Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"You're so butch!"

I'll be turning 50 soon and with on-going my spinal problem, I'm starting to feel my age.   At times, I hardly recognize the haggard, worn-out face starting back at me in the mirror.

This self-image seems to be contradicted by the compliments I've receive on an on-going basis  (not to brag... this is just a fact.)   Here are a few samples from this week:  

Sexy Stylist:  "You're a really handsome guy!"  *
Hottie Cub  "You're so butch!"
Daughter's 18-year old girlfriend:  "_ _ _ _ 's Dad is hot!"
48-year old hook-up from POF:   "You're a good-looking guy, for someone your age!"   **

* This was after our second round of salon-sex yesterday. I haven't told you about him, have I?

** Annoying! He had to add the qualifier, "For your age!" I sourly pointed out that (a)  I was only two years older, assuming he wasn't lying about his age and (b) I was in better shape than him.

My future driveway at the front of my house.
Over the past two days, I've cut down about 10 trees in my yard with a chain saw.  How butch is that!   I'm building a proper driveway as I'm tired of getting my car stuck in the snow all winter long.

I filmed a video clip of me felling a tree to post on YouTube.  It was very cool but showed too much of my face, so you'll have to make do with a picture of the end result, left.  I might try again with my face obscured by hard hat and safety goggles.
(Note:  this isn't me)


  1. I think I was fairly close to you last week, or at least on the right side of the continent. I was cruising (the small boat kind of cruising) the part of the Alaskan inner passage closest to B.C. Lots of hiking and kayaking and other good outdoors stuff. Absolutely gorgeous territory and I thought of how lucky you are to live in that general area!

  2. Lucky you! Yes, British Columbia and Alaska are a spectacular part of the world!

  3. The fellow who is naked and using a chain saw. Got my attention... I trying it....But its not my cup of tea...

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