Friday, July 13, 2012

Foot Fetish

Just a short post as I wait for a coffee date with a 'good ole boy', a transport truck driver with a sock / foot fetish.    He's 48, divorced and raised his two teenaged kids all by himself. His wife left eight years ago and wanted nothing to do with the kids. He lives far out in the country, drives a |F350 Super duty Ford pickup and likes to drive his quad and dirtbike.  My kind of guy! 

He seems like a down-to-earth guy who messaged me on POF:  "Would you like to experience your footwear being worshiped and your socks being smelt..?"  Er.... may be not!   But then I reconsidered;  I've done lot more courageous things than this in my gay journey, so, why the hell not!   And besides, it will give me something different to blog about.

I asked what preparations I needed to take before our "date."

Foot Fetish Guy:  "What kind of footwear and socks do you normally wear on an average day."

Buddy Bear:  "in summer, go around bare foot most of the time.. right now my feet are kind of dirty and rough on the bottom with some cuts. Wear sandals all summer. If I wear shoes, they'd be running shoes worn with with white or black sport socks."

Foot Fetish Guy:   "Normally socks worn in runners for the day would be good...Don't like the socks too dirty. As long as they have been in the runners most of the day, they should be good..."

It just seem so bizarre to me,  the whole idea of someone worshiping my feet!   My only requirement that we be done by 1:00 am.  I have another date;  I'm such a slut.    This is one I'm really excited about.

I've been contacted several times by a GORGEOUS 22 year old on  We messaged back and forth for several days before he revealed that he actually lives in my town.  Ka-ching!!   He's yet another young man who's had sex with women but wants to experience it with an older man.   Here's what  his profile says:

 "22, brown hair, medium build, not too hairy but love hairy men, had sex with women but never finished with a man. Would love to though.   Like men of all shapes and sizes.  hairy or not. Mostly older men "

He wants to be with me so badly that I couldn't say no....   It's practically my civic duty to help introduce this horny, eager young man to the joys of M2M contact,  isn't it?


  1. Never finished? Hmm that will need further explanation after you meet him.

  2. When it comes to feet there are degrees. While I would never consider myself a ff I do pay some attention to the feet and it has always paid off - huge. His eyes will roll back further and faster than the best rim job or bj and leave claw marks in the mattress. TO me it's no "strange" then rimming or cusking but it is way cleaner.

    If you hooker up with a worshiper, be prepared for over stimulation. Ever been tickled until you couldn't take it anymore? Like that. It can feel so good that it almost hurts, you want it to stop but you don't want the feeling to end.

    It's an experience that really doesn't translate on video - you have to experience it. And as luck would have it, I do a Sexy Feet post every Friday night at 7 on my MEN Blog -

  3. Well, I just got back from my two hookups today... no regrets! the hookups were with the foot-fetish guy (man, was it weird!!) and the 23 year old gay virgin. (smoking hot! football player's body!, adventurous in bed!, sweetest guy! and yep, he's gay all right!)

    We're just heading out for an event with my extended family. Full details will be posted tomorrow!!

  4. "It's practically my civic duty . . . . " You're such an altruistic, public-spirited guy! As for your truck driver, enjoy him and all the various parts of him that will be worshiping your feet. His backstory is mine, except that my daughters were 4 and 20 months. I also raised them myself, the most significant and wonderful experience of my life.

  5. How on earth r u finding all these men? I've tried POF and have found nothing but flakes......

    1. try And do you live anywhere new Virginia? LOL

    2. The quality of men on these sites must vary considerably from one city to the next. In my town, there are only a few guys on Adam4Adam so it is a lost cause. I avoid as it is full of creepy, dishonest weirdos, in my opinion.

      I've had many positive encounters from so many fantastic men! I have so many invitations for hookups from POF from (I'm sure) quality men that I couldn't possibly accommodate them all.

  6. Skier: I live in CT, just as bad......

  7. I would definetly like to meet a guy that would enjoy having me at his socked feet. Love to sniff mens socks. Games, work or everyday socks would suit me just fine....Wold be nice to know this truck driver or guys like him....

    1. Well, men who would want to share your foot fetish are out there. They're not that hard to find! Set up a profile on, and the like and use the headline: "Foot fetish guy seeks same" or something." Good luck!

  8. Actually, this is the first time that I saw men doing the modeling stuff. Most of the people who want to know how to make money with your feet are mostly women so this is really a bit shocking for me.


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