Monday, May 13, 2013

Love nest

I severely cropped the original photo.
While I'm enjoying the 'pic-a-day' challenge, I much prefer posting on every second or third day because it gives sufficient time for comments to be posted and a conversation to develop.   I'm still receving comments about my nude beach day and reverse strip tease, several posts ago.

Most unusually, this Pic-a-day-in-May post will contain NO semi-nekkid pictures of me at all.   I took this self-timer pic while in class today with my delightful, chatty and excitable group of 25 grade ten students.   I just love every moment I spend in class with my students!

With some warmer weather, my three kids have been living with me much of the time.  This has wreaked havoc with my love life ... it's been many days* since I've been with a man and I'm starting to feel that itch again.

*I'm referring to last week's excellent hookup in my big city hotel which I didn't properly blog about.

Not being able to host men privately is becoming a real problem which will only worsen as the summer progresses.   I've held back in logging onto the gay hookups sites in recent days;  there's no point in having men message when I can't hook up with them.   I prefer to host than to go to some other guy's house and during the week, I'm generally too tired to drive back into town for the second time in the same day.

There are three buildings with sleeping quarters on my property:  (1)  the main house where my daughters sleep, (2)  my son's new bunkhouse / man-cave and (3) an exciting log building with a second-storey loft under a barn-style roof.  

I've decided to partition off a room in the loft as a love-nest where I can take men for some sexytime anytime I want.  It will be dark and very private, a place where my men can feel completely relaxed, secure and comfortable.  Construction will begin ASAP!
My future love-nest.


  1. the love nest can become YOUR man cave! nice rear shot too!

    1. Thanks, anne marie! I deserve my own man-cave!

      Yes, I rather like this back view shot of me. All the men in my family (father, brother, me and son) share unusually broad shoulders and slim hips, so clothes "hang" on us really well.

  2. I'll second anne marie's comment. The loft can and should become YOUR mancave where no others may enter without your permission. A nice combination lock or heavy duty padlock would ensure it.

    I must congratulate you on understanding that your son needs a place for himself as well, where he is encouraged to do what comes naturally.

  3. The private loft sounds like the perfect solution -- can they get their cars onto your property and enter it without being seen by your children in the other buildings?

    Nice picture of you at work -- only, you seem to have gotten your shirt on the right way; I was expecting to have seen the seams and back side of the print! :-)

  4. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Yes, there is parking a few steps across the main road which is used by a variety of people. It's on what we in Canada call "Crown Land", public property which is not owned by anyone. But soon, I expect to be open enough with my kids that if they see me going into "The Barn" with a man-friend, it will be no big deal and nothing to be ashamed or secretive about.

    I occasionally do wear a short-sleeved, button-up dress shirt inside-out and my students and colleagues can never figure out how I button it up like that without noticing. The trick is, I never UNBUTTON it but just pull it over my head and and put it into the wash, buttoned and inside out. And then I put it back on that way without noticing. LOL

  5. You're a chemistry teacher. That was my 2nd worst subject in high school.

  6. A++! Mike, top of the class! I'm certain that if I had been your chemistry teacher, you would have liked chemistry, or at least, you would have liked being a student in my class.

    I have a devoted following of gay boys of all grades who I call my "Fan Club." Some are out but some others might not have figured themselves out. But I think they all sense my gayness or at least that I'm sympathatic to their situation.

  7. Nate doesn't unbutton his shirts either. Yet another thing the two of you have in common.

    1. What are some other things we have in common?

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