Monday, July 30, 2012

Cum on Face

I was exhausted after working for hours in the heat and humidity on Sunday afternoon. I came into rest and saw yet another message on POF from a 26 year old martial arts instructor wanting to suck my cock. I actually thought, "Oh no! Not another one!!"   You see, I have a tough time turning down an offer for sex from a young man in his 20s.  Actually... I never turn them down.  There, I said it!  Shoot me!!

These days, I never hook up with guys in their 50s.   I have more offers from men in their 20s, 30s and from really fit guys in their 40s than I can possibly accommodate.  This is in addition to the three guys I'm with on a regular basis.  So many men, so little time!

While the 50-something guys might make good "husband material", generally I find them all to have big bellies and rolls of fat everywhere.... a bit unattractive.   I'm now 50 and thickening around the middle, too, but at this stage in my slut phase, I'd prefer to have sex with guys with at least the same level of fitness as me.    This isn't a firm rule, but generally this means I mainly hook up with guys who are at least 15 years  younger than me.

In his profile pic, the martial artist dude was very short, 5'-5", but handsome with an amazing body.  Perfection!   He couldn't host so I picked him up and we headed to to find some remote location in the country.   We chatted:

Buddy Bear:  "Have you done this before?"

Hottie: "Oh, for years.   I have sex with both men and women pretty much equally."
BB:  "Really?  Cool!"
Hottie:  "Sex is sex.  I love it all!!  What do you do?"
Buddy Bear:  "High school teacher.  What do you do?
Hottie:  "Hot!!"   (all the 20-something gay boys I've met have a "sex-with-their-male-teacher-fantasy", I think)    "I'm looking for work.  I've been in jail for year;  just got out.
BB:  "GREAT! ..... What were you in for?"
Hottie:  "I stabbed a guy!"
BB:   (I laughed)  "PERFECT!!   I can't believe you stabbed someone,  you seem so sweet and gentle!"
Hottie:  "It wasn't my fault!  A group of guys jumped me.  I had to defend myself!   I'm on parole now."
BB:   "That's all right, then."
We're zooming down the Trans-Canada Highway and he say, "I'm so horny!  I can't wait!  I want  your cock now!!"  He unzips my shorts and starts playing with my cock.  Rock hard!"   I reach into his soccer shorts and start playing with his beautiful, skinny, uncut cock... also rock hard.... all while I'm driving at highway speed.  So hot!!... He had a magic touch...  I was all a-quiver.

We pulled into a remote wooded area and jumped into the back seat.   He whipped off his clothes, revealing the most perfect, fittest body ever!  At his request, I took his balls in my mouth and worked his cock with other.    He was so vocal, moaning, squirming and crying out... Yes!  Yes!  Harder!!  Harder!!  I pressed my finger against his a**hole  (didn`t insert it) and he cried out like a little girl, "Oh!!! No one has touched me there before!!"  More groans.  It was so hot,   hearing his appreciation of my efforts!

We switched places and he gave me the deepest blowjob ever!    Fantastic.... he rammed my cock repeatedly into very back of his throat, ram! ram!  ram!   Amazing!  I trembled from head to toe.    I came, but later, when my cock wasn't in his mouth.  He exclaimed, heartbroken:   "Oh no!  I missed it!!  You should have warned me!  and busily licked the cum off my inner thighs.  Too funny ... and so hot!"

He said, "I want to cum on your face!"  (Frankly, I don't see the appeal in this at all.)  But I lay back on the car seat and he jerked off over me.  When he came, Wow!  the force of the hot cum! the volume!!   Oh, to be in my 20s again!  I changed my mind, it was so f*cking hot!!  He very kindly wiped off my face with a Kleenex while I kept my eyes shut.  I've heard that cum really stings your eyes. 

It was a very short encounter, barely 30 minutes, but it was my most intense one yet, I think.    I dropped him off and went home, only two find two more POF messages.

One was from a 24 year old I'd been chatting with for months who finally was able to host (parents out of town) and wanted me to top him. I`d been been putting him off because of my inexperience in topping.   The other was from a new contact,  from a gorgeous 20 year old university student who wanted me to come over.   I thanked them both profusely, but with regret, I had to turn both of them down..... and requested a rain check.

I felt like a horse that's been rode hard and put away wet.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rimmed and topped a hunky 22 year-old!

