Friday, August 3, 2012

Sex in a hot tub, continued

In my last post,  Hunky 22 year old was flirting shamelessly to entice our hosts, Glenn and Mike, to have sex with him.  He's very inexperienced but was doing well ...  too funny!  Glenn and Mike had claimed earlier that they'd never fooled around during their 12 year partnership and said our visit wasn't going to involve sex. 

Hunky and I climbed into the hot tub while our hosts, sitting fully clothed on deck chairs, watched.  We began some mild underwater fooling around, footsies quickly followed by massaging each other's bulges with our feet.   I reached over and played with Hottie's beautiful cock, getting it hard.  Hot!!!

After a long while, Glenn and Mike stripped to their underwear and climbed in.   Hunky was extremely attracted to Glenn while I found him a little unattractive:   shorter, pear-shaped, balding and quite grumpy and sarcastic, really.  Later Hunky confided in me that when he felt Glenn's knee touch his underwater:  "I knew I had him!!"

It was enormous fun watching Hunky flirting.  He was just relentless, rather like an over-eager Labrador puppy.  At one point, Hunky "lost" his boxers in the tub and  stood up to look for them.  He bent over, nearly sticking his ass in Grouchy Glenn's face while presenting his fully-erect cock to Mike on the other side. 

His cock, which I knew so well, was magnificent... a thing of beauty!   Hunky was pulling out all the stops..... just merciless!!  Oh, to be 22 again!  I thought, "Oh my!  Those two guys don't stand a chance!!"

Grouchy Glenn's defenses crumbled and he began making out with Hunky.  Although he paid some attention to Mike, Hunky spent most of his "couple time" with Glenn.  At one point, Mike looked sourly at me and said, "They should get a room!"   Really awkward!  I decided to NOT get in the middle of a potential conflict with the couple and fooled around only with Hunky who very kindly gave me lots of 'play time.'  It was my idea to bring him here, after all!   So technically, it wasn't a foursome ....

The hottest moment was when all three older men were pleasuring Hunky as he stretched out across the tub.  Mike was kissing him, Glenn was giving him a blowjob while I held Hunky's balls in my mouth, my face pressed close to Glenn's.  Hot, hot, hot.... maybe Glenn wasn't so unattractive after all!  With a spare finger, I gave Hunky a prostate massage which I knew he loved.  Hunky moaned and squirmed.... it really was like a porn video come to life.

Hunky`s body was fine as this dude`s.  Beautiful!!. 
At midnight, after what seemed like hours in the hot tub, I was so exhausted by the heat that I climbed out and got dressed with Mike following close behind.  I still had a 90 minute drive home.  Glenn and Hunky made out for another half hour and then called it quits.

On the 45 minute drive to drop Hunky off, we discussed the sequence of  the night's events with complete honesty and glee, analyzing the crumbling of Glenn's defenses.   I'm fairly sure that Hunky will be invited back by himself for a threesome.... just a hunch.

But yesterday, Mike and I chatted online, planning our second visit to the farm.  I will bring the food and Hunky and I will cook it there.  To sweeten the offer, I said that both Hunky and I would wear jockstraps as we cooked.   I know it wouldn't take much whiskey (or none at all) for Hunky to agree to this!

Mike was very into this idea so I`ll leave it to to him to convince grouchy Glenn to agree.


  1. Very nice! Sounds like great fun!

    Peace <3

  2. such fun; sounds like hunky had an EXCELLENT time!

    yep, I went and did it!

    1. Yes, he certainly did! I'm pretty sure that he won't be sharing my bed for too much longer but it would be his choice and not mine. (that's just a feeling I have). That sexy, adventurous 22-year-old will be in great demand!!

      Congratulations on your new blogging adventure! I've added you to my blogroll!

  3. Hot! That's all I'm saying.

  4. I love reading about your sexual adventures.....My penis gets aroused too.... Sitting here totally naked....


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