Monday, July 30, 2012

Cum on Face

I was exhausted after working for hours in the heat and humidity on Sunday afternoon. I came into rest and saw yet another message on POF from a 26 year old martial arts instructor wanting to suck my cock. I actually thought, "Oh no! Not another one!!"   You see, I have a tough time turning down an offer for sex from a young man in his 20s.  Actually... I never turn them down.  There, I said it!  Shoot me!!

These days, I never hook up with guys in their 50s.   I have more offers from men in their 20s, 30s and from really fit guys in their 40s than I can possibly accommodate.  This is in addition to the three guys I'm with on a regular basis.  So many men, so little time!

While the 50-something guys might make good "husband material", generally I find them all to have big bellies and rolls of fat everywhere.... a bit unattractive.   I'm now 50 and thickening around the middle, too, but at this stage in my slut phase, I'd prefer to have sex with guys with at least the same level of fitness as me.    This isn't a firm rule, but generally this means I mainly hook up with guys who are at least 15 years  younger than me.

In his profile pic, the martial artist dude was very short, 5'-5", but handsome with an amazing body.  Perfection!   He couldn't host so I picked him up and we headed to to find some remote location in the country.   We chatted:

Buddy Bear:  "Have you done this before?"

Hottie: "Oh, for years.   I have sex with both men and women pretty much equally."
BB:  "Really?  Cool!"
Hottie:  "Sex is sex.  I love it all!!  What do you do?"
Buddy Bear:  "High school teacher.  What do you do?
Hottie:  "Hot!!"   (all the 20-something gay boys I've met have a "sex-with-their-male-teacher-fantasy", I think)    "I'm looking for work.  I've been in jail for year;  just got out.
BB:  "GREAT! ..... What were you in for?"
Hottie:  "I stabbed a guy!"
BB:   (I laughed)  "PERFECT!!   I can't believe you stabbed someone,  you seem so sweet and gentle!"
Hottie:  "It wasn't my fault!  A group of guys jumped me.  I had to defend myself!   I'm on parole now."
BB:   "That's all right, then."
We're zooming down the Trans-Canada Highway and he say, "I'm so horny!  I can't wait!  I want  your cock now!!"  He unzips my shorts and starts playing with my cock.  Rock hard!"   I reach into his soccer shorts and start playing with his beautiful, skinny, uncut cock... also rock hard.... all while I'm driving at highway speed.  So hot!!... He had a magic touch...  I was all a-quiver.

We pulled into a remote wooded area and jumped into the back seat.   He whipped off his clothes, revealing the most perfect, fittest body ever!  At his request, I took his balls in my mouth and worked his cock with other.    He was so vocal, moaning, squirming and crying out... Yes!  Yes!  Harder!!  Harder!!  I pressed my finger against his a**hole  (didn`t insert it) and he cried out like a little girl, "Oh!!! No one has touched me there before!!"  More groans.  It was so hot,   hearing his appreciation of my efforts!

We switched places and he gave me the deepest blowjob ever!    Fantastic.... he rammed my cock repeatedly into very back of his throat, ram! ram!  ram!   Amazing!  I trembled from head to toe.    I came, but later, when my cock wasn't in his mouth.  He exclaimed, heartbroken:   "Oh no!  I missed it!!  You should have warned me!  and busily licked the cum off my inner thighs.  Too funny ... and so hot!"

He said, "I want to cum on your face!"  (Frankly, I don't see the appeal in this at all.)  But I lay back on the car seat and he jerked off over me.  When he came, Wow!  the force of the hot cum! the volume!!   Oh, to be in my 20s again!  I changed my mind, it was so f*cking hot!!  He very kindly wiped off my face with a Kleenex while I kept my eyes shut.  I've heard that cum really stings your eyes. 

It was a very short encounter, barely 30 minutes, but it was my most intense one yet, I think.    I dropped him off and went home, only two find two more POF messages.

One was from a 24 year old I'd been chatting with for months who finally was able to host (parents out of town) and wanted me to top him. I`d been been putting him off because of my inexperience in topping.   The other was from a new contact,  from a gorgeous 20 year old university student who wanted me to come over.   I thanked them both profusely, but with regret, I had to turn both of them down..... and requested a rain check.

I felt like a horse that's been rode hard and put away wet.


  1. Reading you definately makes for more morning wood. But I have to say, someone with a violence conviction? Please be careful. Oh and btw, I have had some delightful connections with some 50+ in greeat shape. With luck, I hope to get back to the shape that I was in before surgery. Like in a certain pic. Hopefully, I will see someone who wants a fit 60 year old.

    1. Thanks for your concern! When he told me about his jail time, we were in the middle of a crowded town in broad daylight. He seemed so mild-mannered and sweet (as well as being so much smaller than me) that I had NO concerns at all about my safety.

      I hope I don't seem naive about this. His explanation about the stabbing made perfect sense to me, given the neighbourhood he lived in had one of the highest rates of violent crime in Canada.

      And yes, there are other fit guys my age out there. Ultimately my goal (after the passage of years) is to find a great guy who is as close to my age and level of activity as possible, have a LTR and eventually, get legally married.

  2. glad to hear. As i tell my friends, i just got out of a 40 year relationship. not ready for a ltr yet. i think i will know if Mr right comes along.

  3. Dang dude. So I guess I have to move to Canada now.

  4. "I`d been been putting him off because of my inexperience in topping."
    You realize, of course, that if you would really like to top and make a quy writhe in ecstasy underneath you and explode deep inside him, you're going to have to start topping, no matter what your level of experience.

    I began as a pure top, made some mistakes, took a lot of cues from my bottoms, and got pretty good at it. I got better after I bottomed for the first time in my life--I learned so much from that, an experience you have already. Give it a shot, I bet you do better than you think you will and the rest just comes with practice. Delightful practice!

    1. Yes, I will, I promise. Sometimes I overthink these things.... but I'll get there eventually!

  5. What a great imagination you have,

    1. Not really! I'm just recounting events as they occur!!

  6. so cool blowjob :3

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