Except for the first pic, the rest are from in celebration of Sean`s Dogably Pawfect Saturday.

In my last post, I teased you with mention of my second date with Hunky 22 year old.  We were together for nearly three hours.

We started with the sexiest shower ever, washing each other thoroughly while kissing, sucking cock and fondling.   I ran my soapy hands repeatedly over his his  torso,  pits, ass crack, balls and inner thighs.... irresistible!!   He's got the finest body:  big biceps, broad shoulders, muscular thighs and slim hips, the most beautiful cock and balls I`ve ever seen.  

In bed, he's eager to please and to explore;  a fantastic kisser.  He is so easily delighted, not at all shy, and gets pleasure out of everything I do to him.   Hunky 22 year old gave me the sweetest blowjob ... his gentle touch sent me a-quiver.  He rimmed me briefly,  his first time, he said.

I  thought: "Be brave! Just do it!!" and flipped Hunky over and rimmed him at length until my tongue got tired.  Slurp!  Slurp!  It was my first time rimming;  something I'd never imagined I would do.  So sweet!!  I felt so proud of myself overcoming this barrier as he moaned and squirmed.

He asked me take both of his big balls in my mouth.  Yes sir!   I gave his boys lots of tongue action and gentle pressure while giving a prostate massage with my finger and a hand job with the other hand.  Triple whammy!  Hot damm!  I had the most incredible feeling of power, as though I was the best lover in the world, with that beautiful young man squirming and moaning.

I was rock hard so I quickly, quickly put on a condom and cock ring.  I lay on my back as he rode me.   Wow, what a view..... his O-face, his beautiful torso as he bounced up and down on my cock!   Still with my cock in his ass, I gave him a merciless handjob until he squirted hot cum all over my belly and chest. HOT, HOT, HOT.   Wow, those young guys can really squirt!

We flipped over and I topped him some more with him on his back, legs on my shoulders.... My first ever really proper,successful topping experience. OMFG!!!

I was focusing his pleasure, not mine, so when he`d had enough, I made myself cum with a little hand action at the very end.  In the afterglow, we spent an hour cuddling, wrapped around each other, kissing.   I gave him a full-body massage with some oil (olive!) I brought, front and back.

He fell asleep (as he'd been working all night)  so I held him close with my head on his chest until we had to tear ourselves out of bed.   I had to pick up my daughter from work.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

TMI Thursdays

These pics from remind me of the shower I had yesterday with Hunky 22 Year-old..... the hottest ever!   His body is as fine as any of these guys except that I got to lick, kiss and rub my hands over every inch of it!!!

These questions are a weekly feature from Sean of Just a Jeep Guy  This week, the topc is"Firsts."

1. First Crush
Female-crush: I had a crush every year from grades 1 to 6 on some cute girl in my class, a different one each year.  After that, I probably crushes on boys but I didn't figure out what they were until recently.

 Male-crush: I probably had a crush on my 26-year old male phys-ed teacher who had been an international- level wrestler.  Beautiful smile, blonde hair, blue eyes and with the finest physique I'd ever seen. He was so gorgeous that I had difficulty looking at him. Many years later, I became his teaching colleague.   He retired last year, looking as gorgeous as ever.

2. First Wet Dream:   
When I was about 12, I would occasionally wake from a deep sleep at the end of an intense orgasm, squeezing my cock between my thighs.    In that innocent, pre-internet age, I had not the slightest knowledge about what happened.  I rubbed the slippery white substance between my fingers with no curiosity about it at all, not even knowing that it contained my baby-makers.

3. First Kiss
FIRST WORST KISS:   When I was in my early twenties living alone in a big city, a well-meaning colleague fixed me up for my worst blind date ever. The lady in question was nearly twice my age, skeletal, pot- and cigarette-smoking... as well as being a total moron.  During our simple good night kiss she shoved her tongue down my throat  .... Gross in every way!!  Like licking ash tray!  I thought I was going to lose my lunch.

One year ago, the aggressive, testosterone-fuelled kissing by Hottie Nurse changed my life. It was at that "Aha!" moment that I realized, "This is it! This is what it was supposed to feel like!!"

