Thursday, January 16, 2014

LGBTQ workshop

"Real life" continues to get in the way of my blogging.  I just don't have the time to do it!

In the past week, I've met several great guys, chatted with many others and attended an exciting. two-day LGBT workshop arranged by my school division.  Every school in our district (elementary, middle and secondary) sent a team which included the school's principal, a teacher and usually someone in the student services department.

The workshops were run by national-level experts in the field of supporting LGBTQ children and teenagers.  The knowledge and understanding gained by the participants was extremely valuable and it will greatly influence how we deal with our entire school community, LGBTQ or otherwise.

As the only "out" teacher at my school, I've become something of a gay poster boy and get invited to every LGBTQ event in town, many connected with education.  It was very gratifying to see the commitment of the principals during the workshop and how hard they worked to understand (for example) the complex issue of transgender individuals and how our sexuality can be quite a fluid thing.

In another extremely exciting development, I met the "out" principal of our largest elementary school, a 55 year old father of three who recently married my daughter's former grade seven teacher, a father of two!  Both men were formerly married to women and came out in their mid-40s.  A gay power couple!  Both are on our town's Pride organizing committee which I hope to join soon.

I left the workshops with an enormous sense of gratitude for being Canadian and for working in school division which works so hard to support .... celebrate, even....  LGBTQ folks in our school community; teachers, staff, students and parents alike. 

I continue to see many spectacular, naked men during my daily swimming visits to our town's athletic complex.  Most days, I see men as fine as one those pictured here from My own Private Locker Room..

The whole scene reminds me of one of my favourite blogs on my blogroll:  Guess his Cock.   Quite often, I will see some guy who looks quite ordinary-looking while wearing his clothes, scarcely warranting a second glance.  But then he strips off in the locker room ... OMFG! .... revealing a magnificent cock and ass and a fine body.  Lesson learned! 

My attempt to swim in the morning before work was a total washout for two reasons.  First, it is impossible to zone out and immerse myself in the swimming because my head is swirling with the 1,001 different tasks must to to get through my busy school day.

Secondly,  there is NO eye-candy at 8:00 am at my gym.  None! At that hour, the only men in the locker room are in the +70 age group with nary a triathlete among them. Big bellies, layers of flab, liver spots and balls hanging low in sagging, wrinkled scrotums are the norm. 

Yes, I know I am being unkind and yes, I know that I will look like them one day.  But the reality is, I just can't look at them right now, especially early in the morning.

Through experimentation, I've determined that the prime viewing times for the finest men are weeknights (except for Friday and Saturday nights) between 8:00 -10:00 pm. 

All the hot 20-something men are done with school, work and supper and have completed their workouts.  They congregate in the communal showers (fully naked), sauna (wearing underwear or a low-slung towel) or in the whirlpool (in underwear only.)

Last night, a 20ish carpenter with lovely, natural muscles stood up in the sauna and his low-slug towel slipped off his slim hips and hit the floor (oops!!!) revealing a beautiful ass with those lovely hollows on the sides and a flash of peen.  Too funny!.


  1. Buddy, I had to laugh when I read the part about you being the "poster boy" I have been reading you for what 3 years now? I remember the timid shy guy from back then. It has been a joy to watch you blossom (Aug 2011 I think was "the day") I wouls say the school is equally lucky to have you as a role model more than as a poster boy.

    1. Yes, last week was my third-year blogoversary. I've partially written a retrospective which I will post soon.

      Wow, are you ever keeping track! Yes, I lost my gay virginity in the summer of 2011... July, actually, just before my 49th birthday.

      I certainly was a lot more hesitant about my gayness back then. I think I'm heading towards being a 'gay leader' in my school division, community and maybe even beyond.

  2. I can understand a towel in a sauna but can't understand underwear in either the sauna or the whirlpool. Is that something the men just do or is there a regulation at the gym to require it?

    1. I don't know the actual reason, but I'm certain the ban on nudity in these areas is NOT related to prudishness, given the level of unabashed nakedness everywhere else in the locker room / communal shower area.

      All I know is that there is a big sign by the whirlpool: "Swimming suits must be worn in the whirlpool tub."

      On the sauna door, another sign reads: "For hygienic reasons, swimming suits or towels must be worn in the sauna.

    2. In our area, there are a great many public and private saunas and the men are always there naked (but not in mixed-sex groups). Swimming suits are never worn.

    3. How time changes.... In the world of nudity.... I sure remember years ago swimming naked at the ymca in Seattle , Washington ... I still can recall get my photo taken and being naked with the other boy too..

  3. Pretty cool on the school stuff! Love it! I wish our system(s) around here did things like that, but in Virginia, LGBTQ folks are third class citizens. Though with our new governor, we might make it to 2nd class!

    I gotta find the prime viewing time at the gym. So far, 5-6PM isn't it.
    Peace <3

    1. I'm very proud of my school division which (I believe) is among the national leaders in LGBTQ initiatives.

      Unfortunately, in my town, there are also publicly-funded Catholic high schools where GSAs don't exist and LGTBQ students face oppression and at times, harassment.

      The local bishop is very conservative and is firmly opposed to all talk about LGTBQ rights. I guess he's too busy porking little altar boys to get educated about the issues involved.

  4. Amazing programs at your school.
    20 years ago when I was at school NO one would come out at that age and NO one cared, least of all the school.
    Schools need to take this initiative. Things will keep getting better as understanding and acceptance become the norm. What better way than through education.

    By the way I love how you have narrowed down the "hotness" hours at your local pool. Have taken note, thanks Buddy.

    1. Yes.... I am very proud my entire school district. It's not just my school but 4 big high schools and 25 elementary who also participated.

      I am also proud of the many confident, out and proud students at my school..

      By the way, my "hotness hours" study


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