Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is one of the most difficult Too Much Information question sets so far, I think.  Well, done, Sean!  I don't think if myself as lying, ever, but I guess that I do. 

I am extremely busy this morning so I'm just going to zoom through these questions.  I have three class sets of unmarked exams to mark;  I hope to have all my marking AND report cards done before the weekend!

1. What's the most creative lie you've ever told?  I've never told an elaborate lie.  I'm just not a good liar, truth be told.  My face always gives me away and I'd worry endlessly about being found out.

2. What lie do you wish you could take back?  About five years before the end of our marriage, my wife asked me: "Are you gay?"   I said "no"....  Although I believed it at the time, I also know that I wasn't 100% straight.  If I had told the truth, my gay journey would have started at 43 rather than 48.

3. How long could you go without lying? Even a white lie. 
I tell little white lies quite often online, sometimes every day.  When some really obese guy my age messages me on squirt, I NEVER say:  "You're too fat!"  I'm sure he hears that often enough.  I usually say:  "I can't host .... my kids are here."

But in real life, I like to think that I rarely tell white lies.  I will either hold my tongue or comment on something carefully and honestly without being hurtful.

4. Are you more honest when you comment anonymously?  I never comment anonymously;  I think it can be a cowardly thing to do.  Although "Buddy Bear" doesn't reveal my real name, I'll admit, plenty of people now know my real identity.

5. Does the truth hurt?  Yes, sometimes the truth can be extremely hurtful and I am always acutely conscious of that.  I've observed "friends" tell my ex-wife some terrible truths about herself which cut deep.  Some people have an almost a self-righteous attitude of "getting something off my chest" which sometimes can be really cruel.

6. What was the worst thing that happened to you because of a lie?
   The worst was the lie I told to myself about not being attracted to men for so many decades.  But I can easily excuse myself because it wasn't lying so much as being ill-informed about what "gay" really meant and felt like, deep-rooted denial and lack of courage.

7. Who do you lie to the most - yourself or others?  I never lie to myself, I hope.  But I sometimes tell white lies to others to spare their feelings or (I'll admit) because I lack the courage to be honest with them.

8. Is there a difference between a secret and a lie?  Sometimes keeping someone's secret is a necessary and honourable thing.  But lies can hurt another person's life.

I often meet (ie:  hook up) with men in their 20s who have a girlfriend and I always tell them some variation of:  "You can't keep on having sex with men behind you're girlfriend's back. This isn't going to go away.  Either tell her the truth or allow her to move on." and  "Don't destroy your girlfriend's life the way I destroyed my ex-wife's life."  I feel very strongly about this.

9. Truth or Dare?  Was this some TV quiz show?  This is probably another cultural reference which is lost on me because I didn't grow up watching American TV.

10. Does the mirror ever lie?   The mirror always tells the stark truth, but the truth is harsher in some mirrors than another.   The bare fluorescent light bulb in my bathroom doesn't do my haggard face any favours when I just get out of bed in the morning.   I sometimes don't recognize myself!  

But if I look at my face in mirror lit by candle light, I don't look half bad!

11. Does the mirror have two faces?  
I don't know what that means!  I would say, "No!"

12. How old are you?  51.5 years old

13. How much do you weigh?  194 pounds, my heaviest weight ever.  (I'm 5'-10", maybe slightly taller)  Ten years ago, I considered 170 pounds to be my ideal weight but looking at pictures of myself from that time, my face looks way too skinny, but I liked the way the rest of me looked.


Is it really that big?  Yes, I always post my exact cock size on my online profiles. Why lie? And my cock almost always compares very well with whatever other man I'm with.  I've never had a complaint!

Are you really vers?  I'd say a qualified "yes."  I'd only bottom for some average- or smaller-cocked experienced guy who I have been with before and who I trust.  This doesn't happened too often.  I'm still on a quest to become a great bottom who truly craves it. 

I've topped plenty of times but only when the other guy begs me for it.   Sometimes I feel under pressure to top when I don't really want to.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm a real "top" at all.

