Friday, August 17, 2012

TMI Thursday: books, books, books

Sean of Just a Jeep Guy had some questions about books for this week's TMI.

1.   e-books or real books?  I have NO desire to acquire a new electronic gadget.  It's paper books all the way, baby!

2.  Which book are you currently reading?   The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark.   I've read most of her books.  They're a bit formulaic but I love how she crafts the mysteries;  suspenseful!   I also like the Manhattan settings as it's a place I'll probably never visit.

3.  How many books have you read in 2012? How has reading blogs, FB, and/or tweeting affected your book reading?    Sadly, I've only read a couple of books this year;  I've been very busy with the divorce drama, selling my house, moving house and most importantly, cruising men online and having sex with hot men I find there.

I'm not active on FB and I never will tweet.  I read blogs instead of watching TV so I don't think blog-reading interferes with my reading of books.

4. What genre(s) of book do you enjoy reading?     Mysteries (especially British ones), "crime scene investigation" type stories,  historical accounts of the early days of Canada, biographies / autobiographies of politicians, celebrities and historical figures,

5. Have you read the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex? Helpful?    I`ve read the gay versions of both of these, although not exhaustively, and plan to read them again.   Yes, they were very helpful especially since my knowledge of gay sex was `zero` one year ago.   

I remember surreptitiously reading The Joy of Gay Sex in a big-city public library as a 24 year old.  Although I had a raging hard-on at the sexy line drawings, it would be twenty years before I would admit / figure out that I was gay.

What was the first erotic novel you read that matched your sexual orientation?    I've NEVER read a gay erotic novel.  How sad is that?   
Dear gentle readers|:  can  you recommend some gay erotic novels for me to read?   


  1. Here are a number of websites for you to preview. They offer both print and electronic books:

    I buy a lot of my books for my Kindle through the following: (print available) (ebooks only but the site provides a summary of the books and you can check other sites such as Chapters/Indigo or Amazon for the print copies.

    Don't forget that your library may have a number of books as well. In BC, we have a great interlibrary loan system. I am not too sure about your area though.

    Good luck and happy reading.

  2. Oh my...the world of gay romance and erotica is sooo booming...but what would be of interest for you?
    Don't assume you want the all emotional ones...

    Well, I love the
    Adrian English series by Josh Lanyon (crime stories with a kind of nerdy bookseller and hot cop). These have a good story line and the relationship is secondary.
    Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux - FBI agents - two alpha males with issues. Good crime stories, very funny, sex of course.

    If you want to concentrate more on the sex parts of the books, Sean Michaels Hammer series has a lot sub/dom...very well written, I liked Forged and Bent best, they can be read alone.
    G.A. Hausser is writine more Erotica but I find some of her books annoying. Good is the "Heros"-series (Man to Man, Two In and Two Out, Top Men)

    Acutally...there are thousands of good books available. But mostly all m/m books are much cheaper if you buy them a ebook. If you don't want to get an ereader, try "kindle for your computer".

    You can try "free ebooks" from smashwords. One of my favorite authors Kaje Harper is giving away some seriously good books for free (you have to disable the adult filter).

  3. Totally off the subject but I have to ask.

    You are an inspiration! If anyone ever criticizes you for having sex with 20 somethings who are 20+ years younger than you should shut up and try it. OMG!

    I was pick upped by one of the cutest, hottest 24 year olds! His being 23 years younger than me would have had me saying no to him but I thought of you and said yes. The way he feels in my arms I can't get enough of him. Just the touching and kissing is enough but his cock in my mouth and then my ass is such a perfect fit. And he can fuck but not before tons of kissing and rimming me. In between kisses, he tells me how hot and sexy and beautiful I am! That I make him nervous and that he doesn't want to scare me off! On our second night together he even said he loved me!? If it hadn't happened to me I would not have believed it. I know he practically has a fetish for older men who don't spend time in the gym and I don't care. He is sweet, funny, smart and talented and we are able to converse when not engaged in passionate, sweaty love making (he doesn't call it sex).

    So thank you!

    Now I have a medical question: If my doctor has me on a low sodium diet, do I have to limit the amount of delicious sweat I lick off my 23 year lover! It's so good. We purposely keep the ac off so that we'll sweat more. YUMMY!

    1. Some of the guys I'm with are closer to 30 years younger than me, but nevermind! Thank you for the sweet story! You are inspiring me!

      Last night, I turned down a 21 year old hottie who invited me to his apartment because I had already arranged a meeting with a 24 with the finest body I've ever seen. The 21 year old, who then invited me to his place on Sunday afternoon said, "Most guys I know my age are interested in guys your age." Wow! I can't believe it but plan to ask him to elaborate on that statement.

      MEDICAL QUESTION: tongue-in-cheek? Well there would be a trace amount of salt on his skin, so lick to your heart's content. But if you're on a low-cal diet, maybe you should limit the volume of cum that he pumps into your mouth. LOL

  4. I recommend any of the Gorden Merrik books and The Front Runner is a must.
    Thanks for always participating!

  5. Thanks for all the great reading suggestions, guy!

  6. And for quick online short stories, try or Some of the series on nifty can be quite addicting. You find yourself checking for updates all the time.

  7. Print all the way, baby. :)

  8. hohoho
    I can count on you to turn 'reading' into something sexy !

  9. I've begun to really like my Kindle. And though I don't usually push my book on someone else's blog, since you are talking books I thought I'd mention my own novel, Shirts and Skins, which was released earlier this summer.

    1. Thanks for mentioning your book, Jeffrey! I intended to do a post about it myself but forgot.


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