4.  First Love
My soon-to-be-ex wife, who I met at the age of 28. We truly did love each other and I think we had a grand passion which lasted through the births of at least our first two kids.  |We do still care for each other despite all the gay drama of the past two years.

5. First Sexual Encounter
I find this embarrassing to admit, but I was a 28 year-old virgin. I lost my virginity to my future wife, several months before we got married. Now, I consider it the biggest pink flag of all, if a man in his 20s has never had sex with a woman. Tim Tebow, are you listening?

I've already mentioned my encounter with Hottie Nurse.   I still can't believe how lucky I was;  I had the sweetest, most memorable, most exciting  first-time experience ever!    Now, when I'm a with gay virgin, usually a man in his early 20s, I try to give him the best experience ever.

Love at First Sight
My first coffee date with my Special Guy was love at first sight, I thought at time time.  I wrote about it in this  this post, last paragraph.    However,  it might have been just an infatuation fuelled by hormones and abstinence.  As it turned out, my Special Guy turned out to be (in some ways) not as special as I thought and we no longer see each other. I'll have to tell y'all about him one day.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Men freeballing in kilts

This magnificent collection of real men with their balls hanging out in kilts came from

Update:   I found out accidentally today that my wife paid for the food (except for the pot-luck contributions) served at my 50th birthday party;   mainly hamburgers, sausages, buns and a cake.   I phoned to thank her and she said "You're welcome" but added that she didn't want me to find out that she had paid for it.  Hmmm ...... what am I to make of this?

On my actual birthday, my kids and I went to a day-long "Celtic Celebration" at a local park.  Much excellent musical entertainment, food, highland-style games, bag pipers, plenty of hot daddies with their kids and some men in kilts.

Yes, this is me!
In fact, the bagpipers wearing kilts in the traditional manner aren't all that sexy.....  with wooly knee socks and a knee length kilt, very little leg can be seen.  I much prefer the the way the men on these pics are wearing theirs.

I've wanted to wear a kilt for the longest time and this was my chance!   For a small deposit, event organizers had a supply of kilts for attendees to wear.   I LOVED the feeling of wearing a kilt, although the hot, humid weather meant that I went around all day with my balls ball sticking to my inner thigh.

I am in the  headless guy in the picture to the right.  I'll try and find some other kilted pics of me to post.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

50th birthday

The days leading up to my 50th birthday were pretty awful;  the worst I'd experienced in a long time.  First, I spent much time arranging the referral to the leading prostate cancer centre in Canada.  It was very emotional for my whole family with our collective memories of my last extremely serious bout with cancer.  Been there, done that!

I was near tears as I observed my father and brother galvanized into action, scrambling on very short notice to get hard copies of their prostate cancer history which were required by the Princess Margaret.  I might not get the referral if my prostate problems and family history are not considered serious enough by their standards.

Second, my wife picks this time (of course!) to resume her erratic behaviour and try to renege on our mediated separation agreement,  demanding that I pay her spousal support essentially forever, despite the fact that our salaries, pensions and career paths are identical.    The bug up her ass results from the fact that she's trying to get access to my parents considerable assets, directly or indirectly, should I inherit or receive anything from them via direct transfer.  She doesn't seem to get it that my parents will NEVER... NEVER.. allow this to  happen.  They`re prepared to disinherit me rather than see her get a penny.  She doesn`t understand that she has no support among her friends, family or even children in all her aggressive actions against me.

As it turned out, she reversed her reversal the next day and agreed to go back to our original mediated agreement.    Her best friend had intervened and convinced my wife of the unfairness of her demands, how she had reached the limit of her greed.  There simply was no more money for her to take.

I headed home from my doctor in despair;  I just can`t do this any more!  I can`t go on!   I knew my parents` were coming over with my birthday present but I considered asking them to cancel:  I did not want to see anyone, did not want to talk to anyone.  

I arrived to a surprise party which had been planned by my three teenagers for a couple of months.  The disaster-area of my house and yard had been tidied up somewhat and my place was awash in food, drink and friends and relatives, some of whom I hadn`t seen for a very long time.

Wow!  What an emotional roller coaster!  Overwhelming!!   The party was fantastic.  I ate and drank more than my share and sampled the various birthday cakes that arrived complete with homemade ice cream, hand-cranked during the party.   Even better than the party itself was my kids' excitement, giddiness even, over their successful party planning. They'd pulled it off!

