Sunday, January 5, 2014

Swamped on Squirt

Today's pics are from one of my favourite gay bloggers, Justin of Edge of Reality .  I just love the pics he posts:  beefy, lightly furry men with fat cocks and a 'bad boy' look about them. Woof!

Here are some random thoughts from my gay-filled week:

1.  Miner Dude invited me over to his hotel room, again.  There was a blizzard in progress, much unplowed snow on the highway and fierce winds bringing visibility down to almost zero.  But I set out anyway for my late-night booty call which was just as sweet as our first encounter.

2.  As I set off, my daughters and I were nearing the end of our movie night.  I felt EXTREMELY AWKWARD when I  told them: "I"m going into town for a while." without daring to look them in the eye.  Their smirks told me that they knew: there was only one reason I would be heading out in such treacherous conditions! 

3.  I logged into for the first time in 4.5 months and was instantly bombarded with messages from ten or more guys, most highly desirable and couple who were stalker-ish.  Just swamped! ... but I know that this "Fresh Meat Syndrome" will wear off soon!

4.  Big Red said "I miss you!" which made me feel horribly guilty as I hadn't contacted him in four months. I don't want to be that older predator who befriends a young gay guy and then dumps him after hooking up, crushing his self-esteem in the process.

I like Big Red a great deal, I think, more than any hookup partner I've ever had,  If he was only 20 years older I'd never let him go!  I'll invite him over for a sleepover date later this month when my son goes on a tropical vacation with friends.

5.   I was then messaged by a beautiful 22 year old student, originally from Trinidad.  He was 6'-7" tall (!!) with brown skin as smooth as satin.  I spent a sweet Valentine's Day with him in February 2013 but haven't seen him since.  Obviously a satisfied customer;  he wants to share my bed again.... soon!

6.  Then,  a 27 year old university student sent me several sexy pics:  of his beautiful, lean, lightly furry torso, another of his hard, cut cock and low-hangers and a third of him wearing a Nasty Pig jockstrap.  So hot!!   

After much online chat, we met in my car for over 30 minutes with the goal of getting to know each another but NOT to hook up at then.  Lanky Student only hooked up with guys that he had spoken to in person, an admirable quality!  

He was just adorable:  very tall and lean, 6'-2", with beautiful brown eyes, admirable facial hair and was very, very shy.  And, he seemed smitten with me.  I really enjoyed meeting him. So sweet!

Lanky Student has messaged me numerous times since and said he regretted not kissing me when he had the chance.  I'm fairly sure that I will be getting into his pants before too much longer!  

7.  Finally, the married dude to whom I gave the outdoor blowjob in a park last August wanted me to top him.  I declined the topping offer (I've hooked up the past three days in a row, thank you!) but said that I would give him a blowjob if he drove to my place, thirty minutes each way!   He said that I had given him the best-ever blowjob and sure enough, showed up on my doorstep soon after!  

On the plus side, he had a rock hard, fat cock and a beautifully gym-toned body.  But I won't be inviting him over again.  My bedroom was heavy with the chemical odour of the poppers he snorted continuously. As well, he was one of those "straight" guys who won't kiss and had the personality of a lead fart to boot.  No loss!


  1. My impression of Squirt is that it's super sleazy and packed with unsafe guys. Seems like you found it to be different.

    1. I think the various sites vary in popularity from one region to the next. There are few rules on squirt compared to "relationship" sites such as So many guys post a cock shot as their squirt profile pic, so that does seem sleazy.

      But locally, it is the main site used by the vast majority of gay guys of all descriptions. I've met and hooked up with a great many guys on squirt and (with two exceptions), they've all been fantastic, normal, nice guys.

  2. The thighs on that last guy! The EVERYTHING on that last guy . . . . !

    1. Yes, can you just imagine being squeezed by those beauties!

  3. My favorite pic is the guy ironing... What a behind he has!!

    A great week Buddy.. My partner and I had our first 3-way 2 days ago. It was a very vigorous evening. Much better than working out. Our date arrived around 7 pm and left at 9. Very cute short muscular guy with a great ass. I did get a few butt pictures.
    butt they were not as good as in person.

    Did you get my private email?


    1. If you are getting my email, will send picture of Cute Butt.


    2. Hi Dick,
      Congratulations on the 3-way. Sounds very hot!

      Yes, I did get your private e-mail and I'd like to see Cute Butt. Thank you! I haven't had the time to write a thoughtful response as I've been busy with our -30 C temperatures, car problems, hooking up (!) and family stuff.

      But I'm sure I'll have time to write tonight.

  4. In the old days before I met my lover, I used to ask if he was into poppers. If so, good bye. At the bars, I would try to grope him to get his dock size, if monster, forget it! Today I would also be checking for tats and piercing. If lots, no thanks. I get dizzy when gay queens waves their arms loaded with tats when they talk. Call me old fashion! LOL

    1. I agree with all of the above. I've only been with a couple of guys who used poppers and I don't really like it when they do. I've never used them myself.

      I see a LOT of tatts these days but very few piercings. I don't mind them but I find the vast majority of the tatts to be quite unattractive and poorly done. But I'd never kick a hot man out of my bed because he had tatts!

  5. Can't abide poppers. Ugh.

    Peace <3

  6. Thanks for the mention Buddy, I'm means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog.
    It sounds like the weather is pretty chilly for you (I don't even know what a blizzard is like)
    Keep warm and keep having fun.
    P.S Those young guys SO want your cock.

  7. I quit online hookup sites after 8 years of losing profitable time and wasting it on tossers.

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