Friday, August 31, 2012

Fat cock pitching a tent

Not him, but this is EXACTLY what he looked like!
All pics from 

My wife finally reviewed our forty-page draft Separation Agreement, corrected and initialed dozen or so clerical errors and passed it along to me.   Incredibly, she left every one of our agreements intact with no further demands.  This was the biggest surprise as my wife has to "do battle" over every detail no matter how trivial.

We were each strongly advised to hire our own lawyer to review it but my wife refused to do so.  She didn't want to pay the $500, but it was also out of her stubborn attitude that she is right all the time. "I don't want some lawyer telling me what to do!!"

I found much of the document incomprehensible so I spend 1.5 hours (and $650) with a fantastic lawyer who made many suggestions to improve the agreement for both parties.   I cleared all the changes with my wife and then wrote them into the draft document.  Now... the whole thing is back with her to initial all the changes I made.

Next step, hand-deliver the whole sorry thing to our lawyer-mediator who will call us in to sign the final version.

Next step after that:  we'll file for a joint, uncontested divorce and hire one lawyer to bring it in front of the judge.  Wow!  Things are moving along indeed!

Between all this legal wrangling and preparing for our 2000 mile road trip tomorrow, I didn't have time to hook up with any young men at all this week.  Then at 8:00 am today, I got the most pleasant surprise ever!

The 22-year gay virgin I'd hooked up with last January messaged me on POF.  Was I available to come to his hotel room for a morning quickie?  Right NOW???   God yes!!!   I brushed my teeth, had a quick shower, grabbed my sex bag* hanging by the front door and raced off down the highway.

* Contains lube, condoms, cock rings, massage oil and breath mints,  ready at a moment's notice.

He greeted me at the door, shirtless and more handsome than ever with his boxer briefs already tented by his beautiful, fat cock.   Breath-taking!  He was an aboriginal construction worker with a fine, lightly muscled body,  with black hair and beautiful, tawny-coloured skin.   A  perfect specimen of manhood.  He was as shy and inarticulate as ever, his hunkiness tempered by wire-framed glasses which he had just started to wear.

OMFG!!!   It was the most intense, aggressive sex I'd ever had.  Animalistic, almost.  Much grunting, moaning, sensuous wrestling with me on top, then him on top, kissing, tonguing, handjobs ..... on and on and on.   Insane!!  I think he's the only man I've been with who matches my level of sexual aggressiveness.

At the end, with both of us spent and exhausted, I told him that I was sure that he was ready to lose his bottom virginity.  While deep throating him, I had my finger up his **hole giving a prostate massage.  I could feel that he was just yearning for it, aching with desire, saying "harder, harder!" as he slammed his ass down onto my finger again and again.

He said he wanted to try anal next time.  We had a final sweet kiss and a full-body hug and I headed out the door.   I am very certain that he will call me again the next time he's in town!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gayest songs of all time

I've no time for a proper post as my kids and I have been preparing for a +2,000 mile road trip later this week.  Also, there have been some positive developments in my divorce  journey which I've been busy with;  I don't want to jinx our progress so I'll blog about them later.

I love listening to anne marie's music clips on her new blog From My Brain to My Mouth.   A blast from the past for me!

So, here are my own picks for the Top Five Gayest Songs of All Time.   Well, they're probably not the gayest "of all time" ..... they all came out between 1976 - 1984, when I was in my mid-teens to early 20s.   Right now, we all know why I loved these videos so much!  But at the time, I was absolutely clueless about my gayness.

Tell me, what do think of my gay song choices?  Are there any others which you might suggest?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Seven Year Itch

Jaysonstreet of Guys Like Me recently posted the best analysis I've ever read on the dilemma faced by gay and bi men who are married to women.   Please read his post and this excellent NY Times article on the subject.  

"They fall in love with their wives, they have children, they're on a chemical, romantic high, and then after about seven years, the high falls away and their gay identity starts emerging,"

Only the timing varies.  I was in the third group described by Jayson, going into marriage at the age of twenty-eight with "no prior self awareness of an attraction to men."  In seven short years, I went from having a true emotional and physical attachment to my wife, complete with feelings of lust,  to having those feelings  decline and eventually disappear altogether.  As Jayson wrote, "Soon we find we are masturbating to thoughts or images of men, and then confirming our secret yearnings with porn."    It's who I really was.

