Friday, May 31, 2013

Erratic (ex) Spousal Behaviour

Today's Pic(s)-a-Day-in-May are all of me during this morning's rush.   I'll have to try for something more imaginative this weekend.

It's been fantastic having all three kids and our three dogs here all week.  It's been very busy because they all have different work or school schedules. 

This means that I have to make a second trip into town in the evening for a pick-up.  No time (or even an inclination) for a quick hookup! 

But I've been moving slowly towards "quality" rather than "quantity" in my hookups.  When Big Red and I are together in bed, at least 2 - 3 hours is needed for kissing and mutual pleasuring.

Two months after our divorce, I think my former wife is doing fairly well and is reasonably happy.  But she still exhibits what I used to call Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde behaviour.  Erratic!  At times, she can be wickedly funny, but she can also be bossy, bullying and just plain nuts.  Here are two examples from this week.

Funny ex-wife:
Middle Daughter, checking her text messages:  "Ewwww!!  Mom says she has chlamydia!"
Buddy Bear:  "What?   You know that's an STD?"
Daughter:   "D'uh!  She texted.  'Now that you're in a medical field, I need to ask your advice.  I'm having a problem with chlamydia."

.... a minute later..

Daughter:  "She texted again!  'My chlamydia plant has brown leaves with little white spots on it.... what should I do?' "
Daughter texting back:  "Very funny, Mom!  LOL"
Ex-wife texting:  "Believe me with my lack of a sex life, there is NO chance of me getting a venereal disease."
Daughter to me:  "Ewwwww...... I DO NOT want to hear Mom talking about her sex life.  EVER!  I can't even imagine it!"
Buddy Bear:  "I'm sure that she will never have sex, ever again in her life.  Who would want to do it with her?"

Crazy ex-wife:
In November, my son was hired at a national burger chain and worked two evening shifts in training.  But he was never called in to work after that because, he said, they had dozens of kids on the casual worker list and no one was getting any shifts.

Last week, while preparing our taxes I found out that the burger place never paid him his salary, $60.00 or so.  I couldn't convince my son to phone the manager and complain  ("I don't care.)
so I dropped it.

Later, my wife found out about it and she also tried to convince my son to phone.   When he refused, my wife phoned the manager repeatedly but he wasn't helpful and eventually stopped returning her calls.  The basic problem was that he could not divulge information about an employee to a third party, even if that third party was the employee's mother.  

So wife hatched this plan and told all three kids about it in advance.

1.  Wait for the busiest time of the week at the burger place, Friday at 5:00 pm.
2.   Drive her car up to the drive-through window.  Park the car, shut it off and demand that the manager come talk to her.
3.   Refuse to move the car until the manager caves in to her demands about my son's pay.

At the burger place, my wife blocked the drive-through lane as planned.  In short order, disgruntled customers in their cars were lined up around the building.  Inside the restaurant, chaos ensued.  "Oh my gosh, Mrs. _____ is refusing to move her car!!!"  Side note:  the employees were either students at my wife's former school or at my son's school including some of his friends, meaning, most of them knew who she was.

Teenaged workers were dispatched outside with clipboards to take customer's orders manually while the manager negotiated with my ex-wife.  Eventually, the manager caved in and gave her what she wanted, paid my son's back wages and offered him a permanent shift of two evenings week.

The aftermath:
1.  My wife went around town for the rest of the week, proudly bragging about her "victory" to everyone, completely unaware how inappropriate her behaviour was and how nutty she appeared to everyone else.  She's lucky the manager didn't call the police!

2.  She told everyone in town, but me, that is.  She knows full well that I wouldn't have approved of her tactics and would have told her so.

3.  Each of the three kids told me this story, separately:  "Did you hear what Mom did?"  They all chalk it up as yet another "Crazy Mom Story."

4.  I told my son (in jest):   "Hey, you can forget this welding thing.... you can just have a career at the burger place!"  My son snorted, "Yeah, right!  Do you think I'm ever setting foot in that place ever again?"   I felt sorry for him:  it's hard enough being 16 without having to deal with such an embarrassing mother.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Men in Camo

My bare ass .... again.
A front view of me ... with my flabby belly.
In our region, we get a constant stream of American men coming up for hunting and fishing. These guys are all outdoorsy types, burly, scruffy, a bit redneck and sadly, often overweight. 