Lots of great pics were taken but sorry, there are none that I'm willing to post....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prostate: an update

The picture at left is of me this morning hanging my clothes out to dry.   It is one of the greatest simple pleasures in my life.   The clothes smell great and I feel virtuous and very thrifty because it doesn't use electrical energy.    Mike, a Canadian blogger buddy who lives in beautiful Vancouver Island, posted about the joys of using a clothes line in his blog, Out in the World.

My morning was spent in my own bed with Hottie Cub while all three kids were at their summer jobs.  Such sweetness!  He is such a nice guy!   We spent over two hours, kissing sweetly and aggressively, cuddling and exploring each other.

In addition to our usual repertoire, we both want to become more proficient at anal sex with each other.   He topped me briefly which was very pleasant and pain-free.  Hottie Cub felt strongly that I should be "broken in" gradually over several sessions and didn't want to prolong it for me.  He once had an painful experience with an overly-aggressive, thick-cocked top who didn't stop when asked.


I was overwhelmed by the concern and excellent advice I received from my online friends and readers, both as comments and as private e-mails,  on yesterday's Prostate post.   Thank you!  A special thank you to Gerry for providing the excellent checklist which I intend to follow.  Here's an update:

I contacted the leading Canadian facility, The Prostate Centre at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto to sign on as a patient.   All I need is to ask my family doctor for a referral and then the appointment(s) will be made for me.  I have asked my doctor in writing for this referral;  I haven't yet heard back from her but am sure that it will be no problem.  I have no idea how long I will have to wait for an appointment but I expect I will be seen fairly promptly.

And Gerry, when I described myself as a "slut",  it was very much tongue-in-cheek.   I know that I'm not!   I am enjoying my singlehood and newfound sex life enormously.  Before I started having sex with men one year ago, I had not had sex with another person in over 15  years!

I am completely honest with all the men I hook up with regarding my intentions (not looking for a LTR) and about all the other men I'm hooking up with.  Tomorrow morning, I am hosting the 22-year-old hunk in my own home;  we're both looking forward to it enormously!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The title is not referring to the prostate as a male G-spot but to possible prostate cancer.

Last January, I wrote about my brother's difficult recovery from prostate cancer surgery and my relatively high PSA (prostate specific antigen) test of 6.9.  A PSA test higher than 5.0 warrants further investigation.  Although PSA tests are no longer routinely done and have been somewhat discounted by the medical establishment, my doctor has continued with mine.  Here are my most recent PSA results:

January 2012:  PSA 6.9
April 2012:  PSA 6.0
July 2012:  PSA 19.5   (Yikes!!)

Yes, I know that a high PSA test could be caused by other things such as prostatitis.   And yes, a man can live with prostate cancer for decades without difficulty..... blah, blah, blah.   There's a saying about the widespread unnecessary treatment of prostate cancer:  "You'll survive prostate cancer but will you survive the treatment?"

But we also know several young(ish) men, mid-50s who have died from prostate cancer.   There are two distinct types;  35% of prostate cancers are a aggressive, difficult-to-treat type which strikes younger men.  The remaining 65% are an extremely slow-growing type which an older man could live with for decades.  It is most likely that these patients will die of old age long before this becomes a problem.

What to do... what to do?   To start, I've accepted a referral to "the only urologist in the village" who  will want to do a needle biopsy.   The urologist an older, exceedly arrogant middle-eastern immigrant doctor who has the bedside manner of Jack the Ripper.  Appalling!  I've heard mixed reviews about his technical skills as well.  A friend's father was still in adult diapers one year after his treatment by |Dr. M.  Others say he's excellent but I have my doubts based on my brother's terrible experience with him.

The problem with an older urologist operating in such an isolated town is that he does not have access to the expertise, equipment, in-house research and other resources available in a larger centre which operates on a team approach.  Here, (as far as I know) every prostate cancer is treated radically as though it were the invasive variety.

Another option would be to seek treatment at a major Canadian prostate cancer centre.  Travel and accommodation would be at my own expense, but the medical treatment would be free.   With this option, I would be getting world-leading minimally-invasive treatment in a facility where they've treated thousands of prostate cancer patients.  I need to discuss this with my MD right away!