My first really obvious gay Ahah! moment came at the age of thirty-five (married exactly seven years!), sitting poolside at a big city hotel with my wife and kids, aged five, three and one.   We were joined at the  pool by a dozen or more young men who had been competing in an international soccer tournament.   

I can't adequately describe the inner turmoil, my conflicting feelings of confusion, lust and fear as the French team settled down near us.  They were all beautiful, athletic young men in their early 20s, with beefy soccer player thighs and flat bellies, all wearing black Speedos which showed off their delicious curves, front and back.   I felt an unrelenting ache in my balls, a slight stiffening of my cock and my stomach which was twisted in knots as I tried to conceal my interest from my wife sitting beside me.  

I could never have imagined that in 15 years, I would be having sex with young men like these (but perhaps less athletic) on  a regular basis.   

This Sex in the City II clip of the Australian rugby team brings it all back to me.   I love watching those bouncing cocks... mesmerizing!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dogably Pawfect Saturday

Three out of four of these pictures came from   They're for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.     (Note:  one day after it's been posted,  no one has commented on the last pic.... hmmm)

My emotions have been pretty raw recently so my most recent post listed the main things which were troubling me.    Like Dr. Spo, I enjoy writing lists and find that they help provide clarity and give an incentive to deal with the items on it.

Such as:
I phoned the Prostate Centre yet again to ask when my appointment will be .... rather, I left a message with their voice-mail system.   It's not possible to speak to a real human being, apparently.

I made a bold move and cashed in a small tax-sheltered retirement plan (an RRSP in Canada) which I set up before I married.  I used some of the money to pay my share of my kids' university tuition.  The rest will be used to prepare my new home for winter .... for jobs such as upgrading the insulation. 

I phoned my wife to ask her to look at and approve our draft Divorce Agreement so we could file for divorce.  I told her would NOT go through another school year with this hanging over my head especially if I ended up undergoing cancer treatment.  She said, yes, she would do it soon and then started to cry:  "It's hard... it's just so hard!"

I shed a few tears myself and told her I was sorry for everything.   And yes, it is very hard to end a marriage after 21 years when we truly did love each other and in fact, still care about each other.   It's a tragic situation .....  she's just not ready to move on.


I haven't shared my bed with a man for over a week since my son's job ended for the summer;  he's been here all the time with some friends so I can't host.  Darn!

But I've had several late-night encounters this week in the back seat of my car with some slim,  handsome, intelligent boys young men aged 21 - 23.   Each young man brought his lovely hard cock, good personal hygiene and a sense of fun and sexual adventurousness.   I just love how they are so intense, so vocal and just so "into" our encounter. 

By the way, all the young men messaged me;  I NEVER message them.   It usually starts after dark with a message: "u wanna hook up?"    I ask them a few basic "safety" questions;  "Which neighbourhood do you live in?",  "Do you attend ______ College?"  or  "What sort of job do you do?"

And then I message back: "I'll pick you up in 30 minutes.... I drive a _______"  and off I go!   Every encounter has been excellent --- no regrets--- and I've learned something each time.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rowers' cocks and balls in spandex

I'm feeling highly unsettled this week:
  • I don't know when my prostate appointment will be despite the nagging phone call I made to the doctor's office. 
  • My wife hasn't yet given me her final verdict on our draft Separation Agreement after 2.5 months despite much prodding from me.   Given her history of reneging on past agreements, I won't be able to relax until our divorce is final.
  • The conflict between my son and wife continues to worsen and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  • My wife and I had an argument about a conflict she's having with our daughter.  I refused to referee and force our daughter to toe the line.  They're both adults and anyway, my wife was being unreasonable. Quel surprise.
  • I still need to talk to my son about my hopes of "coming out" at our high school this year. 
  • I am DREADING the start of my school year in less than two weeks.
  • After months of silence, my Special Guy initiated a POF chat several times this month.   These haven't ended well but I'm not yet ready to blog about him.
  • I'm scrambling to pay my share of my daughters' university tuition.  Cash flow problem!
To cheer myself up, how about some pictures of some amazing rowers' bulges from gear-bulges.blogspot? .... cocks and balls straining the spandex to its limit.  Gentlemen, which rower is your favourite?