Just how old is that pic?  I always refresh the ten pictures I'm allowed to have on Squirt and discard the oldest ones.   So they're usually less than two years old but most are very recent.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Worshipping the frenulum

I had intended to post about my first Pride planning meeting last night.*   But I was distracted by this gay-gif of a Chris Pine lookalike paying attention to some lucky guy's frenulum. 

* The Pride planning meeting exceeded my expectations.  I was blown away by the hard work, intelligence, experience and commitment of the other committee members.  I'll be posting a great deal about our Pride planning in the months to come.

When I was young, the term "cock-sucker" was the ultimate derogatory term, used to denote someone who was weak or somehow deviant.  I'm sorry to say that even my father used it but only in extreme situations.

Now, I feel that being a cocksucker is the ultimate power trip, having a man's' most prized possession in my mouth with him under my complete control

I like to think that I can take the most masculine, muscle-bound resistant dude and turn him into a whimpering, yearning hot mess with my oral skills.

I never tire of circling the corona of a hard cock with my tongue and working the frenulum, the triangular area on the underside where the cock head meets the shaft.   I alternate between very soft, rapid tongue flicks and pressing my tongue as hard as possible into the triangular area. 

Then, just as he realizes what pleasure awaits him,  I ease off or stop entirely and watch his reaction, his thighs opening wider in an invitation and his hips yearning upwards, trying to reconnect his cock head with my lips. 

I love being a tease.... oh, the power of sucking a guy's cock!  But I don't tease for too long as that would be really mean and deprive myself of my pleasure as well.
Here's what Wikipedia says about the frenulum:   "The frenulum and the associated tissue delta on the underside of the penis below the corona is "very reactive" and "particularly responsive to touch that is light and soft."  The underside of the shaft of the penis, meaning the body below the corona is a “source of distinct pleasure.” ..... two extremely sensitive specific locations that many men find particularly responsive to stimulation are the corona, and the frenulum. Repeated stimulation of this structure will cause orgasm and ejaculation in some men."

For more cock-sucking tips, please read How to Suck Cock: a 14 Lesson Tutorial

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gorgeous, naked men in the shower

It has been a momentous week on my gay journey!

1. I am now the teacher-advisor for our school's Gay Straight Alliance, sharing the duties with a dynamic young woman teacher from our 7 / 8 divison.  I asked my our principal who was just delighted to have me help out.  I decided that it was time!

2.   As the main GSA contact for our school, I'm also on the board office Diversity Committee which includes all the GSA teacher-advisors and a few "higher-ups" including the Education Officer, a Superintendent and other important people.  It is one of the highest-profile committees in our school division with a huge push to promote LGBTQ initiatives.  Most of these are accomplished through the GSA advisors.

3.  My first Pride Week 2014 planning committee meeting happens tomorrow night!  It will be very exciting to meet the LGBTQ movers and shakers in my town. 

4.  I had a sweet lunchtime date with Big Red who is one of my all-time favourite men.  The "date" was in my car (for maximum privacy) and it consisted of eating the food I brought, catching up and sweetly kissing. Big Red and I are planning a sleepover date in a few days.

5.  I have a session with a therapist / marriage counsellor this week, arranged through our EAP.  I need some professional guidance to deal with my wife's abusive texting and out-of-control spending on the kids for which she expects me to pay half.   I need to stop both of these without burning the bridges between us entirely or triggering some retaliatory attack. 

6. I had the rare opportunity to swim from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm on a school day.  We are presently on a new, "between semesters" schedule.  What a revelation!  The locker room, communal shower and sauna were packed with many extremely fit men who were squeezing in a lunchtime workout. 

The men were in the 30 - 50 age range, mainly in the professional / business category and the vast majority were trim, athletic with well-defined, natural muscles. This is very different that the 8:00 am scene which consists mainly of elderly men in the +70 age range.

One handsome early 30ish guy in particular was the finest example of man-flesh that I've ever seen in person.... and he was showering, fully naked, just a few feet away from me!  He was finer than of the guys pictured here.

