible outcome!  Hottie Construction Worker still doesn't kiss men (but I'm wearing him down on that one!) but more than makes up for it in his passion for sucking cock, the best I've ever encountered.

I've already blogged about him before:  38 years old, my height, super lean, lightly muscled, tattooed, nipple-pierced and with sinewy, lightly-furred torso.  And he has the most magnificent, fattest, hardest, most responsive uncut cock I've ever met, with the bonus of some big balls hanging beneath.  And he's the sweetest guy ever who really, really wants to be with me, when our work schedules allow.

But after an hour of sweetness, I had to leap up, borrow $5:00 for gasoline from Hottie, pick my daughter up and drive her home and then drive my disabled car back to town to the repair shop ( this took over an hour, driving at 30 km/hr) and then wait for my son to pick me up at 7:00 pm from his KFC shift.

What a busy twelve hours!  Whew!

Another, younger version of Hottie.  I loved his thighs and lean torso!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hot men cooking

This post is decorated with some sexy pics from Hot Men and Food.
Boot Fetish Student Teacher has taken to texting me many times each day, sometimes to ask for teaching advice and often, just to flirt.  We've said "hello" a few times at school;  he's very sweet and quite awkward but is getting more brave is seeking out contact with me, however fleeting.

Early Friday morning, he unexpectedly showed up to volunteer at our school Breakfast Club.  I was the teacher in charge and I had mentioned earlier in the week (in a text) that I would be there.  When he walked in, I smiled and thought, "Oh, my!"

My inner-city school has a large population of students who come from difficult situations;  broken homes, criminal activity, poverty, substance abuse, physical abuse and neglect are commonplace.

We also have numerous young students from isolet communities (no road access) in the far North who leave their families behind to live in poorly-supervised boarding houses.  Some of our students come to school without having eaten breakfast and go all day without access to food.

The teachers and support staff have operate a breakfast programme to help these kids .  We get minimal funding which is supplemented by school fundraising, volunteer labour and by teachers contributing their own food to the cause.

Every weekday, a teacher (or two) and many student volunteers show up 1.5 hours early to prepare a hundred or more small servings of one different offering each day;  muffins, scrambled egg wraps, yogurt-and-fruit parfaits and even pizza.

Due to the stigma of poverty, even the hungriest of teenagers would never come to a specific room for a "free breakfast."

To overcome this, all the food is loaded onto several carts and precisely at 9:15 a.m, student volunteers circulate around the school hallways and students freely help themselves.  The food just disappears!!!

As I mentioned in my Kiss the Cook post, I love to cook, so I really enjoy the challenges of cooking for our Breakfast Club. The offerings must be:
  • extremely cheap
  • peanut allergen-free
  • in compliance with the "Healthy Food in Schools" legislation
  • easily prepared by unskilled teenaged cooks in very little time
  • mainly items which can be eaten from a paper napkin 
  • and of course, absolutely delicious.... something will delight our teenaged eaters
Each weekday is covered by a different teacher (or pair of teachers) and we compete in coming up with inventive, affordable workable food ideas and offer each other constant support and encouragement.  It's so much fun!

After Friday's Breakfast Club, I received a text from the Boot Fetish Student Teacher:

maybe I'll help out next time you're cooking haha ;-)  i sucked at wrapping those burritos this morning.  fail!

I think he wants me.  :-)


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