Raybeard's comment on my Olympic rowers' spandex bulges post "......AND HE'S WAY OUT IN FRONT!" is particularly true of Henrik Rummel's podium erection (first picture, second bulge from the left) which went viral.   Rummel says he didn't have an erection, but I don't believe him! explains that  the one-piece body suits worn by rowers are specifically designed to hold a rower's balls up front.  Otherwise, they'd be squished by the rower's beefy thighs and pumping action of the seats which slide back and forth on a track.

So, yes, rowers' spandex suits do display the goods better than other athletic gear,   They "lift and separate" the boys in the same way that a push-up bra does for a woman's girls.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disappointing hookup

The pics decorating this post are completely random with no particular source or theme.

50-ish Business Man had been sending me increasingly explicit POF messages and pictures for several months, all initiated by him.  Exciting!  The anticipation!!  Business Man was married to a man in another city but it was not an open relationship.  He claimed he didn't normally hook up.  "I'm very picky about who I have sex with."

Finally, he was to be in my town on business and proposed a hookup.   I asked to bring along Hunky 22 year old for a threesome.  I did this because Hunky and I had been looking for a threesome opportunity and partly because I wasn't sure if I'd be sexually attracted to Business Man.

We met in the lobby of the fanciest hotel in town.  He was shorter than me and quite dumpy, very quiet as we waited for Hunky to show up.  Hunky had seemed quite excited about the threesome, messaging me and Business Man several times during the day to confirm his attendance.  He was normally highly punctual and reliable, but phoned me as we waited in the lobby to say a "crisis" had happened;  he was not available.  Whatever the "crisis" was,  I thought I heard genuine regret in Hunky's voice.  

Business Man and I went to his room, had a glass of red wine and lay, fully clothed, on the bed for a very long time.  We were like two corpses side-by-side on a mortuary slab as I continued to force the conversation along.  I finally grabbed his hand and started to cuddle him while he continued to be unresponsive.  I was thinking, "Why are we here, buddy?"

Finally we shed our clothes and we made out for a while but I just wasn't feeling it.  Although I was rock hard, he never got harder than a semi which was very off-putting to me.  He was a pretty good kisser, if a a bit slobbery and with a faint whiff of bad breath.  His blowjob was so tentative that I couldn`t feel it;  I had to look down to check that he was even doing it.

Our encounter was just boring.... no aggression or sexual  interest on his part at all.  After 30 minutes, I said perhaps I should be leaving.   It was probably a relief to both of us.

What a disappointment!!  It reminded me somewhat of this recent post by Explorer Jack.
I was so bummed out buy this pathetic hookup experience!   In fact, by the next day (Sunday afternoon) I ignored the invitation of the sexy 21 year old university student to come to his apartment which we`d previously arranged.   To make matters worse, I didn`t message Sexy Student with any excuses or explanations for my no-show.

I must message him soon with an apology but I wouldn`t blame him for giving up on me.  This was the second time I`d turned him down...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blowjob on a perfect physical specimen

An actual profile pic of my blowjob guy, except
his abs were MUCH more defined in real life.
Here are a few hot guy - cute dog pictures for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.

I'd been POF-messaged numerous times for a hook-up by a cute, sweet, slim 21 year old university student and asked him, "WHY??? Why do you want to hook up with someone 30 years older?" His response: "Most gay guys my age prefer guys your age." Really!! I do not believe him.   In this story, I'll call him Sexy Student. 

Also this week, I'd been messaged by a gorgeous, "straight" 24 year-old aspiring model who's training to be on the MMA (mixed martial arts) circuit. I'll call him ABSolutely Handsome.    That's him in the picture to the leftBut that must be an old pic; in real life, he was MUCH more cut, defined and bulked-up.