Speaking of prostates:   the Sexy 22-year-old and I have another `date`planned for Friday where he seems as excited as I am to continue our anal adventures.   This is a but awkward as I`m going to be with Hottie Cub this evening.   In the spirit of full disclosure, I need to tell each of them about the other,  other wise I would feel like I`m a two-timing slut .... which in fact, I am.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Deflowering a bottom virgin

This boy (ass to camera)  looks exactly
like the hottie 22 year old.
These pics from Horny Texas Fratboy show the body type of the hottest guy I ever hooked up with, described in this post. 

After my extremely disturbing hookup with Foot Fetish Guy, I  picked up the sexy 22 year-old who'd been messaging me.  He wanted some M2M action so badly and, for some reason, he decided his first time was going to be with me.

 "22, brown hair, medium build, not too hairy but love hairy men, had sex with women but never finished with a man. Would love to though.   Like men of all shapes and sizes.  hairy or not. Mostly older men "

He was standing out front of his apartment. Punctual! And hot to trot!! He was a beautiful, nervous young man... Since his roommate was in the apartment, we drove in silence to his parents' house who were out of town. He was soooo nervous and had difficulty looking me in the eye as we walked down to his old bedroom.

At my suggestion, we lay down in bed fully dressed and immediately went to it. Amazing, aggressive kisser with, pouty lips.  Flawless body;  broad, muscular shoulders, slim hips, lovely muscular thighs, perky little bum....

Sweet personality!  Aggression! Pent-up horniness! He wanted so badly to be with a man!! At my request, he allowed me to unbuckle and unzip him ..... like unwrapping a Christmas present. OMFG! The fattest, most beautiful cock ever,  cut but very smooth, with a mushroom head and the most amazing set of balls hanging beneath.   My cock worship went into overdrive!

We made out with increasing intensity as I ran through my usual repertoire and he followed eagerly. He had me squirming and moaning! At my suggestion, he straddled my chest (with me on my back) and thrust his cock into my mouth, gasping audibly as it rammed into the back of my throat.

He asked me to take his balls in my mouth, a first for me! They were so big!... his beautiful balls entirely filled my mouth and I run my tongue around and around and applied gentle pressure.... more moaning.   I was so uncertain as to much pressure to use....  but he was so vocal... much groaning & gasping in pleasure.

During my blowjob on him I stuck my lubed finger up his ass (with his permission) and he rammed his ass repeatedly down onto it, I thought, "Oh my God, his ass is hungry for it!" Sure enough, he groaned, "I want you to fuck me!"

He found a condom and put on me with his mouth (clever trick) and tried to lower himself on to my cock, with me on my back.   After much effort he said, "I can't do it, you'll have to loosen me up a bit more." He went on his hands and knees with his asshole pointing heavenwards. With much lube and one finger, then two fingers, I got my cock in and pumped his virgin ass.  Wow!

After a minute or less I went a bit soft, probably the combination of his moans of pain, I think, rather than pleasure, and the unexpectedness of being asked to top for the first time.  I was thinking, "OMFG!  My cock is up his asshole!!."   And another turn-off was the fact that .... er... he wasn't particularly clean down there (Ewww!) and we were doing it in broad daylight, although his hygiene and grooming was perfect in every other respect.

We were together for nearly 2 hours, the last 30 minutes we lay together, limbs entwined, bodies glistening with sweat and (I think) he fell asleep.   Sweetness!  I could not resist running my hands all over his body, up and down his lean, lightly furred torso, around the delicious curve of his ass cheeks, up his inner thighs.    I had to tear myself away to pick my kids up from work.

He's messaged me four times since our encounter, actively planning the next.   He asked me, in the politest possible way, if I would considering bottoming for him. .... I agreed,  but as I posted in A Reluctant Bottom,  I need to do some advance preparation first.  I'm a bit apprehensive about it....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foot fetish encounter: the details

First,  here are a few doggie / hottie pics for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.

In yesterday's foot fetish post, I mentioned my hookup with Nick, a late 40s guy with a foot fetish.
We met in a parking lot but after a few minutes of chatting, we decided to find a private place in his four-wheel drive truck.  We drove about 15 miles north of town, far down a bulldozer track and parked in the middle of a vast sea of tree stumps, a clear-cut from a recent logging operation.  The maximum possible privacy!