I can hardly describe my reaction as he faced me and soaped up his ass crack,  beautiful uncut cock and balls.   I felt dizzy with palpitations and shortness of breath and I was consumed with lust and desire.   It was almost like a religious experience but it was tinged with deep regret that I could only look but not touch.  I could hardly believe that such a perfect man could even exist.

Friday, January 24, 2014

TMI: Super Bowl

Too Much Information is a regular feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.  I always enjoy answering these questions!

1. Do you know who's playing in this year's Super Bowl?  I haven't a clue.  It's a football game, isn't it?  ( .... just kidding)

2. Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game, uniforms, commercials or food? 
I've never watched a Super Bowl ever in my entire life;  not even for a second!   I'd have no interest in the game at all. I wouldn't have a clue what was going on.

But I'd love to see closeups of the muscular footballers in football tights with a special interest in seeing juicy asses,  great packages and an occasional visible penis line.

I've been invited, year after year, to a Super Bowl party given my dearest colleagues in my department at school.   I've always declined because of the demands of parenting when my kids were young (when my wife was never at home) and in recent years, to the exhaustion and stress of my coming-out and divorce drama.

I was also concerned that I'd be bored silly, having to watch a game which dragged on for hours.  But I now realize that the Super Bowl party was more about the socializing than the actual game itself.

I plan to attend the Super Bowl party this year.  With minimal family commitments and all my children fully independent, I am certainly available and it would fit right in with my goal of improving my social life.

3. What's your favorite food?  I like ALL party food:  wings, guacamole and the like.  But for this Super Bowl party,  I plan to bring several special home-made pizzas, my specialty, pre-assembled but baked fresh on the spot.

4. Are you entered into any Super Bowl Pools?  No.  There are only hockey pools in my Canadian workplace.

5. If you don't watch the big game, do you do something else?  I would love to have some sexytime with a hot man.

6. What sports do you watch? 
I've gone an entire lifetime without watching any professional sports at all.  I always considered it a colossal waste of time!  I much prefer actually doing athletic pursuits myself rather than watching someone else do them.

The only team sport which I cannot miss is Olympic hockey  which invariably sees the Canadian men's team in the gold medal final.  I like watching other Olympic sports too, but only those involving athletic men in spandex.  These include diving, water polo,  rowing, bob-sledding and luge.  I have no interest in the sports itself.

Are you the Quarterback or the Receiver?
   I am working on being skilled at both.  ;-)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My first stalker!!

Today's pictures are of lovely wrestlers in spandex singlets.  At the photocopier, I spent much time admiring the early-30s wrestling coach at my school who is also my son's welding teacher and a former top-level wrestler.

He has a perfect wrestler's build:  well-developed pecs and biceps, beefy thighs, a lovely bulge and juicy ass.  Mouth watering!  He's just oozing testosterone and masculinity!

Although he's married with one child, I can't help but notice that he glances down at my bulge every time that we meet.  I know that he has that tingle of interest in men so I amuse myself by flirting with him in a very low key but intense way.  lol

For the past two months, I've had my very first (sort of) stalker who I haven't yet blogged about.  I say "sort of" because I don't feel threatened in any way.  But he's been creeping on me at numerous public events.

Both of my daughters have performed with our local junior symphony orchestra in recent years.  The orchestra members range in age from 17 to 24 and are all students at our local university and college along with a few senior high school students.

I always enjoy their concerts because the music is okay but mainly because my daughter is a featured player in her section.  She looks absolutely gorgeous in the formal attire the performers are required to wear.  Stunning! 

But a major side benefit are the lovely views of hunky (and some nerdy) 20-something men in the ensemble.  They all wear tight black dress pants which accentuate their asses and bulges, legs spread wide open as they cradle their instrument between their thighs.  Yum!   And the conductor is darn cute, too!

After their 2013 Christmas concert, a guy my age (then 50) started a chat on  I commented on the fact that his profile said that he lived in my former neighbourhood, some 45 minutes drive from where I live now.  

