Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foot fetish encounter: the details

First,  here are a few doggie / hottie pics for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.

In yesterday's foot fetish post, I mentioned my hookup with Nick, a late 40s guy with a foot fetish.
We met in a parking lot but after a few minutes of chatting, we decided to find a private place in his four-wheel drive truck.  We drove about 15 miles north of town, far down a bulldozer track and parked in the middle of a vast sea of tree stumps, a clear-cut from a recent logging operation.  The maximum possible privacy!

Although I joked about him being an axe-murderer, I had not the slightest concern about being there with him.  He was a very nice guy doing his best to raise his two teenagers by himself.  I asked him, did he always have a foot fetish?

Nick said his dad used to do it to him all throughout his growing-up years.  Now, it's the only way he can get off.    I found this disturbing.... a sad case of childhood abuse impacting on someone's entire life.   Nick said it matter of factly but didn't seem happy about having to do this.

We lay on our backs in the back of the pickup truck under a blazing-hot sun.   Thank goodness, the usual swarms of mosquitoes were kept away by the wind.   He directed me to grind my feet (wearing shoes) into various parts of his body;  his chest, belly, groin and face.  After about 10 minutes, he took my shoes off and had me grind my socked feet hard into his face almost to  the point of suffocating him.   I'd worn the socks continuously for nearly a day so they were.... er... ripe.

We held  that position for a very long time... another 15 minutes at least, with him snuffling and moaning.  He started to get excited and his fat cock began to tent his camo pants.  I must admit, my view of his pants bulge was  pretty hot and I got hard myself.

I unzipped him and reached for his cock.... it was rock hard... the hardest I'd ever experienced.   I grasped it with my hand, just for two seconds, and it exploded cum all over the place.   A blunder.... I wasn't supposed to do that!  And there ended our encounter.

On the drive home he explained that he had a straight buddy who'd kindly provided his smelly feet to satisfy his fetish for the past 14 years, but he had moved away.  I had to tell Nick that I would not be his new foot-fetish buddy.

First of all, we lived some 30 miles apart, but most importantly, I found the whole thing sad and rather disturbing, and not titillating in the slightest.   Lesson learned:  before saying "yes" to another fetish encounter, be sure to ask in considerable detail what the fetish guy is expecting you to do!


  1. At least you can say been there done that? hahaha

  2. That's too bad. I think that this is an extreme experience for a fetish exp. There is a real difference between worshipers and those harmed by abuse.

  3. Hi Mike and Sean! I'd say yes to another foot-fetish guy if he was of the "toe-licking" variety, I think. But this was a pretty sad case; I felt sorry for him.

  4. As a foot fetish/tickling fetish guy, I have found that guys with foot fetishes have very specific likes and dislikes. From perfectly pedicured to ripe to funky to even liking corns and bunions. Bare feet only, socks only, shoes only, and many combinations. Men even get very specific about the types of shoes and socks. And of course that doesn't get into the various sex acts, worship, massage and tickle play. This sounds like a bad experience, but it is not at all representative of the range of foot fetishism.

    1. Thank you for the great information! It wasn't an awful experience by any means but we were a terrible match in what each of us might have needed / wanted.

  5. Well I come two years after the battle, but actually I must be honest and say that at the beginning I was like "wtf man, if you don't want to do it or find people enjoying that, just don't do it, don't be so judgemental". But after reading, I understood that it was certainly not judgemental ! I like male body, entirely. It includes feet, but I couldn't say I have a case of extreme fetish, because it's just a part like another for me. I like to suck my bf's toes, because he's enjoying that, and I enjoy to do it, but it's a sparkle in the middle of all the thing we are doing. And yes, now I understand why this particular case you encountered is sad :/ Not only the background (horrible story with his father !), but the fact that the poor guy can't obviously enjoy a regular sex life. I guess it put things in perspective, and now I realize how lucky I am to have a fulfilling life on that aspect ! So thank you for sharing your experience with us :) (and sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language :s)

  6. Your English is great! Keep in mind that I was very inexperienced with sex with men of any kind when I had this foot fetish encounter.

    Now, I would be less judgmental and a lot more eager to embrace a different experience. It wasn't an awful experience but I was pretty nervous... and yes, I still remain sorry for the guy. His was a very sad story!

    Thanks for writing!


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