 I was on POF last night at suppertime when ABSolutely Handsome messaged me: "im so horny im gonna burst.  u wanna give me a bj?"  I had already turned him down earlier in the week  (I was too tired!) so we agreed that I would pick him up at 10:00 pm after dark.   Minutes later, Sexy Student messaged me and invited me to his apartment.

Shit, shit, shit!!!!  I really, really wanted to be with Sexy Student but I am not the sort of girl to cancel out on a commitment, so I said that I already had a hookup  arranged.  Embarrassing, to have to admit that I was such a slut!  "Could I take a raincheck?"   After much planning, Sexy invited me over for a Sunday afternoon romp.

At 10:00 pm, ABSolutely Handsome jogged up to my car.  (his parents were told he was going for a run).   6'-1", wavy blonde hair, far more handsome and with a finer body than his picture suggested.  OMFG!   He turned out to be a sweet young man, chatty as hell and very friendly in a puppy-dog-ish way.  Irresistible!

He told me that he was not into guys;  it's just that his girlfriend refused to give him a blowjob.  "Have you done this before?"  I asked.  "You're the third guy who's done this to me."  Hmmm......

We drove to a deserted wilderness area which I knew well ...... it was near my former home.  He unfolded his lanky limbs in the back seat of my compact car and I pulled down his jogging shorts.  A beautiful already-hard cock sprang into view.   I made him take his shirt off so I could run my hands up and down his abs,  an 8-pack at least!    One thing about these young men, they really take direction well!

He turned out to be quite anxious and inexperienced:  "What do think of my cock... isn't it kind of small?  (6.0 inches... I told him it was beautiful, perfectly average, nice girth and beautiful mushroom head)   Am I hard enough?"  (God yes!!)

In the middle of my expert blow job, he asked me hesitantly, "Do you know what a tossed salad is?"  I laughed: "Yes!"   "Can you give me one?"   Very surprising but of course, I agreed..... very awkward to do in the back seat of a compact car!    Even more surprising;  during the blowjob, I inserted a lubed finger into his a**hole.  Not only he accepted it, I could feel his cock getting harder still as he clamped around my finger.   A "straight" future bottom-boy?

The blowjob went well and his cock throbbed for what seemed like forever.  I wiped his cock clean and put his shorts back on him.  On the drive home, we chatted.  He works out six days a week and will be moving to Vancouver soon to join a junior-league MMA  circuit.  He said, earlier this year,  he went to a hookup with a guy his age and there were six other guys already there, also his age.  "That's why I don't get blowjobs from anyone my age anymore,  I don't want everyone to know."

He said goodbye with a sweet smile and a thank you.

In two hours, I'm heading to the fanciest hotel in town to meet with a bear-ish 52 year old in town on business.  We've messaged on POF for months and have chatted on the phone a few times.   Since we both wanted a threesome, I offered to bring Hunky 22 year old along who was quite enthusiastic!    I'm quite apprehensive about this, my first threesome.

How's that for courage?  Showing up with a sexually-adventurous, hunky young man, 30 years my junior, much more handsome and with a much bigger cock than me?   I hope I don't end up being a wallflower at my own threesome!

Friday, August 17, 2012

TMI Thursday: books, books, books

Sean of Just a Jeep Guy had some questions about books for this week's TMI.

1.   e-books or real books?  I have NO desire to acquire a new electronic gadget.  It's paper books all the way, baby!

2.  Which book are you currently reading?   The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark.   I've read most of her books.  They're a bit formulaic but I love how she crafts the mysteries;  suspenseful!   I also like the Manhattan settings as it's a place I'll probably never visit.

3.  How many books have you read in 2012? How has reading blogs, FB, and/or tweeting affected your book reading?    Sadly, I've only read a couple of books this year;  I've been very busy with the divorce drama, selling my house, moving house and most importantly, cruising men online and having sex with hot men I find there.

I'm not active on FB and I never will tweet.  I read blogs instead of watching TV so I don't think blog-reading interferes with my reading of books.

4. What genre(s) of book do you enjoy reading?     Mysteries (especially British ones), "crime scene investigation" type stories,  historical accounts of the early days of Canada, biographies / autobiographies of politicians, celebrities and historical figures,

5. Have you read the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex? Helpful?    I`ve read the gay versions of both of these, although not exhaustively, and plan to read them again.   Yes, they were very helpful especially since my knowledge of gay sex was `zero` one year ago.   