Buddy Bear:   I used to live in the ______ neighbourhood.
Stalker Dude:  "Yes,  I know.
Buddy Bear:  What do you mean "you know?"
Stalker Dude:  I know who you are. 
Buddy Bear:  Really?  How do you know?   (he ignored the question)
Stalker Dude:   Your kids used to go to ____ ____ Elementary School."  (he then named them)  My son went there too.  I've talked to you several times at school events over the past ten years.   I always used to wonder if you were bi like me.
Buddy Bear:  I'm gay not bi.  But I can't imagine who you are. I talked to dozens of men. What do you look like?  (he ignored the question again) 
Stalker Dude:  At a Band Parents' meeting last year , I heard _ _ _  (my ex's name) telling another parent that you were gay.  My cock got hard just thinking that you liked guys.
Buddy Bear:  Wow!
Stalker Dude:  I was watching you at the concert tonight.  My son's with the orchestra. You were sitting in the front row with your parents.
Buddy:  Really!  Where were you?
Stalker Dude:  I was in the balcony with my wife.  But afterwards, I got close to you.  I was standing about four feet away when you were talking to _ _ _ _  (my daughter's name)  My cock got hard.
Buddy:  Dude, that's a bit creepy...

Since then, Stalker Dude has started sexy chat with me on squirt most evenings.  He's still lives in my former neighbourhood and is married and closeted but doesn't want to change his situation.  Stalker Dude said his son was in the same class as one of my daughters (but he wouldn't tell me which one) throughout their elementary years.

He also told me that he experimented with men prior to marriage but hasn't hooked up since then and hasn't had sex with his wife in over 12 years.  But he's horny as hell and is about to burst at the thought of being with a man.

I've been wracking my brain but I cannot imagine anyone who fits his profile.  I have no idea who he is or what he looks like and he delights in teasing me with that fact.

So far, this is an unfolding story but I find the whole situation amusing rather than alarming.  But I am absolutely convinced that he will want to meet me in person one day soon.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A big gay fish in a small pond

This is a very quick Monday morning post before I head off to school.  After a week of balmy weather, we're back in a temporary deep freeze with temperatures of -30 C.  So here are some pictures from Hard in my Speedos to warm our thoughts.

A while back, a guy I was "dating"  (two restaurant dinners + one hookup at his house) described me as an "A-list Gay."  I don't have the slightest idea what he meant.

I mainly wear clothing from thrift shops supplemented with the odd item stolen from lost-and-found boxes, rarely brush my hair let alone use "product", and regularly show up at school with my shirt inside-out, wearing mismatched socks.

I'd consider designer Tom Ford to be an A-list Gay on the world scene.  For a Canadian gay A-list, I'd include one of the many high-ranking gay Canadian politicans such as Premier Kathleen Wynne or singer kd lang.

But soon, I will be rubbing elbows with the A-list gays in my remote hick town.  I've been accepted to serve on the organizing committee for our local Pride festivities!  Woo-hoo!  In fact, I think they want me to join two committees.... one dealing with LGBTQ issues all year long and one focused on Pride Week.  I may not have time for both.

I haven't meet most of the committee members yet but they are definitely the gay movers and shakers in town.  The list includes an elected politician, a teachers' union president, business leaders and people who head up social service agencies.

The committee also includes the gay 'power couple' I mentioned recently, the principal of our largest elementary school and his teacher-husband.

By serving on this committee, I will certainly meet LGBTQ folks from a wider circle than the people I usually deal with which could only be a good thing.  As well, I will be able to push forward the LGBTQ cause at a different level and continue my quest to be a great, gay role model for LGBTQ folks of all ages.

On the hookup front, I found myself accidentally triple-booked for Sunday with men who were 25, 27 and 44, all of whom wanted to drive the 30 km to my house for some sexytime.  I had scheduled the 25 year old to visit me to visit me on Saturday but he was called into work so we rescheduled for Sunday.  He's a handsome, funny and quite chubby, a licensed practical nurse who is horny as hell and a bear-in-training.