But in each group of older, bearish men, there's always a couple of slim young guys (probably their sons) who look just delicious, fresh-faced, innocent-looking and clean cut in that all-American way.  They'd probably be horrified if they could read my mind, full of sinful and gay "impure thoughts."

What really sets these American sportsmen apart is that they are dressed head-to-toe in camoflage clothing. They stick out like sore thumbs!   You'd never see a Canadian man going around town dressed this way.  It would be regarded as just plain weird;  a bit too militaristic, I think. Anyway, Canadian hunters are required to wear blaze orange for safety. But here are some pics of some lovely military men in camo gear.

Random thoughts:
1.  I still haven't come to terms with the loss of as a smorgasborg where I can take my pick of inexperienced 22 year-old gay men to have sexytime with.  I posted about the new POF rules here.   Now, I'm getting no messages at all and searches restricted to my age +/- 14 years, only get about five men and they're the SAME MEN every time.  :-(

2.  I'm thinking of setting up a POF account with a fake age so the horny 'uns can resume messaging me again.  I might possibly try out  The men on would be more my cup of tea but there are virtually no local guys on it yet.

3.  All my three kids are with me probably for the week.  It's a lot of fun having them here!  They are fun, intelligent, self-confident young people with busy life:  socializing, work, reading, school, hobbies and working on major projects around the house.  

4.  As if by design, my kids all want to learn new skills, things I never would have imagined them wanting to do: 
  • Eldest daughter learn how to change the oil on her car.
  • Middle daughter (a picky eater who has never cooked) is learning how to cook and eat Indian food for her "brown" university boyfriend as he teasingly describes himself.  I've had training in this cuisine so I'm teaching her some of the milder dishes to start. 
  • My son, in addition to being an accomplished welder and car mechanic, has taken to making home-made pizza, cookies and pork ribs, barbequed for hours in the Texas fashion with a dry rub. 
5.  Recently, I've heard from several divorced gay men (in their sixties or older, I think) who went through the same journey I did except a decade or two earlier.  The tragedy of their situations is that their bitter ex-wives "turned the kids against them."  These men largely missed out on the growing-up years of their own children and are now mainly estranged from them.  I'm really very lucky!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week without the kids

Today's pics were suggested by Wayne for the Pic-a-Day-in-May feature.  That's me on the left.
It's been a highly unusual week in that all three kids have been at my ex-wife's house for much of the time, although I've seen some of the kids in passing such as at grandma's house.  I also see my son at school occasionally but we don't usually talk in front of his classmates.  I haven't had a week alone in a very, very long time;  perhaps many years.

Since my middle daughter (19) has come back from university out of town, she's been following a strict week-on, week-off arrangment between my house and my wife's. She doesn`t want to play favourites between parents, she said.

She's highly a organized, charismatic and fun person, the sort who organizes fun activities and who others want to spend time with.  So, the oldest (21) and youngest (16.5) have informally adopted her schedule so that all three kids are together most of the time.
View from my front yard last night

It's is gratifying to see that my children have become so close as adults (or almost adults).   I'm sure that the breakdown of our marriage has accelerated this process along ... they've created their own strong family unit with or without their parents.

I like to see how help each other out instead of (as they did as children) always turning to a parent for help.  My son will change the oil on his sister's car and cut the wood for a shelf she's building.   In turn, she will write help with his English essay and cook him breakfast.  That bond will serve them in good stead, I hope, when my wife and I are no longer here.  

But it's also a transition for me, going from being responsible for every need of the three kids to a place where I am not needed, or at least not needed as much as previously.  That will take some getting used to.

But I'm never completely alone because I have had a few men over, including a fun, relaxed 24 year-old, Big Red, who may becoming a regular and who I haven't yet blogged about.   There are pros and cons to this new schedule:  when the three kids and three dogs are here, it is extremely busy with cooking, house projects, squabbling dogs and activities.   I love having my kids here but I`m not sure that I would want ALL of them here ALL of the time at this point.  

When they are not here, the house renovation projects continue as before.  But it is much quieter but I have much more freedom to make arrangements for sexytime with men...  so that`s a positive thing as well.

Transitions in life!

This is me.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Damn you POF!

