Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympians' spandex bulges

I didn't watch the Olympics since I don't have television.   As a compensation prize, I've collected some pics of sexy athletes in spandex from which I will post every now and then.

I've been very busy with hookups, usually averaging one per day.  Once this week, I hooked up with two different guys on the same day .... horndog that I am!  This upswing in activity has only happened because, being on vacation, I'm logged onto POF most of the time.

It's my theory that these horny young men want to hookup RIGHT NOW, usually within the hour and with whomever is logged on at that moment.  If I'm serious about seeking a hookup, I ensure that I'm ready to go at a moment's notice before I log on;  freshly showered, scent applied, cock, balls and face shaved with lube and condoms in my car.

In recent days, I've had five early 20-something men wanting me to hook up but I could only accommodate two (sorry boys!), with one sweet hookup taking place in a fancy hotel.  Woo-hoo!  Bonus!  The problem is that my kids have my car most of the time, I can rarely host and young men usually live with their parents or a roommate.

Here highlights of some of my hookkups:

Sexy stylist:  My son needed a haircut so I brought him to the  my stylist with whom I exchange blowjobs about once a month.   Eye contact lead me to believe that he wanted some 'private time' .... So after the haircut, I dropped my son off at a friend's house and returned to a warm, intense welcome in the back room with the mops and cleaning supplies.

Sexy stylist is a really nice guy;  easy to talk to, 36 years old, very handsome with a lean, sinewy body and is by far best kisser I've ever experienced.   After our hookup, I decided I needed a haircut too ... and yes, I do pay for it and add a generous tip besides!

51 year old married guy:   This goes on record as the shortest hookup ever.... three minutes start to finish.  He was enroute to a family event and asked if he could come over for a quickie.   He was a sweet, good-looking guy but very tubby;  big pot belly but with a very nice cock.   After a minute of intense kissing I wasn't getting hard at all, OMFG!!  He reminded me of my father, skin tags and all!  But his magic fingers and intense, aggressive (if slobbery) kissing got me in to the mood very quickly.

He came explosively with much moaning and afterwards, spent another minute looking at me in an unnerving way.  I couldn't read his look:  Was it awe?  Adoration?  Like he'd won the lottery?  Then he jumped into his clothes and scurried off, saying his wife was expecting him.   I'm fairly sure I'll see him again.

22 year old nerdy student:   This nerdy computer student invited, no, practically begged me to cum come to his apartment just off-campus before he chickened out.  I lay down on the bed fully clothed as he sat with back facing me. "I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous, I'm so nervous"  he mumbled over and over.  He was trembling... ears red, face flushed.

I said, "Hey sweetie, just lie down beside me.   We'll just talk, we won't do anything. (I lied)  He did so and after about one minute, tore his pants off, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock which was rearing up it's magnificent head.  It was a beauty!  What's with all these big-cocked young men?.... I haven't had an average-sized boy for the longest time!

It was very intense.... he was a surprisingly aggressive kisser but had to stop as my stubble was hurting him. Darn!   I like to think gave him a  excellent blowjob;  when I stopped, he begged me to continue.  He said over and over that he's "bi", that he really likes sex with girls.  But when he started giving me a handjob, his cock, which was in my mouth, went from hard to extremely hard.  I had no doubt that he was strongly attracted to men although he said he still wasn't sure.

He ended up cumming in my mouth and then asked me, "Will you be my top? .... but later changed his mind.  After he came, he finally calmed down and lost his nervousness.   I'm hoping he'll have me back but I doubt I'll see him again.  I think he's in deep denial.



  1. Wow, the story of the 22 year old was intense. I could imagine his nerves. I hope you laid with him quietly for a while, soothing his nerves and calming him.

  2. I think the fact he asked you to top was very telling. I can remember so wanting to try that. And very afraid at the same time. Even after coming out, I wasn't comfortable admitting I liked it. Now I figure if I don't let it be known, I won't be offered it. So far, that has shown to be the case. LOL

  3. Top pic gives a whole new meaning to an excited commentator yelling into the mike "......AND HE'S WAY OUT IN FRONT!"

  4. You've got to love a guy who makes up for lost time with the energy and enthusiasm you do. You give more than a hint of caring that these men, whatever their age, have a good time, too, which is a very healthy thing.

  5. Hey BB, I'm a sucker for a good hook up story. Dang, I wish our local Mormon boys had the same gusto for the older men, as your Canadian hotties seem to have.

  6. Cubby: I am very gentle, compassionate and reassuring in these situations. It is my goal that the young'uns have a first gay sex experience which is as sweet and as positive as possible. This young man had so much pent-up horniness that all I had to do was wait and he initiated the action himself.

    Skier: I was shocked when he mentioned wanting to try bottoming. I had to ask him to repeat it as I wasn't sure I heard him correctly. I had a hint of this earlier when, during his blowjob, I inserted a lubed finger into his asshole. He welcomed it eagerly! Some of the other gay virgins clamped their ass cheeks and thighs together to prevent penetration.

    Raybeard: Too funny! Yes, the rower's singlets are designed to hold the goods up and out of the way.

    Will: Well,I got such a late start to this gay sex thing, so my view is, "Why the hell not!!" I do feel a great deal of compassion and pride in these courageous young men who invite me into their bed to test out their gayness. I feel like their proud father!! No kidding...

    Jack: my hookup stories are getting repetitive so I now edit them down severely, but to me, every experience has been positive and super hot. I honestly don't know why I'm getting so much action from the 20 - 24 year old young men. It's a mystery!

  7. Buddy, Kudos for your work. You are getting your rocks off and doing a great public service all at once. But school starts soon so you will have to get used to less sex...

  8. It's cool how a guy's dick transmits his feelings like that. There is nothing like having a dude literally in the palm of your hand, and doing something that suddenly makes him stiffen up down there, and you know that whatever you did is having exactly the effect you wanted on him. I wish all guys actually stayed hard while you fuck them. I'm a top but I still love a good boner. Very exciting. Do that 22 year old again, man! Hunt him relentlessly till he submits!

    1. Wish you were in my area. A good top produces a good boner in me. A very good one a cumming you wouldn't believe.

  9. I keep hoping for a Speedo-less shot of Tom Daley!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Peace <3

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