I hadn't met the 27 year old before but he'd been messaging me for months on, "playing footsie", I call it.   He's employed, inexperienced, slim and handsome but perhaps not too smart judging from his profile name:  Frendly_Guy_1987.  lol

I had invited him over on Sunday but I meant last week, but he texted me yesterday saying that he was ready to come over, right then!

Then, I got a text from Miner Dude who was in town for the weekend from his home 300 km away.  Fun fact:  he works in a hard-rock mine which is 4.2 km deep!  He's the shy aboriginal guy who I've been with several times before, a sweet kisser and quite skilled in pleasuring men.

But it was no contest:   I ignored the text from the 27 year old  (I'll apologize to him today), told the 25 year old that we would get together another day and invited Miner Dude over for a few hours of sweet sexytime.  I now consider him a true Fuck Buddy, my first.   


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gay versus straight hookups

One of my favourite places to be in the entire world is between a pair of beefy thighs, such as these magnificent examples from Man Thighs.

One of my best friends at school is a slim, attractive and very funny 48 year old woman who recently married a hunky Australian while on a teacher exchange.  It was her first marriage.

She's been endlessly supportive throughout my gay journey and I tell her practically everything except for the explicit details.  Of all my stories of the "under-the-surface" gay life in our small town, she finds the volume of offers I receive to be most shocking thing of all.

Despite being practically a dinosaur in the gay world (51), I get more offers on  than I could possibly accommodate from men aged 18 to 65 years old.  I reply to most messages but turn down about 90% for various reasons, mainly because of work schedules, inability to host or the fact that I live far out in the country.  Many are from many guys who I hooked up with a year or two earlier.

She said:  "When I was single woman on the dating sites, I got no offers at all. NONE!  Okay, maybe I'd get the odd reply from some 75 year old man. Men my age are only interested in going younger.  And I had no younger men messaging me either, at least not in this town."

"Yet here you are;  a gay man my age and you're getting tons of offers from every age group.  I don't get it!"

I explained:
1.  Quantity does not equal quality.  I haven't met a single guy on the sites who was a "keeper", although many have been very special in many aspects, spectacular, even!  But I would never expect to find Mr. Right on an online hookup site and I'm not even looking for him right now, anyway.

2.  In the gay world, a big age difference does not matter as much as in the straight world.   In particular, many young gay men are looking for a "Daddy" .... and I'm perfect Daddy material!  I find an extremely wide range of men attractive and it seems that the reverse is true as well.

3.   Straight woman act as a gateway (or barrier) to sex with straight men. But when there are two men involved, there is just so much testosterone involved and there is no barrier.  When gay men want to have sex, they just get right to it!  There is no moral judgement or hesitation involved at all.

Right now, I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be gay.  In fact, I sometimes feel sorry for straight men of all ages who are confined to such a tiny box of  behaviour and roles are acceptable for men in our society.  As well, gay men just seem to have more fun.

I feel particularly sorry for many of the single 20-something straight (and very hot) men I see at the athletic complex.  Judging from overheard conversations, some of them seem to be getting very little sex at all. 

There seems to be such a huge amount of effort required for them to get into some young woman's pants.... if they were gay, they'd be getting all the sex they could possibly want. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

LGBTQ workshop

"Real life" continues to get in the way of my blogging.  I just don't have the time to do it!

In the past week, I've met several great guys, chatted with many others and attended an exciting. two-day LGBT workshop arranged by my school division.  Every school in our district (elementary, middle and secondary) sent a team which included the school's principal, a teacher and usually someone in the student services department.

The workshops were run by national-level experts in the field of supporting LGBTQ children and teenagers.  The knowledge and understanding gained by the participants was extremely valuable and it will greatly influence how we deal with our entire school community, LGBTQ or otherwise.

As the only "out" teacher at my school, I've become something of a gay poster boy and get invited to every LGBTQ event in town, many connected with education.  It was very gratifying to see the commitment of the principals during the workshop and how hard they worked to understand (for example) the complex issue of transgender individuals and how our sexuality can be quite a fluid thing.