Today's Pic-a-Day-in-May is for Wayne who requested a clearer view of my ass-crack.  I took numerous pics with my cheeks spread, rosebud exposed for all the world to see and with cock and balls hanging below. 

But sorry Wayne, I could not bring myself to post them.  I'm just not that kind of a girl!

Arrrgh!!   From the start of my hooking-up life, has been my biggest source of hookups in two categories: 
(1)  Inexperienced 22 year old men wishing to explore their gayness with an experienced man outside of their peer group.
(2)  Men in their 30s and 40s, some married, who list "seeking a woman" on their profiles but wish to discreetly explore their emerging attraction to men by hooking up with a guy like me.  

I really enjoyed having the easy access to these men provided by POF.  "Straight" men are more likely to set a profile on POF because it's primarily a heterosexual dating site.  Then, they can creep on the profiles of gay guys like me.

These POF men have provided me with some of my most intense encounters.  As a bonus, I get to be intimate with men in their 20s without much effort on my part.  I still haven't yet had my fill of the 20-something men, probably because I didn`t get to experience them when I was in my 20s myself.

Yesterday, POF changed its rules to refocus as a relationship site.  The 'intimate encounters' category has been removed and countless "sleazy profiles" such as mine were deleted.  If any user mentions sex in his first message to another user, he runs the risk of having his profile deleted. 

Worse yet, users are restricted from searching for or messaging anyone who is age is +/- 14 years different from theirs. That just doesn't work for gay guys, young or old!  This means that a 36 year old man will be blocked from messaging me and visa versa. Blahhh!!!

Based on the flood of irate comments, it's safe to say that POF has pissed off a lot of its users.

Of my other options, has many quality men but only a handful (<20) are on the site locally.   I've had some success with which has about 1000 local guys listed.  But I've never been completely comfortable with squirt as it's more of a hard-core gay hookup site with more creepy guys on it. 

Now that I have my first SmartPhone, I might choose to set up my first profile on sites such as Scruff, Grindr or Manhunt.  But because I've lost a method of contact with some online chat friends who are 35 and younger, I might just be forced into setting  up a fake POF profile just to maintain those conversations. 

I'll just have to see what develops......

ps:  I hosted Big Red (a larger guy who I mentioned at the bottom of this post)  at my house last night for about three hours. Big Red resembles the sexy, fun guy pictured above in the Iron Man undies. We had the sweetest time together!  Details to follow.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Naked men in art

My condolences go out to the many people in Oklahoma affected by the tornados.  I'm sure that it would be impossible for outsiders to imagine the devastating scenes and the grief that is unfolding.
I had a lot of fun attempting to recreate this painting of a naked man, as suggested by Wayne for today's Pic-a-Day-in-May.  It was my most challenging self-pic yet as I had only a few seconds to set the timer and fling myself into position, ensuring my manly-bits and face were covered and my limbs were correctly arranged. 

It's a goal of mine to be photographed and/or painted by a professional who has an understanding of the male nude body and is interested in finding the attractiveness in mature men.   As well, I would only do this with an artist who was a gay man ..... and it would be a bonus if he was also hot.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beautiful Furry Torso Guy

This pic is quite over-exposed and is a rather daring one, for me.  But I'm sure that some of you will like it.
Wow!   I've really fallen off the Pic-a-Day-in-May thing wagon!  I'll be doing Two-Pics-Every-Second-Day in May.   I'm just too busy for a daily post and alternate-day posting allows for a better conversation to develop in the comments.

I'm posting three pics taken this morning under the theme:  "Creative things to do with Mardi Gras Beads."

It's the Victoria Day weekend here and finally we have a bit sunshine after the lousiest weather imaginable..... windy, very cold with a driving rain which prompted local authorities to issue flood warnings for our rivers, already swollen from the spring snow melt.  I have two stories to report on:

A:   Late last night, I got a message from Beautiful Torso Guy who was in a nearby hotel for the night and wondered if I was interested.  Was I interested?  Hold me back!!!

We had a very pleasant encounter but not nearly as lengthy or exciting as our first meeting where he ended up with a dislocated shoulder.  This time, he had been up since 5:30 am and prior to that, had only 2.5 hours sleep, so he was very, very tired.   But that made our encounter so much sweeter;  it was like making love to a langorous wildcat, stretching and basking in the sun.