I remember surreptitiously reading The Joy of Gay Sex in a big-city public library as a 24 year old.  Although I had a raging hard-on at the sexy line drawings, it would be twenty years before I would admit / figure out that I was gay.

What was the first erotic novel you read that matched your sexual orientation?    I've NEVER read a gay erotic novel.  How sad is that?   
Dear gentle readers|:  can  you recommend some gay erotic novels for me to read?   

Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympians' spandex bulges

I didn't watch the Olympics since I don't have television.   As a compensation prize, I've collected some pics of sexy athletes in spandex from which I will post every now and then.

I've been very busy with hookups, usually averaging one per day.  Once this week, I hooked up with two different guys on the same day .... horndog that I am!  This upswing in activity has only happened because, being on vacation, I'm logged onto POF most of the time.

It's my theory that these horny young men want to hookup RIGHT NOW, usually within the hour and with whomever is logged on at that moment.  If I'm serious about seeking a hookup, I ensure that I'm ready to go at a moment's notice before I log on;  freshly showered, scent applied, cock, balls and face shaved with lube and condoms in my car.

In recent days, I've had five early 20-something men wanting me to hook up but I could only accommodate two (sorry boys!), with one sweet hookup taking place in a fancy hotel.  Woo-hoo!  Bonus!  The problem is that my kids have my car most of the time, I can rarely host and young men usually live with their parents or a roommate.

Here highlights of some of my hookkups:

Sexy stylist:  My son needed a haircut so I brought him to the  my stylist with whom I exchange blowjobs about once a month.   Eye contact lead me to believe that he wanted some 'private time' .... So after the haircut, I dropped my son off at a friend's house and returned to a warm, intense welcome in the back room with the mops and cleaning supplies.

Sexy stylist is a really nice guy;  easy to talk to, 36 years old, very handsome with a lean, sinewy body and is by far best kisser I've ever experienced.   After our hookup, I decided I needed a haircut too ... and yes, I do pay for it and add a generous tip besides!

51 year old married guy:   This goes on record as the shortest hookup ever.... three minutes start to finish.  He was enroute to a family event and asked if he could come over for a quickie.   He was a sweet, good-looking guy but very tubby;  big pot belly but with a very nice cock.   After a minute of intense kissing I wasn't getting hard at all, OMFG!!  He reminded me of my father, skin tags and all!  But his magic fingers and intense, aggressive (if slobbery) kissing got me in to the mood very quickly.

He came explosively with much moaning and afterwards, spent another minute looking at me in an unnerving way.  I couldn't read his look:  Was it awe?  Adoration?  Like he'd won the lottery?  Then he jumped into his clothes and scurried off, saying his wife was expecting him.   I'm fairly sure I'll see him again.

22 year old nerdy student:   This nerdy computer student invited, no, practically begged me to cum come to his apartment just off-campus before he chickened out.  I lay down on the bed fully clothed as he sat with back facing me. "I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous"  he mumbled over and over.  He was trembling... ears red, face flushed.

I said, "Hey sweetie, just lie down beside me.   We'll just talk, we won't do anything. (I lied)  He did so and after about one minute, tore his pants off, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock which was rearing up it's magnificent head.  It was a beauty!  What's with all these big-cocked young men?.... I haven't had an average-sized boy for the longest time!

It was very intense.... he was a surprisingly aggressive kisser but had to stop as my stubble was hurting him. Darn!   I like to think gave him a  excellent blowjob;  when I stopped, he begged me to continue.  He said over and over that he's "bi", that he really likes sex with girls.  But when he started giving me a handjob, his cock, which was in my mouth, went from hard to extremely hard.  I had no doubt that he was strongly attracted to men although he said he still wasn't sure.

He ended up cumming in my mouth and then asked me, "Will you be my top? .... but later changed his mind.  After he came, he finally calmed down and lost his nervousness.   I'm hoping he'll have me back but I doubt I'll see him again.  I think he's in deep denial.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weighing on my mind

The sexy guy / cute dog pics are from boyswithbeardswithdogs for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.   I wish it was me instead of those dogs, licking the men's faces or cuddling up between their thighs.