In another extremely exciting development, I met the "out" principal of our largest elementary school, a 55 year old father of three who recently married my daughter's former grade seven teacher, a father of two!  Both men were formerly married to women and came out in their mid-40s.  A gay power couple!  Both are on our town's Pride organizing committee which I hope to join soon.

I left the workshops with an enormous sense of gratitude for being Canadian and for working in school division which works so hard to support .... celebrate, even....  LGBTQ folks in our school community; teachers, staff, students and parents alike. 

I continue to see many spectacular, naked men during my daily swimming visits to our town's athletic complex.  Most days, I see men as fine as one those pictured here from My own Private Locker Room..

The whole scene reminds me of one of my favourite blogs on my blogroll:  Guess his Cock.   Quite often, I will see some guy who looks quite ordinary-looking while wearing his clothes, scarcely warranting a second glance.  But then he strips off in the locker room ... OMFG! .... revealing a magnificent cock and ass and a fine body.  Lesson learned! 

My attempt to swim in the morning before work was a total washout for two reasons.  First, it is impossible to zone out and immerse myself in the swimming because my head is swirling with the 1,001 different tasks must to to get through my busy school day.

Secondly,  there is NO eye-candy at 8:00 am at my gym.  None! At that hour, the only men in the locker room are in the +70 age group with nary a triathlete among them. Big bellies, layers of flab, liver spots and balls hanging low in sagging, wrinkled scrotums are the norm. 

Yes, I know I am being unkind and yes, I know that I will look like them one day.  But the reality is, I just can't look at them right now, especially early in the morning.

Through experimentation, I've determined that the prime viewing times for the finest men are weeknights (except for Friday and Saturday nights) between 8:00 -10:00 pm. 

All the hot 20-something men are done with school, work and supper and have completed their workouts.  They congregate in the communal showers (fully naked), sauna (wearing underwear or a low-slung towel) or in the whirlpool (in underwear only.)

Last night, a 20ish carpenter with lovely, natural muscles stood up in the sauna and his low-slug towel slipped off his slim hips and hit the floor (oops!!!) revealing a beautiful ass with those lovely hollows on the sides and a flash of peen.  Too funny!.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sexy gay gifs

I really like these gay gifs and, boy,  do they bring in the pageviews from Google searches!

I promised all the sweet details of my hookup with the Magnificent Ballet Dancer, but I'm just too busy!  I don't want my blogging or reading of blogs to interfere with my  personal life, but I hope to post about it on Tuesday.  So here are few Random Sunday thoughts.

1.  Follow-up on a past story:  Due to our marital drama, my ex-wife and I had NOT submitted our tax returns for the past four year.  This was a grave concern to me but she finally did all our taxes this past summer.   In late September, I blogged about receiving a six-page audit notice from Revenue Canada. I was sick with worry and stress.

My wife (with assistance from me) spent a month correcting multiple errors and obtaining countless documents relating to our divorce agreement, proof of residency and child custody issues.  This highly stressful process was accompanied by much abusive texting from her.

Today, I opened a letter from Revenue Canada with a sense of foreboding; it was the final verdict on the audit!  When I read the assessment, I shouted out loud: "Woah!  Holy Shit!" and shed a few tears.

I had expected to be charged an additional $2,000 to $5,000 in taxes but Revenue Canada accepted our submission as correct.  I owed them a pittance:  less than $300... an enormous relief!  I hope the audit on my wife's returns worked out just as well, but I'm thinking that our tax nightmare is over.

2.  I now swim every daily and am loving it!   This week, I checked out the scenery at the Masters' Swim Club at my pool.  The club is made up of just over 50% men, mainly fine, fit specimens in the 30 - 50 year age range including a handsome gay university professor who we've worked with.

I'm thinking seriously about joining.  The benefits include the professional coaching, fine men in spandex and a new social outlet for me because the club hosts monthly social events outside of swimming.

3.   And the locker-room eye candy continues to be as fine as ever!  One unexpected delight is the younger men (20 - 30) who come to work out but not swim.  After their workouts, many wear their underwear into the whirlpool tub and sauna because swimwear is required due to hygenic reasons.

