Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dogably Pawfect .... Sunday

Better late than never, again, for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.   This week, I have four dogs in residence; all are mutts or mixed-breed dogs. The first three pics are taken in my front yard on a cold, wet, windy day.   It feels like winter's a-coming!
My son's dog (8 months old) will play in the tidal pools for hours.
My little dog (7 years old) is about 75% recovered from his near-fatal illness last October.    He continues to improve slightly and is pefectly happy and pain-free.
We call my daughter's dog a grouchy old man.  He and my little dog, above, are brothers from the same litter.
My wife's out of town, so my daughters are babysitting her annoying, homely little dog.

It's been a difficult few days with several recent developments weighing heavily on my mind. I'll post about them soon.

On the bright side, I had a pleasant interlude last night at midnight with a slim, handsome, closeted 36 year old guy.  He was a pleasant change from all the 20-something guys I've been with.   We exchanged fewer than ten words in the twenty minutes we were together, but his moans told me he loved the blowjob I was giving him in his car.

I had the enormous pleasure of unzipping his jeans and finding an absolutely beautiful uncut cock and set of balls, just the perfect size for ramming down my throat.   At first, I worked through the zipper but part way through, he yanked his jeans off giving me full access to his delicious inner thighs and ass.  His moans increased when I inserted a finger and took his balls in my mouth. (I was surprised he allowed me the butt-play; I think most "straight" guys wouldn't.) 

I left with the feeling, "Damn, I'm good!"


  1. Love the dogs! Coolness. Mine passed away last November, haven't replaced him...yet.

    Peace <3

  2. Obviously you are good. But you know for sure when they ask for Hunky guy.

  3. "...annoying, homely little dog" LOL

  4. I think you are having so much success and are in so much demand because you are simply a delightful person.

  5. Cubby: I'd never actually lived with my wife's dog before because she got it since we've been separated. My daughters describe her dog as annoying. It just yaps all the time. As an "only dog", it's not used to so many other dogs in the house.

    Thank you for those kind remarks! Yes, I try to be EXTREMELY honest as to why I want to hook up with a guy, what I want to do with him and emphasize that I will generally do whatever gives him pleasure.

    Also, I genuinely enjoy every encounter and just LOVE being with men of all types and it shows. I smile, laugh and generally turn our hookup into a fun, carefree time. As it should be.

    1. My feelings exactlyy when I hook up. As I say, I now know the difference between sex and love. I like both very much, but I try not to confuse the two. Therapist is in agreement. My only goal is to not hurt someone.

  6. Great dog photos. They're all beautiful. 'No such thing as an ugly dog.

  7. Just lovely when they come beautifully equipped for the hook-up, isn't it? Lucky you!


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