Monday, July 9, 2012

Bike Jockstraps

I seem to be getting into a gay love triangle. Yikes!!  Last night, Hottie Cub texted me that he was a bit jealous of my "relationship" with Special Guy.  I said, "What relationship?  I haven't seen Special Guy for two months!"  I'll need to talk to each of them about this face-to-face.  It's impossible to have a meaningful discussion by texting or chatting online.

There are a great many online pics of hot men in Bike brand jockstraps.  Bike invented the jockstrap in 1874 and has created the standard by which all sports jocks are measured. Compared to the sexier designer jocks such as Andrew Christian or Nasty Pig, they are rather plain-looking in 100% cotton.

However, Bike jockstraps have the advantage of being very inexpensive at around $12.00 each.  I paid one dollar (!) for mine at a discount shop.

Of all the pics I share online to reel in potential  hookups, my Spo-shirt jockstrap pics from last year are by far the most popular.   I can't resist posting those pics again, at the bottom right of this page.

Despite the "plain Jane" nature of Bike jockstraps, I think these men fill them out beautifully, don't you?
 CLICK HERE for the rear view.


  1. I'm wearing my Bike jockstrap right now. They are comfortable but my butt is sticking to the leather desk chair. Thanks for the AC link. The new video was very hot and I ended up buying a few items on their site. I know...I need to post some pics of me in them. That's coming soon. LOL. Glad to see that everything is going well for you.

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting! I'm getting horned up at the thought of you in a jockstrap. You have the most gorgeous body, you know! And yes.... some pics would be most appreciated!

  2. anne marie in phillyJuly 9, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    RAWR! the shower guy is damn HAWT!

  3. hohoho
    The Shirt of shirts is honored so!

  4. When I was wearing a jockstrap ..... It was comfortable and all...In the underwear dept. and covering up my male equipment....But it was bugging me...So now I am a male nudist.... and my penis has freedom too..

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