Afterwards, we chatted and caught up on our work, family and romantic news.  I'd describe ours as a true 'fuck buddy' relationship but as he lives over 500 km away, he's in town only four or five times per year.   He's just the nicest, funniest, sexiest, most uncomplicated guy I've met so far.

B:    This weekend, I heard yet again from Dating Guy (who I dated for a week in January) and who resurfaced two months later to tell me that he "really, really liked me."   I blogged about him at that time, saying how I really wasn't comfortable with him.... in fact, had NO interest in him at all. 
Here's our POF exchannge:

Dating Guy:   Hi

Buddy Bear:   How have you been?

Dating Guy:   Been so great lately. Down a couple pounds. Which helps the energy level. But Unfortunately had also increased my sex drive. But on the up side I'm getting alot of offers.

Buddy Bear:   Great!  I'd think that an increased sex drive is a good thing.

Dating Guy:    Way too many twinks here. I need to find a mans man.

Buddy Bear:    Most of the guys our age in this town are married and / or in the closet!

 Dating Guy:    And if course I have the night weekend free and me without a sex date.  Lol. Just phone calls away though. I'm back in the saddle babe. :)

Buddy Bear:     I'm glad to hear you're back in the saddle! It's time for me to be really honest here and say that I wouldn't be comfortable hooking up with you. I'm sorry that I feel this way and it would be hard to explain the "why", but that's how it is. :-(

Dating Guy:      Please don't miss read thAt as me putting you in that loop. Don't get me wrong but I'm not interested in ever having any romantic or physical involvement with you. What we did was fine , but who would we be kindling if we didn't admit there was no chemistry there. You're an okay person to chat with but I had realized awhile ago you weren't someone I wanted any more from. (.... and he went on with more of the same....)

My views on this last message:
1.   I think he's full of shit!   I'm certain that he was still trying to get me into his bed.
2.   He also told me that my message (above) was really blunt;  it probably was but what else was a boy to do?  All the subtle messages from me were having no effect.  Another fact:  when he was at my house a few weeks ago and tried to give me a blowjob in my kitchen, my cock went as limp as yesterday's lettuce.  I just wasn't interested in him!!
3.   But I really hope that we will end up platonic gay friends!  He is smart, wickedly funny and knows all the local gay gossip.  I think this might be possible.


What's missing is a sexy man to snuggle up to.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Juggling men

I've been too busy and tired for any creativity in my Pic-a-Day-in-May submissions.   I'll have a bit more time during our upcoming long weekend for Victoria Day.  But here's an update on some of the men most recently in my life.

Incompatible Fuck Buddy:  I ran into him at Wal-Mart yesterday and it was a bit awkward.  I've given up on him because he is such an old fuddy-duddy who's very difficult to get to stick to an arrangement.  And because all he wants to do is be the top, it's a serious case of "sexual incompatibility."  But I need to tell him all of this soon, gently, because he's really a nice guy.

 Handsome Goateed Guy:   He seems to really, really like me.  He's hoping I'll come over to his house on Saturday but I'm too busy as all three kids are still with me .... but mainly, I want more time in between our hookups.  I plan to continue our discussion about having more "balanced" hookups, with a little more effort made to give me pleasure and not just the other way around.  But I really LOVE our encounters;  very, very hot!

Handsome Guy:  I texted the father of my former student (who has Parkinson's Disease) earlier this week and most unusually, he never responded.  Maybe our fling has run it's course.

I have mixed feelings about him.  He is "perfect" in terms of his body type, handsomeness, availability, passion, intelligence, wit, finances and sexual chemistry.... and I mean as a potential LTR.   But I find his thrashing around during our love-making a bit off-putting and I can't imagine taking on a disabled person for the remainder of my life.  (that sounds selfish, I know)

Big Red:   We've messaged extensively on and but haven't yet hooked up.  At his suggestion, I visited Big Red at his retail workplace today during my lunch break.   He's a big 'un!   6'-2",  +250 pounds, curly red hair and bright blue eyes but very handsome, funny and charismatic.   Intense! And very happy to see me!  He followed up with a nice text and we're actively planning to have a some fun between the sheets.   I just know that we'll have a fun and adventurous time together!