Despite all the M2M sex I'm getting, I am becoming increasingly lecherous, thinking 'impure thoughts' about every man I see in public (except those who are obese or elderly).  I imagine what I would do to them sexually:  "I would drive you wild, boy!"   This applies in particular to younger, inexperienced men who seem to have become my specialty in recent weeks.

Weighing on my mind right now:

1.  I've been accepted as a patient at Canada's leading prostate cancer centre but don't yet have an appointment time.  Good news!   I've posted about my prostate concerns here.

My concern is that instead of  having passionate sex with 22 year old men* I'll end up wearing adult diapers and have no sexual function at all.   (* subject of a future post.)  To that end, I've cancelled my appointment with our local "butcher" urologist.

2.  My classes start in about three weeks.  While I LOVE my job, even experienced teachers have a touch of anxiety, if not dread, at the start of the new school year.   A couple of my classes this year will be particularly challenging.
Couldn't resist this open-crotch shot!

3.  I want to come out to my high school students this year and I just might need to.  This summer, I've been seen in public with various men, in parks, community events and once, at the movies, not to mention all my online hookup activities.  In a small town, you run into someone you know every time you go out!

Eventually, gay gossip about me will reach my school.  I hope to be proactive by doing something as simple as wearing a T-shirt to class with a little Pride logo on it.  More importantly,  I will be a the coolest, most fabulous and indeed, the only role model for our gay students at my school!

Before coming out at school, however, I need to seek the permission of my son who will be attending grade 11 at the same school.  Tricky!

5.  My wife and I need to finalize our discussions about our draft Separation Agreement, sign the final version and then file for divorce.   This is going fairly well so far but there is always potential for more demands, reneging on agreements already made and more anger / bitterness.  We need to move on!

6.  I've had various concerns about the several men I hook up with regularly including a heart-breaking message  from my married Special Guy .... I haven't heard from him in months!   This will be a subject for another post.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

TMI Thursdays

I love his Nasty Pig jockstrap
Sean of Just a Jeep Guy picked one of my favourite things for this week's topic: the road trip.  My favourite is the Trans-Canada Highway which I've driven all or part of many, many times throughout my life.   It's the world's longest point-to-point national highway at 7,821 km (4,860 mi.)  All pics are from


1. Worst experience you ever had in a car? (not including accidents)
Three days in a mini-van in Atlanta (August, 105 F, 100% humidity) with three dogs, three kids and a broken air conditioner.   What made it "worst" was the fact that my wife was there:  complain, complain, complain.

2. Driver or navigator?

I am excellent navigator.... I`ve loved maps since childhood!  A GPS just doesn`t give you the `big picture.   But unless I`m with an excellent driver,  I usually do all the driving myself. 

3. Planes, trains or automobiles?

I`ve done much travel by plane and if I wasn`t so broke, I`d do much more. Love it!  There is no passenger train service where I live, so it is car travel, all the way.

4. Best road trip?
Several years ago, my three teenage kids and I traveled across the spectacular island of Newfoundland.  It was just me and the kids because my wife stayed home.  Spectacular in terms of scenery, culture and family warmth / bonding and just plain fun.   It is one of my golden memories in 20 years of parenting.

5. What's the farthest you've gone in a car? Sex, not distance.

I've given several blowjobs in cars in the past week,two in broad daylight, one late night ..... very hot!   I've only received partial handjobs and I'm not willing to take my pants off in a car.

What kind of car do you drive? What kind do you dream of?

I drive a small Toyota ... boring, but I like it's quality and reliability.  I have no interest in cars.  If it starts and gets me from "A" to "B", that's all I need.   If the cost of gasoline wasn't a concern, I'd need a pickup truck.  It would be pretty essential in my rural area to haul firewood, rocks, snow machines and the like.  

