Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prostate: an update

The picture at left is of me this morning hanging my clothes out to dry.   It is one of the greatest simple pleasures in my life.   The clothes smell great and I feel virtuous and very thrifty because it doesn't use electrical energy.    Mike, a Canadian blogger buddy who lives in beautiful Vancouver Island, posted about the joys of using a clothes line in his blog, Out in the World.

My morning was spent in my own bed with Hottie Cub while all three kids were at their summer jobs.  Such sweetness!  He is such a nice guy!   We spent over two hours, kissing sweetly and aggressively, cuddling and exploring each other.

In addition to our usual repertoire, we both want to become more proficient at anal sex with each other.   He topped me briefly which was very pleasant and pain-free.  Hottie Cub felt strongly that I should be "broken in" gradually over several sessions and didn't want to prolong it for me.  He once had an painful experience with an overly-aggressive, thick-cocked top who didn't stop when asked.


I was overwhelmed by the concern and excellent advice I received from my online friends and readers, both as comments and as private e-mails,  on yesterday's Prostate post.   Thank you!  A special thank you to Gerry for providing the excellent checklist which I intend to follow.  Here's an update:

I contacted the leading Canadian facility, The Prostate Centre at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto to sign on as a patient.   All I need is to ask my family doctor for a referral and then the appointment(s) will be made for me.  I have asked my doctor in writing for this referral;  I haven't yet heard back from her but am sure that it will be no problem.  I have no idea how long I will have to wait for an appointment but I expect I will be seen fairly promptly.

And Gerry, when I described myself as a "slut",  it was very much tongue-in-cheek.   I know that I'm not!   I am enjoying my singlehood and newfound sex life enormously.  Before I started having sex with men one year ago, I had not had sex with another person in over 15  years!

I am completely honest with all the men I hook up with regarding my intentions (not looking for a LTR) and about all the other men I'm hooking up with.  Tomorrow morning, I am hosting the 22-year-old hunk in my own home;  we're both looking forward to it enormously!


  1. Glad you've taken the advice, and good luck!

  2. Buddy, a P.S,

    You sound as if you already have a good knowledge about PSA levels, etc, (which a lot of guys don't), but before you go, get yourself up to speed on the internet with the latest tests, techniques, etc. As you do, write down any questions that come to you, so you can ask at the Centre, and get the answers. Also keep a note of what is said, it's easy to forget later! There have been some big advances in the field in just the last few years. Ask before you get there if they want you to have a full bladder or not, or if they are going to take blood samples, in which case you may need to fast 12 hours before. That way you will get the most out of the visit. Once again, good luck.

    1. Thanks Tim! You're a prince! Here's a big virtual hug ***HUGS*** with the wish that I could deliver it in person. I'll keep you posted!

  3. Buddy Bear: How are you "prepping" yourself for anal sex ?? We all want to be umm, err, clean, and us newbies could learn from you.

    1. Not much prep is needed. Perhaps avoid eating pork-and-beans the night before. To clean, soak in a bath tub and clean yourself well. Maybe run a soapy finger up your a**hole. Anal douching is not required and is not recommended and it may interfere with the normal bacteria colonies that live there.

      Check out the comments in this post for LOTs of bottoming advice:

  4. First, thank you so much for the great shot of your very nice rear end ;-) ... I understand why the younger guys want some of that!
    Second, I am so glad you found someone with self-control and sense of your pleasure. My first anal experience was similar to youir young friend. My first was 9-inches and thick and he did not take it slow. So, I am also very careful with all my anal partners, especially newbies.
    Lastly, I am also glad you are going to specialists. It is worth the wait. I had high PSA and my Urologists (they are twins!) Did a biopsy and found very healthy tissue for a guy in his early 50s (now 60). So my PSA is just normally higher and we watch for consistancy instead of just high. Yes, do follow through. Health is #1! Without it what fun is there ;-)

  5. Many things can influence PSA, among them orgasm and prostate manipulation. Can you remember how recently prior to the 19 point reading you had been penetrated or had had a couple of orgasms in a relatively short time? All that can cause a PSA spike.

    Have a wonderful time with the 22 year old, take care of yourself and here's a cyberhug and best wishes on coming exams.

  6. Oh, and here are my thanks for the bare ass shot!

  7. anne marie in phillyJuly 20, 2012 at 7:11 PM

    OMG! a sweet arse in the sunshine! wanna spank it!

  8. say, where' the birthday post?

  9. anne marie in phillyJuly 21, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! happy happy birthday, buddybear! another reason to spank that arse!!!!! :)

  10. There is certainly something nice about using a clothesline. Now, if only my clothesline was as private as yours, I'd be inclined to hang it bare too!! xoxox

  11. 1. Happy Birthday!
    2. If you want to hook up for coffee the next time you are at PM Hospital let me know. Not 'coffee' but just coffee (I'm hitched!).
    3. Great photo.

    1. Jeffrey, I'll let you know the next time I'm in Toronto, well in advance. It would be very exciting to meet you!

      And yes, I wouldn't have in a million years though it would have been anything but having actual coffee. I know you're married to a fantastic guy; something I hope will happen to me one day.

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