I also have tentative plans with a couple of really nice guys I've been chatting with on squirt and POF, respectively:  a 51 year old DILF from my former neighbourhood who says he knows me (but I don't remember him!) and a 21 year old "athletic build" dude who'se very funny and seems determined for me to take his bottom virginity.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jockstrapped Men

And yes, the first two pics are of me, special for A-Pic-a-Day-in-May.  All the other pics are of my favourite type of men:  beefy, hairy and masculine.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bare ass

Today's Pic-a-Day-in-May is of my bare ass but not quite the "humping a pilllow" shot suggested by Wayne.  Because my three kids all are still here, coming and going, I dropped trou very quickly and took the snap.... no creativity or full nudity tonight!

After supper tonight,  I drove into town for some sexytime with Handsome Goateed Guy, he of my best-ever blowjob-giving experience. Unfortunately, during the time I needed to be getting ready for my 'date', the kids seemed disinclined to disperse to their rooms. 

Rather, they hung around our kitchen / family room and speculated about my preparations:  I had my second shower of the day and put on my "fuck me" T-shirt and jeans.  I couldn't look them in in the eye as I headed out the door, sex bag in hand: "I'm going out to do some errands."

I could practically feel their smirks burning into my back:  "RIGHT!  Dad always takes a shower and puts on his newest clothes when he goes to Home Depot!"   I'm sure they had a good discussion about what I was really up to after my departure .....

To my delight, Goateed Guy and I seem to becoming regulars.  Of all the men I've been with of any age, he is by far the most handsome and sexually responsive, with a fantastic, lean, lightly-furred, sexy body and a  beautiful fat cock.... the most beautiful one I've ever seen.  And he's very sweet and impossibly modest, apparently with no idea how desirable he really is.

All of our previous encounters happened in my house but with the kids here, that wasn't possible tonight. Tonight's sexytime was our best experience yet, but it happened in his workplace, as unsexy a venue as you could imagine.   

For the first time, he invited me to his house on Saturday and I suggested we expand our sexual repertoire together and explore other options.  He agreed to this with pleasure.   I can't wait!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Love nest

I severely cropped the original photo.
While I'm enjoying the 'pic-a-day' challenge, I much prefer posting on every second or third day because it gives sufficient time for comments to be posted and a conversation to develop.   I'm still receving comments about my nude beach day and reverse strip tease, several posts ago.

Most unusually, this Pic-a-day-in-May post will contain NO semi-nekkid pictures of me at all.   I took this self-timer pic while in class today with my delightful, chatty and excitable group of 25 grade ten students.   I just love every moment I spend in class with my students!

With some warmer weather, my three kids have been living with me much of the time.  This has wreaked havoc with my love life ... it's been many days* since I've been with a man and I'm starting to feel that itch again.

*I'm referring to last week's excellent hookup in my big city hotel which I didn't properly blog about.

Not being able to host men privately is becoming a real problem which will only worsen as the summer progresses.   I've held back in logging onto the gay hookups sites in recent days;  there's no point in having men message when I can't hook up with them.   I prefer to host than to go to some other guy's house and during the week, I'm generally too tired to drive back into town for the second time in the same day.

There are three buildings with sleeping quarters on my property:  (1)  the main house where my daughters sleep, (2)  my son's new bunkhouse / man-cave and (3) an exciting log building with a second-storey loft under a barn-style roof.  

I've decided to partition off a room in the loft as a love-nest where I can take men for some sexytime anytime I want.  It will be dark and very private, a place where my men can feel completely relaxed, secure and comfortable.  Construction will begin ASAP!
My future love-nest.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Three dogs and a ball

I had a great Mother's Day with all three kids with me for the weekend.  We invited my parents over and the kids cooked brunch;  my father's favourite Denver omelette, bacon, fresh fruit, freshly baked bread and apple crisp. 

My mother spent the entire time washing dishes, sweeping the floor and folding laundry.  Tireless!  And more than bit stubborn!!  For supper, the kids drove themselves into town where their own mother, my ex, is treating them to a meal in a restaurant for Mother's Day but they will be returning here afterwards.

This Pic-a-Day-in-May was a special request from a faithful reader, Wayne.   My uni-ball makes an "accidental" appearance in the picture.  Wow.... it looks like my boy needs a shave!