On second thought, I'd also like a 70s van with a mattress in the back.  It would be useful when hooking up with the many 20-something boys when neither of us can host.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sexy Armpits

I loved yesterday's Google home page illustration of Pinocchio as a high jumper.  Surely the illustrator was a gay man with an armpit fetish ... look at that armpit bush!   The blogger who writes All Natural and More  (a celebration of naturally-hairy men) must be swooning!   All the other pics are from

In the past year, I've been with a couple of men who've been very into men's armpits.... they might even have had a slight armpit fetish.    I never quite understood the attraction and so far have had little interest another man's armpits. 

I think the expression, "Don't knock it until you've tried it!  applies here.   I was also reluctant to try rimming, taking a man's balls in my mouth and even anal sex....  having tried these things, I am now eager to do them to every man I see.

So, the next time I'm with a man, I plan to experiment with a little armpit action myself.

Tonight, I'm helping my son to pack for a week's camping with a friend.   As is her style, my wife is attempting to micromanage the proceedings by texting me repeatedly.  She's over 1000 miles away, still visiting family.

My son wants nothing to do with her!  If anything, their anger towards each other has worsened.  So right now, the only way my wife can influence her son is through me.  Luckily, we've been quite friendly recently and her suggestions are all pretty good.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dogably Pawfect .... Sunday

Better late than never, again, for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.   This week, I have four dogs in residence; all are mutts or mixed-breed dogs. The first three pics are taken in my front yard on a cold, wet, windy day.   It feels like winter's a-coming!
My son's dog (8 months old) will play in the tidal pools for hours.
My little dog (7 years old) is about 75% recovered from his near-fatal illness last October.    He continues to improve slightly and is pefectly happy and pain-free.
We call my daughter's dog a grouchy old man.  He and my little dog, above, are brothers from the same litter.
My wife's out of town, so my daughters are babysitting her annoying, homely little dog.

It's been a difficult few days with several recent developments weighing heavily on my mind. I'll post about them soon.

On the bright side, I had a pleasant interlude last night at midnight with a slim, handsome, closeted 36 year old guy.  He was a pleasant change from all the 20-something guys I've been with.   We exchanged fewer than ten words in the twenty minutes we were together, but his moans told me he loved the blowjob I was giving him in his car.

I had the enormous pleasure of unzipping his jeans and finding an absolutely beautiful uncut cock and set of balls, just the perfect size for ramming down my throat.   At first, I worked through the zipper but part way through, he yanked his jeans off giving me full access to his delicious inner thighs and ass.  His moans increased when I inserted a finger and took his balls in my mouth. (I was surprised he allowed me the butt-play; I think most "straight" guys wouldn't.) 

I left with the feeling, "Damn, I'm good!"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sex in a hot tub, continued

In my last post,  Hunky 22 year old was flirting shamelessly to entice our hosts, Glenn and Mike, to have sex with him.  He's very inexperienced but was doing well ...  too funny!  Glenn and Mike had claimed earlier that they'd never fooled around during their 12 year partnership and said our visit wasn't going to involve sex. 

Hunky and I climbed into the hot tub while our hosts, sitting fully clothed on deck chairs, watched.  We began some mild underwater fooling around, footsies quickly followed by massaging each other's bulges with our feet.   I reached over and played with Hottie's beautiful cock, getting it hard.  Hot!!!

After a long while, Glenn and Mike stripped to their underwear and climbed in.   Hunky was extremely attracted to Glenn while I found him a little unattractive:   shorter, pear-shaped, balding and quite grumpy and sarcastic, really.  Later Hunky confided in me that when he felt Glenn's knee touch his underwater:  "I knew I had him!!"

It was enormous fun watching Hunky flirting.  He was just relentless, rather like an over-eager Labrador puppy.  At one point, Hunky "lost" his boxers in the tub and  stood up to look for them.  He bent over, nearly sticking his ass in Grouchy Glenn's face while presenting his fully-erect cock to Mike on the other side. 

His cock, which I knew so well, was magnificent... a thing of beauty!   Hunky was pulling out all the stops..... just merciless!!  Oh, to be 22 again!  I thought, "Oh my!  Those two guys don't stand a chance!!"

