Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rimmed and topped a hunky 22 year-old!

Except for the first pic, the rest are from in celebration of Sean`s Dogably Pawfect Saturday.

In my last post, I teased you with mention of my second date with Hunky 22 year old.  We were together for nearly three hours.

We started with the sexiest shower ever, washing each other thoroughly while kissing, sucking cock and fondling.   I ran my soapy hands repeatedly over his his  torso,  pits, ass crack, balls and inner thighs.... irresistible!!   He's got the finest body:  big biceps, broad shoulders, muscular thighs and slim hips, the most beautiful cock and balls I`ve ever seen.  

In bed, he's eager to please and to explore;  a fantastic kisser.  He is so easily delighted, not at all shy, and gets pleasure out of everything I do to him.   Hunky 22 year old gave me the sweetest blowjob ... his gentle touch sent me a-quiver.  He rimmed me briefly,  his first time, he said.

I  thought: "Be brave! Just do it!!" and flipped Hunky over and rimmed him at length until my tongue got tired.  Slurp!  Slurp!  It was my first time rimming;  something I'd never imagined I would do.  So sweet!!  I felt so proud of myself overcoming this barrier as he moaned and squirmed.

He asked me take both of his big balls in my mouth.  Yes sir!   I gave his boys lots of tongue action and gentle pressure while giving a prostate massage with my finger and a hand job with the other hand.  Triple whammy!  Hot damm!  I had the most incredible feeling of power, as though I was the best lover in the world, with that beautiful young man squirming and moaning.

I was rock hard so I quickly, quickly put on a condom and cock ring.  I lay on my back as he rode me.   Wow, what a view..... his O-face, his beautiful torso as he bounced up and down on my cock!   Still with my cock in his ass, I gave him a merciless handjob until he squirted hot cum all over my belly and chest. HOT, HOT, HOT.   Wow, those young guys can really squirt!

We flipped over and I topped him some more with him on his back, legs on my shoulders.... My first ever really proper,successful topping experience. OMFG!!!

I was focusing his pleasure, not mine, so when he`d had enough, I made myself cum with a little hand action at the very end.  In the afterglow, we spent an hour cuddling, wrapped around each other, kissing.   I gave him a full-body massage with some oil (olive!) I brought, front and back.

He fell asleep (as he'd been working all night)  so I held him close with my head on his chest until we had to tear ourselves out of bed.   I had to pick up my daughter from work.  


  1. OMFG is right! Sounds like incredible tell, how does one give a prostate massage? You're a hot little fucker…!!

  2. had improved so much in your journey!!Cant wait to see what is next,threesome,group sex..BuddyBear high five!!!


  3. You know I rimmed my first time with a guy. Didn't phase me in the least. Glad you had fun and are playing safe.

    1. Yes, I know that tend to overthink these things.... I should just "do it!" I spent so much time worrying about the "ick factor" of rimming and in actual fact, it was fantastic!

      It certainly helped that Hunky 22 year old had the sweetest ass ever. As well, our shower foreplay ensured that it was squeaky clean. Rimming was excellent!

  4. Anonymous and anonymous: thank you! I've having regular sex with men for over six months now, so in actual fact, I'm progressing along fairly slowly.

    For a prostate massage, use lots of lube and stick your finger into any willing male a**hole, including your own. Sorry ladies, a prostate massage isn't possible for you! If the a**hole belongs to another man, ask permission first.

    Apply a bit of pressure, either with your finger still or moving back and forth. Before you proceed, get some basic knowledge of male anatomy so know where the prostate is. There is much information online on this: A tantric version or a Wikipedia source.

  5. hot, just freaking hot. got hard reading it. love the blog. Cheers!

  6. I am rock hard...Just reading your comments...Glad you had a condom on...Just to be safe....


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