OMFG!  The views are even more spectacular than if they'd been naked!  While most of the straight boys look amazing in their wet, boring Hanes briefs, there are a surprising number wearing designer-brand boxer briefs in lime green and turquoise clinging wetly to juicy asses, cocks and balls.

I love those bouncing balls.    :-)
Do these young men know how 'gay' their underwear is?  Are they really that oblivious to how hot they look?  How revealing wet underwear can be? Do they know that they're driving me (and any other red-blooded gay man) crazy with lust? 

These are some of the questions which I ponder as I look at them.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hookup with a magnificent ballet dancer

I've been insanely busy this month and haven't kept up with my usual alternate-day posting.  We're facing a double whammy of Semester I tasks (preparing exams and report cards, exam review with students and marking, marking, marking) and starting to prepare for new Semester II courses.

I'm writing this post off in a few minutes before I leave for my early morning stint at school, cooking today's offering for our school's Breakfast Club with a group of eager student volunteers.

As well, I've been swimming 30 - 45 minutes daily and I'm really starting to love it!  One of the biggest motivators is the daily sights of many spectacular, naked men in the locker room and sauna.

Like most other people in North America, we've been struggling with some record-breaking low temperatures.  Don't get me wrong... I LOVE winter and all our outdoors sports.  But several weeks of non-stop -30 to -40 C  temperatures, day and night, was really starting to wear me down.  Cold and dark!  But today, we woke up to a balmy -4 C  (25 F).  It's time to break out the summer shorts and T-shirts.  Woo-hoo! 

My water system frozen up again three days ago and I couldn't face the thought of thawing it out so I just hibernated each evening, cuddling with my little dog under a mountain of comforters, watching British murder-mysteries on DVD.  Now, my water is flowing again and all is right with the world.

Oh,  I should mention:   I entertained a gentleman caller for three hours on Wednesday evening.   A 27 year-old Hispanic ballet dancer, raised in Montreal but currently living in Toronto.  6'-2", 160 pounds, handsome, muscular, passionate, vocal (a moaner / screamer), intelligent, witty, sexually experienced, and with magnificent thighs and the biggest cock I've ever met.  A monster!

He was as spectacular as any of the naked male dancers pictured here.

In my whole gay journey, I'm sure that my time spent with Magnificent Ballet Dancer will turn out to be a life-changing experience;  one that has affected me deeply in ways that I haven't even begun to process.

But I must head off to school now .... details to follow.   lol

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Swamped on Squirt

Today's pics are from one of my favourite gay bloggers, Justin of Edge of Reality .  I just love the pics he posts:  beefy, lightly furry men with fat cocks and a 'bad boy' look about them. Woof!

Here are some random thoughts from my gay-filled week:

1.  Miner Dude invited me over to his hotel room, again.  There was a blizzard in progress, much unplowed snow on the highway and fierce winds bringing visibility down to almost zero.  But I set out anyway for my late-night booty call which was just as sweet as our first encounter.

2.  As I set off, my daughters and I were nearing the end of our movie night.  I felt EXTREMELY AWKWARD when I  told them: "I"m going into town for a while." without daring to look them in the eye.  Their smirks told me that they knew: there was only one reason I would be heading out in such treacherous conditions! 

3.  I logged into for the first time in 4.5 months and was instantly bombarded with messages from ten or more guys, most highly desirable and couple who were stalker-ish.  Just swamped! ... but I know that this "Fresh Meat Syndrome" will wear off soon!

4.  Big Red said "I miss you!" which made me feel horribly guilty as I hadn't contacted him in four months. I don't want to be that older predator who befriends a young gay guy and then dumps him after hooking up, crushing his self-esteem in the process.

I like Big Red a great deal, I think, more than any hookup partner I've ever had,  If he was only 20 years older I'd never let him go!  I'll invite him over for a sleepover date later this month when my son goes on a tropical vacation with friends.

