Thursday, January 15, 2015

A hunk in ripped-crotch jeans

This is an early-morning post of random thoughts just before I dash off to school. 

1.   I was at our college campus the other day on business related to my Pride planning, hot college guys everywhere I looked, just like the ones pictured here.  The student hunks included many Brazilian boys and other sweet exchange students but I didn't see MY Brazilian boys.

They ALL reminded me of the many 20-something men I've shared my bed with over the past few years.  I was crazed with lust, thinking of all those cocks and balls hidden from view, all that testosterone.

2.   As I walked by one hunky dude sitting on a bench, a flash of colour caught my eye.  He was sitting in in my favourite open-crotch pose and OMFG!!!, there was a rip in the crotch of his tight, bulging jeans.

He looked exactly like the dude at the upper left, except, a flash of red underwear was showing through the tear in the crotch of his jeans rather than his cock.  Never mind, it was insanely hot and I found an excuse to linger across from him to savour the view a big longer.

That tease!  Surely he knew how hot that crotch tear was, how insanely sexy he was, but I wondered who was his intended audience?   I thought:  "Well done, young man!"  

4.  We think of gay honour killings happening in far away countries such as India where LGBTQ family members have been kille, usually by a father or older brother, to avoid family shame. 

But listen to this disturbing account from CBC radio of a gay Canadian university student who was threatened with death by his father.   Honour killings happen in Canada, too! 

5.   I had a wisdom tooth extraction this week; a very unpleasant, painful procedure but the dentist provided some eye candy. He was in his late 50s, good looking and in decent shape and casually dressed in brown boots and jeans.

During our initial conversation,  he laid his hand on my shoulder and made much eye contact with me as he explained the procedure.   Hmmmm..... did I feel the tingle of a gay vibe?  I fell into that gay man's trap yet again, thinking that every man around me is either gay or a gay wanna-be. 

Wouldn't he be a "catch" as my future husband:  smart, good looking, confident and extremely well-off?   But in the final analysis, I think he was actually straight. :-(

6.  I'm having my seventh date with Mr. Perfect tonight.  I mentioned him in this post (in Story #2 half way down the page.)  It will be bittersweet because he is moving tomorrow to a city some 1400 km away. 

I don't want to blog about the details but it's fair to say that we really, really like each other. It's complicated situation which I didn't anticipate, for sure! But we both think the phrase:  "You rocked my world" applies.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I wonder what it is specifically that you like about them?

  2. Now you know why I like torn jeans! Never know if the dentist has seen your pic on .... That's the problem who has seen you.
    Also what happened to the cuddle in bed guy who left his gf and kids?

    1. Yes, torn jeans are hot..... especially on the right guy!

      The country boy is rarely on squirt, from my own observation and what he told me. I've been out of circulation for some time due to my kids being here for Christmas and my wisdom tooth procedure.

      But I am 100% confident that he and I will get together again, when the time is right.

  3. I love ripped jeans! Especially if there is some nice, other than boxers, underwear showing through!

    I'm so sorry Mr. Perfect is moving. I am about to take yours and others advice and hit the Internet in search of a mate. Probably not Grindr, etc. because I am looking for something more. Sex would be nice, a relationship would be so much better!

    Peace <3

  4. I'm imagining the gorgeous send-off you'll give Mr. Perfect. Have a wonderful time with him! Sorry for the loss but I know you have other men as well as men you haven't met yet. That's the wonderful thing about gay men, they're an endlessly renewable resource.

    1. Yes, a never ending supply, that's for sure!

      Our last two get togethers were nice but very bittersweet. We were in bed together for most of a whole day, sweetly kissing,hugging, cuddling and doing more active stuff as well. :-)

    2. "Active stuff" is that they're calling it these days? :-)

    3. lol. I just used that so as not to get into too much detail, but I was the top. :-0

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