Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is one of the most difficult Too Much Information question sets so far, I think.  Well, done, Sean!  I don't think if myself as lying, ever, but I guess that I do. 

I am extremely busy this morning so I'm just going to zoom through these questions.  I have three class sets of unmarked exams to mark;  I hope to have all my marking AND report cards done before the weekend!

1. What's the most creative lie you've ever told?  I've never told an elaborate lie.  I'm just not a good liar, truth be told.  My face always gives me away and I'd worry endlessly about being found out.

2. What lie do you wish you could take back?  About five years before the end of our marriage, my wife asked me: "Are you gay?"   I said "no"....  Although I believed it at the time, I also know that I wasn't 100% straight.  If I had told the truth, my gay journey would have started at 43 rather than 48.

3. How long could you go without lying? Even a white lie. 
I tell little white lies quite often online, sometimes every day.  When some really obese guy my age messages me on squirt, I NEVER say:  "You're too fat!"  I'm sure he hears that often enough.  I usually say:  "I can't host .... my kids are here."

But in real life, I like to think that I rarely tell white lies.  I will either hold my tongue or comment on something carefully and honestly without being hurtful.

4. Are you more honest when you comment anonymously?  I never comment anonymously;  I think it can be a cowardly thing to do.  Although "Buddy Bear" doesn't reveal my real name, I'll admit, plenty of people now know my real identity.

5. Does the truth hurt?  Yes, sometimes the truth can be extremely hurtful and I am always acutely conscious of that.  I've observed "friends" tell my ex-wife some terrible truths about herself which cut deep.  Some people have an almost a self-righteous attitude of "getting something off my chest" which sometimes can be really cruel.

6. What was the worst thing that happened to you because of a lie?
   The worst was the lie I told to myself about not being attracted to men for so many decades.  But I can easily excuse myself because it wasn't lying so much as being ill-informed about what "gay" really meant and felt like, deep-rooted denial and lack of courage.

7. Who do you lie to the most - yourself or others?  I never lie to myself, I hope.  But I sometimes tell white lies to others to spare their feelings or (I'll admit) because I lack the courage to be honest with them.

8. Is there a difference between a secret and a lie?  Sometimes keeping someone's secret is a necessary and honourable thing.  But lies can hurt another person's life.

I often meet (ie:  hook up) with men in their 20s who have a girlfriend and I always tell them some variation of:  "You can't keep on having sex with men behind you're girlfriend's back. This isn't going to go away.  Either tell her the truth or allow her to move on." and  "Don't destroy your girlfriend's life the way I destroyed my ex-wife's life."  I feel very strongly about this.

9. Truth or Dare?  Was this some TV quiz show?  This is probably another cultural reference which is lost on me because I didn't grow up watching American TV.

10. Does the mirror ever lie?   The mirror always tells the stark truth, but the truth is harsher in some mirrors than another.   The bare fluorescent light bulb in my bathroom doesn't do my haggard face any favours when I just get out of bed in the morning.   I sometimes don't recognize myself!  

But if I look at my face in mirror lit by candle light, I don't look half bad!

11. Does the mirror have two faces?  
I don't know what that means!  I would say, "No!"

12. How old are you?  51.5 years old

13. How much do you weigh?  194 pounds, my heaviest weight ever.  (I'm 5'-10", maybe slightly taller)  Ten years ago, I considered 170 pounds to be my ideal weight but looking at pictures of myself from that time, my face looks way too skinny, but I liked the way the rest of me looked.


Is it really that big?  Yes, I always post my exact cock size on my online profiles. Why lie? And my cock almost always compares very well with whatever other man I'm with.  I've never had a complaint!

Are you really vers?  I'd say a qualified "yes."  I'd only bottom for some average- or smaller-cocked experienced guy who I have been with before and who I trust.  This doesn't happened too often.  I'm still on a quest to become a great bottom who truly craves it. 

I've topped plenty of times but only when the other guy begs me for it.   Sometimes I feel under pressure to top when I don't really want to.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm a real "top" at all.

Just how old is that pic?  I always refresh the ten pictures I'm allowed to have on Squirt and discard the oldest ones.   So they're usually less than two years old but most are very recent.


  1. Good answers. Truth or Dare is a game - Truth - you're asked a tough question you must answer or Dare - you must doing something wicked. It is also the name of Madonna's excellent movie. Guess where she got the title. A mirror having two faces is a Barbara movie and has nothing to do with lying. I just realized that I asked it bc I linked the mirror lying to another mirror reference. Opps.

    1. Thanks, Sean! I have never seen a Madonna movie but from what I hear, I don't think I'm missing much.

    2. It was a documentary about her tour and was about the same time as her Sex book. It was very well received.

    3. I remember when her Sex book was purchased by our local public library. Such a hoo-haa erupted! But the librarians stuck to their anti-censorship guns and it remained on the shelves.

  2. I don't think in #2 you lied. It isn't a lie if you believe it to be true. And you did believe you weren't gay. If every man who had man sex considered himself gay, there would be a huge increase in acceptance. After all, you had not even had sex with a man at that time.

    1. Thanks Skier! You are correct. Even my ex believes that I didn't know that I was gay when we married. In fact, I didn't have sex with a man until six months AFTER we legally separated.

      Despite the unhappiness of our marriage, I could never have screwed around behind her back, mainly because I would have been found out. If I try to lie, it is written all over my face.

    2. Never say never. Who knows what would have happened had she not caught you. I never thought I would find the courage to come clean and move out. Eventually after a marriage dies, SOMEONE has to acknowledge that it is over and take steps. From reading you all these years, I can't believe it would have ever been her.

  3. "DO THESE JEANS MAKE MY BUTT LOOK FAT?" No, but they make your cock look thick and possibly nice and long!

    1. If I ever write a book, I might title it "Cocks I Have Known and the Men from Whom they Hung." On the other hand, that title would work for you, too! :-)

  4. hohoho
    I figured you would be honest and no-holds in the 'bonus' questions.

    1. I know! I fall for Sean's sex-related bonus questions every time! With my science background, I answer in clinical detail and then I read Sean's responses, posted after mine. He will evade the question or answer using analogy or euphemisms.

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