Grouchy Glenn's defenses crumbled and he began making out with Hunky.  Although he paid some attention to Mike, Hunky spent most of his "couple time" with Glenn.  At one point, Mike looked sourly at me and said, "They should get a room!"   Really awkward!  I decided to NOT get in the middle of a potential conflict with the couple and fooled around only with Hunky who very kindly gave me lots of 'play time.'  It was my idea to bring him here, after all!   So technically, it wasn't a foursome ....

The hottest moment was when all three older men were pleasuring Hunky as he stretched out across the tub.  Mike was kissing him, Glenn was giving him a blowjob while I held Hunky's balls in my mouth, my face pressed close to Glenn's.  Hot, hot, hot.... maybe Glenn wasn't so unattractive after all!  With a spare finger, I gave Hunky a prostate massage which I knew he loved.  Hunky moaned and squirmed.... it really was like a porn video come to life.

Hunky`s body was fine as this dude`s.  Beautiful!!. 
At midnight, after what seemed like hours in the hot tub, I was so exhausted by the heat that I climbed out and got dressed with Mike following close behind.  I still had a 90 minute drive home.  Glenn and Hunky made out for another half hour and then called it quits.

On the 45 minute drive to drop Hunky off, we discussed the sequence of  the night's events with complete honesty and glee, analyzing the crumbling of Glenn's defenses.   I'm fairly sure that Hunky will be invited back by himself for a threesome.... just a hunch.

But yesterday, Mike and I chatted online, planning our second visit to the farm.  I will bring the food and Hunky and I will cook it there.  To sweeten the offer, I said that both Hunky and I would wear jockstraps as we cooked.   I know it wouldn't take much whiskey (or none at all) for Hunky to agree to this!

Mike was very into this idea so I`ll leave it to to him to convince grouchy Glenn to agree.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three bears + one cub in a tub

Soon after I created my profile last January,  I've exchanged messages most days (separately) with two mid-50s guys who live on a very remote hobby farm 20 miles out of town.   We mainly gossiped about our lives and the gay drama in town.

They especially enjoyed hearing the salacious details of all my hookups with my yummy 20-something men.  After being partnered for 12 years, they assured me that they've never played around with others and never would.

Last week, out of the blue,  the couple asked me to dinner at their house.   My response, "No!"  I'd have been concerned about meeting them in such a remote location. They responded:  "We guarantee that there will be no strings attached; it's just dinner.  We just want to meet you in person!   Bring your kids along!!"

My response:  "No, I'm not bringing my children along!!   But I'll think about dinner.... maybe."  Then, a brainwave.   I asked if I could bring Hunky 22-year-old along as my date;  he loves bear-ish men!  They agreed.

A day of messaging followed:  What liquor did we like?  Mixer?  Would we prefer home-raised chicken or pork?  Which garden-fresh vegetables were our favourite? ... and on and on.

It turned out to be one of the most enjoyable dinner experiences of my life.   The farm was amazing with the widest selection of small animals, game birds and livestock of every description including a pet goat who spent much time in the house.  (In fact, my kids would have loved all the animals.)

Our hosts poured our favourite booze with a lavish hand and served up a memorable meal.  We had a fantastic time hearing a lifetime's accumulation of gay stories from two very experienced gay guys.  Fantastic!   Exactly what I needed!

Charismatic and witty, Michael, 6'-2", was very handsome and muscular but with a big belly.  Glenn was short, pear-shaped and extremely shy.  I didn't find Glen attractive in the slightest.  Michael had lived in Toronto for 25 years and had lots of gay friends there, but they have virtually none here.  "This is a hard town to be gay in", he said.  He admitted he's looking for some gay friends.

Hunky 22-year-old became infatuated with Glenn (who was, in my opinion, a bit of a tight-ass.) and confided in me that he wanted to have sex with the couple.  I offered to help put his plan into action.

Fuelled by booze,  Hunky was the life of the party, flirting and teasing shamelessly as only a horny 22 year old can.  He finally convinced Glenn to turn on the four-man hot tub, later confiding to me:  "When Glenn fired up the hot tub, I knew I had ''em!  I knew it!!!"

To be continued on Saturday ..... sorry, I've been trying to avoid too-long posts.  However,  I will say that making out in a hot tub for two hours isn't as exciting as you might think.  Give me a bed any day!


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