Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The title is not referring to the prostate as a male G-spot but to possible prostate cancer.

Last January, I wrote about my brother's difficult recovery from prostate cancer surgery and my relatively high PSA (prostate specific antigen) test of 6.9.  A PSA test higher than 5.0 warrants further investigation.  Although PSA tests are no longer routinely done and have been somewhat discounted by the medical establishment, my doctor has continued with mine.  Here are my most recent PSA results:

January 2012:  PSA 6.9
April 2012:  PSA 6.0
July 2012:  PSA 19.5   (Yikes!!)

Yes, I know that a high PSA test could be caused by other things such as prostatitis.   And yes, a man can live with prostate cancer for decades without difficulty..... blah, blah, blah.   There's a saying about the widespread unnecessary treatment of prostate cancer:  "You'll survive prostate cancer but will you survive the treatment?"

But we also know several young(ish) men, mid-50s who have died from prostate cancer.   There are two distinct types;  35% of prostate cancers are a aggressive, difficult-to-treat type which strikes younger men.  The remaining 65% are an extremely slow-growing type which an older man could live with for decades.  It is most likely that these patients will die of old age long before this becomes a problem.

What to do... what to do?   To start, I've accepted a referral to "the only urologist in the village" who  will want to do a needle biopsy.   The urologist an older, exceedly arrogant middle-eastern immigrant doctor who has the bedside manner of Jack the Ripper.  Appalling!  I've heard mixed reviews about his technical skills as well.  A friend's father was still in adult diapers one year after his treatment by |Dr. M.  Others say he's excellent but I have my doubts based on my brother's terrible experience with him.

The problem with an older urologist operating in such an isolated town is that he does not have access to the expertise, equipment, in-house research and other resources available in a larger centre which operates on a team approach.  Here, (as far as I know) every prostate cancer is treated radically as though it were the invasive variety.

Another option would be to seek treatment at a major Canadian prostate cancer centre.  Travel and accommodation would be at my own expense, but the medical treatment would be free.   With this option, I would be getting world-leading minimally-invasive treatment in a facility where they've treated thousands of prostate cancer patients.  I need to discuss this with my MD right away!

Speaking of prostates:   the Sexy 22-year-old and I have another `date`planned for Friday where he seems as excited as I am to continue our anal adventures.   This is a but awkward as I`m going to be with Hottie Cub this evening.   In the spirit of full disclosure, I need to tell each of them about the other,  other wise I would feel like I`m a two-timing slut .... which in fact, I am.


  1. Buddy, don't fuck about with the prostate, go to the prostate centre and get it checked out straight away, even if it costs. My Dad died of it, his brother has problems, as do my brother and I. The sooner you get a fix on it, the better the prognosis. Yes, your right, you need a sympathetic urologist, using the latest equipment which is far less invasive; he sees parts of you only hottie cub, and all the others, see! But get it seen too now. Trust me, I've had TURP laser surgery, and that was invasisve enough! With your lifestyle you're risking urinary infection all the time, which can raise PSA levels, but it needs proper attention from a good urologist.

  2. Not the best news but you seem to be handling it well. My thoughts are with you.

    As for treatment, I wouldn't think twice about major center. Whatever extra cost you'll ensure, will be worth the speedy recovery (if needed) and years of better health and function. (note that function starts with FUN).

    I would also start discussions with the kids. People always say "I didn't want to worry you" but I've never heard anyone say "I wish you hadn't told me!" but have seen too many damaged relationships because "I wanted to protect you."

    Good luck and can't wait for tonight's play-by-play recap.

  3. Thank you both! You've helped me decide. I will speak to my doctor today about a referral to Canada's leading prostate cancer centre. One concern is that my local urologist (in his arrogance) will be reluctant to provide after-care if he wasn't picked to do the original treatment. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    And Sean, thank you for the suggestion about the kids; I haven't yet told them anything because I didn't want to worry them.

  4. I'm glad to read that you're taking Tim and Sean's advice about going to the prostate centre. I'd have given the same advice.

    For follow-up care, if needed, hopefully you'll have a regimen established by the centre for him to follow. And if he gives you any grief or doesn't seem to be treating you correctly, maybe there is a urologist in another town that is not too far away.

  5. Good luck to you man, you gotta take care of the jewels!

  6. Go to the doctor and Get.It.CHECKED!

  7. 1. Make the appointment at the Centre;
    2. Book the travel;
    3. Tell your children;
    4. Tell your parents;
    5. Make sure your affairs are in order;
    6. Keep the appointment and follow the Docs' Orders.

    Finally, you are not a Slut! You are playing the field! A handful of dates to two hotties doesn't make a slut. I don't know what does make a slut. Maybe two new hotties every day for an indefinite period qualifies. Don't wear yourself out in the process of deciding. LOL

    When I was single I sure as hell didn't practice monogamy and no one expects us to until we enter into a "Marriage" Covenant with the man or woman of our choice. Bi, Straight or Gay doesn't matter.

  8. All of the above sounds like good advice. I would choose the Centre as well, were I in your shoes. Here's hoping all goes well!

  9. Thanks again, everyone! I'm overwhelmed!!

  10. I am sorry to be late to this; however it sounds like you have lots of ideas/support.
    I am keen on the topic, for it is on both sides of my family, and I am likely to get it.
    Please keep us up to date.

  11. I realize that this a few years later, 5 years ago I had BPH, went to urologist. first was biopsy, was awake and wasn't pleasant. Next j/o was shooting blood! Dr. on call said was normal, forewarning would be nice. Then laser surgery. Too date, still suffering from retrograde ejaculation. Seen several Urologist, none of any help, a couple very rude. My PCP is great guy, so at least have someone to talk to. Still researching to find help.

    1. Thanks for writing! It seems inhumane to me to do a prostate biopsy WITHOUT freezing. It only took a minute for the freezing to take effect and the rest of the procedure was quite comfortable.

      The doctor should have told you about shooting blood! It took weeks for my ejaculate to become normal-looking again.

      Best of luck!

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