Our two little dogs on the back of the couch are brothers (8 years old) from the same litter and the larger dog is my son's 18 month old border collie X.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gay Nude Beach

Today's  Pic-a-Day-in-May was taken last Sunday at Hanlan's Point nude beach on Toronto Island.  I took this sneaky pic from under my beach towel; it's highly inappropriate to be seen with a camera on a nude beach.

I was totally exhausted after my eventful Big Fat Gay Weekend so I arrived on Toronto Island by 10:00 am, determined to do nothing at all until I needed to walk to Toronto Island Airport for my trip home that evening.

It seems that my entire life is spent working and looking after the needs of others:  my kids, dogs, parents and students.   It was a rare treat to spend an entire day lazing on a beach, looking at dozens of sexy, naked men. 

At 10:00 am, there were only a dozen or so older men there (50+) but by late afternoon, the beach was packed with naked men of all ages along with handful of women.

There was a constant parade of fit, naked men strolling the length of the beach.  Is it correct to assume that a gay nude beach attracts a higher percentage of extra fit men with a strong exhibitionist streak?  Were they cruising or just "advertising?"  Whatever:  all those flopping cocks and balls were a joy to behold and helped the hours fly by.

A few notable sights:
  1. A great many fit men in their 50s and 60s were there; Greek Gods, all.  Inspirational!
  2. A hot 50ish guy with a woman (his wife?) strolled past numerous times, his huge, pendulous cock adorned with a wide silver cock ring and a silver Prince Albert piercing.  After his third trip, I abandoned my sneak peeks and stared frankly at him..... he was so hot, just gorgeous!!! and was clearly was seeking attention.  
  3. A ripped early 20ish gay boy arrived fully clothed and then changed into his turquoise Speedo with a towel wrapped around his mid-section.  He's on a nude beach surrounded by cocks and he's worried that someone is going to see his wee-wee!!  LOL!   Too funny!
  4. A couple of clinically obese guys stripped naked and spent the day frolicking in the water and on the beach.  I had mixed feelings; I really admired their courage, going naked in front of a large crowd of fit men, but I found them difficult to look at.  Just being honest here.
  5. Several 20ish heterosexual couples were present.  All the women all took their tops off and sometimes their bottoms while their hunky, straight husbands kept their dork shorts on.  Darn!  Clearly, the straight boys didn't want to be ogled by a bunch of gay guys.  
When an early 20ish lad arrived fully clothed (hat, sunglasses, shirt, shoes, packsack and long pants), I thought a straight boy had accidentally wandered into the gay section.  Then he strolled past again wearing everything he had worn originally but with his pants taken off to reveal a skimpy black Speedo.  Wow!  He was a gay boy after all!!

Over the next two hours, he strolled the length of the beach another five or six times, each time wearing one less article of clothing. I was transfixed and spent much time in eager anticipation of his next appearance.

On his second last trip, he strolled past wearing only sunglasses and his black Speedo.   He was blonde, very tall and slim... just beautiful!  He glanced at me in response to my blatant staring and I thought: "Oh my God! He's teasing us!!  I think he's going to go all the way!!"   So hot!  Arousing!

Sure enough, on his last trip, he strolled by completely naked with no Speedo or shoes but sporting a full erection, his hard little cock sticking upwards at a 45 degree angle!!!   He had even left his sunglasses off and locked eyes with me, stone-faced, as he walked past.  I sat up to get a better view of him and to display my first full public erection.  I couldn't help but smile as a marvelled at this turn of events.  OMFG!  I so wanted to talk to him but lacked the courage to make an approach.

I still wonder what his motivation was for this gradual strip tease.  Testing his sexual powers?  Getting his courage up?   Teasing?  Whatever it was, it was all good.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Hard cock in wet, white undies

Well, not too hard, barely a semi, actually.  As I've said before, I really hate fiddling around with a self-timer while attempting to take a sexy picture.  It has effect.  This Pic-a-Day-in-May  was suggested by "Anonymous."  Keep the ideas coming, mystery guy!

I'm home alone on Friday night but am far too tired to invite any sweet, sexy men over. 

The workshop was very valuable (I'll blog about it soon!) but it made for a very long day, followed by a two-hour trip to the  airport in gridlocked big-city traffic.  My flight was then delayed by several hours so I didn't get home until 1:30 am today.... grrr....Air Canada sucks big time! 