Although I joked about him being an axe-murderer, I had not the slightest concern about being there with him.  He was a very nice guy doing his best to raise his two teenagers by himself.  I asked him, did he always have a foot fetish?

Nick said his dad used to do it to him all throughout his growing-up years.  Now, it's the only way he can get off.    I found this disturbing.... a sad case of childhood abuse impacting on someone's entire life.   Nick said it matter of factly but didn't seem happy about having to do this.

We lay on our backs in the back of the pickup truck under a blazing-hot sun.   Thank goodness, the usual swarms of mosquitoes were kept away by the wind.   He directed me to grind my feet (wearing shoes) into various parts of his body;  his chest, belly, groin and face.  After about 10 minutes, he took my shoes off and had me grind my socked feet hard into his face almost to  the point of suffocating him.   I'd worn the socks continuously for nearly a day so they were.... er... ripe.

We held  that position for a very long time... another 15 minutes at least, with him snuffling and moaning.  He started to get excited and his fat cock began to tent his camo pants.  I must admit, my view of his pants bulge was  pretty hot and I got hard myself.

I unzipped him and reached for his cock.... it was rock hard... the hardest I'd ever experienced.   I grasped it with my hand, just for two seconds, and it exploded cum all over the place.   A blunder.... I wasn't supposed to do that!  And there ended our encounter.

On the drive home he explained that he had a straight buddy who'd kindly provided his smelly feet to satisfy his fetish for the past 14 years, but he had moved away.  I had to tell Nick that I would not be his new foot-fetish buddy.

First of all, we lived some 30 miles apart, but most importantly, I found the whole thing sad and rather disturbing, and not titillating in the slightest.   Lesson learned:  before saying "yes" to another fetish encounter, be sure to ask in considerable detail what the fetish guy is expecting you to do!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Foot Fetish

Just a short post as I wait for a coffee date with a 'good ole boy', a transport truck driver with a sock / foot fetish.    He's 48, divorced and raised his two teenaged kids all by himself. His wife left eight years ago and wanted nothing to do with the kids. He lives far out in the country, drives a |F350 Super duty Ford pickup and likes to drive his quad and dirtbike.  My kind of guy! 

He seems like a down-to-earth guy who messaged me on POF:  "Would you like to experience your footwear being worshiped and your socks being smelt..?"  Er.... may be not!   But then I reconsidered;  I've done lot more courageous things than this in my gay journey, so, why the hell not!   And besides, it will give me something different to blog about.

I asked what preparations I needed to take before our "date."

Foot Fetish Guy:  "What kind of footwear and socks do you normally wear on an average day."

Buddy Bear:  "in summer, go around bare foot most of the time.. right now my feet are kind of dirty and rough on the bottom with some cuts. Wear sandals all summer. If I wear shoes, they'd be running shoes worn with with white or black sport socks."

Foot Fetish Guy:   "Normally socks worn in runners for the day would be good...Don't like the socks too dirty. As long as they have been in the runners most of the day, they should be good..."

It just seem so bizarre to me,  the whole idea of someone worshiping my feet!   My only requirement that we be done by 1:00 am.  I have another date;  I'm such a slut.    This is one I'm really excited about.

I've been contacted several times by a GORGEOUS 22 year old on  We messaged back and forth for several days before he revealed that he actually lives in my town.  Ka-ching!!   He's yet another young man who's had sex with women but wants to experience it with an older man.   Here's what  his profile says:

 "22, brown hair, medium build, not too hairy but love hairy men, had sex with women but never finished with a man. Would love to though.   Like men of all shapes and sizes.  hairy or not. Mostly older men "

He wants to be with me so badly that I couldn't say no....   It's practically my civic duty to help introduce this horny, eager young man to the joys of M2M contact,  isn't it?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"You're so butch!"

I'll be turning 50 soon and with on-going my spinal problem, I'm starting to feel my age.   At times, I hardly recognize the haggard, worn-out face starting back at me in the mirror.

This self-image seems to be contradicted by the compliments I've receive on an on-going basis  (not to brag... this is just a fact.)   Here are a few samples from this week:  

Sexy Stylist:  "You're a really handsome guy!"  *
Hottie Cub  "You're so butch!"
Daughter's 18-year old girlfriend:  "_ _ _ _ 's Dad is hot!"
48-year old hook-up from POF:   "You're a good-looking guy, for someone your age!"   **

* This was after our second round of salon-sex yesterday. I haven't told you about him, have I?

