Thursday, July 26, 2012

TMI Thursdays

These pics from remind me of the shower I had yesterday with Hunky 22 Year-old..... the hottest ever!   His body is as fine as any of these guys except that I got to lick, kiss and rub my hands over every inch of it!!!

These questions are a weekly feature from Sean of Just a Jeep Guy  This week, the topc is"Firsts."

1. First Crush
Female-crush: I had a crush every year from grades 1 to 6 on some cute girl in my class, a different one each year.  After that, I probably crushes on boys but I didn't figure out what they were until recently.

 Male-crush: I probably had a crush on my 26-year old male phys-ed teacher who had been an international- level wrestler.  Beautiful smile, blonde hair, blue eyes and with the finest physique I'd ever seen. He was so gorgeous that I had difficulty looking at him. Many years later, I became his teaching colleague.   He retired last year, looking as gorgeous as ever.

2. First Wet Dream:   
When I was about 12, I would occasionally wake from a deep sleep at the end of an intense orgasm, squeezing my cock between my thighs.    In that innocent, pre-internet age, I had not the slightest knowledge about what happened.  I rubbed the slippery white substance between my fingers with no curiosity about it at all, not even knowing that it contained my baby-makers.

3. First Kiss
FIRST WORST KISS:   When I was in my early twenties living alone in a big city, a well-meaning colleague fixed me up for my worst blind date ever. The lady in question was nearly twice my age, skeletal, pot- and cigarette-smoking... as well as being a total moron.  During our simple good night kiss she shoved her tongue down my throat  .... Gross in every way!!  Like licking ash tray!  I thought I was going to lose my lunch.

One year ago, the aggressive, testosterone-fuelled kissing by Hottie Nurse changed my life. It was at that "Aha!" moment that I realized, "This is it! This is what it was supposed to feel like!!"

4.  First Love
My soon-to-be-ex wife, who I met at the age of 28. We truly did love each other and I think we had a grand passion which lasted through the births of at least our first two kids.  |We do still care for each other despite all the gay drama of the past two years.

5. First Sexual Encounter
I find this embarrassing to admit, but I was a 28 year-old virgin. I lost my virginity to my future wife, several months before we got married. Now, I consider it the biggest pink flag of all, if a man in his 20s has never had sex with a woman. Tim Tebow, are you listening?

I've already mentioned my encounter with Hottie Nurse.   I still can't believe how lucky I was;  I had the sweetest, most memorable, most exciting  first-time experience ever!    Now, when I'm a with gay virgin, usually a man in his early 20s, I try to give him the best experience ever.

Love at First Sight
My first coffee date with my Special Guy was love at first sight, I thought at time time.  I wrote about it in this  this post, last paragraph.    However,  it might have been just an infatuation fuelled by hormones and abstinence.  As it turned out, my Special Guy turned out to be (in some ways) not as special as I thought and we no longer see each other. I'll have to tell y'all about him one day.


  1. You post the prettiest pictures ever. Yours and the ones you find. ciel

  2. My first gay sex had the identical effect as your first gay kiss -- a huge revelation, and suddenly all the things I had heard about the wonders of sex were TRUE. As long as it was sex with a man.

  3. Anymous: thank you! Yes, I love those tumblr photo sites; there's something for everyone!!

    Will: Yes, that was my experience exactly! It was like being struck by lightning!!

    I now constantly wonder what my life would have been like if I had discovered my gayness 30 years ago. But then, it would have been highly unlikely that I would have ended up with three fantastic, supportive, talented, nearly-adult children like I have now....

  4. I think my first gay kiss was after the first gay sex. As you know I was one of the denial types. IF I had accepted my gayness when I had first breakdown, I wouldn't have my son. But I still would have had my daughter. That might have been better for both him and I. I hope I'm wrong.

  5. the photos distract me - oh dear !


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