Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sexy gay gifs

I really like these gay gifs and, boy,  do they bring in the pageviews from Google searches!

I promised all the sweet details of my hookup with the Magnificent Ballet Dancer, but I'm just too busy!  I don't want my blogging or reading of blogs to interfere with my  personal life, but I hope to post about it on Tuesday.  So here are few Random Sunday thoughts.

1.  Follow-up on a past story:  Due to our marital drama, my ex-wife and I had NOT submitted our tax returns for the past four year.  This was a grave concern to me but she finally did all our taxes this past summer.   In late September, I blogged about receiving a six-page audit notice from Revenue Canada. I was sick with worry and stress.

My wife (with assistance from me) spent a month correcting multiple errors and obtaining countless documents relating to our divorce agreement, proof of residency and child custody issues.  This highly stressful process was accompanied by much abusive texting from her.

Today, I opened a letter from Revenue Canada with a sense of foreboding; it was the final verdict on the audit!  When I read the assessment, I shouted out loud: "Woah!  Holy Shit!" and shed a few tears.

I had expected to be charged an additional $2,000 to $5,000 in taxes but Revenue Canada accepted our submission as correct.  I owed them a pittance:  less than $300... an enormous relief!  I hope the audit on my wife's returns worked out just as well, but I'm thinking that our tax nightmare is over.

2.  I now swim every daily and am loving it!   This week, I checked out the scenery at the Masters' Swim Club at my pool.  The club is made up of just over 50% men, mainly fine, fit specimens in the 30 - 50 year age range including a handsome gay university professor who we've worked with.

I'm thinking seriously about joining.  The benefits include the professional coaching, fine men in spandex and a new social outlet for me because the club hosts monthly social events outside of swimming.

3.   And the locker-room eye candy continues to be as fine as ever!  One unexpected delight is the younger men (20 - 30) who come to work out but not swim.  After their workouts, many wear their underwear into the whirlpool tub and sauna because swimwear is required due to hygenic reasons.

OMFG!  The views are even more spectacular than if they'd been naked!  While most of the straight boys look amazing in their wet, boring Hanes briefs, there are a surprising number wearing designer-brand boxer briefs in lime green and turquoise clinging wetly to juicy asses, cocks and balls.

I love those bouncing balls.    :-)
Do these young men know how 'gay' their underwear is?  Are they really that oblivious to how hot they look?  How revealing wet underwear can be? Do they know that they're driving me (and any other red-blooded gay man) crazy with lust? 

These are some of the questions which I ponder as I look at them.


  1. They wear clothing for hygienic reasons?
    What irony; here people cover up out of neurosis and paranoia (so far as I can tell) but I suspect if some government agency said 'cover up' everyone would rebel against it.

    1. Well, I'm fairly sure that's the reason. There's a large sign at the whirlpool stating that shorts / bathing suits must be worn. I wouldn't want to be sitting in a public whirlpool bath knowing that other guys' pubes were swirling around in it. Ewwww!

      It is so interesting about the differences in attitudes towards nudity in our respective locker rooms. In the communal showers and locker room itself, it is wall-to-wall cock. Every man aged 20 and up "bares all" with no apparent problem with it.

      I am perfectly comfortable showering naked in that public setting. The only time I don't flaunt my goods is when some of my students are also in the locker room; a fairly rare occurrence. It would be really awkward for them to see my fat ass, and just imagine all the gossip which would be generated at school the next day!

  2. Gradually all the ties connecting you with her are falling away. This is very good news. When the time comes that there are no legal bonds of any kind to tie you to her, will you still remain in contact? Obviously there will be family events -- marriages, the coming of grandchildren -- that will at least put you in the same place with her occasionally.

    1. I seriously doubt that my ex-wife and I will be friends in the future or even have much contact at all.

      I know she is still suffering from untreated mental health and emotional issues (diagnosed A.D.D., depression) combined with anger management issues and maybe even biopolar disorder and / or early onset Altzheimers.

      Given all that baggage, I will never trust her completely.

      Despite her occasional difficult behaviour, I am trying very hard to take the high road and also to consider the big picture for our family's future. Yes, we will see each other at the kids' future weddings and grandchildren's events and it would be so much easier for everyone if we weren't openly hostile to each other.

      That is my hope, but I can't control her behaviour or reactions

      Right now, my salary is about 2.5 x greater than her pension income, so I will be paying her a fairly "low range" sum of spousal support until I turn 57 which is 5.5 years from now. After that point, we will have no legal or financial obligations towards each other, of any kind.

  3. I love tighty-whiteys. Wet, dry, just gimmee a guy in briefs. I like all briefs, superhero, green, red...all YUMMY.

    I am so happy your tax travails are over. And cheaply, too!

    I really ought to start swimming, given my arthritis in my shoulder, and right knee, and now I'm pretty sure the left knee. I will be at the gym next week doing physical therapy on both of the lower joints in an effort to strengthen them so I am able to do other exercises.

    "Hygienic reasons"? Pubes float out of underwear and swimsuits (not to mention leg hair, arm hair, etc. etc. etc. Dead skin comes off all of us. I'd hope people shower to cleanse off "rear residue" but that's about all you can hope for. Personally, I shower liberally after using public pools, hot tubs, etc. Then come home and do it again!

    Given the family nature of my gym, I don't see a lot of eye candy in the locker room (part of that is the VERY conservative nature of my area - I think these people think if someone sees their junk it will burst into flame and fall off). I see students (not any from my system, since it's miles away) all the time. Believe me, they NEVER strip down (see above). Not that I'd care. They're teens. And I usually just leave in gym clothes, or pull on sweats over the shorts (unless I swim, then I shower). Not that I'm a prude or anything, just easier. I prefer my own shower "for hygienic reasons".

    Interesting post. Thanks.
    Peace <3

    ps...I hate the animated gifs. Makes reading the rest of the post hard. I prefer full length porn, baby, not 3 or 4 or 5 frames over and over again! And IMHO, stats aren't everything. Quality readers beat numbers any time! I had a post where I used a possum picture (, it got 30K+ page views. Meh, who cares if you get page views off stolen pics? Please don't take offense, just one friend to another here!

    1. Oh, I renamed the pic from the original filename. Hits quit instantly. Google finds it when it's just a copy of a pic they have indexed, it doesn't translate into readers, just search hits.

    2. Well, the sign says "for hygienic reasons, towels or swimming attire must be worn in the sauna."

      I don't need a lecture on page views, Jay. It was just an idle comment that viewers seem to like the animated gifs. I've had nearly 1.5 million pageviews but I pay no attention to my stats these days.

      I do know, from countless comments and private e-mails, that I have a large numbers of people following my personal journey, a fact which please and astonishes me.

  4. makes my soul howl with pleasure

  5. I agree with the previous comment that quality readers are better. I'm sure you have a large following that would read your posts whether or not you post pics or gifs. Not that I'm complaining about some eye candy ;) I'm just saying if you find yourself pressed for time, maybe think about publishing a post without pictures to save some time. Of course, when you're really busy, looking up pics of sexy men on the internet is more fun than writing...

    1. Yes, I'll admit that I spend as much time in finding eye-candy pics to decorate my blog as I do in actually writing it.

      But I LOVE posting the pics of hot men and could not imagine blogging without them.

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