After a very busy day at school I had only enough energy to drive home, climb into the tub and then to bed with my sweet little dog.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reverse strip tease

Today's Pic-a-Day-in-May is a bonus: five pictures instead of one!   I have my first ever SmartPhone so it's real convenient to take pictures similar to those on Guys with IPhones, except those guys are all young, muscled and often full-frontal hotties.   Here I am getting ready for today's workshop in my hotel room.  

I missed the gay fashion gene and my colleagues (all in good fun) have variously described my appearance at work as "dishevelled", "hot mess" and "sloppy."  I've been known to go around at school with my shirt worn inside-out until some kind student points out my fashion faux-pas.  I am trying to improve but a lack of time, money and fashion sense has prevented much improvement.

Most things I wear are hand-me-downs from my brother or are bought in thrift shops and worn straight from the laundry basket.   I do own an iron but I only use it to wax my cross-country skiis.

I accidentally packed my daughter's T-shirt.
I wanted to bring my pointy Italian shoes but I could only find ONE shoe!  I had to make to with these 'grandpa' orthopaedic clogs.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hookup in a big city hotel

I had a very busy day at school followed by a long flight.  Tomorrow is my "anti-homophobia, healthy masculinity and gender roles" workshop. 

I'm now in my fancy hotel room in a very large city and a hot guy from  is heading over for some sexytime.  It will be the first time I've actually hosted in my own hotel room.  Wish me luck!

He's an "older man"  .... 52.... but very athletic looking and seemed nice enough.  I asked him if he was an axe murderer and he said he wasn't, so I'm sure I will be fine.  LOL.  Wish me luck!

I had a nice soak in tub and took this lovely picture of me in all my chunky glory.  This was the first time I saw the sunburn on my back from my day at the nude beach.   But it looks worse than it feels and I love the diagonal stripe down my back from smear of sunscreen I applied.  I really should have had one of those hot, naked men apply it more carefully to my whole back.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm joining Kelly's Pic-a-Day-in-May a week late, joining the cool kids like Jay in VA, anne marie in Philly, Bill Walt in France, Fear the Drum Major and I'm sure, many others.

I will post the daily picture taken by me on the same day.  On alternate days, the picture will be accompanied by my usual post with text.   Since my blog is all about me-me-me,  I will include myself in all the pictures .... some of them in various stages of nakedness.  Please challenge me with your photo suggestions!

That ball of fur on the back of the couch is my little doggie.   

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Big Fat Gay Toronto Weekend

I've decided join the "Picture-a-day-in-May" club but with a late start because of my limited internet access while in Toronto.  Here is a silly pic of me channelling my inner Spider Man, looking out the window of my loft bedroom.  For an explanation of the reddish skin on my back, see #7 below.

I arrived back home at midnight on Sunday from my four-day Big Fat Gay Toronto Weekend feeling like I've returned from an alien planet.  Fantastic!  Exhausting!  Exhililating! Confidence-building!  Some of my experiences could only be described as life-changing and I'll blog about these soon.

All three of my kids picked me up at that late hour and said that they were coming out to my house with me .... a very pleasant surprise.  I'm so lucky to have my children in my life!   I was looking forward to inviting one of my sweet local boys ( or men) into my bed tonight but they will have to wait.

As I posted on Thursday, the main purpose was a follow-up check up at the Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital regarding last year's prostate cancer scare.   I passed with flying colours and in fact, do not need to return for foreseeable future.  Other highlights include:
  1. a couple of visits to Remingtons' gay strip club, more as a "filler" between other activities. Hairless boys...meh!
  2. two nights at Steamworks bath house ... I'm now very comfortable there but still haven't figured out the bizarre hook-up rules. 
  3. an enjoyable coffee in the Village with Jeffrey, the Gay Groom
  4. 90 minute tantric massage with Rick.  This was an incredible, life-changing experience which I've yet to process, but as a heads-ups, I plan to seek training in Tantric massage in the fall. 
  5. danced in a crush of bodies until 2:30 am at a Pitbull Cinqo de Mayo dance party.  HOT MEN!!! ... wall-to-wall bears, otters and cubs!!
  6. many visits to Toronto's gay village
  7. Spend an entire day at the nude gay beach on Toronto Island. Plenty of cocks galore, just like the guys pictured!!
Details to follow!



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