5.   I was then messaged by a beautiful 22 year old student, originally from Trinidad.  He was 6'-7" tall (!!) with brown skin as smooth as satin.  I spent a sweet Valentine's Day with him in February 2013 but haven't seen him since.  Obviously a satisfied customer;  he wants to share my bed again.... soon!

6.  Then,  a 27 year old university student sent me several sexy pics:  of his beautiful, lean, lightly furry torso, another of his hard, cut cock and low-hangers and a third of him wearing a Nasty Pig jockstrap.  So hot!!   

After much online chat, we met in my car for over 30 minutes with the goal of getting to know each another but NOT to hook up at then.  Lanky Student only hooked up with guys that he had spoken to in person, an admirable quality!  

He was just adorable:  very tall and lean, 6'-2", with beautiful brown eyes, admirable facial hair and was very, very shy.  And, he seemed smitten with me.  I really enjoyed meeting him. So sweet!

Lanky Student has messaged me numerous times since and said he regretted not kissing me when he had the chance.  I'm fairly sure that I will be getting into his pants before too much longer!  

7.  Finally, the married dude to whom I gave the outdoor blowjob in a park last August wanted me to top him.  I declined the topping offer (I've hooked up the past three days in a row, thank you!) but said that I would give him a blowjob if he drove to my place, thirty minutes each way!   He said that I had given him the best-ever blowjob and sure enough, showed up on my doorstep soon after!  

On the plus side, he had a rock hard, fat cock and a beautifully gym-toned body.  But I won't be inviting him over again.  My bedroom was heavy with the chemical odour of the poppers he snorted continuously. As well, he was one of those "straight" guys who won't kiss and had the personality of a lead fart to boot.  No loss!

Friday, January 3, 2014

In praise of Aboriginal men

At 44, Miner Dude, who I mentioned in my last post, was much older than the inexperienced 22 year old men I often hook up with.

The difference was that he had spent his entire adult life giving pleasure to men and was also a million times more skilled than the married gay virgins I often hook up with.  The latter are good at receiving pleasure but make no effort in giving it and in fact,  wouldn't know what to do to pleasure a man.

Miner Dude was the sweetest, most skilled lover I've ever had. He is Aboriginal, 6'-1", works in a deep rock mine some 300 km away and has lovely, natural muscles you'd expect from a blue-collar guy;  great biceps, pecs, ass and thighs. Yum!  All the pics here resemble Miner Dude in some way.

I've been with many Aboriginal (native-Canadian) men and they're emerging as my favourite.  I love their smooth, brown skin, dark brown eyes, beautiful facial structure, especially the high cheekbones, and their shyness.  Most don't speak at all during our hookups which makes our non-verbal encounters even more passionate, I think.

But what I love most about Aboriginal men is their sensual manner, intensity and their focus on giving and receiving pleasure.  I don't always find in white dudes who can be much more uptight.  

Miner dude wasn't at all ripped but actually had a bit of padding but that just made it feel even better when we lay on top of each other.  When I first saw him in his hotel room, I said, "Wow!  You're way more handsome in person!  You really need to get a better profile picture on pof." 

What followed was the sweetest, most pleasurable sexual encounter I've ever had.... ever.  Kissing, handjobs, blowjobs and 69, he was good at them all!  

He was a fantastic kisser (... rather, together, we both were) and we kissed for hours in every way; sweetly, aggressively, with much tongue-sucking or none at all.   What I liked most about him was that he kept his hands busy during kissing, as I always do, running our hands over each other bodies or giving each other a silicone-lubed cock or anal massage while kissing.

At times, we lay together with our lips pressed together completely motionless,  just breathing into each other, while our hands did their magic elsewhere.  Very intimate!

I tore myself away after three hours which is a very, very long time for a hotel-room hookup with a complete stranger.

As I left, Miner Dude and I agreed that we wanted to see each other again on a regular basis when he comes into town every month or two.  I hope this happens!

* NOTE:  I now have two blue-collar dudes as regular activity buddies.  I haven't blogged about him recently, but my other construction worker, Jamie and I have been getting together a couple of times each month or so .... and our encounters just seem to get sweeter and sweeter.


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