** Annoying! He had to add the qualifier, "For your age!" I sourly pointed out that (a)  I was only two years older, assuming he wasn't lying about his age and (b) I was in better shape than him.

My future driveway at the front of my house.
Over the past two days, I've cut down about 10 trees in my yard with a chain saw.  How butch is that!   I'm building a proper driveway as I'm tired of getting my car stuck in the snow all winter long.

I filmed a video clip of me felling a tree to post on YouTube.  It was very cool but showed too much of my face, so you'll have to make do with a picture of the end result, left.  I might try again with my face obscured by hard hat and safety goggles.
(Note:  this isn't me)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bike Jockstraps

I seem to be getting into a gay love triangle. Yikes!!  Last night, Hottie Cub texted me that he was a bit jealous of my "relationship" with Special Guy.  I said, "What relationship?  I haven't seen Special Guy for two months!"  I'll need to talk to each of them about this face-to-face.  It's impossible to have a meaningful discussion by texting or chatting online.

There are a great many online pics of hot men in Bike brand jockstraps.  Bike invented the jockstrap in 1874 and has created the standard by which all sports jocks are measured. Compared to the sexier designer jocks such as Andrew Christian or Nasty Pig, they are rather plain-looking in 100% cotton.

However, Bike jockstraps have the advantage of being very inexpensive at around $12.00 each.  I paid one dollar (!) for mine at a discount shop.

Of all the pics I share online to reel in potential  hookups, my Spo-shirt jockstrap pics from last year are by far the most popular.   I can't resist posting those pics again, at the bottom right of this page.

Despite the "plain Jane" nature of Bike jockstraps, I think these men fill them out beautifully, don't you?
 CLICK HERE for the rear view.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hottie Cub meets my son

Here are a few sweet doggie / hot guy pics for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday from .

Hottie Cub and I have become regular hookup buddies.  He's a sweet sexy 30 year-old on the rebound from a breakup.   I constantly tell him, "This will only be a hookup.  I will never have  LTR with a guy 20 years younger."  He says that's what he wants as well, but I'm quite sure that, in time, he will want something more from me. Just a feeling....

Hottie Cub: "Would you be willing to be seen in public with me?"
Buddy Bear:  ** hesitates**  "Yes, I'd be seen in public with you.  But I wouldn't go the movies with you and sit there surrounded by dozens of my students."   My gay comfort level is being pushed along here, I think.  I haven't yet gone out in public in my own town with another gay guy in a ... sort of.... dating situation.
I invited Hottie Cub to my home last Wednesday for some noon-time fun.  All three of my kids were at their summer jobs so I figured the coast was clear.

He's a fantastic kisser,  experienced and "open to pretty much anything."   I know he will help me expand my sexual repertoire.   He loves to cuddle as we hold each other tight..... my kind of a guy!  As well, he's very nice with a great deal of perceptiveness and common sense.

We spend a couple of hours together in my own bed.... Such sweetness!  Fantastic!   Then I heard my son's dirt bike pull into the yard.   OMFG!   Because of the extreme heat, my son was back from his grass-cutting job at a nearby park three hours early!! 

I was quite flustered, but I had to face the inevitable.   Hottie Cub and my son had to meet.  I wasn't going to make Hottie hide under the bed or climb out the window.  We got dressed and went outside.   I said to my son, "Hi, _  _ _, this is my friend ... Brian."   (In my panic, I had forgotten Hottie's real name.)

My son is nearly 16 and pretty oblivious to social cues, I think, but the expression on his face was priceless.   Surprise, followed by deep thought and a narrowing of his eyes (I could practically see the gears turning in his brain) and finally, his "aha!" moment.  He said "Hello", smiled, shook Hottie's hand and then excused himself.

Hottie Cub exclaimed:  "Oh, my God.... he's so handsome!  He's a clone of you!!   He looked really surprised when I came out. "

BB:  "Well, He already knows I'm gay.  I think his sister told him that I'm seeing guys.  (see Texting Oops!)   I'm sure he knows what we were doing."

Hottie Cub:   "Does that bother you?"

BB:   "It'll be okay."

Another step forward for all of us....


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